The Case for Trump: Trump Is Your Human Molotov Cocktail

I hate neo-liberal globalism.

I hate the system we have now on so many levels. I hate what it has done to our economy. I hate how it has dissolved our borders. I hate what it has done to the family. I viscerally hate the political class it produces – zombie politicians like ¡Jeb! and Hillary Clinton, the Duke’s bailiff or the Duke’s secretary, as Carlyle put it.

I hate the eunuchs who constipate Washington like a degenerate court. I hate the people who this system enriches who live in their mansions in the Hamptons. I hate their court jesters. I hate their trashy culture. I hate their endless, neverending rounds of destructive wars. I hate the commissars of the #LyingPress and their creed of political correctness.

That’s why I am voting for Trump. We need The Real Captain to right this ship before it drifts any further into these latitudes. As Michael Moore says here, he is a human molotov cocktail, and I just want to hurl it at them and burn them down! 🙂

Note: A burning sense of righteous hatred isn’t always a bad thing. It can motivate you to bring about change.

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  1. Hunter I know you’re slammed with your new writing gigs. I have a good blog in draft “30 pieces of silver” that features some excellent photos, NT Bible quotes about the worst RINO traitors (Romney and Paul Ryan). Can you give it a quick look, I spell checked it – it should be fine.

  2. “I hate the people who this system enriches who live in their mansions in the Hamptons.”

    Among my acquaintances, the one person with a mansion in the Hamptons–or at least, with a sibling with a mansion in the Hamptons–is quite sweet: a fun-loving, gracious woman who instantly wins the friendship of virtually all the persons she meets, including strangers in public places. Certainly, she is unlike the vicious, uncouth figures who are a conspicuous portion of this website’s commenters. She grew up in a household that was unprosperous enough that she collected bottles or cans for extra money when she was a child.

  3. I just sent my ballot out this morning. It’s a good feeling no matter what happens. The more people vote for Trump, the stronger the message that many Americans have had enough of this crap. He may win, he may lose, but he has been a game changer long needed.

  4. “The movable moneyed aristocracy of our times I consider the greatest threat to mankind……” he goes on to say “it will reduce mankind to the lowest forms of moral degradation to where the most noble sentiment will go ignored……” said in 1850.
    From the book “who killed society” Cleveland amory
    Real good chapter on the south in there,the book goes from the puritan beginnings up to the 1960s.

  5. Concur.

    Like Brexit, Trump will triumph against the entire weight of the global establishment.

    Here is a mantra I recommend now, and through a Trump victory:

    “We will make America great again; We will make America white again; We will make whites great again.”

    Great for the spirit and sums our agenda up nicely.

  6. Larry Schweikart Retweeted
    Deplorable Gmanfan ?@GmanFan44
    @LarrySchweikart Seriously, Hillary supporters are nasty as hell and the guys are Betacucks!

  7. The Clintons have got to be the most blatantly money-grubbing corrupt ‘Western, democratic’ politicians ever.

    Other politicians have been as corrupt or worse, but have had to hide their tracks. The Clintons’ scams are barely hidden. Just reading a few emails provides enough information to get multiple open-and-shut prosecutions, if anyone at Justice was interested in justice.

    A simple e-search-warrant, a real investigation, would reap multiple Clinton prosecutions and plea-deals for hundreds of staff and executives at the Clinton Foundation, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, the State Department, Ericsson, the Clinton Foundation, etc etc etc.

    Bill Clinton’s shameless defenders say “Oh, he just gave $66,000,000 of his fees back!” — why the fuck would he return tens of millions of dollars in “earnings” (10 minute speeches, fake advisory roles, ‘honorary’ positions, etc.) back unless they were all bribes and pay-to-play schemes involving Hillary?

    The facts of the Clinton Crime Factory’s corruption are no surprise. What is stunning is their greed, and the transparency of their schemes — how they barely even try to cover their tracks, how blatant they are.

    They run multi-million-dollar rackets with less discretion then some low level mafia crew boss running a little corner store as a front.

    The Clintons act as if they are untouchable — and so far they have been.

    This headline should be, “ONLY Trump attacks the Clintons…:

    Summary of ‘Braverman seeking Russian asylums story:

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