Cuckservatives: National Review Advocates Throwing The Election To Hillary To “Save Conservatism”

Behind all the moral posturing, David French lays out the true motivation of #NeverTrump: the political calculation that a Hillary victory is in the self-interest of “conservatism” because a victory for Trump would send the TruCons into exile:

“No, the conclusion will be that the GOP has fundamentally changed — for this election cycle and at least the next. It will prove that it can win with candidates who are indifferent, at best, to conservative social values. It will prove that it can win with candidates who are in favor of ever-greater government intervention in national and international markets. It will prove that it believes that international retreat advances American national interests. Because, make no mistake, a triumph for Trump will be a triumph for “Trumpism” — the made-up “nationalist” ideology that bears far more resemblance to that of old-school southern Democrats than anything recognizably Republican.

In other words, a vote for Trump is a vote to send conservatism into exile, largely walled-off from both political parties, with the best hope for conservatives to beg for scraps at Trump’s table — now and in 2020. It is vitally important that Trump underperform versus truly conservative candidates. Conservative senators should receive a greater share of the vote than Trump. Conservative members of the House should swamp Trump’s share in their districts. Your vote is the only concrete way that you can send the message that the GOP should remain a party of conservative ideas, a party that demands that its candidates believe and advocate a set of basic conservative values — not because we adopt our own version of conservative political correctness but because those values are best equipped to foster human flourishing, cultural virtue, and national prosperity. …

The election of 2016 is lost. An unfit candidate is going to become president. How many more elections do you want to lose? A vote for Trump in 2016 is a vote against Cruz or Sasse or Rubio in 2020. A vote for Trump is a vote for a man so unfit that he may destroy the GOP not for one election cycle, but for an entire generation. In begging for four years, you may lose 20. …”

Let the record show: win or lose tomorrow, #NeverTrump will never be able to take back these words. One way or the other, the TruCons are going to be held accountable for their sabotage. They are going to pay a massive price.

If Trump loses because of these #NeverTrumpers, the 2016 campaign is going to look mild compared to what comes next. The war we launched against “conservatism” lasted all of nine months in the primaries. This scorched earth campaign will go on for years.

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  1. Bill Clinton Speech: Obama Years Left No Hope For White Working Class


    The economic stagnancy of the Obama years is to blame for plummeting life expectancy rates among white, working-class Americans, according to former president Bill Clinton, who privately told Democratic donors that lower-income whites “don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning.”

    Clinton made the remarks while speaking to at a November 2015 closed-door fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in Canton, Ohio.

    Echoing a theme of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, the former president expressed his concern that white, working-class Americans have been left behind over the last eight years.

    Clinton expressed his frustration with the most recent (at that time) Democratic debate, which he said lacked a single mention of the fact that “84 percent of the American people, after inflation, had not had a raise of 1 cent since the financial crash.”

    “We have incredible debates all over America that shouldn’t exist between people in different racial groups because they don’t trust law enforcement anymore,” he continued. “And in the middle of all this we learned, breathtakingly, that middle-aged, non-college-educated white Americans’ life expectancy is going down and is now lower than Hispanics, even though they make less money.”

    “And the gap between African Americans and whites is closing, but unfortunately not because the death rate among African Americans is dropping but because the death rate among white Americans is rising.” Clinton continued.

    “Why? Because they don’t have anything to look forward to when they get up in the morning. Because their lives are sort of stuck in neutral. Because their lives are sort of stuck in neutral.”

    • Maybe, but let’s think in terms of organizing white Americans and not leading the country. Whether we have another white male president depends on a lot of things, such as whether the oligarchs decide that they want to give white males the illusion of control for a short time.

    • The only thing the cuckservatives are interested in conserving is the power of the cabal who assassinated JFK. The Assassination was a coup d’etat, and the cabal who assassinated JFK is still in power today, 53 years after The Assasssination. The Cabal has done everything it could do to destroy the United States, byt they’re still not happy, they want to bring the USA doen totally for the sake of their One World Government to be centered in Jerusalem. They’re going to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, dream of jews and Freemasons for ages.

      Ted Cruz’ father, Rafael Cruz, was a member of the assassination team who assassinated JFK.

      An independent journalist, Gary Welsh, did some digging into Ted Cruz’ family background and found out Ted Cruz’ father was good friends with the Senior Bush. There’s a picture of Senior Bush, Ted Cruz father, Rafael Cruz, AND the pasty Lee Harvet Oeswald together, very chummy and very happy with one another. The pic of them in Dealey Plaza on the morning of The Assassination standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository Building.

