The Neo-Liberal Globalist Wish List

I read all the #TruCon pundits. I even read the people like Damon Linker who write about the groupthink of #TruCon pundits:

“Some important segments of the party are quite happy with the way things were before Trump burst on the scene — with the GOP’s post-Reagan optimism, idealism, and conservative moralism; with the presumption that the country benefits when using military force to impose order around the globe; with the often unstated assumption that all Americans of every economic and cultural echelon automatically thrive when the nation’s entrepreneurial class is given everything on its wish list (massive tax cuts along with open borders and markets). Plenty of people are perfectly content with this governing vision, including most conservative pundits, much of the party’s donor class, many senior officials and officeholders, most Mormons (including McMullin and his most passionate Utah supporters), many conservative Catholics, and some evangelical Protestants.”

I liked that image. I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing it.

Anyway, Damon Linker makes a good point here that gets to the heart of the issue: the “governing wing” of the Republican Party is used to getting its way, and #NeverTrumpism is their revenge on their “base” (i.e., your votes belong to them) for defying its wishes and rejecting Bush, Rubio and Kasich in the primaries.

Mario Loyola has a plan for reconciliation between #NeverTrump and Trump supporters:

“Still, the best outcome of this election, from the point of view of a traditional conservative Republican, is for Trump and the GOP to have a landslide victory and then for Trump to resign immediately in favor of Vice President Mike Pence, who is both eminently qualified to be president and a real conservative. …

Pledge to impeach. Should God elect to ignore my prayer, and should President Trump prove to be as bad a president as his detractors fear, then it is my duty and the duty of my fellow Republican members of Congress to impeach him. And I will apply that same rule to any president of my own party who fails to uphold the honor of the presidency. GOP members face a painful dilemma in Trump, but there’s another side to that coin. GOP members of Congress have a unique power that nobody else in the land possesses — namely, the ability to pull the curtain down on a Trump presidency by impeaching him.”

The plan is to elect Trump. He will be given the chance to sign off on our neo-liberal globalist agenda … or else, Paul Ryan and the #TruCons in the House will impeach him for “high crimes” against the establishment. Isn’t it strange that Trump supporters don’t seem to care much about the #NeverTrump downballot?

He continues:

“To do that, conservatives will need Trump supporters. Indeed, they will need to prevail not just among Trump supporters, but among Democrats as well. The international consensus for low regulation, low taxation, and free trade, enshrined in the Bonn Declaration of 1985, later elaborated as the “Washington Consensus,” must be restored to its former state of acceptance among both parties.

The neo-liberal globalist consensus (Team America World Police, globalization, open borders, low-taxes, Wall Street deregulation) among both parties (read: the uniparty) has to be restored to “its former state of acceptance.”

Kevin Williamson, who you might recall is famous for his declaration that White working class communities suffering from an opioid epidemic ought to die, is mounting a defense of the #TruCons in the GOP Congress:

“The Republican party — stupid and corrupt as it often is — has in fact provided a number of dramatic victories for conservatives in recent years: the spread of right-to-work laws and school-choice programs, lower tax rates, trade liberalization, affirmations of the First and Second Amendments, restrictions on abortion, including a national ban on partial-birth abortion, etc. (See Charles C. W. Cooke, “What Has Conservatism Ever Done for Us?”) Consider the state-level work that has been done in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma. These are not trivial victories — these are the small things that in the end add up to big things. …

The Republican majority in Congress is like a hard and unpleasant job with long hours, but one that pays reasonably well: If you don’t like it, try doing without it for a while and see how that works out for you.”

You will be sorry when we are gone!

We’ve conserved a low top marginal income tax rate and globalization. We’ve busted the unions, cut onerous regulations for hedge fund managers, kept the borders open to Third World immigration for half a century, and spread right-to-work laws. We’ve given strong rhetorical support to ending abortion and let the assault weapons ban expire when George W. Bush was president. Why aren’t you rednecks satisfied?

There was so much more for you we could have done with Rubio as president. We could have had Dow 38,000! We could have had World War III over the Donbass!

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  1. The Cuckservatives have much interest in destroying Traditional Values and the Working Class. All in the name of Globalism, Sin, and World Government. Anything that goes against Tradition and White People. However the establishment is on the run right now with the base of the GOP going in a nationalist direction. Much of that will sink or swim based on “Common People” staying active and making a real change in State Government and Washington D.C. We should never compromise with the enemy. That’s why you don’t see the Tea Party. Because the Tea Party became friendly with the GOP establishment. Those establishment candidates and politicians did nothing but reject the Tea Party after election day. We should vote those establishment politicians out of office and Always Remember! WPWW !

    • Planet Israel endgame. Where the Jews as Maurice Samuel said HAVE A WORLD OF THEIR OWN. Do you think the Jews would feed the Mud races after we are gone? Nope they will kill them too. Only the Chosen may live upon Planet Zion/Israel

      • What you wrote above is a reminder that Jews are not very good in long term strategic planning. A case in point is locating their bandit state amongst all those Arabs. What you bring to mind is after all the whites are exterminated by these Jews who will be the ones to feed these same Jews. Once a parasite kills its host it must find another one or perish.

  2. Victories? At the state level opposed by the #TrueCucks at every turn. They are getting desperate. I love it. Impeach Trump? Before you are indicted for violating dozens of laws you advocated for?

  3. The neocon con-artists have been thoroughly routed, they are in disarray as they run off the battlefield like little bitches to escape the Trump juggernaut.

  4. The end goal of the Neo-Jews is Planet Israel. A world confligration that will result in the elimination of all human life except for the chosen and their robot slaves. You at most only need about 50 million or less people to have a viable humanity

  5. The cucks are showing their desperation if they’re seriously considering this. They admit that Trump can win but if he does offer him two choices: Resign or face impeachment, aka betray your followers or we’ll blackmail you. Just this kind of talk ought to be enough to rent the GOP beyond repair.

  6. Dear Lord, I will volunteer to NOT give them final absolution, when they all come to the gallows after Trump is elected. This class of RINO, and TRAITOR, and Jew, MOR(m)ON, and faggot, are ALL worse than the Pharisees were at the time of Christ- because these Apostate Moderns knew more and knew better

    -and still chose to be the Enemy.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God.” Saint Theodosius of the Kiev caves

    • THAt is what needs to happen. The gallows. Very bad people have suffered no consequences what-so-ever for a very long time.

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