White-Collar Supremacy


After Trump’s victory, we can expect to see an explosion in leftwing academics writing about the alt-right and White Nationalists:

“Tallahassee, Fla. — Richard B. Spencer is one of the main figures of the alt-right movement, a former doctoral student from Duke whose movement supports the creation of “an ethno-state” for white Europeans and “peaceful ethnic cleansing.” The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as “a suit-and-tie version of the white supremacists of old, a kind of professional racist in khakis”; a recent Los Angeles Times profile ran with a photo of him in sunglasses and a black shirt, looking more like a hipster academic than a Klansman.

This sort of image makeover is a big part of the alt-right’s game. They want to convince the media that they are a “new form” of white nationalism that we’ve never seen before: clean-cut, intellectual, far removed from the unpolished white supremacists of the past. But the alt-right is not as new as we might think. In fact, efforts to dress up white supremacy in ideas and middle-class respectability have been around since the first organized movements emerged in the late 19th century — and once again, people are falling for it. …”

These people are a dime a dozen. They don’t have a clue either.

I’ve been involved in this scene for 15 years now and know it inside and out. I think I know what makes these people tick. The ideal of the White ethnostate – a vague, romantic vision of White kids running through cornfields in some place like Iowa – isn’t motivated by hostility to other races.

The White ethnostate is attractive because racially and culturally anxious Whites associate it with security and stability. In the White ethnostate that White Nationalists envision, there are no non-Whites. No one is lording it over oppressed black people. There is nothing like slavery or Jim Crow. There are no gas chambers or cattle cars. It is more a vision of Mayberry than the Third Reich. Mayberry, that’s dark.

Imagine a world of cishet White males going about their lives with nary a thought about social justice. In the White Nationalist utopia, you can turn on your television and Jamelle Bouie isn’t there because multiracial democracy and all the perpetual strife and racial antagonism it generates has ceased to exist. To be sure, Ta-Nehisi Coates hasn’t been reenslaved on a Southern plantation. He isn’t stepping into the sidewalk and tipping his hat and saying “howdy, bossman” either.

Maybe Ta-Nehisi Coates has reached a zen-like state of self-fulfillment after becoming a senator in a dashiki in Liberia? In this world, Jamelle Bouie can finally sleep at night in a Tanzanian ujamaa village without being tortured by the white supremacy of the Trump administration. No one has to worry about White cops shooting the black kids anymore. Black Lives Matter was disbanded because black people were granted their independence. In her youth, Sarah Silverman was known for her vulgar performances. After the White ethnostate was achieved in 2048, this raunchy old Jewish lady is still alive and cracking jokes, albeit in a Tel Aviv nursing home.

The White Nationalist vision of paradise is simply not having to deal with these people and their bullshit anymore. If marriage isn’t sacred, why should the nation-state be sacred? Why is the liberal world order sacred? Why is multiracial democracy sacred? Why can’t the “pursuit of happiness” be a divorce?

Don’t you believe this because Whites are superior? Surprisingly, the answer is not really – it’s just that, I want to live in a secure and stable country, not this clusterfuck we have today. I want my children and grandchildren to look like me. I want them to be proud of their ancestors. I want them to grow up in a normal White country and to have a bright future. I don’t want to see my community transformed into the Star Wars bar scene. To be perfectly honest, White people today have fallen into a pretty sorry state.

You don’t love your child because he or she is superior. You don’t identify with your family or your nation because it is quantitatively superior. Instead, you treasure it and fight for it because it is yours. Even the most primitive aboriginal tribes on earth have self-respect and a territorial instinct for self-preservation.

That’s what you liberals are really up against. I doubt you will listen though.

Note: What about all my -isms and -phobias? What about human rights? I don’t care about any of that shit man!

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  1. The left will always double down on their anti-White politics, because hatred of Whites is the only thing that holds their multi-racial coalition together.

  2. When the Leftists in California want to Secede and have their own country, they’re “Morally Superior and full of Peace Love and Understanding”, White Americans who want to Secede and have our own country, we’re “hate-filled racists”. The Mexican Supremacists in California and their Aztlan La Raza and their wanting to break off with the United States and make California their own country for their La Raza [ their Race, “La Raza” means “THE RACE”], they’re not racists, as per the Leftist “narrative” concerning Secession movements.

