The National Populist Axis Against Liberal Europe

From the European Council on Foreign Relations:

“Europe’s liberal order could come crashing down next year. Squeezed from all directions, it may not be able to withstand the pressure. Within Europe, populists on the left and right are trying to roll back the liberal order. This insurgency is being actively backed by Putin’s Russia, and, now, it seems, Trump’s America. The European Union itself risks being an early casualty.

The coming year will be decisive, as key elections are held in France, The Netherlands, and Germany, in which anti-EU populist parties are expected to make headway. The French Presidential elections will be the most critical. Marine Le Pen, who has promised to hold a referendum on France’s EU membership, is expected to win the first round but lose the second. Yet the momentum of the populist surge favours Front National, and in any case, who can trust the polls after Trump’s election? A victory for Le Pen would spell the likely end of the European Union, as it is inconceivable that the EU could survive France’s departure. …”

Sounds good to me.

We’re part of an axis now. The whole liberal world order could come crashing down in Europe in 2017. What a relief that would be after Rotherham, the Bataclan, Nice, Theo van Gogh, the refugee invasion, etc. Imagine being able to speak your mind for a change without living in terror of being arrested by the thought police.

Let’s Make Europe Great Again!

Note: Here in Dixie, we can own firearms and talk as much shit about various European governments as we want to. It is one of the advantages of living here.

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  1. Funny how there’s really nothing “liberal” about the “liberal world order”. It’s a tyrannical global system run by a privileged, autistic elite.

    • The Nazi symbolism just won’t fly in Dixie. Partly because it’s foreign, strange and simply non Anglo/British. Partly because Leftists have already tried to link Dixie with National Socialist Germany.

      • The swastika is passé. At one time the swastika was a symbol of good luck, like the 4 leaf clover, the horse shoe, or the wishbone.

        • It’s time to move on from NS symbolism. Many Southern Nationalists don’t think that the Confederate First National should be revived as the flag of the Southern nation. For similar reasons.

          • I’d agree with both points, NS and Confederate, even though I’m from the North. I don’t think the black and white flag works well, though, either. It’s too ominous and militant-looking.

          • You are right, Mr. Owen, though, speaking as a Southern Nationalist, I could never ‘move on past the ‘The Stars & Bars’


            Because it entirely symbolizes my world view.


            #1. The Cross of St. Andrew – and the centring of Southron society around Chryst.

            #2. The fact that it stands for individual state sovereignty.

            #3. The fact that it stands for the White Supremacy, in those states where Whites are a majority, and the refusal to brook alien interference.

            #4. Because it is the politest bird possible to the Northern, New England, and politically correct societies,

            #5. Because it is the symbol of our heritage.

            #6. Because it lives in my heart.

          • I won’t either. However, that’s what some SNs think. We can’t resurect Dixie as it was in the 19th Century.

          • This is something to which I must defer to you, Mr. Owen.

            My focus is on resurrecting Dixie – as to what form it takes, that is a bridge too far, mentally, for me.

            If Dixie never reprised, yet, all 13 erstwhile Confederate states were free of New England Government control, that would be acceptable to me.

          • What I ultimately believe is that the new Dixie will be composed of moderns. Not 19th or 20th Century people. Therefore, it won’t be 1860 all over again. In spite of the SN movement, I think most average Southrons my want the First National back. It’s popular in East Texas. It’s our customs and culture that need restoration. But within the context of computerisation and automation, and rapid forms of communication and transport.

          • I should have said in contemporary times. Distinct from the old, 19th Century CSA. In other words, we can’t bring back 1860.

          • I see, Mr. Owen. Thank you.

            Yes, of course, there is no way to go back in time for 40 years, much less 150+.

            That said, what is deepest, most universal, and timeless is the Confederate notion of the right to local rule without interference from aliens, alien ideas, and or alien entities.

            In this way,The Confederate Idea will never age, never tarnish, never decay, nor will it ever die.

            And, as such, our flag has become the most elegant universal bird popping symbol to those would conduct a multidunous national, and or universal usury, not just with respect to financial and or resource aspect, but, both spiritual and cultural, as well.

            The Confederate Notion is a wholly reasonable and just aspiration that is readily in harmony with The Good Book.

