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I’m a Southern Nationalist.

As I have explained here before, I identify in a broader sense with the Alt-Right. By that I mean I define the Alt-Right as being a scene that has long existed outside of mainstream conservatism. In my view, it has three hallmark characteristics: radical realism, identity, and iconoclasm.

So the Alt-Right is like a genus. There are various species within that genus. These tendencies are often in conflict with each other. You have atheists and pagans who quarrel with Christians. You have people who dislike the National Socialists and vice versa. You have elitists vs. populists. You have Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists and European ethnonationalists. These clashes have been going on for as long as I can remember, but everyone involved in our world is not a mainstream conservative.

Anyway, the Heil Heard Around the World at the NPI conference has reignited the longstanding beef between RamZpaul and Colin Liddell and the Alternative Right crew and Andrew Anglin. Speaking as an analyst and someone who is completely neutral in this conflict, I want to offer the following observations:

1.) First, Andrew Anglin had nothing to do with the NPI conference, and it is pretty amusing how the well-known, longstanding fashiness of NPI culminated in that DUMPSTER FIRE of a news cycle. I mean, whatever your feelings about Andrew Anglin and fascism, you have got to admit that was an inside job. As we saw with Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach, NPI has long been selective about who it invites to use its platform. Remember the whole controversy about Jack Donovan? It was NPI who gave a platform to Donovan, Tila Tequila and that Jewish kid at Maggiano’s, as well as the various people who gave the Roman salute in the audience.

2.) Number Two, Donald Trump was elected president, right? He was elected with Daily Stormer hailing him as the “God-Emperor” day in and day out. It’s not like The Stormer didn’t catch the eye of the media over the past year. Remember Julia Ioffe and Jonathan Weisman? I lost count of how many times I saw that pity party on All In With Chris Hayes and The Rachel Maddow Show. Rachel Maddow did a big expose on how Pepe the Frog was a Neo-Nazi white supremacist. So whatever effect The Stormer had on the 2016 presidential election, it certainly wasn’t fatal at the ballot box to Trump or the Alt-Right.

3.) Number Three, as someone who is completely neutral in this fight and who watched this all play out, I got to say that The Stormer’s impact has been underrated. From my perspective, it sure looked like it was the aggressive trolling of journalists and conservatives on Twitter that put the “alt-right” on the map. I say this as someone who wasn’t really a troll and who was dismissive of the efficacy of online trolling. As I watched it unfold, I couldn’t believe how successful the troll armies were at getting under the skin of these people.

FWIW, that’s my take on what happened in the 2016 election. What do you think? Why did the alt-right explode in 2015? What changed? I think it was the aggressive trolling, not genteel conferences.

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  1. The genteel conferences are overall counter productive. They are like the Republicans’ decades of rallies and seminars and talk radio and Fox shows that achieved…NOTHING…really. and then Trump showed up and overturned the tables and kicked the sets over.

  2. Merkel vs “Fake News” Trolls!

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel, in her first speech to parliament since announcing plans on Sunday to seek a fourth term as chancellor, called for a debate on how fake news and trolls can manipulate public opinion.

    “In order to reach people, to inspire people, we need to deal with this phenomenon and – where necessary – regulate it,” Merkel told lawmakers on Wednesday.

    The role social networks Facebook and Twitter play in spreading false and malicious information has shot up Merkel’s agenda after the shock election of U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump as president.

    Some critics say the proliferation of fake news helped sway the U.S. election in Trump’s favor.

    With the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) having chipped away at support for Merkel’s conservatives by attacking her open-door refugee policy, alarm is growing over the influence of fake news on potential voters.

    “Merkel is really interested in the topic of bots and fake news and hate speech on the Internet and she’s very well informed,” said Simon Hegelich, professor of political data science at the Technical University of Munich.

  3. I am one of those people who engaged in aggressive online trolling because I was tired of the same arrogant, hostile (((elites))) monopolizing the conversation. Every time I got blocked by a journalist or had my Twitter account “suspended” it was the equivalent of landing a direct hit on the enemy.

