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    • the weirdest moment ever – when they sang “wont get fooled again” to GWB and company. i just knew america was over back then. so glad we get another chance.

  1. I was expecting to train now, the morning.
    Busy celebrating.
    I’ll roll on Thursday.
    Good win yesterday.

  2. Well, I blew off training. Beers ect.

    Huge win. We just got Trump and the House, and the Senate?


    Things just changed.

  3. The media is scrambled.
    Even the Jews seem relaxed. They must have hated her.
    Amazing thing, just that fast….
    Clintons are gone.

  4. Jewish opinion writers across the globe are crystal clear about what happened; the white man has awakened!

    So much to do: I will be talking g with the Texas Nationalists about outlets for their energy.

    Chief among them is dismantling the machinery of Political Correctness.

    • the white man has awakened!
      Let us hope he doesn’t fall back to sleep, which history has proven to happen.

  5. Her highness was given a pass for her illegal activities and crimes because she was running for Prez.

    Now that she lost is she still above the law?

    I want to see her go to jail.

    Why should she walk for the classified e-mails when other people have been punished severely?

  6. The increase of Nationalism in Europe is now mainstream right here in America. That will only continue in future elections. That’s why we must be focused on getting the right people elected and preserving our Western Civilizations. We must fight on issues now instead of focusing on long term (never happen) ideology. WPWW !

  7. Less than 60 million votes for Dems and Repubs. Romney got over 60 million votes, Obama 65 million. McCain 59 M, Obama 69 M. No monster vote at all.

    It seems that a lot of Obamas voters didn’t show up for Clinton and that made the difference in the Great Lakes states. We cannot put our safety in the hands of future elections.

    • Yes, surprising numbers.

      The minorities didn’t show up as much as they did in previous elections.

      The Nevertrump cucks surely could have lost it for us otherwise.

      In Wi. The Republican Senate candidate gained about 80k more votes than Trump. The Charlie Sykes crowd decided to vote for him and shaft Trump.

      The real story?

      White men turned out.

      Typical snapshot.

      pennsylvania exit polls: president gender

      male 47% Clinton 40% Trump 57% + 17 Trump

      female 53% Clinton 55% Trump 42% +13 Clinton

  8. What Do We Tell The Children?

    Tell them, first, that we will protect them.

    Ali Michael, Ph.D. Teacher educator, consultant, writer, filmmaker


    “What should I say to my students after the election if Trump wins?” a principal asked me recently.

    Tell them, first, that we will protect them. Tell them that we have democratic processes in the U.S. that make it impossible for one mean person to do too much damage. Tell them that we will protect those democratic processes ? and we will use them ? so that Trump is unable to act on many of the false promises he made during his campaign.

    Tell them, second, that you will honor the outcome of the election, but that you will fight bigotry. Tell them bigotry is not a democratic value, and that it will not be tolerated at your school. Tell them you stand by your Muslim families. Your same-sex parent families. Your gay students. Your Black families. Your female students. Your Mexican families. Your disabled students. Your immigrant families. Your trans students. Your Native students. Tell them you won’t let anyone hurt them without having to deal with you.


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