The Mormon Mafia

Lou Dobbs has started a fire with his tweets about the #MormonMafia:

Why is this is suddenly so controversial?

Just a few months ago, I remember reading article after article from the #NeverTrump crowd about their plot to run a Mormon candidate in order to sink Trump in Utah, Arizona and Nevada. I remember seeing clear-eyed discussions on Twitter about the salience of Mormon identity and Trump’s struggles with that demographic.

The great hope of the #NeverTrump crowd was that Mitt Romney would run as a spoiler candidate in Utah or that he would endorse a third party candidate. The ideal candidate was a Mormon which is why CIA operative Egg McMuffin was recruited to play the role of spoiler in the West. The declared goal of the #NeverTrump crowd was to stir up the Mormons to “save conservatism” (read: neo-liberal globalism) from Donald Trump.

But now that Lou Dobbs addresses the existence of the #MormonMafia and calls out this treacherous #NeverTrump strategy, which was publicly discussed for months, the Cons clutch their pearls and feign outrage at our religious bigotry!

Egg McMuffin is nothing more than the mere pawn.

I closely watched the #NeverTrump coup on October 8th. It was led by Mormon Sen. Mike Lee which is why I officially endorsed Misty Snow for U.S. Senate. It was also Mike Lee who led the failed RNC convention coup.

There is a nest of Mormons around Mitt Romney – Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Glenn Beck, Jeff Flake, Egg McMuffin – who have been conspiring to “stop Trump” for months now. Mitt Romney is the grand ringleader of the #MormonMafia. That’s why you always also see his lackeys Stuart Stevens and Katie Packer on television attacking Trump.

What do you find when you look under the hood of #NeverTrumpism? You will find that Jews and Mormons – Synagogue and Temple – are the motor of the movement. It is impossible not to notice the ethnic and religious antagonism going on here. Clearly, there is a Mormon-Jewish axis with designs on retaking control of the Republican Party.

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  1. Some of those Ranchers were Mormons I think. So they are not all rotten.

    However, Colonel William O Jennings did nothing wrong.

    • No, most are decent, hard-working, law-abiding, patriotic Americans. Most are descendants of true pioneers. It’s the upper crust and Leftist sections, like with the other groups, that are diabolical. Most Mormons are good citizens. They have high populations in Idaho and Nevada as well. I drove through Idaho and a good part of Utah this past summer. They have incredibly clean and peaceful cities and towns. But, these places are also changing for the worse.

        • They are ALL Cultists, not real Christians, and are more and more, less like their founding image. This election cycle, with Mittens and now Reid’s ploy, clearly show them as no better than the Jews.

  2. Candidate McMullin: White countries are for Everyone! Cuck men look and act so beta who but other cucks would support them?

  3. Please work to dox the Mormon Mafia never Trump traitors.

    After the election we must work to ruin there safe, all White LDS Whiteopias.

    Bus Black Alabama sexual criminal ex convicts to Bountiful Utah.

    • We can go down to the Mexican border and funnel the darkest ones to the whitest Lefty, whitest Mormon, and Jewish areas of the country. Scarsdale, NY, could use thousands of dark rabid Muslims. Crested Butte or Aspen, CO, could use thousands of pitch black sub-Saharan Africans, preferably illiterate Congolese. A good portion of both to Logan, UT. Delegate your 2017 vacation for a truly benevolent cause. Remember, backpack carrying “refugees” get priority.

  4. Mormons should be Trump’s most ardent followers. Trump has followed Joseph Smith’s example by bedding multiple women and marrying three women.

    • there isn’t anything wrong in my book with a healthy White man having a few different White lovers, mothers to healthy White children.

      Donald Trump dates, mates with White women. If LDS Mormons did this and that was the only complaint about them, then I will tell the critics to F*** off.

      Instead the LDS Mormons in the West and elsewhere enable the worst Mexican Muslim immigration invasions of North America – for that they must be outed and punished.

      IF we lose this Presidential election, the persecution of Mormons starts and it isn’t killing LDS Mormons, it’s persecuting them – find out where they life, hang out, play. No Way Mitt Romney’s beautiful Wife and Children should escape the 3rd world horrors they are inflicting on us.

  5. the Mitt Romney form of Mormon LDS is getting to be very much like the Jews in politics and culture.

    The Romney family is all over the map, with certain power centers but no loyalty to any town, state or region. That’s very Jew like.

    Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan governor George Romney, yet Mitt Romney went to Harvard Business school and was the former Governor of Massachusetts, but also ran the Salt Lake City Utah Winter Olympics. So LDS Mormon Utah is his base, but he’s all over the map and he’s fine with letting all parts of the USA go third world, BlackLiesMatter and open Communists rioting and killing police officers in Chicago and Milwaukee. This is so very jew like.

    Again, regular LDS Mormons at the lower level are very nice and not in to this Mormon Mafia intrigue. It’s the same with many regular Jewish people who aren’t in to the Protocols. But the Mafias at the top are doing what they are doing. And we must oppose them.

  6. Just look at the despicable Harry Reid and his Jewish spouse. Like Judaism, perhaps Mormonism is one big secret society worshiping the same god, Lucifer. Why do Mormon temples have inverted crosses and inverted pentagrams? What’s up with that? Come on folks, it’s in our faces!!!

  7. What we got with Wikileaks cutting at Clinton and on the other side with McMullin spiking the vote is the intelligence community at war with itself. Wikileaks is probably a cell in the NSA or FBI that are determined to get rid of the Clinton arms dealers, while with McMullin you have a faction in the CIA attempting to keep that arms dealing under wraps for a little longer by propping up Clinton. It’s becoming readily apparent now that the FBI is re-opening the file on her emails.

