Could Trump Launch a Second Party?

Now for something like this, assuming Trump loses the election, I really could get up on my hind legs and jump into the air with pom-poms!

“They may emerge as a new media enterprise, an outsider political movement, or perhaps some combination of the two: an American UK Independence Party (UKIP) that will wage war on the Republican Party—or, rather, intensify the war that Trump and Bannon have already begun. …”

Where can I sign up?

If this election has shown us anything, which many of us knew years ago, it is that we desperately need a new political party. It would be populist and nationalist along the lines of the European nationalist parties. It would be based on condemning conservatism and progressivism. It would be slashing and iconoclastic.

There are many reasons why a second party could never get off the ground in this country. Even though we had the ideas, the most important reason was that there was just no way we could do it ourselves. We didn’t have the reach. We didn’t have the money. We didn’t have the ability to go around the media. We were too marginalized. We weren’t positioned to ride the cascading wave of disgust with the corrupt establishment.

The time is RIPE for a second party. If Trump loses in November, which means #NeverTrumpers will have spoiled the race for Hillary, the atmosphere will be … explosive. That’s when the move will have to be made. Trump could announce he is quitting the GOP over their sabotage and his movement is moving on to Plan B.

I’m going to be shooting at these cucks anyway on this blog for years to come. If Trump launched a second party, we could take them down much more effectively like the Cons over in Europe!

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  1. The only hesitation I have about this is that it would draw Southerners ever deeper into the Union. At the very least we need a caucus within the GOP (assuming it can be taken over) or within a new national party that serves our regional interests. All of the cultural and political nonsense we have to put up with today is a symptom. The problem, at least for Dixie specifically, is the Union as it currently exists.

    • My fear is secessionists will go the vanguardist route and get all into survivalism and militias and that it will end up being a big repeat of the 1990s.

      I don’t have much faith in politics, but I support political activity that destabilizes and changes the culture. You ought to be seeing a big push for secession right now, but I am afraid the moment will be squandered. Instead of seeing that, you will see people patrolling through the woods and BBQing squirrels.

      We have to reach the millions of people who are disaffected and win them over. We also have to convulse the political system even further.

      • This is THE danger.

        Which is why the Jews push so hard for it with predictive programming and neuro-linguistic programming.

        Our job, and by “our” I mean the “alt” right, is to push the Inside-Ouside strategy to achieve Partition.

        We work Inside the system with

        1) Pushing ratification of a Secession Amendment in every state

        1a) Secession with 75% on one ballot, or 67% on two consecutive ballots, or 50% on 3 consecutive ballots, held in consecutive Congressional election years.

        1b) Triggered by an act of the state legislature or

        1c) A petition of 10% of the registered voters of the State.

        2) A Convention of States: where anything and everything is possible, but the goal is rational Partition.

        3) A treaty between the US and a new government,

        3a) wherein the US cedes territory to the new government along Partition lines,

        3b) and wherein travel, trade, and defense arrangements are made

        4) Pushing the Courts to recognize secession for one state (1st, 4th, and 10th amendments at a minimum)

        The Outside strategy is complementary

        1) Elections for a new Congress

        2) Formation of a Shadow Government

        3) non-violent neighborhood groups, that practice chain-of-command on projects such as trash removal, beautification, classes on practical topics as well as propaganda, serving the elderly and the needy

        4) private preparation of weapons, food, water, and fuel so that we have a credible deterrent

        5) and lastly economic boycott of the other side as well as formation of substitutes under our control – this is what will really bring them to the bargaining table. Chief among these would be an alternate internet and media.

        We’ve already won, it’s just a question of whether the logistical phase will be hard or less hard.

        • Technically the Confederate States of America still exists. There is a way to found Dual governments in the 13 original states, declare the present ones illegal and then start over.

          This is what the guys who run this website say anyway. Hunter do you know who this is or anything about them??????

        • I have my own private boycott program. Already gone are Walmart, cable tv, all US newspapers and current events magazines, most talk radio shows, Bertolli, Ben & Jerry’s, and General Mills and a host of others. Amazon is hanging on by a thread– I only use the marketplace.

      • I have the same fear. I was busy watchin teenage mutant ninja turtles and power rangers in the 90s but I do know a bit of what you mean from reading about it. In my ideal world, we would keep fighting the good fight for the senate and the house, while absolutely MARCHING thru the statehouses from the 2019-2024 elections. I popped over to the black belt a few days ago after a trip to meridian. Sumter county. So I travelled a good length of MS and a little trip across the state line as well. From what I saw and heard, a candidate with Trumps fighting masculine spirit and leadership skills, courage to just say what needs to be said and tell the PC police to go fly a kite, and with a much more southern grandmaw friendly attitude (lets make him a deacon of his hometown first baptist church) and with a nationalist/populist platform could could friggin SLEEPWALK to the governors mansion in Jackson or Montgomery.