    • California is defacto Mexico anyway. Those white, trendy lefty SJWs aren’t going to like being expelled by the Mexicans.

  3. “The White ethnostate is attractive because racially and culturally anxious Whites associate it with security and stability.”

    For this very reason, many if not most of us have done our best to create our own little “white ethnostate” to the extent we can by living in majority white suburbs, sending our kids to majority white schools, participating in majority white activities. It would be nice to go the whole way though. It’s getting harder and harder to manage.

  4. Below, Mr. W., is something Ann Coulter tweeted early today (November 25). As you’ll see, Coulter would perpetuate the confusion you sought to dispel with your blog entry of November 23. I mean the confusion of the alt-right with the alt-lite. Coulter feels compelled to continue the pretense that something called the alt-right has not to do with race …


  5. I was sickened to see the Cuck Watson’s declaration that the “real” Alt-right was a multi-racial group of wacky pranksters in MAGA hats. I think I hate him more than I do the Libtards. Funny how Hillary described us better than these Cucks.

    • It’s completely contradicts all published data on the polling to state that The Don unified the races to vote for him.

      Some male nignog celebrities feined a shrug but you know they were homicidal.

      Kanye West and Will Smith and the shitty Chris Tucker and Dave Chapelle tried to put on a poker face but the murderous rage shone darkly.

  6. White countries for White people was considered so normal and natural that no one questioned it. It was taken for granted, like Asia for Asians and Africa for Africans. It only seems a romantic vision because of the destruction done to our people by traitors and the (((usual suspects))).

    • You can thank (((Jesus))) too. I had to quit that romance,that’s a demon in disguise anymore.
      These churches strown out across the country are temples to Moloch as far as I am concerned,it’s a hard pill to swallow for some I know.
      I honestly believe it’s our greatest weakness.

      • No institution was left unmolested by Cultural Marxism, the latter being the prime mover of White Genocide. Traitors wear priestly garbs, just as traitorous businessmen and politicians wear 3 piece suits.

  7. I guess the failing jew York Times is going to continue cranking out their tired, anti-White drivel until they file for bankruptcy or shrivel up into an obscure online liberal news aggregator and blog. The inevitable demise of The Gray Yenta cannot come soon enough.

  8. “I efforts to dress up white supremacy in ideas and middle-class respectability have been around since the first organized movements emerged in the late 19th century — and once again, people are falling for it. …”

    This sort of crap continues on into all sorts of toxic media neutralize senses.

  9. The First Reich solved the problem that the current US constitution struggles with. Agricultural hinterlands full of whites and Megalopolis global spores full of mystery meats.


    I wonder if LA and NYC could be offered an LANYCxit. Create half a dozen Federal Free Cities separated out from the States. Blue islands of degeneracy in a sea of Red virtue.

    Pennsylvania untethered from Philly, St Louis unshackled from Missouri, LA more completely a Lotus Land, NYC free of Upstate, Detroit free of Michigan, the black belt in the South given a chance to have 40 acres and mule. Chicago a city unto itself…

    Split the map so that the Blue and Red Electoral College is more or less the same as the last three elections. Then let nature run its course.

    • Peaceful partition is very unlikely. They hate us. They want to tax us to pay for their stupidity. Like a crazy exlover, they would rather kill us (at great expense to themselves) than to let us go free.

      • You nailed it, Mr. Davis. It’s all about control – we ‘belong’ to them, and yet, we are ‘the haters’…

        • Nail on the head.

          They hate us. But they need us. They want to destroy us.

          But their Nirvana will never come, because it is the seventh level of hell.

          Whites are superior. Europe is superior, but only because Christianity is superior. We incarnated Christianity, and God blessed us. End of story.

          That’s the only reason why: we’ve been saved by grace, and they think it’s because of our own innate nature.

          Yet we were the ones who acknowledged our sin and look to God for forgiveness, and thereby achieved something approximating godhood on earth. Of course, we are the Elect race. But that’s not our doing. Again, it’s God’s.

