Conservatism, Inc. Unleashed The Third World Immigration Tsunami

Go read James Kirkpatrick’s brilliant takedown in VDARE of Tim Alberta’s National Review cover story on immigration:

“Conservatives are fond of saying, “Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.” Unfortunately, the same is true of Conservatism Inc. functionaries. They acknowledge conservatives are facing demographic extinction. They admit it is happening because of immigration. But they refuse to listen to the very people who warned them about this. Instead, they will continue skipping towards annihilation and drag the entire country with them.

Exhibit A: the recent cover story from National Review telling us, once again, how Republicans need to “adapt to a diversifying electorate or lose their influence” [Can the GOP Overcome Demographic Change in Red States, by Tim Alberta, [Email him]November 7 2016]. …”

This is maddening on so many levels.

From my own perspective, it is maddening because I have woken up every single day for 15 years now and have worried about the consequences of this very problem. It was known 15 years ago that Third World immigration was driving changing racial and cultural demographics in the United States. It was known then that these trends were pushing Whites into minority status along the same lines of California.

Do you know how I found out about it? While I was in college at Auburn, I read Pat Buchanan’s 2001 book The Death of the West and Peter Brimelow’s 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. There were a number of other books out at that time that explained how by 2050 the whole country was sliding toward becoming a dystopia resembling Los Angeles.

Pat Buchanan had warned about all these worrisome trends – cultural degeneration, endless foreign wars, globalization, the donor class, and open borders – in his 1996 presidential campaign. I was only 16 years old at the time, but there were men like Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow who were sounding the alarm in the 1990s. What’s more, I later found out that evil Klansman David Duke had been warning about illegal immigration since the Klan had patrolled the Mexican border in the 1970s.

My impression in the early 2000s was that there were two groups who were deeply concerned about this issue: there were dissident paleocons like Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Peter Brimelow, who had been purged from what we would later start calling Conservatism, Inc., and there were White Nationalists like David Duke and Don Black. This is the milieu out of which the Alt-Right emerged in the late 2000s.

A deeply unnerving realization began to dawn on me: the political establishment, especially the so-called “conservatives” like the National Review, people who didn’t show any interest in conserving anything real at all, were leading us into a new Dark Age in which our children and grandchildren would be lorded over by a hostile political class empowered by a coalition of resentful racial and cultural aliens. Meanwhile, the people who had the canniest understanding of the real world like Pat Buchanan, its past, present, and the future, had been exiled to the fringe and demonized as “racists.”

Grand Dragon Ku Klux Klansman David Duke, doyen of racism and white supremacy, had been warning White people for a quarter century in 2001 about how immigration was changing the country. All the “conservatives” could manage to do was shout him down, scream “racist,” invoke the other -isms and -phobias and declare victory in the argument. I was left thinking “that’s not a compelling argument” and asking basic questions like is Duke right or wrong. I concluded he was right about that issue.

“Prescott Valley, Ariz.; Salem, Va. — Lee Stauffacher and Pam McKinney love their home state of California — its paradisiacal climate, its sublime topography — but they had to leave. The state had been overrun, first by immigrants legal and illegal, their cultures and traditions in tow, and then by liberal politicians who seized control of the government by catering to these constituencies and turning their communities into Democratic garrisons. The state became majority-minority in 2001; whites are now 39 percent of its population and dwindling. In turn, the GOP is essentially extinct, representing conservative enclaves around California but irrelevant in statewide elections. …”

Where is Conservatism, Inc. now? 15 years later, where is the National Review? Fighting Trump, of course. Just like they fought Pat Buchanan in the 1990s.

“The question isn’t whether Arizona will flip, but when. At least, that’s what political scientists and party strategists say. …”

How can this be? Conservatives have told us for years we are all individuals. We aren’t members of a racial identity group. Instead, we are “liberty” or “equality.” We are “the Constitution” or something and racial, cultural and ethnic identity is completely irrelevant in our colorblind universe!

“This is a nightmare for the GOP. The Hispanic vote share was climbing long before Trump descended his golden escalator to seek the presidency. Nationally, Hispanics were 8 percent of the electorate in 2004, 9 percent in 2008, and 10 percent in 2012. In Arizona, the trend is sharper: Hispanics went from 12 percent in 2004 to 18 percent in 2012, while whites dropped from 79 percent to 74 percent. In a state where Hispanics are now roughly one-third of the population — half of them under 18 — the last thing Republicans wanted was to mobilize them. After all, the Hispanic community’s political impact has been diluted by its anemic turnout; only 48 percent of eligible Hispanics voted in 2012, according to Pew, compared with 64 percent of eligible whites and 67 percent of eligible blacks. …

This year could be different. The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce estimates that nearly 200,000 Hispanics have been registered since 2010, thanks to the work of well-organized liberal groups. Voters such as Arambula — predisposed to vote Democratic by virtue of their age and ethnicity — represent a potential tipping point in the partisan struggle for control of Arizona. The question now is whether they’ll show up on November 8.”