        • The deacon angle scares me. So much of Christianity is cucked and inimical to Our interest these days. Look at all the white pastors with their MLK love and their tolerance and their mission trips to Africa and Latin America. Much like Catholics and their commie Pope, I think our church works against us now. Still, I suppose the candidate you describe would have to at least maintain an appearance of faith or he would be unpalatable to many people.

          • Couldn’t agree more. The Church leadership in this country, even in the SBC it breaks my heart to say, has totally turned its back on the flock.However, once you get further down the food chain into these little country churches, things are much different. The chairman of the deacons at my church said just the other day that turning our back on the rebel flag was a sin against God because it flew in the face of the 5th commandment.

      • Hunter I believe the nigras are already going full vanguard ESPECIALLY IN THE SOUTH and if Southern Whites go vanguard it will be because they were forced to do so. Eventually everything will go the vanguard route. The system has crashed, it just doesn;t know it yet.

  2. If Trump loses, the Democrats will have a lock on the White House for the foreseeable future, barring some remarkable event(s). Any new party must supplant the Republicans.

    The 2nd amendment will be history. Right now we have 3 Jews and a Puerto Rican (all placed there by Dems) who are opposed to your right to own a firearm/protect yourself on the SC. One more Jew (Garland?) and it’s gone. The four Catholics and Episcopalians ( all placed there by Repubs) will be outvoted.

    This is it.

    • Reading Wikileaks, I get the sense that all Clinton and her cronies care about is getting rich. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of ideology among them. They really don’t stand for anything but avoiding jail time and getting rich in the process – paying everyone off. They are basically a criminal gang looting the treasury and taking foreign payoffs.

      The question is this – does Hillary have the fight in her to do what it is going to take to destroy the 2nd amendment?

      Who are the ones that are going to do it? Who is going to Texas and going door to door for their guns? My Sheriff has already pledged to stand with the people on gun ownership. Many Sheriffs around the country have made the same pledge

      America is not Europe. Gun ownership is baked into the cake. The 2nd amendment will be under assault but it will not go away.

      As far as the courts, they can be stopped with a strong congress which we haven’t had in decades because of the faggot cucks in the Republican party who have no fight in them. A populist party in congress could stop and reverse the courts.

      • … all Clinton and her cronies care about is getting rich. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of ideology among them. They really don’t stand for anything but avoiding jail time and getting rich in the process – paying everyone off.

        The question is this – does Hillary have the fight in her to do what it is going to take to destroy the 2nd amendment?</b<

        The Clintons are greedy, corrupt and power-hungry, but are about as liberal as Robert Byrd. Especially HIllary. Remember that Ms Rodham started out as a Goldwater Girl. When Barry Goldwater lost the presidential nomination, thanks in large part to the treacherous machinations of conservatives like Mitt Romney’s father, Ms.Rodham recognized the Republicans as the “Washington Generals” and, citing racism, formally defected to the “Harlem Globetrotters” shortly after. Had Goldwater won, Hillary would be running as the American Maggie Thatcher, not the American Angela Merkel.

        Aside from being greedy, corrupt, and power-hungry, Clinton is not an SJW idealist. She is a pragmatist. So, she pandered to enough so-called people of color to get the job; she will appease enough White people to keep the job.

        I think she kicks throws BLM under the bus as soon as she is sworn in. I can’t imagine there is any love lost there. In fact, Mrs. Clinton has an enemies list and holds grudges. Black people and Rich White liberals voted against her for a dodgy Black man who hobnobbed with terrorist Bill Ayers and had a very sketchy resume in 2008. Only working class Whites voted for her then.

        Bill’s criticism of Obamacare seems to be a major signal that Hillary will appropriate Sanders’ single payer health care program. I also believe that the Clintons will strike a backroom deal with the Republicans where she backs off of gun control and possibly de jure amnesty if they forget about any silly email investigations.

    • Hillary will bring full system collapse so I do not think she will be able to hold it together. The Borg has ground to a halt it just doesn’t know it yet

      • I think “full system collapse” will be prompted by actions abroad.

        It could be loss of reserve currency status for the dollar, energy producers refusing dollars in payment, or a military reversal at the hands of Russia (and China). If Clinton starts this war the US deserves to lose. Imagine starting WWIII on behalf of Al Qaeda/ISIS/Israel.