          And the Jews hate us for it. And the Negroes hate us for it. And the sodomites hate us for it. And the Liberals just hate us…for it.

          • Amen, Father.

            We, in the West, have succeeded, because many of us have accepted the incomparable gift of The Son; and, no matter what our collective shortcomings have been, have reapt God’s favour.

            It’s hard for others to see, because it is, all at once, so damn obvious, and yet, so unclear to those looking from the outside in.

            We were not born noble, but, earned that nobility through love and faith, and, in turn, have that returned to us a million fold.

            God bless you for knowing it, and for proclaiming it – the most obvious secret of the world – the resurrection!

    • This #CalExit talk makes me wonder if this isn’t possible. I don’t see how we don’t end up in another civil war eventually unless a peaceful breakup happens. I like you’re ideas. And you’re right: St. Louis is a cesspool of blue in a deep red state – it only makes sense. But surprisingly, most of Illinois outside of Chicago, Champaign (college town) and Peoria is pretty darn red too.

  10. Democracy illustrated, FIVE MONTHS after Brexit vote.


    I’m an insurgent who can keep us in the EU, says Tony Blair: Brexit ‘can be stopped’. John Major rejects ‘tyranny of the majority’.

    Daily Mail 25 Nov 2016

    Tony Blair yesterday declared that Brexit ‘can be stopped’ amid plans to build a movement to overturn the decision.

    The former prime minister said many Leave supporters would change their minds once they realised the economic case ‘doesn’t stack up’.

    His comments came as it emerged he has held secret talks with former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to draw up plans aimed at keeping Britain in the EU.

    Describing himself as an ‘insurgent’, Mr Blair told the New Statesman that the economic ‘pain’ from cutting ties with Brussels would be sizeable and could last a decade.

    The former Labour leader now wants to pour some of the millions he has made since leaving office in 2007 into building a movement aimed at wooing the ‘politically homeless’ and overturn the June 23 result.

    Mr Blair even suggested the Brexit process could be slowed down in Parliament to give voters time to change their minds.

    He added: ‘I think in the end, it’s going to be about Parliament and the country scrutinising the deal.’ Mr Blair insisted he did not intend to return directly to front-line politics because of ‘too much hostility’.

    Instead, he plans to build a new political ‘movement’, which is likely to have opposition to Brexit at its heart. He said his new organisation would work to revive the ‘progressive centre or centre-left’.

    Yesterday it emerged he has held secret talks on his initiative with Mr Clegg, who is a leading figure in Parliamentary attempts to block the decision to leave the EU.

    Eurosceptic Tory MP Peter Bone said Mr Blair had ‘let the cat out of the bag’ about the true agenda of die-hard Remainers like Mr Clegg and Ed Miliband.

    ‘There are efforts by Establishment politicians to delay and frustrate Brexit at every step – we see it in Parliament, in the courts and in parts of the media,’ he said.

    ‘All the same people who campaigned to remain are now trying to keep us in the EU by the back door – it is palpable and real. The British people will not put up with it, which is why it is vital that we get on and leave.’

    Mr Blair also admitted that he broke his pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitution in 2004 because he feared he would lose it.

    Former PM Sir John Major today claimed there was a ‘perfectly credible case’ for a second referendum on EU membership and warned Brexit cannot be dictated by the ‘tyranny of the majority’.

    Sir John, a leading Remainer who spoke out at a private dinner in Westminster, said he ‘could not accept’ that those who voted to stay in the EU should have ‘no say’ on the terms of Brexit.

    Sir John said Mrs May was wrong to rule out a second referendum on EU membership, saying there was a ‘perfectly credible case’ for holding another vote.

    And, in defiance of the Government’s position, he said Parliament, not ministers, should rule on the terms of the Brexit deal negotiated by the EU – holding out the prospect that MPs and peers could frustrate the process for years or even block it.

    The Times reported Sir John saying: ‘I hear the argument that the 48 per cent of people who voted to stay should have no say in what happens. I find that very difficult to accept. The tyranny of the majority has never applied in a democracy and it should not apply in this particular democracy.’

