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  1. LOL, 313Chris:

    “You know Brad, when you gush like a 14 year old girl who just got asked out by her school crush, you not only embarrass yourself, but you extend an open invitation for the avalanche of ridicule that is assurredly going to follow late tonight when the election is called for Clinton.”

    • You both have your moments. So I read both of you.

      I’m not going to suggest that you make up and settle your differences because you both are best when you are speaking AT each other.

      I thought that that evil bitch would win and thus was rather grim earlier.

      I got to vote for myself and Roxie. She got 3200 more votes than I did, but then again, she was on the ballot.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin L.D.Lindstedt CJCC/AN

    • Where’s Robur the Magnificent, or whatever he/she/it calls him/her/itself? It said it would be back to gloat over the defeat of Whitemankind in America.

  2. Wisconsin voters in particular deserve enormous credit. They turned away Russ Feingold and elected Donald Trump. And none of The Great and the Good saw it coming. This was the despised white working class fighting back. Americans finally won tonight instead of the cruel elite.

      • His strategy was to ginn up the white bigot, ignore the blacks and vilify the Mestizo and Muslim.

        Fucking genius. He did it all counter to the best laid plans of the GOP that intended to replace the blacks with Hispanics.

        Strategoi Magnus.

      • I insulted Wisconsin yesterday. Now I feel so badly about it. I never figured Wisconsin would do it. Thanks, Sam and company!

        • Hell, even cucked Utah came through! I guess the Mormons aren’t such morons, after all.

          But I’m not apologizing.

          They’ve got a long way to go before I’m going to trust them, ever again. Because they are still… Heretics.

          • Cocksucker priest, Christianity is for pussies and gays. Allow white man to remain as white man. Do not chain them with useless Christian theology. Under drumpf, America will become a science statee. May be Scientology church can helpp the Americans. Christianity, Mormonism and all other cult must be avoided like a plague.

          • I have no more time for heretics and blasphemers like you -may God damn you. Go to hell. Anathema sit.

            You are under sentence of conviction for blasphemy against God:may you be damned in all you do, and everything you attempt, and mayyour name perish off the face of the earth. Will you be his accursed as the godless Jews….if you aren’t one, already.

        • You are welcome!

          And yes, I am taking all the credit for the victory in Wi. and nationally because of the campaign calls my wife and I made.

          I was hopeful but surprised that Trump took Wisconsin.

          Every strategically placed sign was stolen.

          Charlie Sykes , if you read this and probably will because you have your beak in everything…’Eff u!

          Feingold too!

      • We pulled it out, but it was too close. I had given up on my fellow Cheesers after the Paul Ryan win a while ago. Johnson kept his Senate seat and Rep. Duffy kept his in the 7th.

  3. What we gotta make sure is that he is tethered to the white proles.

    Hope he understands that they need him less than he needs them.

    • I wouldn’t bet on that. This was an epic moral victory but not necessarily a major material one.

      Sorry to be the lorax.

        • He certainly will need whites’ approval with such a close popular vote, perhaps not even a majority one. Many have staked their vote for Trump on this need he has for personal validation.

          Time will tell.

          Whites should not see this as an excuse to remain passive, though.

          • Passive, shit! I want vengeance I want blood in the streets I want public hangings and I want to win until I get so sick and effing tired of winning that I’ll start all over again the next day. This is a mandate. This is America-the new nation for the 21st-century! Let the dead bury the dead!

    • The evil of a monkey overlord is what did it. The tormentors got greedy and thought white men enjoyed the humiliation.

    • Yeah, well “they” may have ridden Trump’s coattails back into office, but the entire Senate and House needs to be purged.

      Ryan needs to go: Mor(m)on Romney must be ostracized; John McCain needs to bow the knee publicly…on national TV, and kiss Trump’s shoe!

      I want vengeance.

      But what is most wonderful, is that the entire legacy of the Clintons, The Bushes, and most especially, the Obamanation, has been UTTERLY repudiated.

      Much suffering Serbia, Kosovo is yours!!! Start a war, and take it back. Madeline Albright, Gen. Kane/Clark, and the godless, satanic Clintons, are being paid back by Almighty God for their crimes against Orthodox Serbia! Slava!!

  4. Trump has really interesting supports! They seem to be really outstanding. In a good way, of course. Especially when it comes to American government… if you know what I mean.

    His Presidency is going to be unique. Not talking about good or bad. But unique, yes

  5. May ALL the hellary supporters who “threatened” to leave America if Trump wins keep their word and leave today and never come back.

