The Bundy Gang Rides Free

Good for them:

“PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A federal jury has found Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty on all charges for taking over a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon earlier this year.

Standoff leaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others were charged with conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Several also were charged with possessing a firearm in a federal facility. …

On emotional grounds, Ammon Bundy and other defendants argued that the takeover was an act of civil disobedience against an out-of-control federal government that has crippled the rural West.

Federal prosecutors took two weeks to present their case, finishing with a display of more than 30 guns seized after the standoff. An FBI agent testified that 16,636 live rounds and nearly 1,700 spent casings were found.

Bundy testified in his defense, spending three days amplifying his belief that government overreach is destroying Western communities that rely on the land …”

Here’s a toast to their acquittal!

How many people called to serve on these federal grand juries are ready to tell Washington to go to hell? This is an issue that is flying under the radar.

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  1. Those jurors are true patriots and I salute them. They saw through the whole federal government charade. Now if we could just see homicide charges filed against the murderers of LaVoy Finicum.

  2. I predict that, depending on which candidate wins the presidency, there will be a major psy op staged not long after (in time for radical legislation to be passed during the lame duck session). Hillary will likely ‘win’ and either the black militants will be set up to look more criminal (and actually effective) than they are so that some form of martial and/or Murphy’s law can be installed, OR, white men will be framed in a large scale false flag type of deal to the same end. If white men become the pretend culprits, their target will be some benevolent big government agency and white women. They’ll be said to be wreaking revenge on white women for ‘voting against Trump.’

    If Trump wins… Well, they won’t let him so why bother. In the rare event that they do, some sort of anti-jew and black pogrom will happen courtesy of evilwhitenazis. In such a scenario, white women will be featured as eager collaborators so that their Trump’svictims status is revoked asap and black men can resume business as usual.

    • In case anyone bothered to read but missed it, ‘Trump’svictims’ is an allusion to Schindler’s jews with more than a twist of irony added to their foil role.

      • Believing these shootings are real is the fantasy. Suddenly as the Jews acquire a monopoly on the media, political radicals are all ‘mentally ill’ and lone crazies are popping off everywhere. But in 50 years ago when 53 independent media corporations existed there was like one major mass shooting committed by an angry non psychotic loner. Charles Whitman’s spree in Austin was so bizarre Hollywood made a movie about it.

        In violent turbulent times of political and economic upheaval we saw almost no mass shootings, but once the Jews have enough control to collapse the Constitution everyone goes nuts to kill anonymous strangers, or even asshole coworkers.

        Disgruntled malcontents aren’t new. Jewish media oligopoly is.

        • We should run with it….. and have lots of fun while doing so. Whatever they throw at us, throw back harder. Nothing makes a word weapon impotent more than laughter.

          Having white privilege is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly and demand more of it. Lots more. Our ancestors fought for it and died for it.

  3. The feds kept Ammon Bundy in jail awaiting trial in Nevada,His attorney protested and got tased and gang tackled by 5 enforcers.

  4. If Obama wasn’t a career anti-white Communist, he would have actually used that situation to curry favor with rural whites by personally intervening, pardoning them, and hearing their complaints, then promoting reform of Federal Ownership of land. None of which would have cost the New World Order a damn thing and may have helped them buy time.

    As it was, the situation was just another smoldering ember en route to a major conflagration. We should be grateful for our enemies’ hubris and sociopathy.

    Oh, and anyone still want “jury reform”?

    The Constitution played its role today.

  5. BLM lands were started when the US govt awarded “contracts”to the railroad barons and privatized the trains.The American people were appeased by the creation of public lands.
    These men are standing up for their rights and defending public lands,the federal govt. has been trying to take them back and turn them into national forest lands,out west we have to buy a parking permit,use permit, on top of fishing hunting liscences to be on National forest lands.
    On public lands,you can live on them for 14 days free but have to move 25 miles away to stay another 14.Now they are putting camp hosts on the popular BLM sites to monitor your stay,and time limit .Its BS.

  6. It’s hard to believe that justice was served in this case when you consider that we have a White-hating coon as president AND as attorney general!

  7. The best part of all is that the trial was a Federal trial that took place in Portland, Oregon. While the jury pool was not limited to Portland residents, Federal juries can have a very wide geographical jury pool, (e.g. St. Louis-based Federal trials can have jurors that come from anywhere in the Federal district court circuit counties in eastern Missouri), because of travel and logistics exigencies, usually, if a Federal trial is held in a big city, most of the jurors will come from that metropolitan area. And that’s my guess here, most of the jurors were white liberals from the Portland region. (Which sorta refutes Cenk’s theory.)

    Just a few days ago, we found out that more than half of the protesters were either Fed informants or infiltrators. Now I think the reason that news was released was because it was becoming clear that the Feds had no case and the media were preparing people interested in the case for the verdicts that actually did happen.

    Another thing: Why were people like the Young Turks and Josh Marshall ever so damned interested in this case anyway? These are the kind of people who would die if they had to do as much as one hour of the kind of physical work that cattle ranching can be.

  8. As far as “NoDAPL,” those protesters are probably stooges for Soros or Warren Buffett. I understand they have the most to lose from the construction of major oil pipelines, and of course, both own the well tanned chatterbox in the White House. Of course, non-elite working to middle class white men have a lot to gain from the construction of this pipeline, so that’s another reason why a lot of people don’t want it to happen, demographic-class warfare.

  9. The bundy group is clownish from an ideological standpoint, and they support destructive ideas, but they did show some balls.

  10. Awesome! While the occupation was probably not the wisest idea legally, I am glad that the Bundys wee acquitted. I am especially sorry that LaVoy Finicum was killed back in January; perhaps that impacted the jurors in the Bundy’s favor?

  11. I’m glad the Bundy defense was successful – the key was outing the government informers, paid agents provocateurs who egged on the “patriots” do things.

    That said, remember that these Bundys have said and done some extremely stupid and traitorous things about mass 3rd world immigration – they think it’s a good thing.

    Here’s what we said about the Bundy patriot rancher movement in the past:

    “Cliven Bundy has made some embarrassing statements supporting negro slavery, but it is his support for the latifundia neo-slavery of unlimited Third World immigration in here and now that makes Bundy a rightwing enemy. Check out his recent, insane comments supporting the Hispanic reconquest of the Southwest:

    “Now let me talk about the Spanish people. Now I understand that they come over here against our Constitution and cross our borders. But they’re here, and they’re people. And I’ve worked beside a lot of them. Don’t tell me they don’t work, and don’t tell me they don’t pay taxes. And don’t tell me they don’t have better family structures than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they’re together, they picnic together, they’re spending their time together. And I’ll tell you, in my way of thinking, they’re awful nice people. And we need to have those people going to be with us.”

    Yeah right, Cliven.

    The Zeta drug cartel, MS-13, the Latin Kings and the low IQ Indian hordes of Central America have far better “family values” than us White folks. We’re supposed to welcome untold millions of these hardworking Hispanic helots. Third World immigration is just GREAT for ‘Murika now that our pampered pet negroes don’t want to be happy slaves anymore. We need an unlimited supply of number of cheap labor because ‘ol Cliven wouldn’t be the wealthy and respected, God-fearing ‘Murikan “patriot” rancher that the Nevada and Texas constitutionalist militia folks know and love … Not!

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