Why is it a nightmare for the GOP?

The GOP has told us for 20 years that Hispanics are natural conservatives. They told us comprehensive immigration reform could win them over and we are all individuals, which is why John McCain and Mitt Romney won in 2008 and 2012.

“That question can be answered only by the Republican party. The demographic writing is on the wall; if the GOP continues to repel non-whites, it will cease to be competitive. …”

Once again, why is the demographic writing on the wall for the GOP? If we are all individuals, how can one predict the outcome of elections on the basis of shifting racial and cultural demographics?

The answer, of course, is that conservatism is based on a lie. Non-Whites are not colorblind individualists. Non-Whites have a strong sense of racial and cultural identity. Non-Whites vote for what they perceive to be the interests of their racial group, not for liberal abstractions. This explains why 97 percent of blacks voted against Mitt Romney in 2012. Asians and Hispanics also nurture a strong sense of racial and cultural identity and vote as less pronounced racial blocs.

Whites are the only group in the United States who still foolishly buy into MLK’s Dream. It is a social contract in which only one party considers the contract binding. Whites are expected to be guilt-ridden, deracinated, deferential colorblind individualists. Only Whites are guilty of white privilege and systemic racism and racism, nativism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and other sins against liberalism. Meanwhile, non-Whites are encouraged to be racial chauvinists. They are repeatedly told they are owed something.

The cucks at National Review say that non-Whites must be appeased indefinitely due to their swelling demographics, racial resentments, and increased political power. The Alt-Right says this is precisely the reason why Whites must reject conservatism … because conservatives are leading our children and grandchildren to their doom.

They cling to a social contract from the 1960s which every other racial group has abrogated. They cling to a fantasy of colorblind utopia which failed to materialize. They cling to a classical liberal philosophy which is decisively refuted by the demographic analysis of this very article.

Prior to the 1950s and 1960s, which is roughly around the time Conservatism, Inc. began to ascend to its dominance on the Right, our forbearers didn’t believe in this nonsense. They clung to the traditional belief (now a heresy due to historical revisionism) that America was a White Man’s Country. They didn’t believe in racial equality. They didn’t believe that negroes were morally superior to Whites. They didn’t believe that negroes should lord it over Whites. They didn’t believe that Whites should defer to non-Whites.

My ancestors didn’t believe in “social justice.” They didn’t think immigration restriction was “racist.” Instead, they thought it was a good idea and that it would keep out of the Yellow Peril and preserve America’s White majority. They thought that segregation was a sensible, enlightened arrangement in light of known facts about biological racial differences. They thought it was foolish to give blacks the right to vote because blacks had never demonstrated any capacity for self government and would destroy areas they governed.

Looking back on the Jim Crow South, conservatives denounce its “racism” and “authoritarianism.” In light of our present racial demographics, we might have to look back on that time period to find a solution. America reached its peak whiteness in the 1960s, but it was much less White before that and much more clear-eyed about race. There was a time when South Carolina and Mississippi had black majorities.

After the trial of Radicalism (as it was known then) in the Reconstruction era, Southerners decided to put an end to multiracial liberal democracy. The tale is told in a forgotten book by James Shepherd Pike called The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government. In the end, one White man died in the Redemption of South Carolina. If you haven’t read the book, you should. It is a window into the future.

As with so many other milestones in American history, the election of 1876 was a great turning point. It was the point when White America (North and South) began to turn away from liberty and equality. Reconstruction had been discredited as a failed social experiment. It had sowed chaos and disorder and had nearly brought the country to its knees. The country wanted to return to order and prosperity.

The parallels are not exact due to so many more enfranchised non-Whites, but I think White America at least is headed toward a 1876 moment. Maybe not in this election cycle, but soon enough. When their backs are finally against the wall, Whites will abandon multiracial liberal democracy for Caesarism or secession.

One thing is certain: the fantasy that liberal elites have subscribed to since the 1960s of a colorblind utopian world under a global government led by enlightened secular humanists is a pipe dream. America was supposed to become a microcosm of the world due to immigration from all parts of the globe. Instead, we have imported all the conflicts and animosities of the world into this country which is swiftly unraveling.

