The Return of the Great Man

“The Commander over Men; he to whose will our wills are to be subordinated, and loyally surrender themselves, and find their welfare in doing so, may be reckoned the most important of Great Men.” – Thomas Carlyle

My contribution to the Radix Journal “The Meaning of Trump” symposium:

“Donald Trump has made politics great again.

I can’t remember ever being riveted by a democratic election. Trump has kept us on the edge of our seats for over a year now. It goes far beyond politics. Trump has a love of life, a daring quality about him, that reminds me of Mussolini. As Thomas Carlyle once said, we are now accustomed in the West to being governed by the Duke’s bailiff. No Duke of any sort, in any aspect of national life, can rise to be a leader.

I think we all looked at Donald Trump and instinctively knew “this is what real leadership looks like.” This man could be a Caesar, a Duke, or a King …”

Trump as Carlyle’s hero … as opposed to, say, a Scott Walker, former Milwaukee county executive who feasts daily on ham and cheese sandwiches.

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  1. The taboos are cracking, the isms and phobias that comprise the rhetoric are becoming jokes told by a joke people.

    • Donald Trump has thus won in losing. Politiical Correctness is a false god and has been exposed. Empress Hildabeast is coming in buck naked and beaten half to death. We March On

  2. Let’s face it Trump is the ONLY candidate on the Republican ticket
    EVER, who offers us a CHANCE and that is all he can do.
    This is the most important election. Because the Greatest Generation
    enabled this all to happen, they bought, wholesale, the propaganda
    put out by the Chosen People about Germany and they TRASHED HERO
    Charles Lindbergh for saying that the idea of war against Germany
    was suicidal for the White race.

    What happened to Charles Lindbergh: OR

    I think HW put it exceptionally well. Now we shall see what happens,
    God’s will for us be done.

  3. Is America about to enter the final stage the Imperium stage as outlined by Spengler? That is assuming Trump wins. Regardless politics will never be the same again. We have now entered the age of meta-politics

  4. O God of earth and altar,
    bow down and hear our cry,
    our earthly rulers falter,
    our people drift and die;
    the walls of gold entomb us,
    the swords of scorn divide,
    take not thy thunder from us,
    but take away our pride.

    From all that terror teaches,
    from lies of tongue and pen,
    from all the easy speeches
    that comfort cruel men,
    from sale and profanation
    of honor, and the sword,
    from sleep and from damnation,
    deliver us, good Lord!

    Tie in a living tether
    the prince and priest and thrall,
    bind all our lives together,
    smite us and save us all;
    in ire and exultation
    aflame with faith, and free,
    lift up a living nation,
    a single sword to thee.
    Words: Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1906

  5. I don’t know that I’d call Trump a Great Man but he’s head over shoulders above the typical politician, especially the Clintons. Trump has actually built valuable things all his life while the Clintons have fed at the public trough all of theirs and contributed nothing positive.

    • As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t just the Clinton’s that have fed at the public trough like hogs and have contributed nothing positive, it’s the whole doner class that they represent. They are basically a group of speculators, who wall themselves off from the rest of the country, create nothing here, and want to make a lot of money without working or doing anything useful with their time.

  6. This is going to be a brutal day for you people.
    In the last days of his term, Obama will issue an executive action stating that the entire Alt Right has to lick Hillary’s pussy at her inaugeration.

  7. Excellent theme. There are times in human history that great power must be concentrated to solve great problems.. With great power comes great responsibility.

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