30 Pieces of Silver

“And said unto them, What will ye give me (Judas), and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.”
Matthew 26:15

“And he (Judas) cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.”
Mathew 27:5

Our side has done great activism in this presidential election through the Alternative Right, Alternative Media. With virtually the entire mass media against Trump, and the donor class, the establishments in both political parties pushing the narrative that that “Trump and Trump supporters are deplorable, hate women and children, they’re NAZIs”, it’s amazing we’ve done as well as we have. Maybe we’ll get a miracle, but probably not.

It is important to know and note who was on our side and who who was a traitor – note who played the role of Judas taking the 30 pieces of silver to betray our people and submerge our country in to a 3rd world, LGBT, BlackLiesMatter, Islamic terrorized hell – a hell reserved for regular, working Americans.


The elites like these grinning RINOs, cuckservatives, Libs, Libertarians are confident they will be enjoying a carefree, luxurious life akin to the elites in Saudi Arabia or the United Emirates.

But then again….


Maybe not.

I note that the original Judas did not long enjoy his ill begotten gains.


  1. Email server investigation reopens. Could be fatal. It’s obvious now that wikileaks is a front for rogue elements of the NSA and FBI.

    • Perhaps, but I’ve learned through numerous failures never to get my hopes up for scandal to ever bring down anybody with the last name Clinton!

      Bill’s approval ratings were so divorced from the reality of what a crooked, deceptive perv he was, the running joke in Congress during the Lewinsky thing was, “If Bill Clinton had been the Titanic, the ICEBERG would have sunk!”

      Hillary has proved no different. Inarguable evidence of a very serious, understandable crime, and the public response? “Meh.”

    • Has anyone else noticed that more and more young boys are copying gay / ‘metrosexual’ facial expressions?

      When I was that age I loved to pose like a knight, flex my muscles, etc. I don’t think that I ever made that ‘surprised gay man face’ that a couple of those boys are making.

      • Your mother probably didn’t show and train you to make such faces. That is not the case today. I see it all the time now, women posing with their kids making these weird faces for the cameras. Ducklips and such for the girls, gay expressions for the boys. My FaceBook feed is loaded with them.

        • Yeah, she just told me to smile.

          The sad thing is that I’m a young guy. Even in the last couple decades there has been an immense amount of social degradation.

      • Thats what a slap in the back of the head is for. Straighten up and smile right for the camera or get worse

  2. The GOP was a failure with John McCain and Mitt Romney. Same goes for Paul Ryan. The Cuckservatives have no interest or care in the base of the GOP. The base is going in a new nationalist direction and that’s productive for our people. We should always reject these establishment candidates now and in the future. The Alternative Right can make a difference by learning from the Tea Party. The Tea Party became friendly with the Cucks and that was the end of the road for the Tea Party in America. The Alternative Right should remain Nationalist, Traditional, and represent the Working Class. WPWW !

    • There is no going back now. The Lugenpresse has lost all control of the narrative and multiculturalism died with the Syrian refugees and Charlie Hebdo. We are now guiding the narrative and they cant stand it

  3. Many of the #nevertrump backstabbers after doing their best to destroy Trump’s candidacy are now stating they will vote for Trump. Nikki Haley and Jason Chaffetz have in the last few days have said they vote Trump

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