The TruCons don’t have a way forward … tax cuts, enterprise zones, token affirmative action minorities, and constitutionalism haven’t worked. “Liberty” hasn’t worked. It’s laughable. We need a Right that is determined to restore Order and Authority.

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  1. It’s ironic but FBI turns out to be last bastion of White Supremacy in the US. Who knew? Assange and John Pilger.

      • If if Hillary wins her first priority will be to “enrich” the FBI with loads of niggers and first generation affirmative action hires. They have already done it to the military to the point that a normal White man has reservations about enlisting.

  2. In a promotional interview Pat Buchanan did for “Death of the West,” there was a moment I will try to describe, since I’m going only by my memory of it. The interview could well have taken place on the PBS NewsHour, which, at that time, was probably still called The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer. In fact, Lehrer himself might have been the interviewer.

    The interviewer must have asked Buchanan why he was even bringing up the subject, i.e., the changes caused by immigration from non-Western places or whatever was the term he, the interviewer, used. In reply, Buchanan said something to the effect that even though the subject was not being discussed publicly–by politicians, media people, or whatever it was he said–“People are talking about this.” Oddly enough, he uttered that last clause in a kind of confidential way, as if to say, “People are talking about this in the privacy of their homes.”

    When the interviewer replied, instantly, with, “You mean white people,” Buchanan’s face dropped, in surprise. He’d been completely unprepared for that.

    • Buchanan has always been loathe to ascribe anything to specifically White or to call it White Genocide. I suppose that’s how he’s been able to survive in the MSM for so many years. Nevertheless, reading “The Death of the West” was an eye opener for me and started me on the path to where I am now.

  3. Well argued. I am old enough to remember the golden era of the 50s. Our young people have no idea what a wonderful place this nation was back before school integration and civil rights legislation divided us and led to cultural disintegration.

    • In the school year 1963-64, one of my fellow students turned to me, in our fifth-grade classroom, and said, “Do you believe in civil rights?”

      That was the school year in whose fall semester President Kennedy was assassinated and in whose spring semester the Beatles made their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. There, in my all-white Catholic school, in northeast Philadelphia, I had no idea what my classmate was talking about.

      • I believe in civil rights, but the civitas is the government, not business, and when they converge you get fascism. Everyone needs to be equal before the law – the rich and poor – neither being able to buy your way out of guilt, nor be unable to prove your innocence because of poverty. There was a contradiction in that some of the laws REQUIRING segregation were just as unjust and violated free association as much as those REQUIRING integration. And although you can ostracize and boycott, when you use vandalism and violence, the police must handle all crimes equally, not based on popularity. Liberty is what is needed. The State IS violence, and live by the sword, die by the sword I take to mean if you use the sword, or withhold using it when justice demands it, and not use persuasion against your opponents, one day that sword will swing the other way against you.

        Also, melanin and carotene are not neurotoxic and prevent liberty. But there is a difference in living in the top of a tower built on a thousand years of Christianity, Natural law, bloody battles, The Magna Charta, leveling, Cromwell, the non-conformists who self-selected in the eastern US, and trying to do so with a different history.

        I don’t know where to draw the line between race and culture, only that both genes and memes come from our parents, who either are at the end of a long process of refining to extract the most pure gold, or are indifferent and allow admixture of base metals and dross. Nothing is impossible with God, but it does take a miracle – and those are vanishingly rare – for someone from Asia, even if they have 150 IQ to decide to be a nonconformist Christian free enterprise libertarian constitutionalist person. I cannot think of any Asia constitutional scholar, but there is Clarence Thomas – and some others (excuse tnhe cucking of Sowell, and there’s Williams).
        Ben Carson’s mother had to pray and fight every step of the way to make her Son into something resembling what an American ideal would be. My parents just pointed me at the founding documents.

        The danger is on the white. The danger is those whites who are the fifth column, whom we will not ask if they believe what we believe, but assume they are fellow travelers – Marx and Lenin were white. Keynes was white (and gay!). Those of other races to come in to the place of liberty have had to reject their culture, family, homeland. They – provided they have burned their bridges – are safe and allies.

        • In a way, the half-century since that time seems as if it’s now in the dock, before a jury that will render its verdict this Tuesday. Unfortunately, the jury includes friends of the accused …

  4. There are only two reasons I can think of why any White person would be indifferent or happy about the Genocide of his race: Sick self hatred or psychopathic lunacy.

