Live Thread: 2016 Presidential Election

Final LA Times poll – Trump +3.2
Final IBD/TIPP poll – Trump +1.6

Here we go.

If you have voted in this election, tell us who you voted for and in which state. For all the reasons I have explained at length, I’m voting for Trump in Alabama.

Note: I got to agree with Master Feng. Trump has the purple energy.

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  1. @Lord Magnificent who wrote yesterday:

    “People of Color and White Ladies will prove you wrong today.”

    Back at you, sweetie. In reading the tea leaves, your friends in the press reported that President-elect Donald J. Trump did soooo much better with so-called “People of Color” than pandering cuckservatives like Romney and McCain against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Since honest journalism died decades ago, I assume that Trump did much much better with so-called “People of Color” than they so begrudgingly admitted. They always do some modifications to fit their narrative. Oh, yeah. They only talked about which of this group voted FOR President-elect Donald J. Trump.. They did not talk about which of this group voted AGAINST Hillary Rodham Clinton, not to mention Barack Hussein Obama’s “legacy” by staying home yesterday.

    Now for the White Ladies. Ahem. White Ladies voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump by a fifty-six percent margin. That’s one percent more than Bush got against Kerry, two percent more than McCain got against Obama, and yes, sweetie, White ladies also voted for Romney

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