The Pizzagate Gunman

What the hell is this even about?

“The real-life consequences of a made-up conspiracy theory swirling around a popular D.C. pizzeria became all too real when a gunman walked into the venue Sunday afternoon.

During the presidential campaign, some elements of the alt-right began fueling the conspiracy that Comet Ping Pong was in fact the site of a pedophilia ring used by high-ranking members of the Democratic Party, deeming that supposed conspiracy “Pizzagate.” …

One employee speculated that the gunman was looking for the supposed tunnels where children were stashed and tortured, according to the conspiracy theory. That “theory” came from hacked private email exchanges including Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta that were and published by WikiLeaks in troves during the final weeks of the presidential elections. …”

I’ve seen Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich and the Alt-Lite relentlessly pushing this story on Twitter. Just that fact alone was enough to make me intensely skeptical of it. I warned people just the other day not to get mixed up with the Alt-Crackpot conspiracy theorists who are spreading this nonsense on social media.

If you are relying on Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson or Cernovich to “decode” anything, you already have a problem on your hands.

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  1. Pizzagate’s been all over Twitter. Whether or not there’s any truth to it we’ll probably never know. This White, AR-15 wielding gunman from NC will be used as an excuse to shut down whatever free speech we have left.

      • Nothing is too over the top for them except White Genocide. Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of whining, racist, Nazis.

      • A good policy. Although it only needs to be a slight misdirection. Who thinks that sexual exploitation of minors isn’t rampant in the political classes?

      • I have been banned from InfoBores for the third or fourth time simply because I suggested that a certain colored boy should be tied to a tree and whipped for disrespecting a White man. I mean come on, it’s 2016!

    • Pizzagate was already being used to shut down free speech, which was probably its main purpose beyond possibly nailing Hillary’s coffin closed tight.

  2. If Pizza gate is real it no longer matters because Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson are involved and anything they get involved with turns into a circus that people laugh at.

    Pizzagate is a legitimate story that serious journalists were looking into and then PJW saw click bait opportunity, moved in and the rest is history.

    Now we have Vox Day on Gab saying that this shooting was a false flag and that this guy is a crisis actor with zero evidence. Already PJW is rubbing off on legitimate people.

    If our enemies want this story to be made into a joke it is working spectacularly.

    • Speaking for myself, Vox Day was one of the guys that made me suspicious
      of the Alt-Right. There are some solid Pro Whites in it like Ricky
      Vaughn, but Vox is one of the creepy Civic Nationalists.

      And interestingly, all of the people that deserted the Alt-Right after the NPI conference were the Civics, or a Civic who pretends to be Pro White.

      Always bet on Pro White.

    • There is the case in St Louis Dojo Pizza.

      But all it requires is investigative digging.

      Some nutcase of course has to rogue and voila.

  3. I think PizzaGate will ultimately end up in the same category as the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks in American cultural and historical lore. While many theories about JFK and the 9/11 attacks are clearly not true, it is, at the same time, also the case that there are plenty of legitimate reasons to be very skeptical of the “official” story. Like with JFK/911, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get the whole truth on PizzaGate.

        • Simple fact, Oswald did the shooting. The real question and mystery is who put him up to it. He was put up to it. I don’t believe he wasn’t. Nor was he the first throwaway assassin.

          • Yep. I saw a documentary that was pretty convincing. A Secret Service Agent in the lead car had one of the newly issued M-16s. He left the safety off. When the car sped up, he fell backwards and accidentally shot the President in the head. That’s the shot everybody thinks came from the grassy knoll. If that hadn’t happened, Kennedy would have lived, albeit as an invalid. I think it plausible. And probably true. Complex schemes aren’t really necessary to make things happen. Just a big pile of money and the ability to bribe, manipulate and bully people into doing what you want. But for the Agent, Oswald would have failed.

            BTW, I’ve been by there on a few trips into Dallas.

          • It’s considered possible for an expert rifleman to have done it.

            But, the Marine Corps didn’t rank him that high and I’ve had trouble repeatedly shooting moving targets with a bolt action in the timeframe that JFK was shot in. Ahem. Although I’m no expert shooter either.