    • Unfortunately yes. Liberalism is a disease and everybody may google “liberal brain different” or “liberal gene” and read.

      Yuuuge question remain, what to do ? Here in the Eastern Europe wars and revolutions and Stalin purges and locals revenge on liberals using Nazi Army advance wiped off those people and disease quit spreading.

      When western nationalists finally will realize about nature of liberalism, it may help. Jews know it and look how effective they are using liberal people.

  5. William F Buckley Jr according to Wikipedia profile:Buckley wrote history, politics, and sailing, including a series of novels CIA agents.

    Silent coup was initiated from the very top, elites establishment.Early on 1950s they in fact had the power impose censorship on the major media of that era,which were ABC,CBS,NBS, and the major newspaper,and magazine.

  6. Portrait of a confused breed: Air Force vet expresses dismay about Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape–i.e., about the effect it will have on his, the man’s, mixed-race grandchildren …

  7. You have any idea how freaking galling it is to read this grim electoral autopsy in the pages of the VERY MAGAZINE THAT WARNED THIS WOULD HAPPEN 20 YEARS AGO??? And listen to this limp wrist who couldn’t carry the intellectual jock of Peter Brimelow – the man Buckley fired for saying so – use passive language like “the electorate WILL diversify” and “the pace will only accelerate,” as if we’re sitting here helpless like observers of the weather, when this is entirely due to a POLICY we CHOSE, and we can UN-CHOOSE tomorrow?

    We may well be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, but if so, it’s the hacks and gibberers of Conservatism, Inc that got us here!

      • Proof positive that we have been JEWED SCREWED and TATTOOED from DAY 1 in the USA is just reading the Constitution and Madison and Jeffersons writings. We were being whored out to the Jews and never knew it. Albeit it took the Jews decades to boil the frog, but eventually they got around to it.

        Freedom of Religion (The Founders saying all Religions are Free including Judaism Islam and others) because all faiths are equal under the roof of the Lodge. Every effort to insert Christianity in the US Constitution was BLOCKED. The Jews even managed to block Christianity from the Confederate Constitution but they did allow for a generic God mention.

        The Immigration Act of 1802 ie Jefferson’s wide open borders and the fact that our Immigration authorities were under law never allowed to classify Jews Arabs Gypsies etc as anything else than White nor to make any notation by their names.

        Makes me sick Hunter, REAL SICK

          • No it was always a problem, we had thousands of Jews streaming into the USA from Day One not to mention the Negroes brought from Hispanola after the slave revolt not to mention the Chinese

          • Were they officially allowed in or did they just come before a policy was set up? How did it differ in the North and South? Who formed the power behind the 1802 Act, northern or southern jews?

          • At that time 1802 Jews were very powerful merchants in the Southern States so I would say they were behind making sure that JEWS were never defined as anything but White to allow themselves free movement. In 1802 West Point graduated its first two cadets, one was a Jew. The designation of WHITE under US Law which was the same under English law recognized Arabs, Jews, Hindus, Turks all as White

        • Very good point, Billy Ray. Who else but the Jews would have pushed for such ridiculous categorizing, grouping us with them, arabs, gypsies…

          Italians also benefitted from this nonsense, I’m sure.

          • The designation of WHITE is as worthless as spit in US Law and always was as it was so open-ended. It took until 1917 to classify Turks, Arabs, Indians as nonwhite, yet when immigration from that part of the world was reopened after WWII, they classify on the US Census as White. See the confusion?

  8. Americans honoring the ancient ways has been the only thing preventing the triumph of these satanic people; that is why they wanted us dead. Now the devil is just about done consuming our current enemy and is looking for a fresh meal. Come Wednesday, the traditionalist right needs to reject the devil worship in our own midst, reject the flippant calls for burning people alive in ovens, dropping people out of helicopters, gassing people, death without trial by hanging and firing squad, fascism and all the sinful things bubbling out of the “alt right”, or those without discernment among us will be the next “spirit meal” of the devil. Trading one’s soul for power is not a good idea.

    • Wait, are you saying you actually have a problem with dropping people out of helicopters and worshiping frog gods? You need to hitch a ride back to Cucksville, pal.

    • Afterthought has been taken anally by Jebus Cuckster so many times that apparently he is now convinced he is a woman.

      Only National Socialists have the balls to do what must be done to create the Northwest Republic.

    • The ancient ways you are speaking of are precisely what have rendered our people totally impotent to combat this zeitgeist. People like you counseling on what is and what is not “good for the soul,” and teaching people that survival and strength are a sin have led to our downfall.