      Gary Welsh made his findings known online. The next day Ted Cruz’ attorney said “It was wrong of Mr. Welsh to make the information public”. A few days later Ted Cruz dropped out of the race. A few days after Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, Gary Welsh was found with a bullet in his head in the stairwell of his apartment building. DEAD.

      The pharisees wanted Ted Cruz as the Republican candidate for president, BUT NOT so he would win, so he could throw The Win to Hillary. With Ted Cruz making millions off the deal and a promise from the pharisees that he would be a future president.

      Gary Welsh, through his honesty and through his bravery, changed the whole course of the election. Much truth about the Clintons is coming to light now because of Gary Welsh. He risked his life, gave his life, so we could have a chance at an honest election.

      The Clintons, like Ted Cruz’ family, is deeply deeply connected to the cabal who assassinated JFK, that’s why everyone in the Bush family are ardent Hillary supporters.

      The only thing the cuckservatives want to conserve is the power of The Cabal who assassinated JFK and conducted their coup d’etat on America November 22, 1963. David French knows he works to conserve the power of The Cabal and to make sure The Cabal who assassinated JFK stays in power. He knows Ted Cruz’ father was a member of the assassination team who KILLED JFK in cold blood. He’s a real jew alright. He just reeks “jew”.

      There were many marksmen in Dealey Plaza who took shots at JFK, about 6 to 8 sharpshooters, maybe a few more. Lee Harvey Oswald thought he was part of a team. He knew there were other assassins in Dealey Plaza, for he was part of the assassination team.Lee Harvey Oswald thought the other marksmen in the assassination team were his friends and buddies. He didn’t know he was was going to be their patsy.

      Ted Cruz’ father was there with the Senior Bush AND Lee Harvey Oswald in Dealey Plaza Dallas the day JFK was assassinated, the day the Bush family and ilk inflicted their coup d’etat on the United States. David French knows ALL the above in this post is The Truth, but the liar will NEVER tell anyone .

      Search : “Gary Welsh + Ted Cruz’ Father”

    • I think the country is about to explode into a million pieces IRREGARDLESS. Thomas Chittum in his book CIVIL WAR II dated the fracture in 2020 and I see us right on time

        • I am just going on the numbers Hunter, I honesty don’t see how with the racial/societal chaos the Borg can hold the system together short of a few thousand Robocops. When a society can no longer enforce her laws she collapses. That’s been the model of 10.000 years maybe this time it will be different but I dont see where they are going to source the Military and Cops to keep us all in line and keep the collection of Tax money going

        • If SNists play their cards right they can capture a lot of disaffected muricans to add to the movement. If not, then some other group may capture them.

          We can try to guess how long it will take to get to a certain point, but the truth is we just don’t know. Things could happen faster than we ever dreamed or we could live out our natural lives waiting.

          Prepare for both scenarios.

  2. Trucons are useful to the left once they are not you will never hear from them again.

    I would have said that about the alt-right at one time but since they are firmly entrenching themselves upstream in the culture the left will always be reacting to it.

  3. First, to correct a word:

    In other words, a vote for Trump is a vote to send CUCKservatism
    into exile, largely walled-off from both political parties, with the
    best hope for CUCKservatives to beg for scraps at Trump’s table — now and
    in 2020.

    Voting to get rid of the do-nothings, the RINOs, the globalists, etc. is bad how? He mentions “pro-life”. Paul Ryan with McConnell and the cucks funded planned parenthood. Medicare Part D was conservative how? The Afghan and Iraq continuing quagmires?

    French’s conservatism means token or futile resistance to liberalism including the worst parts of Socialism and Communism. Or a preemptive surrender when it seems they might actually win.

    I use the example of the dithering Bush Brothers letting Terri Schiavo dehydrate horribly to death while they signed papers an example of how Cuckservatism kills. They can’t even pass a ban past the point when the babies feel pain.

    • The highlight of the entire shitshow for me was Hillary seamlessly shifting from calling abortion a good to claiming she’s a child advocate. Wtf…what a sociopath, and
      I am not eveny remotely pro life.

  4. French needs to put down the crack pipe. The GOP committed suicide years ago when it decided to suck up to Wall Street as a domestic policy and pursue a policy of Jew fawning when it comes to the Israel lobby for foreign affairs.

  5. Charles Dr Strangelove Kikehammer right now on Fox is trying to convince O’Reilly that Hillary is “NOT CORRUPT”. That she’s “ethically challenged” but superior in every way to Trump.