  4. I agree. Our enemies kept advancing because they never apologized, never disavowed, and always pushed their agenda aggressively. Has anyone ever seen or heard a liberal or leftist in general going out of his way to distance himself from Communism or feel compelled to apologize for their crimes? And yet we are always paranoid and defensive about Hitler and the Nazis. The mainstream right was always apologetic and embarrassed by it’s more extreme cohorts while the liberals drew strength from theirs. We need to stop apologizing or “explaining” ourselves to them. We have to stop seeking their approval or respect and going out of our way to avoid their disdain. They are our enemies and seek our elimination. They aren’t interested in getting along with us or compromising with us. Fuck them. Troll them mercilessly.

    • “Has anyone ever seen or heard a liberal or leftist in general going out
      of his way to distance himself from Communism or feel compelled to
      apologize for their crimes? And yet we are always paranoid and defensive
      about Hitler and the Nazis.”

      Hollywood never makes movies about the genocides done by Communism, they only target Nazis. Everyone cucks because they’re programmed to.

    • “That wasn´t real communism.”

      I know it is not quiet on topic but muh holodomore, despite having been applied for +81 years courtesy of Willian Hearst, doesn´t and won´t work like Godwin against the regressive left.

      Better to attack the “democratic” anarshits of 1930s Spain since they are the ones being pimped to new generations of leftists as their ideology actually working.

  5. Trolling the gatekeepers of the conservative movement worked spectacularly and Anglin was a big pusher of the trolling. NPI wanted conferences and suit and tie events. So Anglin has won the argument that pushing extremes and trolling works to move the overton window.

    However, It is absolutely hilarious that it was NPI that displayed the lowbrow that they accused the Dailystormer of for years! They even drove off that cuck RAMZPAUL who has always had his panties in a twist about Anglin and anything even remotely controversial. He is a colossal coward of the likes I have never seen and he belongs in the camp of the alt-light, Good riddance!

    I have defended NPI and Spencer everywhere and even made a shitpost at the stormer congratulating Spencer but here is how I really feel – NPI and Spencer’s foolishness and arrogance to declare themselves the leaders of the alt-right and bring the media into that and then give the media a perfect construct to tear down was idiotic! The alt right worked better without any leaders – no one asked for any leaders – they just simply appointed themselves that role

    In the end, it wasn’t Anglin who made the retarded decision to call the media out and declare himself the leader and then do seig heils in front of the world – NPI and Spencer did and they gave the media the perfect opportunity and they took it.

    • Leaders? What do they do other than write essays and speak at conferences? I never see them in the trenches when I’m slinging Mantra and arguing with countless anti-Whites, because that is grindingly boring unpaid work.

      When I heard about the Spencer drama, my first thought was Spencer who?

    • I do believe that the alt-right should have 100% backed Spencer and defended him regardless of his error of declaring himself the leader. I am happy to say that most came to his defense because the people attacking him are nothing but clickbait whores who have nothing to do with advancing any agenda that helps our people.

      Spencer on the other hand is real regardless of my overall distaste for his ideas of a pan European nation and anti-Christianity rhetoric. However, it is absurd to call him a FBI plant without any evidence.

      Cernobitch and Paul Joseph Watson are the ones who should be shunned.

    • Spencer never declared himself leader of the alt-right even though he invented the term. He just held a conference like he does every year. The only thing that changed was media covered the conference this time.

  6. RamZ Paul tries to keep himself relevant, but he isn’t.

    Anglin on the other hand dispatched trolls and that had a profound impact. It brought the alt-right to the doorsteps of the Jews responsible for the failing state of the US.

  7. James Edwards gave Spencer & Company some good advice—don’t allow reporters or cameras into your events. If you give interviews expect to be misquoted.

    Now, I will add a little of my own real world experience. Play hard to get with reporters, the harder you are to get a quote from, the better you will look in print or on TV.

    If you play it right, you can control the setting, and the interview. Theater works, look how well it worked for Trump.

  8. As long as we are talking about troll armies getting under the skin of people, can we try this guy?
    Gay pervert guy who thinks he’s a “magician” advocating for the homosexual agenda. I think he is ethnically Jewish also. And writes about combating “far right extremist” aka a return to some fucking sanity.
    I suggest some memes sent to his email.
    I mean look at this face:
    Deserves a punching doesn’t it?