        • I believe the Confederate Battle Flag is the right emblem, it’s a flag of rebellion and always has been. It shows what we’re rebelling against, the death cult of modern decadence, homosexuality/ abortion on demand; white Europeans programming themselves out of existence to make way for a sinister race of mongrels.

      • And, also, Mr. Owen, because we, as you well know, hate socialism.

        Our community is the local church.

    • No, Mr. Kleinfeld, the Stars and Bars is sufficient enough.

      That is why it is a ‘symbol of hate’ – because it means Southerners being outside of Jewish control, or, indeed, of any.

      That said, it is amusing…

  2. Supposedly the Senate passed a bill that would make questioning the Holocaust and Israeli imperialism a civil rights violation.

    So until the South is somehow independent I don’t think your rights are so protected.

    • I wish you could post a link on that,especially the mental health bills you were talking about the other day.

      • all these bills were meant to be pushed through with a clinton victory. none have “passed”- just “cleared” for further action after thecunt was installed.

        • No the Murphy bill is being pushed through before Obama leaves office so that the Republicans and especially Trump don’t have to be saddled with the fallout from it even though it’s mostly republican-driven. Hillary released a ‘mental health’ package plan in the summer that was a direct threat to central tenets of Murphy’s, which may have been the reason certain elements of power pushed so hard for Trump at the end (think Pizzagate). Hillary did not want to circumvent the 2nd Amendment through the Psych System; she wanted a direct confrontation with it, which certain elites knew they would lose. Her plan didn’t feature force cloaked as ‘care’ and ‘access to treatment’ and it retained focus on substance abuse community treatment instead of on substance abuse ‘disorders’ that are supposed to be ‘diseases’ requiring drugs and ‘inpatient.’

      • Irish Roman Catholic Bob Casey pushed that legislation in the Senate—the details are on his website.

        • The way you push that shtick on the Roman Catholics makes you look like a troll to me,who knows maybe your butthurt because the jew dumped all the Catholic slaves on you after the civil war,Spain was the last European Roman Catholic power to fall to the jew.After the civil war christ and spain got wiped out of the New world with a demonic vengeance by the newly built Yankee navy,it was the 3rd or 4th attempt on the Philippines,the stock market navy finally got it.
          Like I said before “your down by the river with homo”Christianity could not stand to the organized power of Jewry,and protestants were the Jack ass the jew rode to liberation.
          Its funny how Martin Luther coon was “empowered”with jewsus and stuck it up your ass just like the whites in europe did to the Roman nobility when they got chimped out.
          I just got banned From the one holy apostolic Catholic church dikus channel so I am no stranger to this demonic fraud,but you need to look at all the damage “Gods Love” has done to us.

          • Christianity never had a place outside the Roman rank and file.
            As above,as below,heaven has a rank and file,that is what was destroyed,it was the glue that kept christ in check on earth.

            Is usury and Christianity kosher to you.Time is God’s sovereignty,usury is a total usurpation of God.
            Take a look at the anti Catholic venom in people,do you think That was inculcated by the jew,you bet it was.400 Years of hell on earth,for what,a feeling on Sunday.

            Hitler was our north star,in the New Rome.

          • The Roman Catholic Church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine to provide a universal religion for his far flung empire. Christianity existed for hundreds of years before Constantine founded the Roman Catholic Church.

          • The 4th crusade was taken over by Venetian merchants and redirected from the holy land to constantinople,the economic center of the world at That time and sacked.
            Venice became the economic center(1204)
            “The Fourth crusade and the sack of constantinople”
            Jonathon Phillips

          • I have a Zionist Christian neighbor who believes the world and the people will go down the toilet,and the jews will be the only ones left,then they receive christ.
            Their are millions of them that think that.
            Who’s to blame ?

      • coyote is wrong about the 21st Century Cures Act, which the Murphy mental health bill was hidden inside of. That passed resoundingly in the House and is about to pass in the Senate. When it does I will update people. It will pass in the Congress this session and Obama will sign it.

        • You just agreed with me that the mental health bill has not passed in the Senate. They may pass it, after all. or not.

  3. Notice how all of the Jews, and their Roman Catholic stooges, are on TV complaining about Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on corporations that leave the USA.