  3. If the Hildahag wins then it’s time for the Southern states to start seceding from the Union again. Most of the major ZOG military bases are in the South and most of ZOG’s best soldiers are White Southern boys, so secession would be a mortal blow for the regime in Washington.

  4. More good news. Amazon miissed earnings estimates. Asshole Jeff Bezos has less money to launch more Washington Compost “investigations” of Trump.

  5. If Trump loses, the clamor for a third party will be accelerated after the Republican establishment colludes with Hillary to pass amnesty, TPP, and go to war in Syria.

    Add to that another bailout of Wall Street after the next financial crisis, and the thirst for populist revolt will be even greater.

    If a third party is started, it has to start with the House of Representatives, since every seat is up for election every 2 years. The initial goal should be to obtain enough seats in the House to deny a majority to either Democrats or Republicans. Then you launch the third party presidential bid in 2019, in the run up to 2020.

  6. Better Plan B for Trump would be the creation of a cable TV network. He could go on saying the same thing that have been giving the establishment conniption fits. It would also counter the media bias that tilted the playing field against Trump this time around.

  7. As the demographic collapse worsens and politics destabilizes it will become progressively harder to predict the future. No one saw the rise of Trump coming. Or Bexit. Or the rise of the AfD. Or Putin. Or Hungary becoming a near-Alt-Right regime. We are in for many surprises in the coming years. Opportunities will come up that we can’t now foresee. We need to be ready. Just shouting “secede” and withdrawing from engagement while telling everyone that worse is better will get us nowhere. But I see too many Southern nationalists doing that on FB. We need to be smart and work to increase our influence.

  8. Trump let a perfect opportunity slip thru his fingers at the 3rd debate when he was asked if he would contest the election if Hillary wins. It was the perfect opportunity right then and there to tell Americans about Hillary’s BOSS George Soros and how Hillary’s BOSS George Soros owns the computers at the voting stations/polling places.

    He could have said Hillary’s BOSS George Soros is a COMMUNIST and owns the computers us Americans use to cast our votes, and Hillary’s Communist BOSS who owns the voting computers said he would steal the election for Hillary, he produced a video stating the elction would be stolen. But NO, Trump didn’t say anything like that.

    I found that very disappointing that Trump let a perfect opportunity to inform Americans about Hillary’s BOSS and Soros’ ownership of the computers we are given to cast our votes.

    That he didn’t say anything about Hillary’s BOSS The Mega-Communist George Soros owning the computers we vote on and that Soros already said he’s planning to steal the election for Hillary, that indicates Trump is NOT going to go on to start a Third Party if he loses the election. Trump’s much better than Hillary, but he’s not that wonderful. Or, maybe he’s wonderful but just real shitty when it comes to debate.

    No one in Washington will mention that Hillary’s BOSS owns the computers at the voting places, and either does Trump mention it, and Trump had the perfect opportunity to mention IT at the 3rd debate, I found that very disappointing.

    I’m still going to cast my vote for Trump, and just hope my vote for Trump doesn’t get switched to “Hillary”. If Trump had mentioned Hillary’s BOSS Soros and his ownership of the computers we cast our votes on, and Soros already said he’s planning to steal the election, if Trump mentioned that in the 3rd debate and maybe demanded paper ballots ONLY considering how easy it is for Hillary and BOSS and Hillary’s cabal to change the computer votes from Trump to Hillary, I wouldn’t have to worry so much my vote for Trump will be usurped and switched into a vote for Hellary.

    I’m going to ask for a paper ballot when I vote, and I’m hoping they don’t give me a hard time at my local voting place [ here in Florida ]. My voting place has George Soros computers, of course. If my vote is stolen, it’s partially Trump’s doing also, as far as I’m concerned, as he could have told The Truth at the debate as to who owns the computers. Perfect opportunity for him, he let a perfect opportunity slip right thru his fingers.

  9. US KikeMedia is OUTRAGED over female president’s e-mail scandal

    The Clinton Foundation head and his Teneo global racket are involved in the ongoing attempts to organise nationwide Seoul-Spring demonstrations in the Republic of Korea to try to force President Park Geun-hye to resign.

    Clinton’s advisor, Doug Band, has North Korean connections, backed traitor-president Kim Dae-Jung’s disastrous “Sunshine Policy” (by which the USA and Commie D-J helped North Korea get nukes).