  9. Alt-Right = /pol + trs + mpc + ds.
    Very smart banter, jokes and memes. Unleashed on twitter was like Mongols on a Russian town. Out of nowhere and unnerving to msm journalists.

    Spencer had a defunct blog with a similar name which he thought made him an Alt-Right leader.

    Spencer has no banter and the parts of his speech which were Alt-Right did not work. The finale inspired inebriated goys who thought they were at a pool party to snap a roman despite hostile media presence.

    Spencers goal was for NPI to become a Trump think tank.

    Top kek.

    • You are forgetting that Spencer gets tv interviews while Anglin doesn’t. It takes many faces to push the movement against such hostile opposition. Even if someone is just another head on the Hydra, he’s still helping.

      • Spencer hailed himself the face of the Alt-Right like Al-Bagdadi proclaiming himself Caliph.

        He’ll get 15 minutes of fame before droning.

        But the damage is to the pipeline where Alt-Right memes were being injected to the mainstream by the Alt-Lite. The relationship was symbiotic.

      • Spencer’s TV interviews were him pretending he was anointed some leader when the only one who anointed him was himself.

        I actually read a article where Spencer arrogantly said that Trump and his movement had no head and that NPI was going to provide that head. LOL talk about being out of touch with reality.

        It is this same arrogance which caused him to make that massive error at NPI and force Trump to disavow the entire alt-right – something that Trump didn’t even do when hammered about the Dailystormer on multiple occasions by reporters.

  10. I am an “aggressive online troll” of “journalists” on every single social media platform I haunt. It does get under their skin. I’m sure after the election that for most of these “journalists” they dreaded logging on to social media to face ridicule FAR MORE than the prospect of Trump being president. I heard a quote from Andrew Brietbart many years ago and it has stuck with me ever since – you have to “take the fight to the enemy”. That’s why I was extremely disappointed with Spencer’s performance during his appearance on that moron Rowland Martin’s program. He looked woefully unprepared for the sort of talking points these liberals throw out – especially in regards to the “#1 benefactor of Affirmative Action”. He should have known it was white women and his response should have been this was due to their population percentage. It looked like he had never even argued with a leftist on the internet and instead just spends all his time writing academic papers or giving speeches to a bunch of people who think just like him. Living in an echo chamber by posting a bunch of comments on the “Right-Wing News” Facebook page is useless. You have to engage with these maniacs in their online backyard and in real life. And I don’t buy the “You can’t change people’s minds by ridiculing them” line. You might not change the mind of the particular person you are ridiculing, but when someone else who is “on the fence” reads the exchange it can – and obvious has – made a difference in how they think. The ridiculing tactic is an Alinsky move and I employ it regularly. Trolling works.

  11. The beefs never stop. It’s like some alt-righters are compensating for the lack of women by becoming them.

  12. The more cash Kike Jill Stein gets (to recount votes only in states where Trump won), the more she wants. And she’s getting a constant $160,000/hr.

    • Jewish lobbyists and political leaders are great at getting lots of money out of their supporters. It may be genetic.

      But they’re not so good at spending that money usefully.

      • The main point of all this is not to change the election results, which is a very long shot, would involve overturning results in three states, would involve courts, legislatures, possible re-recounts, re-re-counts, etc.

        The main point is to cause chaos, to provide fuel for our enemies and their useful idiots to claim that Trump is illegitimate, stole the election, is a puppet of Russia, etc.

        If the overall election result is overturned, there will be riots, and they get their “ordo an chao” “never let a crisis go to waste” as they say.

  13. I think I officially grew tired of the infighting and personality conflicts about seven or eight years ago. Stupid people will do stupid things. Socially retarded people do things that cause them to be seen as socially retarded. Not much I can do about that except for not allowing their stupidity and socially inept behaviors to rub off on me or effect me and other sane and sincere pro-White people. It takes too much time and energy to have to babysit grown men and women. Get in a ring or square off in the middle of a street. I don’t care where, but just hurry up and do it. Settle the “beef” like men, not like a bunch groveling, quivering pussies. Somebody gets their ass whooped, and then everyone moves forward. I’ll buy all parties involved drinks to help you get over the soreness and bruises.