    But one gets the impression all the hellary supporters who “threatened” to leave America if Trump wins will stay here in America and will continue to foment as much division and animosity and hatred and ill-will and acrimony as they possibly can.

    • You better believe this will almost totally revive feminism (and I’m one who separates the jewish front and movement from women’s rights, which I fully support).

      In that way it’s very bad for whites. The smarter ‘vanguardists’ will avoid falling into the jewish trap of giving young, hell whatever age, white women motivation to take it up.

      That means boycotting the depravity of types like Anglin et al as they feed off division and strife.

      • Women who are feminists need to be bitch slapped, and rightly so, until they learn their place.

        And the men who do it? Held guiltless.

        Patriarchy -it’s back baby!

      • @ Lorax 100 :

        I myself am not a Nazi, for various reasons, too long to get into right now — NONE of the reasons having to do with considering jew sensibilities. I’m not a Nazi for various NON jew reasons for not being a Nazi.

        While I’m not a Nazi personally, and neither is Trump ; Trump takes Office on January 20, 2017, the date of The Inauguration. The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 5, 2017.

        If , let’s say, a day after The Inauguration, President Trump were to pull a Nazi Dicktator move and sign a Presidential Executive Order BANNING Lady Gaga from performing at the Super Bowl half-time show, I would NOT be upset , or in any way opposed to, such a Nazi Drumpf Presidential Dicktatorial Stomping On Freedom of Expression Blitzkrieg, would you?

  6. One word- MANDATE!

    For it all!

    The wall, the deportations, the disenfranchisement of the Jew, the auditing the Federal Reserve, the removal of traitors in the government, all of it is now mandated!

    Let Trump talk of “reconciliation.” I want justice!”

    Quoting them at their own game, “no Justice, no peace!”

    And white people have guns. And the second amendment, (which Hillary was going to gut).

    And a mandate.
    Did I mention a mandate?

  7. Should we have a coronation instead of an inauguration. Lets make the trumps the royal family…..and not have to go thru this again……

  8. Glorious!

    A major battle in the war against globalism has been won;the scheming cabal of #NeverTrump malcontents are now a disgraced and shattered remnant;the credibility of the “mainstream” media has been completely destroyed;the so-called “blue wall” in the Heartland has been breached;and the immigration platform of our next president is the strongest of any Commander in Chief since at least President Eisenhower.

    This has truly been the Best Election Ever!

    Congratulations to Mr. Trump on a well-earned and hard-fought victory!



  9. Where do I sign up for the deportation force or the crew to build The Wall? So many jobs!

    I feel like I love my country again!

  10. Where’s that J Bonniscourt Philadelphia imbecile, who kept crowing about the supposed infallibility of 538?
    Just another troll who’s gotten his much-deserved comeuppance.

      • Although I was rooting for Trump, Ronnie, I don’t quite see his victory as something to celebrate. Too much of his behavior, in the course of the campaign, was disgraceful. I didn’t like the way he insulted his Republican rivals, in the primary season. I didn’t like the way he tried to smear that Machado–with some kind of porn reference–when she said he’d used insulting language about her. Certainly, I didn’t like his apparent denigration of the attractiveness of the women who alleged sexual misconduct on his part.

        Because I don’t vote at all, there was no question of my voting for Trump or anyone else in this election; but if I were a voter, I would have sat this particular election out anyway. Never would I have voted against Donald Trump–but I would never have brought myself to vote for him either.

          • “Troll.”–What’s that supposed to mean, Ronnie? If Trump’s foul actions, such as the ones I mentioned above, didn’t bother you, well, then, you’re a white man of low grade. If, to put that another way, you didn’t have mixed feelings about Trump–as some of his supporters seem to have had–you’re a white man of low grade. That doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t have voted for him; it simply means, as I’ve said, that his victory is not quite something to celebrate.

        • These rivals were the digracefull ones, bought traitors and cucks. He didn´t insult these treacherous, RINO scumbags enough to my liking.
          Machado is a weak and disgusting, whinning female cuck, I have far more consideration for porn-stars than for her.

          It is only good that he denigrate these false accusers, there can be no mercy.

          • As I recall, Trump said he’d be suing those women, after the election; so you’ll be getting your wish, of no mercy toward them.

    • I’m right here, Loetzen. If my comeuppance is in the form of a Trump victory, I can live with it.