      Get out of the Christian Church, white man!

  9. When Gang of 8 was percolating in the Senate – and clearly MOST of the Republicans wanted to vote for it, Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) made a statement about Republicans needed to do it to win in 2016. I believe he eventually voted “NO,” scared off by GOP voters. But the sheer illogic of what he said! You hear something like that and you know there has to be something else they’re not telling us.

    Why should GOP voters support them doing something harmful to the country just so that it will help them win elections? And it wouldn’t help them win elections because 70%+ of the people they’re going to amnesty will vote Democrat. One of Dubya’s speechwriters had a column in the Washington Post back then that the GOP maybe ought to sweeten some welfare benefits to be able to attract Hispanics. The simple solution of cutting off the flow of welfare dependent immigrants, legal and illegal, is not on the table.

    Every kid they have costs at least $10,000/year just for schools. Their medical bills do not get paid unless they’re on Medicaid, then we pay them. If they are illegals and go to the hospital, they just get a new set of papers.

    • The logic is clear when the satanic hypothesis is invoked: you don’t get to be a “Jon Conryn” unless you have sold your soul to the devil at least a dozen times.

      These representatives are weak people and the devil uses their self love to control them, and that is why it took an uprising (the threat of secession and civil war) by the populist right to even get to this point, and it is by no means over. The Battle is just beginning.

  10. The United States was founded by JEWISH-FUNDED FREEMASONS who started off on the ridiculous idea of FULL WHITE RACIAL EQUALITY and the idea of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. White Racial Equality and Religious Relativism are Freemasonic Ideas as all are Brothers inside the Lodge.

    The Greatest Apostle of the Equality Church is Saint Thomas Jefferson. Saint Thomas Jefferson preached out of both sides of his mouth, favoring the mass murdering French Jewish/Freemasonic Revolutionary Cabal as they raped nuns and beheaded Priests calling it LIBERTY. He still called it Liberty when France elected Negroes to the Convention. Of course this didn’t fly in America so when Saint Thomas Jefferson preached it to Washington and Hamilton, he was given a Pink slip and then sent home to Monticello where he launched virulent evil attacks against General Washington even calling Hamilton a British Agent.

    Saint Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t be outdone in Virginia. He put forward a plan of Racial Amalgamation between Virginia’s remaining Indians and Whites and even suggested that it should be implemented nationwide as mixing our blood with the Indians would stop the Indian wars, Here is a quote of Jeffersons from a visit with Indian Chiefs

    “You will unite yourselves with us and we shall all be Americans. You will mix with us by marriage. Your blood will run in our veins and will spread with us over this great Island.”

    • Saint Thomas Jefferson of course publicly denied Race Mixing with Negroes while one of the Jeffersons was making babies with Sally Hemmings and quite a few of them. Saint Thomas Jefferson also put forward the laws at the Articles of Confederation that forbade Slavery in the land above the Ohio and East of the Mississippi, he couldn’t forbid it in Kentucky or Tennessee which were counties of Virginia and North Carolina respectively nor could he in the Mississippi Territory which was in 1784 almost all Indian land and said Indians owned Negro slaves.

      Now his friend Saint James Madison in the US Constitution Article I Section IX Clause I calls African Slaves PERSONS. Madison himself somehow thought in a Lawyers Dodge that a Slave could be a Person and Property all at the same time. Jefferson himself thought so. Now ask yourself friends, if we fought the Revolution over the British attempting to take away our Property and Lord Dunmore did so in Virginia with Universal Emancipation, how could we then turn around and forbid the importation of Persons or Property into the Northwest Territory? If a Negro is a Person then according to Common Law then he is to be Free and at Liberty to go where he wants. If a Negro is Property then no one can deny you the right to take your property from one locale to another or tell you what to do with said property Jefferson and Madison somehow tried to agree with the 1772 Somerset vs Stewart Case which declared Negroes Persons under the Common Law while calling them Property at the same time? WTF?

      • The unfortunate part of this entire mess was that no one because of Saint Thomas Jefferson and Saint James Madison corrected the slavery issue until almost 21 years after Madison’s and 31 years after Jefferson’s death. The Abolitionists grabbed onto Jefferson’s ridiculous ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL Lie and then pointed to the US Constitution written by Madison saying THE NEGROES ARE PERSONS UNDER THE COMMON LAW. Madison says so. It was not until Dred Scott in 1857 did anyone attempt to finally correct the legal muddle that Jefferson and Madison left Slavery in and call them Property and state correctly that Property is without human rights as it is Property. Judge Taney was correct.