        • The Jew-loving Protestants are a large part of what got us here in the first place.

          Bring back the Inquisition!

          • Sorry but at this point in time the Catholics are in fact worse. And historically, the fact is it was the german protestants who first revolted against the sandnigger-run Vatican rule.

          • Every Roman Catholic politician in the USA has an anti-White agenda. Pelosi, Biden, Kaine, Ryan, Casey, Durbin…you name ’em.

    • It’s always the same thing with the Jewish community – if you threaten to remove one of the aspects of their racket, they tell you, in so many words, that, if you do, things will collapse on you.

      Smoke and mirrors is all it is, yet, people are blinded by it – to such an extent that, if every drop of Jewish blood droppt of the planet, tomorrow, the same rackets would be carried on by their collaborators, in the same way with the same threats.

  4. “anti-EU populist parties are expected to make headway.”

    They’ve been making supposed headway for years now, and haven’t gotten very far. American® and British troops have to leave German soil, NATO has to dissolve, and Germany has to be able to elect a government that isn’t beholden to Washington and London. NATO exists for one purpose, occupation of Germany, thereby maintaining the status quo of 1945. It’s 2016 and so goes Germany, so goes Europe. Back here, it’s Texas. That’s why Northern/Progressive/Leftist types have groups like Battleground Texas trying to subvert Texas politics. The TNM can lead the rest of Dixie to independence and Germany can lead Europe to independence as well. Our mutual enemies know this.

    • Does the TNM have any ties to the LOS? If not, maybe someone will organize a meet and greet for each organization’s leaders. It’d be great to see those groups banding their resources together

      I’d also recommend that the LOS & TNM develop a dialogue with other American separatist movements (Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement, Alaskan Independence Movement, Puerto Rican Independence Movement, maybe even the #CalExit guys).

      Obviously, many of those groups have very different visions of what they want to achieve once they are independent, but for now they all share the same goal: secede from the Union. And if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, it might pay to at least talk with them.

      Maybe someone could even try to create some sort of annual ‘American Separatist Movement Conference’ where representatives from each movement gather together to discuss their respective goals? The media wouldn’t be able to resist covering it. It’d also be a good way to get free air time.

      • Not that I know of. The LOS does have a Texas chapter. No doubt, some of it’s members support the TNM.
        TNM sell hats, T-shirts and bumper stickers, which I see everywhere. They get out and drum up votes, and hold conferences in major Texas towns and cities. They protested Yankee political activists in front of the Capitol in Austin. They’ve introduced and gotten passed, bills in the Texas legislature. For instance, The Texas gold bullion reserve. Some state officials are members of the TNM. This is where the LOS ought to be. In the rest of Dixie.

        • Hope you don’t mind if I have another question:

          How close is the TNM to being able to elect a governor? I imagine that would be a huge break-through for them.

          • A long way off. However, Governor Abbott seems to support the TNM in principle. At least on some things. Some state Representatives support the TNM. For now, it’s mostly fighting Washington for state sovereignty in certain matters. For instance, the Mexican invasion. TNM got started around the same time as the LOS. But they’ve got further along.

      • Nah this doesn t work .

        No honor amongst thieves

        It s “what s mine is mine, what s yours is multi culural ”

        We gave all kinds of places that were once ours gave it to them

        British Raj India
        Birmingham Al

        Once we give these places away the anti White nationalists are never satisfied to live there with their people

        They want to go where life is better

        Our places – Sweden Germany White places in Minnesota ,,. That s while we still have some White places in MN

  5. They don’t need EU to get White Genocide done. Even if every former White country closed its borders today; even deported millions of 3rd worlders; there’re still plenty left to finish us off. So far I’ve seen no signs of our enemies backing off on Diversity.

    Celebrating victory now or next year is premature and foolhardy. The war is far from over.

    • That’s what NATO is for. It’s an implied threat against Germany and Austria. It was never about countering the Warsaw Pact. Else it would’ve disappeared in 1991.

      • NATO was originally established to keep America in (Europe), the Russians out and the Germans down. But it’s no longer 1945-1990 and NATO is now a global military police force. It needs to be abolished once and for all.

        • It’s still keeping the Germans down. As somebody once said; “NATO exists to keep Germany from being a White nation again.”

