Andrew Sullivan’s Meltdown

If you are on the fence about voting for Trump, you should do it just for the Andrew Sullivan columns:

“I have long had faith that some version of fascism cannot come to power in America. The events of the past year suggest deep reflection on that conviction. A political hurricane has arrived, as globalization has eroded the economic power of the white working classes, as the cultural left has overplayed its hand on social and racial issues, and as a catastrophic war and a financial crisis has robbed the elites of their credibility. As always in history, you still needed the spark, the unique actor who could deploy demagogic talent to drag an advanced country into violence and barbarism. In Trump, America found one for the ages. …”

Imagine four years of this. These are PRICELESS LULZ!! I’m going to feel ROBBED if you deprive me of these articles!

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  1. They have really been in a foul mood since the pollsters had no choice but to show at the very minimum a tied race.

    The picture they paint of what Trump could make America makes me excited to no end.

    • They rather have a United States overrun with Muslim Supremacists, many of them from Sub Sahara Africa and extremely savagely violent, than a United States with a White Christian population. And they call Trump a “Fascist” , do they think they’ll have any Liberty in a country overrun with Muslim Supremacists/Islamic Jihadists? They know what’s going on in Europe too. It’s not as if they don’t know, they do know.

      These are the same ones who are morally outraged Trump used the word “p*ssy” and the expression “p*ssy grabbing” and accuse Trump of sexual violence against women for using the word and the expression with “p*ssy” in the expression, but they have NO moral outrage at all for the Muslim Rape Jihad going on in Europe, and they support Hillary who calls Merkel “the greatest leader in the world today”; Merkel : Right now, Merkel is The world’s biggest enabler of VIOLENT RAPE AND ALL KINDS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. If Hillary wins , then Hillary will take first place and Merkel second place.

      They have no moral outrage Hillary appears on stage with the most vile rappers and vile whores singing about the most vile things, and using language in public much dirtier than Trump ever used, even in his private conversations.

      They didn’t get morally outraged when Obama invited the Mexican drug cartel mobsters into the USA with open arms and supplied the Mexican drug cartel mobsters he invited into the USA with tons of weapons and guns. NO moral outrage about that.

      Selling aborted baby body parts is all about Liberty and all about the Bill of Rights, to these Hillary supporters. Being opposed to selling baby body parts means you’re a “horrible” “tyrannical” “fascist” who “hates” freedom and wants to squash “Liberty”.

      Going to a private island far removed from the public eye and having sex with kidnapped young children female and male being held in bondage/slavery and drugged up , turning young children into drug addicts so the Clintons could have sex with them — which BOTH Bill and Hillary indulged in — is NOT vile is NOT immoral is “all about Freedom and Liberty”.

      And Meryl Streep has the nerve to shout to the world Hillary does so much for children. She’s NOT na├»ve or misinformed either. She’s a LIAR.

      Hillary also is The One who gave the orders to burn alive 80 Americans, including 21 children at Waco, They weren’t worshipping God in the way Hillary thought they should be worshipping God. This Hillary supporters call Freedom and Liberty.

  2. It is not emotion Andrew. Although it is fascism. Also, it might even help your AIDS you filthy barebacking HIV vector.

  3. Some fag with daddy issues, little different than the crazy white women unleashed in Murka, they both want a fascist

  4. Sullivan is typical of the neverTrump faggots…bald, prematurely aging, low testosterone beta males who only care about what’s in their jew master’s interests, never what’s best for America. Especially White America.

  5. The confrontation between the elites and middle class will not end happily. The only instance in history of a gulf this wide between the elites and the middle class existed in France before the Revolution.

  6. All of this “Trump is Hitler” is backfiring on them. People can see for themselves that Trump isn’t some fanatic and what he is saying is just common sense. If they say that Trump is just like Hitler then maybe Hitler wasn’t so bad. I’ve already been in conversations with people who really used to believe the standard narrative about Hitler now starting to openly question it. This is really a major change.

  7. I heard that on Day One, President Trump’s going to shut down The Fed, and have Yellen and all judges and university professors arrested. That sounds like a real fascist to me! That’s why I’m voting Trump. ­čÖé

      • I saw some Heavy Metal comic once that depicted some Eloi/Morlock future where gray man-slaves turned the gears underground-the queen bee sent down for some random fvck toy who made his way to her bed, and then was fed to the carp in her pond. French faqq0t artist/writer of course.

  8. He accurately states the problems but hates the solution to them. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same getting increasingly worse. OTOH, Trump’s a wild card. They are afraid of what he will do and perhaps wo ought to be at least a little apprehensive about what he won’t.

    • a vote for Hillary is a vote for Satanic sacrifice of children and sex slavery, a vote for continued Weimar cucking of white Christian civilization. Find your nut sack and know that once Trump is in office, he will use us to throw these monsters into the pit of Hell from where they came.

  9. Off topic but I clicked thru a link on Drudge to a California seccessionist movement’s web page, what is not to love about libtards rejecting us depolorables?

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