  8. I don’t share or endorse anti Mormon sentiment.

    Like the Bush family, much of what you ascribe to Mormons is actually the perfidy of a single family: the Romneys. Attack the mafia, but not the people.

    Mormons are among the more solid aspects of the current coalition, and would be on our side of any Partition line.

    I take a pragmatic stance towards Christianity, despite being an uncomplicated, unafilliated monotheism. Every confession of any size has been a vehicle of our dispossession. Mormonism is no different.

    The Mormons that I have known have almost all been top notch people; artavans in the ancient tongue.

    • Romney is probably an arms dealer. That’s my sense of things with his collapse in debate 2. He can’t hold Obama to the fire if he’s also bound to the shipment of arms from Libya to ISIS.

    • I agree Mormons tend to be decent people

      Mormon political leaders suck on immigration never oppose any Kew Neo Conservative wars

      It s also mostly a club of nice White people who will agree with whomever is in the room with them

      Mexican Larasa Muslim migrants

      The idea is that people will see how nice LDS Mormons are

      These types are useless in fighting Black mobs

  9. Jews couldn’t wish to find better collaborators than Mormons:

    – Mormons idolize Israel and see ‘Deseret’ as their Zion.
    – Mormons are overwhelmingly WASPs, so they blend in perfectly with America’s elite. They normally don’t have ethnic names like Bjornson, Waldheim, Kovacs, Vladimirovich, Suomi, Stefanoni, etc.
    – Mormons care far more about their co-ethnics (other Mormons) than about the country as a whole.
    – Mormons often have a bit of a victim complex due to their ancestors being chased out of Missouri & Illinois.

  10. Just a typical jealous politician. Nothing more or less. The Cuckservatives are more interested in liberals controlling the White House if it means a Cuck will be elected President in 4 or 8 years. No care for the future of the Nation. WPWW !

    • And what they don’t get is that a Cuck will NEVER be elected president again. Unless of course it’s via some underhanded collusion with their liberal masters.

  11. The Israel First cucks and kikes may either have to flee to the Demonrat Party as refugees or form a new Party that no decent American in his right mind would ever support.

  12. LDS Mormons also like being part of the establishment

    They like being accepted at Ivy League schools

    It s not some secret conspiracy

    Just LDS people going with the flow

    Change the flow that open borders , pro Muslim migrant Mormons can t get elected or keep a job , Mormons will change

    Worst ever senators Harry Reid and Orin Hatch keep getting elected

  13. Excellent points. Mormons are strong in the US Deep State too.

    I don’t know to what extent these dispicable bastards represent the Mormon rank-and-file, but Mormonism at its highest levels is clearly less a religion than a criminal enterprise being accorded religiously-based legal protections such as tax exemptions.

    As if the Jews weren’t strong enough already, they have clearly gained yet another powerful ally in the Mormon elite. The Mormon elite’s skills in subversion may be second only to the Jews themselves.

  14. “What do you find when you look under the hood of #NeverTrumpism? You will find that Jews and Mormons – Synagogue and Temple – are the motor of the movement.”

    Synagogue and Temple? HW, oh my God, that is linguistically and historically brilliant…he antichrist forces, joined together, in one pithy phrase!

    The false temples of the Masonic made up, idolatrous religion, joined with the blasphemous Talmudic incarnate seed of the Christ-killers!

    The Shylock, holding hands with the polygamist backwoods yahoos, joined together in opposition to the man of God’s own choosing?

    The hypocrite and the antichrist, united against God’s chosen! And Cankles….is their Jezebel!

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… whether it be Joseph Smith or the Rambam.

  15. I hope OD readers are supporting me as I have been firm but fair with my close LDS Mormon friends who are active in Conservative politics. They are defensive and fall back on:

    “We have to defend traditional LDS Christian family values and Trump hasn’t led a moral life, Mitt Romney has”.

    I’ve come back saying – “Then why is Mitt Romney and the top Mormon LDS pols taking the side of the worst hard core porn actresses, why are they working to give away the US Supreme Court to New York Lesbians like Elena Kagan?”

    I note that Mitt Romney’s negative quotes against Donald Trump seem to have been taken almost word for word from one of the worst cultural marxists at the Jew York Times:

    On October 11, Roger Cohen wrote in the New York Times that Donald Trump is a

    “phony, liar, blowhard, cheat, bully, misogynist, demagogue, predator, bigot, bore, egomaniac, racist, sexist, sociopath,” and a “dictator-in-waiting with a brat’s temper and a prig’s scowl.” [Trumpism After Trump]

    Mitt Romney’s quote against Donald Trump are virtually the same.

  16. Another problem for the Harold Covington acolytes of the “Northwest Front”, if America does collapse, any WN hoping to build a white ethnostate in the American Northwest are likely going to be subjugated and absorbed into a larger LDS ethnostate of Deseret (see map), which will be fully supported by the remnants of the American Deep State/Military Industrial Complex.

  17. It is no coincidence that the religious group that Jews think the most highly of, other than themselves, is Mormons. And that Mormons adopt a lot of Messianic Jewish branding and imagery.

    Likewise, Mormons are becoming just like the parentheticals that we all know and love in that they are increasingly a self-aware group that engages in group evolutionary strategy for themselves but seeks to deny those rights to the kind of people whose use of of that strategy would be bad for Mormons.

    That said, maybe we should come up with ((())) for Mormons?

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