    I just want to fuck some shit up. I really wanna fuck it up bad. I want to curb stomp the people that are purposely trying to make me and my family open targets in society. If people spend too much time and energy fighting other pro-White people, you won’t have anything left to fight the people who are actually trying to harm you.

  14. Hunter, my feeling is beefs nowadays don’t mean as much as they used to. I think a broad realization has set in that ship isn’t going to be turned around any time soon, so whatever any one man’s approach doesn’t seem to matter so much.

  15. White Nationalism is for disorganized degenerates. Alt Right is controlled op.

    Southern Nationalism is for northwestern europeans who are pro-our own ethnicity, I presume. I personally don’t think these movements are fully symbiotic. I think southerners need to learn to militarize against non-anglocelt (anglo/germanic) invasion and infiltration from the North. It’s not just the jews, it’s everyone who isn’t us, especially the italians who aren’t much more trustworthy than the jews.

    ETA And don’t be surprised if more and more ‘italians’ continue moving down South. Some will be crypto jews, others authentic guineas. Neither should be welcomed. They are indivisible anyway, which is why neither should be allowed in. I cannot stress the importance of this enough.

  16. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Variety.
    Alt-Right is at the Class or Order level.
    Vox Day has attempted some taxonomy. Alt-Lite (not -Right but sympathetic, Milo, Breitbart), Alt-West (Christendom), Alt-White (NPI). I’d add Alt-Southern (James Edwards, etc.), Alt-European, Alt-Tradition, and a few others.
    Think of the Alt-Right-plus as beasts, but the Cuckservatives as mushrooms, and the left as plants.

  17. At 48:35 of the video below, you’ll see what seems to be my influence at the NPI conference. In response to a question about the cuckservatives’ argument, namely, “Democrats are the real racists,” Millennial Woes says alt-righters should say, “No, we’re the real racists.”

    A month or so ago, Millennial Woes posted, at YouTube, a video with a title like “Racism: Inescapable, Unavoidable, Essential.” That was shortly after I’d posted a comment at another video, in which he’d floundered in discussion with a “Western civilizationist,” who attached no importance at all to the white race. In the said comment, I made clear to Millennial Woes that he’d floundered because he was unaware that he himself was a racist. That’s the point he subsequently made in his “Racism Inescapable” video: If you’re of the alt-right, you’re a racist.

    Notice that the audience members laugh with confusion, as if Millennial Woes is joking when he says, “We’re the real racists.” Even Brimelow, Taylor, and MacDonald, who are there on the panel with him, smile, as if they don’t quite know what to make of what he said. Except for Millennial Woes, in short, virtually everyone there was like the Occidental Dissenters who insist on putting the word racist in quotation marks.

    So–the NPI conference wasn’t a bust. True, Richard Spencer might have behaved unwisely, with his speech that got so much attention—but I saved the thing.

    Here’s the video …

    • I’ve said for many years that you have to be a Race-ist to push an idea that race isn’t insignificant and does matter on a societal level in some capacity. It’s always bothered me when I hear guys trying to promote pro-White views and then breaking their backs trying to get people to believe they’re anything but a racist. Okay, so you’re most certainly not a racist. Then that would make you an anti-racist?

        • Just took a quick look at your article, which is a thoroughgoing embodiment of the wrongheadedness I’m denouncing. It begins as follows:

          “What will you say when someone charges you with the question ‘Are you a racist?’ Every one of us must have a comeback ready for when we are asked that question, or just directly accused of being racist. We must not, ever, ever allow ourselves to get caught without a defense. Here are three comebacks that I have come up with:”

          Etc. Don’t “get caught,” have a “comeback.”

          How fucking stupid. If you’re asked whether you’re a racist, say, “Yes.”

          • Just saying “yes” would be pretty damn stupid unless you force them to define the word first. That would let them turn around and define the word any way they wanted after I said yes. Smh.