          • Unfortunately, Mr. Owen, this is not correct.

            What is’ keeping The Germans down’ is that their mindset is now almost entirely Marxist.

            A small minority is not this way, but, most are.

            I was astonisht to see that in my time over there , in the 1990s, and could contrast the change from the time I had been there earlier.

            And they have only become more so.

            But, let’s be honest – Germans were not having an argument in the 1920s over whether to have socialism or something else, but, what kind of socialism they were going to have.

            The Left won that argument – so they have Jewish Socialism, not National Socialism.

        • Absolutely, Mr. Kleinfeld.

          To me, NATO has revealed itself not to be an army for ‘European security’, for Zionist dominance and misuse of the European continent.

          If I ever doubted it, what has gone on in The Ukraine has dispelled all doubts.

  6. One thing for sure, the spin that Hillary lost the white working vote because of identity politics is only half of it.

    After all, Romney also lost much of that vote, and he didn’t go for identity politics. Why did he lose those votes? Because of the Bane Factor.

    Hillary alienated the white working class with identity politics and the Bane Factor. She got tagged more with Wall Street that is for ‘free trade’.

    But to say she got too close to Wall Street, the 1%, the oligarchy, the Jewish Power, and etc. would be more upsetting to the Narrative. Shhhh about the power of the Tribe.

    Another thing. We can’t blame her for sucking up to identity politics and the 1%. After all, she lost to Obama in 2008 because Obama had greater appeal to non-whites and to the 1%. Hillary’s biggest supporters in 2008 came from the white working class and middle class, but she couldn’t win. She lost to the mulatto who was favored by the 1%, non-whites, and young people.

    Also, for 8 yrs under Obama, the narrative was ‘white people are over’, especially after Romney lost in 2012 followed by the Obama Conqueror Newsweek cover.

    Also, it was under Obama that identity politics took off in so many tangents. Sexual deviants exploded into 50 genders. Of course, whether 10, 50, or 100 genders, it’s just further division of a sexually deviant population that is maybe 3% of the whole. If you divide the 3% into 50 genders, that means more identities but still only 3% of the population. But gender politics made it seem like there are more prog voters when it was just cutting a bean into smaller pieces. Progs went from bean-counting to bean-cutting.

    Hillary is a vile opportunist, but she was only reacting to everything that happened since 2008. She realized that Obama won because he was favored by 1%. So, this time, she made sure the 1% would choose her. She made herself the perfect candidate for the 1%, even pushing TPP.

    And she realized from 2008 that the white working class is a spent force. So, why not just play with identity politics. ID politics will attract growing numbers of non-whites and even appeal to affluent white urban voters who love to virtue-signal about their ‘inclusiveness’ and hipster appreciation of ‘creative’ gender identities.

    For 8 yrs, Obama did little but serve the 1% and push identity politics. Hillary made sure that this formula would work for her this time. The difference was Obama was better at hiding his ties to the 1%(with the help of the media). And of course, the GOP made this easy since it accused Obama of ‘socialism’ of all things. According to the GOP, Obama’s problem was he wasn’t doing enough for the 1%. It’s like GOP bitching that Obama’s biggest sin is ‘throwing Israel under the bus’ when he’d been doing little else but serve Israel.

    When Obama was serving the 1%, the GOP position was he wasn’t serving it strongly enough. So, Obama could seem like a champion of the Workers.

    Trump changed this dynamics in 2016 by attacking Wall Street.

    Also, even though Obama and Hillary were war-mongers, GOP made them look like peaceniks because its complaint was Obama and Hillary aren’t aggressive enough in the Middle East. GOP nuts were blaming Obama and Hillary for not going deeper into Libya and Syria. Trump reversed this narrative too. He played the peace candidate.

    Anyway, if ID politics in 2008 was hopeful(with the dream that a black president will lead to reduction in racial discord), it got ugly in 2016 with blacks and SJW’s rampaging around. And even with Muslim attacks in US and EU. And even cop killings.

    Also, Trump played a new kind of implicitly white identity politics by energizing the middle class and working class with civic nationalism. Trump also cast some doubts into homos and blacks. He told homos that Muslims kill them. He told blacks that open borders will mean less for blacks. Blacks didn’t vote for him in big numbers, but in some states, they stayed home in big numbers.