        Unfortunately for Judge Taney since the Articles of Confederation PREDATED the Constitution and allowed for States to set their own citizenship laws, Negroes were given full citizenship rights in certain states and limited rights in others as under the theory of Federalism each state had the right to her own laws. The Confederacy corrected this, creating a Uniform Confederate Citizenship which all states upon passing the Confederate Constitution agreed to. The Confederacy also clearly labeled slaves as property using the proper word.

        • 151 years since the War of Southern Independence and 139 years since Reconstruction ended, we are still struggling with the mess that Jefferson and Madison made in the first place. The Radicals passed a Uniform Citizenship 14th Am proclaiming everyone born on the soil citizens of UNITED STATES Incorporated and in the 15th saying USA inc had the right to tell her citizens how to vote but meanwhile leaving voter qualification up to the states.

          The 15th Amendment carried on the aggregious mess that Jefferson and Madison created while on one hand telling us that we have to allow everyone to vote, it still allowed Each State to qualify her own voters and set her own elections. Wink Wink Nod. Now think about this if each state is allowed to set her own qualifications for elections doesn’t that mean if she wishes to have a literacy test she should be allowed to do so? Of course. Now what i find odd is that States still qualify their own voters and run their own elections but the Feds still can come in with Bayonets drawn and declare your election laws invalid. Yet the state on paper still has power.


      • A Negro is 3/5 of a person. And I believe it was Jefferson’s brother who carried on the affair with that half-caste wench.

        • Well, not really. The South wanted to include it’s black population for representation proposes. Which would have given it a majority vote over and against the North. The 3/5th compromise said that only 3/5ths of the black population of any state could be counted for representarion purposes.
          For instance, Alabama had a total population of 964,201 in 1850. There were 437,770 blacks in the state. Three fiths of them counted for a total of 262,662. For counting purposes, that discounted 175,108 blacks and reduced the count to 789,093 total for Alabama. It also kept Alabama from having more representatives than it’s nearest Northern counterpart. Or in some cases, parity. The idea that one black counted as 3/5ths of a person is nonsense.

          • The 3/5 rule was a Southern concession to the Yankees at the Constitutional Convention, one of many stupid concessions the South would make until it was concessed to death.

            As I showed elsewhere Jefferson and Madison in tried to consider the Negro both a PERSON and PROPERTY at the same time. The Somerset Case in 1772 in England (we were under English Law in ’72) clearly stated that PERSONS under the Common Law could NOT be slaves. However Lord Mansfield got around this by only applying the ruling to the UK itself. We absorbed the Common Law and UK laws into our own law and as we were a Colony we were technically exempt from the Somerset Case but the precedent was clear. The Negro was either a Person and thus Free or Property and thus a slave.

            Thomas Jefferson and James Madison somehow didn’t realize they contradicted themselves. The restriction on slavery in the Northwest Territory is a great example. Jefferson had no more right to prohibit slavery ie property from a territory than he did to prohibit horses in that territory. Madison then went and called Slaves PERSONS in the Constitution knowing full well under the Common Law what PERSONS meant. The Abolitionist movement would never have had a leg to stand on if SLAVES had been clearly defined as Property, Wisely the Confederates did this in their Constitution.

          • All this, I know. Blacks were considered people. However, they were not considered citizens. The judges in the Dredd Scott case stated that the Constitution and laws did not apply to non citizens. And so it was. Slavery was just the chink in the South’s political armour. Which the Yankees ruthlessly exploited after all of their efforts to rewrite the laws and Constitution to favour the North, had failed. If slavery had never existed, there would still have been a war. Two different nations inside the same borders has never worked out, ever.

          • I will never understand why the word SLAVES and not PERSONS was used from Day One. The legal definition of PERSONS under the English Common Law was a Free Man and thus a Citizen. As State Citizenship was supreme under US Law a Negro could be a State Citizen with most of the rights as Whites and they were considered partial citizens in Tenn and NC until 1835 and full citizens in every state in NE but Conn, but they were not US Citizens. Judge Taney rightfully noted this in Dred Scott but unfortunately he had no power to render State Citizenship Laws worthless.

            The Confederate Constitution created a UNIVERSAL CITIZENSHIP and classifed Chattel as Chattel. As it should have been.

            The problem in 1787 was that Dixie was considered too weak to stand alone, as she had the mightiest Indian Tribes and so it was believed then the North and South needed one another. This proved to be the Devils Bargain

        • The 3/5 clause was merely for representation. The thing was Jefferson and Madison called Negroes Persons while considering them Property you cannot be both. Judge Taney was RIGHT when he corrected this mess. The Confederate Constitution declares Negroes as Slaves.