  11. Still much closer than it should have been due to all the foreigners. Also the Political Class and those living off their paychecks in the DC area have flipped Virginia. Funny thing is the Democrats had the election if they went with Sanders, the man who had the energy and support of the party, 2016s Obama. Instead they went with the corrupt old lady whose time may have been 2004 had she had the courage to vote against authorizing the Iraq war and run against Bush then. By 2008 the public had already grown tired of the Clinton’s and her appeal. People talk about “Obama’s Legacy” being ruined by Trump’s triumph, however the guy never really backed any handpicked successor. For some reason he didn’t like Sanders, had he come out and supported Sanders the black vote may have taken his cue and not gone with the old lady and Sanders would have triumphed in the rust belt. Wonder if Clinton had dirt on him that kept him from backing someone else or the dirt on Joe to keep him out. Oh well, hopefully Trump gets the real shocking numbers on possibly 40-50 million illegal aliens and start cleaning house. Maybe a lot of them voted and the thing wasn’t as close as it appears? Start kicking out those claiming benefits or running up big hospital bigs, Americans don’t want roadblocks and ID checks but certainly have little sympathy for freeloaders.

  12. The rustbelt said they’re sick of having unprotected trade in the global marketplace and the economic aids that have devastated our jobs. The globalist liars say that only menial unpleasant tasks such as widget tightening went to China but all the darn technician, engineering, managerial, IT, secretarial, machine shop, contractor, maintenance, etc that went on in those factories. Not to mention those jobs had healthcare and the part time service jobs globalist liars laud to replace them don’t, we didn’t need Obama care when employment was stable before unprotected trade. Time to make Iphones and flatscreen TVs HERE, not in coolie slave labor camps to enrich the globalists.

      • What a love between Sam, Ronnie and Denise. Just similar to that Jersey shore Tv show. Where they appear so bonded and close. They never missed an opportunity to appreciate each other. Sinilarly u never miss an opportunity to credit each other with likes. May be you three should form a circle and do a threesome. I know you all cant keep your hands off each other. The first chance you get gonna get its going to be one hell of an orgy. If you are tired u can include some others like fr John, celestial slime and complete an complete orgy.

        • Hello Rabbi? We Aryans do not engage in the disgusting behavior that you mongrels do – but I understand that you are very upset about your child sex partner supply chain beeing disrupted. Just kill yourself.

    • And I am sure by a huge landslide. Let’s not kid ourselves, the polls were rigged and even the massing rigging couldn’t stop the Trump Train. We also commandeered the the Senate.

      When I look at the popular vote I see the massive fraud. They couldn’t let it become a huge outright mandate. In reality, I am betting he beat the witch by more than 10 million votes — or more. I saw in the counter for popular vote that every time they (Fox) did an update, Trump was getting further and further ahead. Then the page would automatically refresh and many times the difference between the two were narrowed. Then they took the popular vote counter off the webpage.

      We get back the supreme court too! Education becomes local again. The invaders are booted. Hopefully, he will eliminate all avenues of fraud in the voting machine. Return to all paper ballots!

      Evil lost last night and oh does it feel so darn good.

  13. Have all those Hollyweird stars and celebrities threatening to leave the country if Trump won made flight arrangements yet?

  14. Frank LuntzVerified account
    Just got done with a segment for @BBCNews.

    I haven’t met a single journalist today who thinks Trump will win.
    9:30 AM – 8 Nov 2016

  15. Of all the prognostications I personally encountered in the course of this presidential campaign, the one that really struck me was in your own “Horserace” blog-post of November 6, Mr. W. When you wrote that Trump’s advantage in the Des Moines Register poll seemed to betoken a Clinton collapse “across the Midlands,” I really wondered whether you were simply seeing what you wanted to see. Kudos. That single act of poll-reading by you put Nate Silver and all the rest of them in the shade …

  16. This was Paul Manafort’s last tweet before election day.

    Paul Manafort ?@PaulManafort Nov 7
    HIllary Clinton campaigning in Blue states today? She knows the Trump revolution begins tomorrow night!

    This man is a pro.

    When it seemed like Trump was down for the count after being clobbered in WI he took command of the campaign, assessed the situation, devised a plan and made it happen. He was always there advising Trump from behind the curtain.

    Screw that little spinmeister Nate Silver. He effed trump at every opportunity from day one!

  17. Donald Trump had the perfect situation for being elected President. He was focused on running an old Reform Party style campaign like Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. He’s very much similar on policy with Pat Buchanan. A great day for The Alternative Right and Paleoconservatives. He won because of the Blue Collar Workers who’ve been destroyed by Free Trade, Illegal Immigration, and World Policy. Also the constant Black Lives Matter protests and riots in the streets helped the GOP on a national scale because even minorities are fed up with Black Supremacy and Thugs. The Law & Order policies put him over the top and won him the White House. WPWW !