    Also, Obama had Bush disaster to run against in 2008. And in 2012, Romney could be spun as the Wall Street candidate. Obama ran on a kind of Propulism, the populism of the ‘proposition nation’, the new manifest destiny of replacing white folks with the entire world who will collaborate with Glob elites in the beating down of white America.


  7. What the West really needs to fear is the Many-Fist Destiny.

    All those black Africans with black fists are coming to the West.

    Globalism is facilitating this Many-Fist Destiny whose goal is to replace white populations with Diversity.

    What whites must fear most if the Black Fist and Black Foto(african word for penis).

    It is the black fist that whups white boys and turns them into wussies. All across the West, muscular negroes are kicking white butt. And with section 8, there are negroes now in every high school, and these become star athletes,and white cheerleaders chant for them and have sex with them. So many white guys are turning to drugs and suicide because they can’t stand the shame of being whupped by blacks and seeing the prettiest white girls go black and have black kids.

    No matter how diverse the West becomes, white men need not overly worry about other races. White guys can whup short Mexicans, short Asians, and skinny HIndus. And white women are not attracted to short mexicans, short asians, and skinny hindus.

    The ONLY THREAT comes from the Negro dong because women like big dongs, and black dongs are biggest. Also, negroes have most sexual stamina.

    Indeed, I hear even Japanese women are now going Negro even though Japan has very few blacks. Japanese women even go all the way to Jamaica to have sex with negroes.

    So, beware of the Mani-fest Destiny.

    As white folks no longer worship God, they worship Pleasure. White boys find most pleasure in imitating rappers and worshiping black athletes who are best at sports. And white girls worship the Negro dong. And some white guys also worship the Negro dong and cuck out their girls to Negroes.


  8. Axis is highly neccecary. Poor western Europeans can,t even complain. Lot of hate speech laws there. And of course they are cucked and desperately need uncucking.

    So if American pro white folk, protected by US 1 Amendment, will help us even to troll Western European media comment sections this is already great. Lot of cucked folk get their first true info about white nationalism from nazi troll in mainstream media comment section.

  9. What is needed is authoritarian movements, kind of like the secular parties in the middle east. The problem is the last two authoritarian leaders in Europe were idiots.

    • I tried to give Hitler the benefit of the doubt, but the only thing I can conclude is that he had a chance to be introduced to Otto Strasser’s views and chose to be driven by Mussolini instead – but with a ridiculous racial imperialism against Slavs and Jews as opposed to simply run of the mill imperialism, which Mussolini worshiped.

      • He didn’t believe his own “line” on the almost bottomless money that Jews could conjure from thin air.

    • Which last two authoritarian leaders, Mr. Besarab? : Franco, Tito, Ceausescu, Jaruzelski, Honeker, or Rakosi? – to name a few.

      Were these leaders not stupid, too, or do they receive another classification?

      I ask you this, because you seem incapable of recognizing the horrors committed by those on The Left, or, even, the existence of them.

  10. One thing I find bizarre is the evolution of terms in my lifetime.

    For instance – when I was young ‘Liberal’ meant, first and foremost, those who were advocating individual freedom over any community obligation, and who were prepared to use central government power to ENSURE the power of the individual.

    Today those very same people are the polar opposite; they, doing everything they can do to tell you how to think, speak, and or act.

    As for ‘Conservatives’, they have not done, as has oft been stated here, much conserving of anything.

    Maybe it’s time for a change of terms.

    My recommendation for ‘Liberal’ … ‘Marxist’.

    My recommendation for ‘Conservative’ – ‘Globalist Corporate’.

    My recommendation for the two party system? – ‘Farce’.

    My recommendation for the U.S. government – ‘Diabolique Inc’.

    • My recommendation is to use one word…..and then keep hammering. You are not liberal, you are anti white hatemonger. You are not conservative you are anti white hatemonger.

      When they tried to push invaders into my country, we just used one argument. You are anti my people hatemonger and hope that they do the job, wiht thr Salin Red army and NKVD failed.

      They tried with tricks that we desperately need woksforce. And I always answered that you are not businessman but terrorism victims make you a sexulally exited and the rest of your bullshitt is just not worth to listen .

      • Thank you for your thoughts, Juri.

