Alex Jones: Pizzagate Is A Diversion From The Greater Crimes In The Podesta Wikileaks

My head is spinning

“When there is ample evidence of fraud and downright criminality in the trove of Podesta emails, why is the media hyping the pizza gate scandal?

Is it because they can throw in absurd made up stories and spurious accusations and point to it all being fake?

Alex breaks it down in this video.”

Good question for Paul Joseph Watson and Cernovich!

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      • From what I know of the case, I personally would not have voted guilty. The question was whether Slager, in the totality of the circumstances, could not reasonably have regarded Scott as a danger, who had to be stopped.

        • Being from Philly you should know better than anyone that when it comes to the coloreds you shoot first and ask questions later.

          • I’m unsure, Jerry, whether you understood what I wrote. I said I would not have voted guilty.

        • The jury apparently refused to process the video’s clear (under close scrutiny) proof that Scott grabbed Slager’s taser. I think most might have even gone for murder had the one ex-patrolman not refused to even contemplate it.

          It all gets back to the concept of what a warrant enables a cop to do legally in terms of detaining a suspect. I would go for involuntary manslaughter but its properties don’t really match up. I don’t think I could convict for voluntary, forget murder.

          People think suspects will jump into cops’ lap to maintain law and order. Many have never been victims of violent crime. Americans are irrational.

        • In everyone of these cases involving a White cop shooting or otherwise killing a black MSM has predictably prejudiced public opinion against the cop. It’s as if the cop has no legitimate defense, the trial just a formality.

  1. One of the interesting things about life is a species can have very different behavioral patterns from a closely related species while being similar(in certain regards) to a species that is very different.

    Consider. Lions are far more closely related to tigers than to wolves, yet lions are social animals like wolves whereas tigers are solitary.

    And humans are much more closely related to bears(intelligent mammals) than to bees(or ants) — creatures without consciousness — , but humans are closer to bees(and ants) than to bears in that both humans and bees(and ants) are social animals that create and maintain complex networks and organizations. Humans are aware of their activities, whereas bees(and ants) are not, but both species rely on complex social networking and cooperation.

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    But then, such biological dissonance can show up in physical attributes too. Cats are closer to pigs(fellow mammal of high intelligence) than to lizards(cold blooded dumb reptile), but the claws of a cat are closer to reptile claws than the hooves of pigs.


        • Jones was absolutely wild about Rand Paul until it became obvious that Trump was going to be the GOP nominee. Jones then suddenly became an enthusiastic Trump supporter, knowing that if he didn’t his pro-Trump audience would go somewhere else.

          • I remember the video when Jones changed from suspicious that Trump was Illuminati, to taking Trump’s side. One of his guests assured him that Trump was the real deal (clicks?).

            He was either that little guy that used to come on his show to give investment advice, or a gray haired round faced fellow. Who ever these guys were, Jones listened to them. They used to appear a lot in social media posts, but now I don’t see them anymore.

          • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Kleinfeld.

            While I understand Mr. Jones is a human, just like the rest of us, he has gone out on a limb, over and over, to present his controversial view of the world to the greater publick.

            Brother, I’ll say the same thing to you as I say to those who, after one month of being presidential-elect, are saying Trump is already a proven fraud, when, if anything, he has been more honest with the citizenry, than all the presidents, since Reagan, combined … have faith.

          • Thank you, Mr. Kleinfeld, for your generous and humble reply.

            All the best to you and yours, on this day of The Lord’s.

      • Completely OT but Richard Spencer is speaking @ Texas A&M tomorrow @ 6:00pm. Didn’t know if you were interested in posting something letting the folks in the College Station/Houston area to support. Should be interesting.

  2. It’s funny how the alt right hates Alex Jones, when they’re quite similar. Only Jones and his talk of the Illuminati is more convincing than the white nationalist talk on Jews.

  3. An analogy could be made between alt right talk about Jews and Alex Jones talk about the Illuminati. They both involve mismatching people who have nothing to do with each other. “The communist, zionist, pro iraq war, military protesting, federal reserve running, Amren running, Democrat Jews” All that proves is that Jews are spread in difference ares.

  4. An analogy could be made between alt right talk about Jews and Alex Jones talk about the Illuminati. They both involve mismatching people who have nothing to do with each other. “The communist, zionist, pro iraq war, military protesting, federal reserve running, Amren running, Democrat, Vietnam protesting, anti-racist, traitor subverting, porn pushing, birth rate suppressing Jews” All that proves is that Jews are spread in difference areas. The Illuminati though doesn’t even exist, it’s just capitalism.

  5. Some Jews are arguing that Jews are NOT white. What will be the implications for this?

    If Jews don’t count as white, it means there is now a privilege greater than white privilege since Jewish privilege, the biggest privilege in the world, won’t count as ‘white’. If Jewish Privilege no longer counts as white, we will have to direct our attention more to Jewish Power than white power.

    But then, not being white may give Jews the special privilege of not being scrutinized for their great privilege.

    After all, the Cult of Privilege is less about real privilege than a kind of brand or stain.

    It is like an inversion of the concept of the titled aristocracy.

    After all, nobility was not about how much wealth or power you had but the fact that you hold this title passed down through the generations. So, you could be broke and down on your ass, but you were still a ‘count’ or ‘baron’.

    Likewise, ‘white privilege’ isn’t about white people really having or enjoying privilege. It means they are labeled with this historical stain of ‘privilege’. It is something ALL whites inherit. No matter how poor or abused you are, you hold the negative-title of ‘white privilege’.

    John the Oppressor. Bob the Tyrant. Jerry the Bigot. Ron the Hater.