  6. They are motivated by Jewish perception of self interest; one could argue that this is not in their self interest, but if they were capable of that kind of thinking, they wouldn’t have been kicked out of 110 countries so far.

    “Conservatism” is a Jewish ruse; no need to mince words.

  7. Beck is a typical Nevertrumper. Cucked to the core.

    Glenn Beck: ‘Obama Made Me a Better Man’

    Nicholas Schmidle writes in The New Yorker that TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck has “rethought some things” after listening to a recent speech by Michelle Obama that Beck praised as “the most effective political speech I have heard since Ronald Reagan.” Beck, who Schmidle describes as “a Black Lives Matter supporter,” now even praises the president he once harshly criticized, declaring that Barack Obama made him “a better man.”

  8. Conservatives and Republicans have no concept of power politics, the Concept of the Political. If Trump wins they are done for . If he loses they are insane if they think the majority of whites are going to come crawling back to their namby-pamby cowardly conservative bullsh*t party.

  9. If Trump loses the Republicans will never win again. Not in 2020 or 2024 or 2028….or ever. Democrats will flood America with non-white democratic voting immigrants. End game if Trump if loses. I swear sometimes its as if whites were back in the days of Pompeii partying, laughing, and drinking in the shadow of Vesuvius oblivious to its distant rumbles.

    • They would rather FEEL virtuous than win! Ah, that feeling of knowing that you refused to be associated with those nasty “racists” and “xenophobes,” while standing by your unpopular “principles” like “entitlement reform,” “free trade,” and neoconism to invade every nation on earth with a name ending in “stan!”

      The Democrats have got to be laughing their asses off at these useful idiots!

  10. Remember just a short time ago they were all singing that they needed somebody besides Trump to win primary bc they needed somebody that could beat Hillary. Now they want to give it to Hillary to keep Trump from winning.

    How can anybody respect them?

    • “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

      I John 2:19, KJV

    • French is voting for McCucklin which is as good as a vote for Clinton. Only another cuck respects a backstabbing traitor.

      • I suspect many of them are really “true believers” who are convinced they are taking a stand against evil. Their inability to think critically is probably a genetic defect and should be weeded out of the gene pool for the sake of our race.

  11. We definitely have to destroy the faux opposition known as “conservatism” regardless of whether Trump wins or not. The legitimacy of this phony system must be destroyed in the minds of Whites. They must see just how rigged it is against us. Whites in general need to come to the realization that it is we who are the outsiders and viewed as the enemy by the establishment.

  12. A vote for Trump in 2016 is a vote against Cruz or Sasse or Rubio in 2020. A vote for Trump is a vote for a man so unfit that he may destroy the GOP not for one election cycle, but for an entire generation. In begging for four years, you may lose 20. …”

  13. If “conservatism” needs Hillary to save it that’s all you need to know about “conservatism”.

  14. Give them this scrap of credit. At least they’re off their initial excuse about concern for some GOP bloodbath up and down the ticket, losing House, Senate, blah, blah, blah. Even forecasters predicting a Hillary win largely say the Republican majorities will stay intact. (Not that they deserve it!)

    We always knew this was about power. And now they’re on record with it!

  15. “A vote for Trump in 2016 is a vote against Cruz or Sasse or Rubio in 2020.”

    Mr. French just erased any doubts I may have had last week when I voted for Donald Trump. I feel totally vindicated.

    I strongly suspect that the establishment wings of the Democrat and Republican Party have reached what, in Texas, is called an “old boys” agreement to let the Democrats have the White House while the Republicans control Congress just enough to keep out any extremist movements in either direction, i.e. Bernie Bros. or Trump supporters.

    IOW, they will stay “gridlocked” and blame each other for any lack of movement in any direction that might truly help the country, i.e. student loan abatement or single payer health care or renegotiating the trade deals and ending immmigration, not to mention staying out of anymore wars that will kill off the country.

    If Hillary wins and after the smoke clears, there is a great opportunity for Trump supporters to network with the Bernie Bros to see about creating a new party. In any case, Mr. French may not see it, but whether Trump wins or loses, True Conservativism has been thoroughly discredited and will die an ugly death by 2020.

    • I’m very sorry, but if you put yourself thousands of dollars into debt to study Frankfurt School Critical Theory or Boasian Anthropology or basically anything that isn’t STEM then you dug your own grave.

      Especially considering that you probably choose that unemployable major to further advance the indoctrination of society with terrible ideas.

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