  11. They could try to balance it out with allowing more White immigration, especially from places like South Africa, Sweden, and Germany. They also should support undermining the welfare state and the sanctity of voting. I think it is also important that the government stop intervening in Latin America, since that leads to more Latin American immigration.

  12. Look White Nationalist is a deluded bunch. There is simply no chance in hell buffoon Trump can win. I mean it. No chance. Document and print out my comment if you want to. I’m glad I’ve succeeded turning many of my friends and relatives into Hillary voters by directing them to faggy(you guys call it fashy somehow) hateful sites like this one, DailyStromer and TRS. The vomit inducing levels of bigotry found in those sites coupled with White Nationalist endorsement of Trump have convinced many to get out in force and vote for Hillary. We are going to win this election to punish racist and bigoted Whites like you. Brace yourself.We are winning

  13. LEGAL immigration was the dagger to the heart of America when they
    changed our law in 1965 see:

    The first is a review of Professor MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique,
    which has an entire chapter devoted to Immigration and who was behind it

    The second is by Professor MacDonald and destroys the Big Lie that the
    change in our immigration law in 1965 was all Teddy Kennedy’s doing. You
    will even read that on Vdare, which I no longer read by the way.

    I think HW’s commentary is very thoughtful and really makes one think.

    Let’s face it: WE HAVE NO FRIENDS in the “orthodox” political scene. Nor
    in the churches I regret to say, except for Christian Identity.

    For as long as we may be able to we have to continue TELLING THE TRUTH,
    and the fear is there that the ADL, Google, Facebook and all the rest of
    the “skypes” will shut it all down.

    • I would disagree with your assessment of Christianity.

      This period is exactly coterminous with the situation in the Roman Catholic Church, before the Reformation. People believing what their leaders told them, because they believed their leaders righteous.

      As we begin to watch the entire façade of Clinton Inc. fall to the ground, the spirit of freedom and honest inquiry is rising again. We know that we are the sons of Europe. It is Europe that gave us Christianity, not the godless Khazarian Jews, nor the ignorant savage Africans, nor they miscegenated midget Indians of South America.

      We also know that Vatican II did nothing for the Anglos of America, other than to awaken them to have that which Martin Luther had a broken the rest of the white world 500 years earlier. But coupling that with liberation theology or a misty it so supremacy, has made many people believe that church. Now with Jorge better goali did nothing for the Anglos of America, other than to awaken them to that which Martin Luther had a broken the rest of the white world 500 years earlier. But coupling that with liberation theology or a missed it so supremacy, has made many people believe that church. Now with Jorge BerGOGlio, we see you get another trailer in the bosom of Christendom.

      If you don’t know the prophecies and writings ( of all the different church traditions) they say that this apostasy, this turning from what has been, is to come before a period of great peace and enlightenment.

      But it won’t come from a fractionated Xtianity, a la ‘Amurrican schismatic Protestant-schism.’ This is over 75% of the reason why America was co-opted in the first place -without a unified national, ethnically-related state religion, you are open to all sorts of BS from the godless Jews, and the pagans around about you.

      We heard Obama blather on for eight years about “diversity is our greatest strength,” yet never once applied that lens of ridiculous statements, to the similar fallacy that 250,000 of Protestantism’s denominations, sects, cults, were JUST AS EGREGIOUS a lie, as racial diversity!

      Don’t you wonder why every nation under the sun, is currently aiming to go to war with Russia? It is because for the first time in over 100 years, a legally, lawfully appointed ruler is re-birthing the National, State church of Orthodoxy, in Russia!

      And the Jews, the Masons, the Satanists, the sodomites, etc.- (in short, all the same players that we have fighting against Donald Trump in the USA) are ready to : a) stand behind the whore of Babylon-that is the Hildabeast in the USA, and Merkel, Hollande, etc. etc. in Europe….

      and are willing to: b) start World War III- not because Russia has been “influencing the American election,” or because Russia is “wishing to start World War III,” but because the apostate satanic rulers of the West, all hate Jesus Christ and His True Church.

      In the West, we have long thought that ‘Rome’ was a continuation of that historic Catholic Church. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, (especially those of you who are RC) but Rome has not been that church, since at least AD 1100!

      Which is why (Catholics) your Cardinals and other people voted in: both the heretical Vatican II, as well as the anti-Pope Fraaaan-cis! [Read Ann Barnhardt, for more on that issue.]