    • Too bad the Brits are disarmed. Their gov’t has every intention of betraying them and ultimately destroying them. They should take to the streets.

  11. “Why not Freedom?” it was a title of a book that helped kick off the League of the South before the intellectuals grabbed hold of that org and produced grand essays that just got labeled “racist” by the propagandists. Sound familiar?

    Hey white nationalIst intellectuals before you try and impress for the millionth time the propagandists of your brilliance why don’t you just meme,


  12. Liberalism is diagnosis. Time to understand. There are no such thing like “white people”. Some of us are very, very different and we must admit finally that there is elephant in the living room. Medieval witch hunt had nothing to do with jews and USSR horrors had nothing to do with blacks and muslims.

  13. White nationalism CAN appeal to people. It’s Mayberry, not Kehlsteinhaus.

    But we have to decide: are we serious? Are we going to professionalize? That’s what many have missed in the recent dust up. It wasn’t just about what happened last weekend, it is the bigger question of what is the project and doctrine of the movement? There are websites that boast of being the leading site of the “alt right” which use imagery and attacks that are an absolute DEAD END. They were happy, the rest of us were sad. The Enemy was rejoicing.

    Paint a picture for people of the journey. Paint a picture for people of the destination. And we will win. Pollute it with chaos and darkness, and we will lose.

    PS the “alt right” is actually just another bizarre “-ism”, is it not?

  14. Decades of public education and media indoctrination and voila: snowflake distorted view from her blog.

    “Trump campaigned on vague promises and fear-mongering. He presented no clear policy plans, and instead pushed an incoherent agenda that takes away rights from women and minorities.”

    • 10 000 decades of genetics. Western white nationalism is like upside down liberalism.
      Liberals believe that we need public education and media to become multicultural and homosexual and we believe that we may reeducate liberals…
      We are ready to admit that all highly honored misters and mistresses niggers problems maybe not connected to some abstract cultural marxist vulgarism known as r…ism but maybe there maybe some connection with genetics.

      Do we finally watch in the mirror and admit that something maybe wrong inside the our race too ??????

  15. I really truly do not understand why all these pundits, sages, and Great Brains do NOT understand why we wish to continue to exist AS a distinct People.

    • Because, M’am, doing so would defy the world they wish to project on us (mental proxies for themselves) – a world in which their stagnant adolescent dreams of living in a world without risk, struggle, or rejection cannot come true.

      This fragile ‘fluff-bunny’ (to borrow the words of a sage lady) world of theirs combines with other adolescent qualities- perversity and rebelliousness, to make them what they are – minions of The Devil, who are in such denial that each one wears an eternal kharmick chain, upon which has been stampt – ‘Oxymoronick’.

  16. The thing I would like to be rid of is the out and out craziness, like arguing over ‘trans gender’ toilets, or college being turned into day care for twenty year olds. Things that are so amazingly stupid you can’t believe that we’re even talking about it. .

  17. ‘You don’t love your child because he or she is superior. You don’t
    identify with your family or your nation because it is quantitatively
    superior. Instead, you treasure it and fight for it because it is yours.’

    That, Sir, is one hell of a brilliant summation; and, in a pithy blow, knocks out the entire basis for The Left, and reveals them for what they are – diabolical nihilists, who, having had their best intentions perverted, are working for The Anti-Chryst.

    What I particularly love in this summation, Sir – is that you reveal what true love is – adoration in the face of imperfection, loyalty without equivocation or analytical schemes.

    Fantastick; yes, indeedy!!!

  18. Anti-whites have been using this same tactic for years. If a white nationalist acts like a typical Hollywood skinhead, he is the true face of the movement. If a white nationalist dresses in suits and speaks in a calm, educated manner, he’s sinisterly concealing his true nature.

  19. The Jews have to attack. White self determination and white nationalism a homeland for whites within America would be a disaster for the currently Jew planned race war. I do understand why Richard Spencer allows himself to be interviewed by blacks. To contrast just how different we are as people and the impossibility of us ever getting along. The only real solution for black white race conflict is to separate and blacks separating from whites peacefully without any blood letting is exactly what the Jews do NOT want.

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