          • I always catch them off guard when they ask if I’m a racist and I then ask them “What’s a racist?” Whether or not I’m a racist completely depends on how they want to define racism. I could be the prototypical racist in one breath, but the furthest thing from a racist in the next breath. Give me about 3-5 minutes of face time and I’ll twist their head up so bad that they’ll be playing the part of violent racist and fascist better than I ever could.

            I should seriously be given an award for my Socratic method.

            Of course, I do have the advantage of knowing my enemy on more of an intimate level than your average race-ist. I know where to find all of the chinks in their armor. I know their answers before I even ask them the questions.

          • I think that’s the problem really.

            To each audience member it means slightly different things.

          • The question is synonymous with “do you hate blacks?”


            “Why do you hate blacks so much?”

    • This is what I mean by saying channels of communication remain open. The stars on stage are not self-segregating from the plebs. Millennial Woes does listen. This is good.

  18. It was the Daily Stormer that got the job done, not the genteel conferences.

    But one of the best things about the alt-right is that the intellectuals have not really self-segregated. Greg Johnson used to pick fights with Andrew Anglin but has let it go. Kevin MacDonald firmly supports David Duke. The ivory tower NRx esoteric Traditionalist model has not prevailed. Channels of communication remain open, and white racial solidarity is prevailing over snobbery and / or anti-intellectualism.

    So the story is more about how we in general are succeeding than it is about how these guys succeeded while those guys failed.

    • RamZPaul was blackpilling on Trump’s chances all year. He even went as far as making a video saying he had fled America forever, to escape Hillary and was unemployed and penniless thanks to his activism. Then when Trump wins he returns to America, just in time to throw the AltRight under a bus.

      Interesting Tweet for conspiracy theorists:
      twitter dot com/Third_Position/status/802002164348502016

      “#NewRight started a month ago & essentially has the same mods as #TheDonald, suggesting this backstab with PJW was all planned in advance.”

  19. Hunter Wallace, RAMZPAUL, Daily Stormer, Alex Jones, Spencer, even Rush Limbaugh. We need all these people. Each of them fills a niche. The key is we need to stop attacking each other. Agree that you don’t follow all the ideas of each. Ok but work on stating YOUR position. Don’t waste time attacking anyone on the right. Now I know this won’t happen. Mainly because all the people I mentioned have spent years in the wilderness going against the grain. People who do these sort things tend to be troublesome, quarrelsome people by nature. Not saying this is bad. Sometimes you need people like this. How do you think the Jews have gotten so far. They complain constantly…constantly.

    I also think maybe I have been hasty to consider Trump had abandoned us. The trigger was hearing Romney was going to be a part of the administration. Now I’m hearing different. I need to just wait and see what happens.

    I have an idea for a new meme to counteract all the racism, White Supremacy, Anti-Semite talk. It’s simple and hugely contemptuous of the left. Remember all this is about words and words that WOUND.

    Help me start a new meme.

    The Dindus say racism. I say Ni!
    The Dindus say White privilege. I say Ni!
    The Dindus say White supremacy. I say Ni!
    The Jews say Anti-Semitism. I say Ni!

    The Knights who say Ni! Watch the video to get the gist of it.

    When ever someone calls a White racist or anti-Semite all the Whites around them should start saying Ni! Over and over. It will annoy them quite possibly beyond their central nervous system to handle. A “tilt” trigger. (tilt an old pinball term when you hit or shook the machine too hard it would shut down and stop working).

    The only way to end this constant bleating of racism, White Supremacy and White privilege is to make fun of them when ever they say it. They’ve really driven it into the ground like chicken little and I believe Ni! could be pulled off now.

    • Yeah OK.

      But if the guys and gals causing trouble at Alt Right functions are paid FBI informants or SPLC, ADL plants siege heiling and trying to get people drunk and agree to illegal violent acts – I think it’s fair to just identify who they are and what they are doing.

  20. Yeah, the roots of the alt right goes back to nationalist leaning paleocons in the 90’s. The Sam Francis forum was where we posted back in the early 2000’s. Most of the people fighting about who is more influential were still normies at that point. If you read and American Dissident Voices during the Kosovo war, you are a true OG.

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