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  1. Glenn? I don’t understand. The question is whether it will be hemlock or strychnine kool-aid shared with Pat and Stu in their recap tomorrow, and will Jeffy actually drink or ascend to the throne of the falling empire.

  2. “Paul Ryan is not going to be the Speaker of the House,” Hannity said in a phone interview on Fox News on Tuesday night.

  3. Just waiting for the concession speech by “has been” Hillary Clinton.

    The donors are going to want their money back.

    • This also means the Brits dodge a rotten vindictive leftie president coralling us into the EU again.

  4. Let’s hope he keeps his promises. He talks like he means it, and that is what made me vote for him today. People want results on the border, jobs, trade.

  5. Last gasp of Clinton power on display. Hillary is too feeble to carry on tradition and give a concession speech.

  6. She’s not conceding, because it’s still “too close to call.” Podesta told everyone to go home and wait until every vote has been counted. What a roller coaster ride this is!

  7. TRUMP ought to console these naive weeping leftie voters with some kind words. I think these crying kids are victims of wholesale abuse by their leadership.

  8. She conceded! Hail Victory! Thats what you get for betraying the proles oh leftwinger!

      • I am not positive on Pence either BUT Trump must do all that is within his power to have a compact with Christian Russia. Any man who calls himself a Christian of which Pence does is no Christian if he wants war with a nation that is ATTEMPTING to RESTORE CHRISTIANITY IN ITS STATE. Is Russia Perfect? No but at least Putins government sees Christianity as a good thing, unlike our government and the EU

  9. When Ohio was reported to be trouncing Trump I went to bed, and was having nightmares for hours. I forced myself to wake up just now.

    Holy Fucking Shit

  10. “Mitch McConnell congratulates Trump in statement: “President-elect Trump has a significant opportunity to bring our nation together.”

    I don’t want to hear any of that come together, unify the country baloney.

    I want the opposition destroyed !!!

    They never show mercy to us.

  11. The biggest bang for the buck of this Movement during the transition: start getting Red States to tear down the apparatus of Political Correctness:

    the bureaucracies, the laws, etc. Make it illegal to economically terrorize whites for their political participation!

    That will unleash an enormous amount of energy that can be used for further projects!

    I will start in Texas, but the more states the better!

    I’m tired of fighting these people with two hands tied behind my back and a gag in my mouth (though we still won!)

  12. Cuckservative George Weigel, in NRO, the day before the election:

    “This has been the Year of the Con. The most obvious con is the Trumpian one. Over the past year, the Republican party was captured by a narcissistic buccaneer who repudiated most of what conservatism and the Republican party have stood for over the past half-century, cast venomous aspersions on Republican leaders and those manifestly more qualified than he is for president, insulted our fellow citizens, demeaned women and minorities, played footsy with the Russian dictator Putin, threw NATO under the bus, displayed a dismal ignorance of both the Constitution and the grave matters at stake in current public-policy debates — and in general behaved like a vulgar, sinister bore. In doing all this, Trump the con artist confirmed in the eyes of a partisan mainstream media every one of its false conceptions of what modern conservatism stands for and is prepared to do when entrusted with the tasks of governance. Does any serious observer now doubt that any of several other Republican candidates would have a double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton going into Election Day? Yet Trump is the nominee, conservatism is in tatters, and some very ugly things have been let loose in our political culture in the name of “populism” because millions of Republicans bought the con. There may have been some excuse for this — “Send ’em a message!” — in the early going. There was no excuse after, say, mid March. Then cowardice and false calculation kicked in, and the con artist became unstoppable.”

    • The GOP stands for nothing, least of all anything truly conservative. The Party’s biggest cons are the Neocons, hopefully dead and gone alongside the cucks who foisted them on us.

  13. The USA dodged a bullet.

    A week ago, some old lady, who was trying to win some sort of election, screeched these words out to an audience of niggers, mudsharks and cucks:

    “Jay[-Zed] memorably said: ‘Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, and Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly.'”

    She didn’t continue spittin’ out Jay-Zed’s dope nigger rhymes (probably because she’s too senile to remember) from that ditty:

    “Hello, Miss America. Hey, pretty lady! Red, white, and blue flag, wave for me, baby. I never thought I’d say this shit, baby, but I’m good [thanks, but no thanks]. You can keep your pussy. I don’t want no more bush. No more war, no more Iraq, no more white lies — the president is black!”

  14. There is a God….we have another chance at salvation…..awesome…thanks for all your efforts folks….been glued to this site thruout this race. It was a great source of moral support.

  15. I was watching the returns on CBS. At 8:00 EST they were the typical, condescending, smug assholes confident of Hidebeast’s victory. Three or four hours later the mood had completely changed. They were stumbling over their words and looked very grim and shaken. I thought Charlie Rose was going to have a stroke.

  16. i personally hope that now cops can actually start protecting themselves instead of being sitting ducks. one wrong move…..shoot them down!

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