      So, yes, we need to restore an ethnically pure America, as well as an ethnically segregated Church… Just like Hillaire Belloc said, in the 1920s: “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.”

      But to furter schismate and segment the true church of Christianity, is not the way to do it.

      • Well put Fr. John, leaders have to be righteous, the Catholic Church allowed itself to be corrupted, the child molesters and fags should have been de frocked and excommunicated. Instead the church shielded them, allowed them to hide from their crimes and legal prosecution. I’m afraid that the church will never recover from this terrible betrayal.

        • “With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”

          There is a massive return to righteousness and orthodoxy predicted of the church in the last days, prior to the rise of the final antichrist ruler. I pray God that it may be so, and that the church of Rome repent of her errors.

  14. Immigration “reform” means opening the floodgates wider. While making it harder for whites from other white countries to come here.

    • White South Africans cannot even claim refugee status in the USA but every filthy Jew in Europe could tomorrow

  15. These clowns in the GOPe still think they can make people vote for Jeb. They really don’t see the gathering storm. It’s going to be hilarious in 2020 to see Ryan crash and burn over his open borders idiocy.

    Hunter, what do you think about Tom Cotton? He is positioning himself as an immigration restrictionist, but is close the neocons, in particular Bill Kristol. Who is Cotton playing?

  16. For those of you living in Missouri, I would appreciate your write-in vote for myself as the only White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri.

    Eric Greitens the Republicuck, is a jewboy who takes ZOGbux in campaign coontributions from a Silicon Valley pervert who sodomized an underage White girl, promised her $40 million once her anus was stitched up and only gave her $10 million. That is the sort of Republicans who pull that shit in Missouri that they support jewboys who are supported by rich perverts.

    The spawn of John Ashcroft is running for Secretary of State. Like the Democrats, he won’t allow any of us White Supremacists to run for federal or state of local government either. So any of you White Supremacists or White Nationalists or Alt-Right or just ZOGling whigger ass-clowns shouldn’t vote Republicuck other than for Trump — who really isn’t a Republican either.

    Time to retire Roy “Skunk” Blunt running for U.S, Senator. The Blunt crime family in Missouri is sorta like the Bushes and Clintons for ZOG altogether — but worse. The last time I was allowed on a Missouri ballot was running in 2004 against Matt “Runt” Blunt for Governor and I caused pore Runt Blunt more trouble than the other five running against Runt Blunt. Runt Blunt stole so much that he was a one-termer and the Democrats have held all but one of the state-wide executive offices ever since.

    In any case, since Republicans need to votes of every ZOGling whigger to gain or retain elected office in Missouri, White Supremacists or whatever should always vote Democrat. Why? Because us White Supremacists should first destroy Republicans and thus let the Democrats destroy ZOG, that’s why!!!

    LibberToons are even bigger pieces of shit than Republicans. I know — I’ve been kicked out of the LibberToon Party twenty years ago and this year got kicked off the ballot again as a LibberToon candidate for Governor. LibberToons believe in a republican form of government even less than do Republicans.

    I’d also appreciate if you live in Newton County voting for my girlfriend Roxie Fausnaught for Coroner. She is on the ballot as a LibberToon. I’m Chairman of the Newton County LibberToon Party and the Republicans wouldn’t let her run for Sheriff because she didn’t have a “pig license.”

    Anyways, I aim to amuse:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky “Mad Dog The Conquerer” Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    (Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  17. Alot of people don’t like to hear this, but it’s the truth : It was the “All American, traditional, conservative, Liberty-Loving” Ronald Reagan who gave the illegal aliens their first amnesty, setting the “legal” precedent for the Communist Obama and Hillary and all the rest of the Globalist New World Order One World Government types in both Parties to keep the borders open to illegal aliens from all over the third world.

    There were alot of illegal aliens before and during Reagan’s “watch”, but after his amnesty, the United States was just inundated with illegal aliens like never before in history , and it’s been a flood tide of illegal aliens ever since Reagan on his “Cowboy” “watch” guarding the ranch.

    Reagan is the “saint” of the cuckservatives. And the Leftists like Reagan alot more than they’ll ever let on.

    • The 3rd world immigration disaster was really off the radar then, having not become so acute as it is now. However, Regan was wrong to grant amnesty. Eisenhower was deporting them in the 50’s (Operation Wetback) and no one batted an eye.

  18. Excellent article. The moment I knew I wanted Donald Trump as president was when I heard him say, ” They all have to go back.” Nothing else matters- a white hegemony, for a white nation, for white people only.

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