    The globalists (((et al))) are pissed off because: President Park shut down D-J’s Kaesong international complex which used SK businesses to fund NK nukes; Park is consistently trying to improve relations with Japan, in the face of DPRK, PRC and KikeMedia anti-Japanese propaganda; and her father (a former officer in the Imperial Japanese Army and Manchukou) normalised relations with Japan, and established Korea as a global economic power (“The Miracle on the Han”). A straight-up fascist, President Park Chong-hi was assassinated by the Korean CIA. His wife, President Park Geun-hye’s mother, was murdered by a Japan-born North Korean agent.

    Not everything is stupid frog-idolatry and “muh dank memes”. The world is at war.

    The Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings capo Doug Band accompanied Clinton to Pyongyang in 2009, set up the Clinton Crime Family sit-down with the Kim-Kim-Kim(and-Kim) Crime Family, and arranged Gore’s trip to pick up the ransomed CIA kikemedia operatives.

    Teneo’s “ex”-CIA East Asia chief is promoting the gossip line that Pres-Park is under the spell of a Rasputin-like shaman.

  10. Lots of Trump votes being switched to Hillary votes in Texas, which makes sense, they gotta keep Mama happy, Mama Bush, Mama is the first woman in the history of the world to marry a U.S. president AND ALSO drop another turd on America, she married a U.S. president and dropped another turd on us. She’s peeved her other turd she dropped outta her butthole , Jeb , Jeb is not the Republican candidate, what a tragedy for the United States. Babs always looked like a short chubby version of George Washington in-drag to me.

    I don’t know what to make of David Icke’s “shape-shifting reptilian” theory, but the Bush family did certainly morph from being New England blue-bloods, to down-home Texas Southern cowboy folk, now they morphed into Mexicans, and Mexican Communists too boot.

    Of course the Bush family hates Trump and is solidly behind Hillary. Hillary is deeply connected to the cabal that assassinated JFK and is the cabal still in power today ; The JFK assassination being a coup d’etat, the Bush family of course deeply involved in assassinating JFK. The assassination was a coup d’etat of a cabal that’s an alchemical fusion of Corporate Fascism and Communism and Zionism. We see now that cabal is ultimately COMMUNIST. The die-hard warmongering Zionism of which Hillary is so fond of and devotedly represents, Zionism is another word for Jew Communism.

    Hillary is The One who gave the orders to burn alive our fellow Americans at Waco, including 21 children Hellary ordered to be burned alive.

  11. The New York Times, op-ed on the Clinton virus:

    Unfinished business?

    One would think that eight years running the country is a pretty good shot at getting your business done.

    But there’s something so rootless and chaotic about the Clintons. They seem like a virus or alien that needs a host body to survive. They’ve invaded our national psyche and we’re going to have to keep living with their weird marital problems and tangled ambitions forever and ever. Their business will never be finished.

    They are never going to go away because they have no place else to go.

    In 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton won by arguing that what he stood for was more important than who he is. His character flaws did not matter, he told voters, his issues mattered.

    One Clinton is banking that the formula of the other Clinton will work one more time.

    – Maureen Dowd, 1999.11.24

    • There is someplace else they can go: To prison. Perhaps that’s where both of them would be, Maureen, if not for your (((media))), which does nothing but damage control and white washing for them.

  12. Cuckservitive senator who unendorsed Trump because of Trump’s so-called racism hurls racist insult at legless US veteran (and displays incredible ignorance of genetics)

    GOP senator mocks veteran’s American heritage

    By (((Daniel Halper))), New York Post, October 28, 2016

    A GOP senator mocked the American heritage of his Democratic rival during a debate Thursday — an apparent attempt at humor that bombed spectacularly.

    The exchange came when Sen. Mark Kirk (R -Illinois) responded to Rep. Tammy Duckworth’s (D – Illinois) monologue about her, and her family’s, service to this country.

    “My family has served this nation in uniform going back to the Revolution,” said Duckworth, who had both her legs amputated after being wounded in combat in Iraq.

    “I am a daughter of the American Revolution. I’ve bled for this nation,” she continued.

    Kirk deadpanned: “I forgot, your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.”

    No one laughed. And the moderator quickly moved on to the next question.

    Duckworth was born in Thailand. Her father served in Marine Corps, her mother is Thai but of Chinese descent.

    After the debate, Duckworth responded on Twitter: “My mom is an immigrant and my dad and his family have served this nation in uniform since the Revolution.”

    And even the Trump campaign — which has been no stranger to offensive comments — wasted no time mocking Kirk.

    “The same Mark Kirk that unendorsed his party’s presidential nominee and called him out in paid ads? Gotcha. Good luck,” campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on Twitter.

    Kirk yanked his support of Trump after the GOP presidential nominee claimed a judge couldn’t be impartial because he’s from Mexican descent. [False. It was because the judge is a La Raza scumbag.]

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