    Given how this works, if Jews de-white-ize themselves, they earn the Moral Privilege of being forgiven their own privilege of wealth and connections. Even if Jews remain rich or get richer, their not being counted as ‘white’ offers them the special dispensation of not being tainted with moral burden of wickedness.

    It’s like if you’re black or homo, you can be as rich, privilege, and famous as possible without blame or accusation. Not being white gives you the privilege of denying your privilege.

    And Jews may be hoping for the same thing.

    For one thing, white Hispanics enjoy such PC privilege. Being ‘Hispanic’ makes them non-white, and that means they can be as rich as Carlos Slim the Lebanese. They won’t count as one of the ‘privileged’ since privilege is tagged only with whiteness.

    The concept of Privilege according to PC isn’t a condition based on actual wealth or power.

    It is an inheritance. So, no matter how rich a black guy, hindu guy, or white Hispanic becomes, they are not part of Privilege.

    In contrast, no matter how poor a white person may be, he or she inherits the negative title/curse of ‘white privilege’.

    It stinks how it works.

    Maybe, whites should twist this around and come up with the concept of White Prestige. Invoking Charles Murray’s HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT, they should say 97% of all contributions to mankind came from whites, therefore, ALL whites are worthy of White Prestige and White Pride. This way, even the dumbest white moron will have more prestige than the smartest non-white who contributes something. Yes, all whites inherit White Prestige and demand respect from all the world that owes everything to white achievement.


    • Black people will count any Caucasian as White. In general, non-European Caucasians (such as people from the Caucasus, Middle Easterners etc.) get the drawbacks of being White, but not the benefits. However Jews are on the margins of being European, comparable to an Italian. Jews also occupy many bourgeois positions.

  6. Wait, you mean to tell me that nice tv host Jimmy Savile who has helped so many kids is a pedophile? Really?

  7. Tonight, our embattled governor, of North Carolina, sent his supporters a last message, as he makes ready to leave office.

    To that, I had this to say…

    Your Excellency,

    I’m sorry you were reluctant to fight a more vigorous campaign, and I am deeply saddened by the fact that you will be leaving us.
    That said, I thank you for many good things that you did. You will remain in my, and my wife’s, heart and prayers, always.

    My last request to you is to beg you to add two strict
    constructionalist justices to our Supreme court, as did Governor Hunt in his waning days, and protect our legislature from being hit front and back by the new scalawag governor and minority run Supreme Court.

    We, the smalltown and rural Tarheel, have been rapet and pillaged enough, both financially and culturally, by Federal occupied cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, and we sure do not wish to be ruled by them, and their alien majorities.

    Please protect us, the Traditional Tarheels. We, too, deserve for
    someone to respect our right to live in our lands – without interference from those who, both, think that they know better than us, and who wish to hold our noses to the ground, until we have become a helpless minority, with little or no voice in our own affairs.

    God bless you and your wife.


      1. The Entire State of Maryland
      2. The Entire State of West Virginia from Virginia
      3. Little Dixie from the State of Missouri where thousands of Southerners fled to Texas because their farms and plantations were burned. Then the Radicals showed up and sold them for Pennies to Immigrants and Yankee Veterans. Cultural Genocide to the point that Missourians now think they are MIDWESTERN (cough gasp)
      4 The theft of South Florida from the State of Florida and allowing Henry Flagler and pals to establish a Yankee Colony in the Everglade Region
      5.The theft of thousands of acres in Northern Virginia and the entire South devoted to the Military Industrial Complex.


      • That happend to the James gangs mother’s farm in Missouri,the reason why they went on a rampage is what I heard.

        • Thats what turned Cole Younger, Frank and Jesse and most of Little Dixie into Criminals of some sorts. Yankee marauders

      • Yes, Mr. Jenkins. your comment reminds me of kindergarten; a time when I would not stand up for myself.

        That so, one of my classmates used to like to punch me in the gut, to see me cry.

        After a while, I told my daddy about my problem.

        Not long after, he bought us some boxing gloves, and, every night, before supper, we would fight.

        The rules were that I could hit him as hard as I could, and, though he would not do the same to me, he did hit me, pretty frequently – until, in short order, I grew confident that being puncht was no big deal.

        And then, one day, I surprised my classmate by taunting him. When he came over to straighten me out, I cold-cockt him and left him stunned on the floor, and crying.

        He never bothered me again.

      • Well, Mr. Jenkins – I have to go back to work, and do not have time to begin the augmentations.

        Suffice it to say that you limited your listing of Union government thefts to the tangible, though, I might suggest that even more has been stolen from us in the intangible department – not least of which is our sovereignty and culture.

        Even the graves of our ancestors are not safe…

          • I believe where there must be dealt with is in the idea realm, Mr. Kleinfeld.

            Continually attack the soil from which their misanthropy springs, and reveal them, to those as of yet unconvincet, for who they are, and what their ideas are.

            THAT work is our greatest work, over the next generation, and if it is tended to, these minions of The Devil will grow much much smaller in number.

            If this work is not done, the tyranny will grow like a Kudzoo vine, and, just like occurred in Russia a century ago, a great disaster will engulf the people, here.

            The very tenets of our civilization are threatened, and technology is only making it more problematick.

      • Thank you so very very much, Mr. Kleinfeld, for your kind words.

        I believe strongly that we must try to treat others with dignity and, in so doing, we not only vindicate ourselves in the eyes of The Lord, we preserve the best traditions our culture.

        Seceding from inner filth is just as important as secession from what is tyrannical from without.

  8. The only conspiracy the conspiracy theorists won’t talk about is the worst kept conspiracy of all time: White Genocide. Alex talks about disinformation. Well, he ought to know.

    • The Conspiracy For Clicks crowd will discuss any conspiracy under the Sun, as long as there are no consequences for doing so.

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