        You are right.

        Unfortunately, most of the people, over here, still refuse to see it for what it is.

        They say that people, on The Left (over here) have a hard time saying ‘Islamick Terrorist’.

        Well, people, on The Right (over here) have a problem saying ‘Jewish Terrorist’,

  11. What Identity Politics means and doesn’t mean.

    It means you must pay $250,000 fine in NY for refusing to address a man in a wig as a ‘she’.

    It doesn’t mean you need to show an ID to prove your legal status or to cast a ballot.

    Identity Politics ends when you have to show an ID card.

  12. You may be able to talk sh!t about governments now, but if the whites are reduced to low enough levels then I have no doubt that all these free speech laws in America will be removed by the non whites.

  13. I’m actually more of a DS guy, kind of new here. But I’m a native Southerner; my family has been in Georgia since the 1790’s. I just don’t understand how we can expect any kind of successful independent nation down here given our negro population. Half the negroes in the U.S. live in the South. Can someone please explain to me how we would live in peace and any semblance of prosperity with that violent, low-IQ albatross around our necks? Not downing your movement, I’ve just never seen anyone on here address that issue.

    • I’ve heard many different options floated over the years when it comes to dealing with the South’s racial situation. The most common proposals seem to be:

      1. Round up minorities through the use of a deportation force and resettle them elsewhere (I’d prefer this one, but it doesn’t seem likely considering how many there are).

      2. Re-institute segregation (seems like a bad idea as caste systems always blur away with enough time).

      3. Create an Anglo-centric ethno-state in the upland South (the reasoning behind this proposal is that Appalachia is overwhelmingly White and most locals are of British stock).

      4. I have a friend who has suggested that Anglo-Americans should immigrate to Britain and begin assisting local Nationalists. Apparently, he was inspired by a Southern acquaintance of his who first proposed the idea. The big issue is that many Americans – especially Southerners – don’t really feel much emotional attachment to Europe.

  14. At the A&M campus now. The place is crawling with police. A contingent of protestors a couple hundred with sub par signs. No chanting.

  15. Crowd was in a lull some hood discussions. Lots of Jews. A few alt light people. 1 or less alt right people.

  16. Police breakingwhat must be called a siege.

    Lots of goodconvoswitb various people, from fashy goys to black lives matter.

  17. So I come home and turn on the “news” and I see that Jew Stein is using Jew Soros money to try to keep Michigan and Pennsylvania from casting their electoral votes, aided by a ruling from fed judge Jew Goldsmith. Then I see Jew Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, chortling over putting one over on the poor slobs out there. Finally, Jew Stelter of CNN is complaining about fake whatever from Trump. What a mess.

  18. As to Russia, the graphic below treats something our fellow commenter Junius and I discussed a day or two ago. From top to bottom, the four images are in reverse chronological order and are as follows:

    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow, as rebuilt from 1995 to 2000.

    Soviet-era swimming pool on the cathedral site, 1969

    Demolition of the original cathedral by the Soviet government, 1931.

    Original cathedral, early 20th century.

    The Soviet government seems to have considered taking the gold from the domes of the original cathedral. Don’t know whether the government took the gold before the demolition. Outside the original cathedral, which was incomplete at the time, the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” was held, in 1882. The creation of the cathedral had been inspired by Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, in 1812. (Info from Wikipedia.)

        • Yes, but, unfortunately, it was just a place for those who filled the mass graves to bathe and tan…

      • I’m glad you found it valuable, Junius. This is the closest thing, I’d say, to the Jews’ having restored Hebrew as a spoken language.

  19. (When I sign out I can see it.)

    I have been in that pool.

    Some sculptures from the cathedral were saved and could be seen in the cemetery of the Donskoj Monastery propped up against the walls.

    The intention was to build a colossal Palace of Soviets on the site topped by a statue of Lenin so gigantic that his hand was to be larger than the Statue of Liberty. The engineers said no. The story was that it took many, many years to haul away the rubble.

  20. Keep blogging man. We need to take control of media. We need to define what is news, entertainment, dialogue.

    ( London under the Jews, 1907: )

    ? ? ?

    ? ? ?

    ? ? ?

    ? ? ?

    ? ? ?

    ? ? ?

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