  18. @Hunter Wallace:

    “Note: Hats off to Yankees tonight. You pulled through. We did it. We shocked the world. I don’t blame you for voting against Mitt Romney. He sucked!

    A shout out back to you from my Ohio relatives.

    My great-great grandfather was of Swiss French immigrant who was drafted into the Union ranks during the War Between The States. He could not afford to pay the fine that would have exempted him from military service, so he had to leave his wife to manage their smally family farm by herself. Luckily she did not have to fend off invading armies like her Southern counterpart.

    During the end phases of the war, he found himself behind “enemy” lines. He was not sent to a POW camp, because he spoke broken English with a French accent and it was assumed he was from Louisiana. So he simply “switched sides” for a while until he could get back. Phew! He was very impressed by the caliber of the Southern fighting man.

    Hunter, this is an exciting historic moment for White Americans and, perhaps the White nations across the world. If I recall correctly, all thirteen of the original colonies voted for Trump in the primaries. This brash New York blowhard got the support of the Solid South, on the heels of the Confederate Flag Flap. Who’d a thunk it?

    After a bitter “Civil” War less than two hundred years ago, if Whites from Michigan to Mississippi can unite think of the type of message this sends to the White Nationalists of Europe. It’s in its embryonic stages right not, but Sorbian Slavs combined with the Teutonic Germans to defend Germany from Muslim invaders in one town. There is no doubt in my mind that it was influenced by the Trump Effect.

    President-elect Donald J. Trump is going to inspire real cooperation between the nationalists of every White country in Europe.

    God bless you Southerners. You were the vanguard of White resistance all over America and the Stars and Bars was its implicit symbol.

  19. The voting map shows once again that New York, New Jersey and the New England states pretty much suck and are irredeemable. For a while there was a glimmer of hope for Minnesota… but it is what it is.

  20. Pollsters suffer huge embarrassment


    Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

    Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, had long said the polls were biased against him. His claims — dismissed and mocked by the experts — turned out to be true.

    “It’s going to put the polling industry out of business,” said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “It’s going to put the voter projection industry out of business.”

    Going into Election Day, a strong majority of pollsters and election modelers forecast that Democrat Hillary Clinton would coast to victory, with many predicting she would sweep the battlegrounds and win north of 300 electoral votes.

    The final University of Virginia Center for Politics model had Clinton winning 322 electoral votes to 216 for Trump, with Clinton winning Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all states that she lost.

    Liberals lashed out at data guru Nate Silver for giving Trump a 35 percent chance of victory heading into Election Day, claiming he was putting his thumb on the scale for Trump by making the race appear closer than it was.

    Of the 11 national polls to be released in the final week of the race, only two — a Los Angeles Times/USC survey and one from IBD/TIPP — showed Trump with the lead.

    The L.A. Times survey was criticized as “experimental” by industry experts for polling the same pool of people and for the way it weighted black voters.

    But for the second consecutive presidential cycle, the L.A. Times and IBD/TIPP surveys were among the most accurate, making them the gold standard going forward.

    The rest of the polls showed Clinton with leads of between 2 and 6 points, boosting the Democrat to a 3.3-point national lead in the RealClearPolitics average.

    And the battleground data was just as biased against Trump.

    There were no surveys released this year from Wisconsin that showed Trump with a lead.

    Clinton held a 6.5 point lead in the Badger State heading into Election Day, and the state was not even discussed as on par with Michigan or Pennsylvania as a potential blue state pick-up for Trump.

    Trump’s victory in Wisconsin — a state that has not gone for the GOP nominee since 1984 — helped him seal the deal.

    In Michigan and Pennsylvania, deep blue states the GOP candidate has not won in decades, polls showed the race tightening in the home stretch, but only one poll, from Trafalgar Group, showed Trump with the lead.

    Election modelers declined to flip either state into Trump’s column, even as the Clinton campaign rushed furiously to defend those states in the final days of the election.

    And Trump won North Carolina by nearly 4 points, despite polls showing a toss-up there. -snip-

    Pollster John Zogby believes that many in the industry weighted their polls too heavily in favor of Democrats, pointing to polls that had an 8- to 9-point advantage for the party, when it should have been in the 4- to 5-point range, he said.

    It’s a claim that Trump made throughout the process. -snip-

  21. Netanyahu is the most powerful man in the world. He and Trump will be meeting soon to discuss the next war (Iran). Have fun cucks.

  22. Richard Baris
    . @realDonaldTrump got freaking > 70% of working whites! Folks, that’s more than Ronald Reagan. No diminishing that @KarlRove

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