            Bolt actions are not crappy btw. They are better in many respects to smaller bore automatics for precise target shooting.

          • According to George Lincoln Rockwell it was a cell of American commies or fellow travelers that put him up to it. Jack Ruby had a connection to the cell. Oswald had spent time in USSR, was a Marine marksman and an open Marxist. It’s all in Rockwell’s book, “White Power”, dated but still fascinating and prophetic.

        • Don’t you find Rubinstein’s sudden death from cancer in prison a few years later to be rather strange?

      • That’s why I’m still waiting for Mrs. Clinton to pass away ala Alex Jones and company. She may very well be in ill health. But to what extent, who really knows?

    • Yes and a story like this is perfect bait for hucksters like PJW and Alex Jones.

      When the story about “spirit cooking” broke on twitter right before the election, I knew that Alex Jones and crew would put their taint all over it and it would lose legitimacy.

      This stuff is real and is going on but it doesn’t matter when clowns turn it into something that people laugh at. People say that Infowars has a ton of listeners and therefore they are getting the info out but in reality it turns any legitimate story into a laughing matter and is why anyone who is legitimate should stay away from infowars.

      Hunter gave that advice to Vox Day on twitter and he seems to not have taken it.

      These same people that tell us that Nazi salutes delegitimize us are the same ones who think infowars is a good idea.

  4. Italians are white yet most of the child sex slavers are italians. Or is Podesta a germanic name? James Alefantis is rumored to be an alias. In french it would mean I love children, J’aime les enfants. So even the greek guy is possibly a guinea.

    Jews aren’t white, yet north african child sex slavers are.


    • Beyond “Plane crashes on take off,” the story is likey to be bullshit. They usually change the story two or three times before it’s settled.

      Back in 80′ two boys I knew overloaded a black powder cannon. It burst and killed one of them. I heard the blast at my house. The paper said it happened in an apartment complex. It happened on their back porch. That’s when I learned that the media are full of it. Most of the time they’re not really lying, they just don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re that dumb.

      • Reporters & editors make it up as they go along. Obituaries are probably the most honest reporting, and even they can’t be trusted.

        • For the job they do, Journalists are some of the most under educated, know nothing dupes around. Some are pretty dumb, too. I’ve seen a few interviews that came out twisted and distorted in the paper. I can understand compressing a story to fit in the limited space of a newspaper. But outright distortion. I can’t abide by.

      • It’s true, most of the time the press is more guilty of laziness and incompetence than they are of being part of some elaborate jew-liberal conspiracy.

  5. Thing is about conspiratards is that they “KNOW” and that is it. If you find a conspiratard willing to ask questions it is one thing but all the ones I have ever known and spoken to speak as if GOD is within their heads and moving their lips because they KNOW.

  6. If there’s ever been a Jew who takes these kinds of theories seriously, I don’t know of him or her.

    • They are all busy nailing every white with Anti-Semitic thought crime dude. And like Lord Janner or Leon Brittan fucking little boys or covering up for their chums who are doing it.

    • They’re making money publishing this crap on the ex-History Channel, but they don’t believe it. Jews tend to be skeptics and dominate most of the rational debunking outfits, one of their positive attributes. Having large numbers of people believe in UFOs, Bigfoot, psychics, JFK lunacy, etc, isn’t good for a civil society.

  7. I wouldn’t doubt that there are pedophile rings run by the rich, powerful, and untouchable. But why would they be run out of a pizza joint?

      • So people who have access to bunkers, private islands, and gated, well guarded mansions are gonna pick a pizza place in a densely populated urban area crawling with journalists to molest children? Occam’s razor, bro.

        • The entire Paki Grooming scandal used fast food as a front for trafficking thousands of white girls…fast food service is a perfect front for this abuse.

        • How about that Iraqi torture chamber found just across the road from the New York Mayor’s home? You would never expect a torture chamber there, right?

        • The don’t do it there, its more like AAA baseball, where scouts identify which parents are most likely to expose their children to predation just to get a whiff if the limelight.

          And quite frankly I’m getting rather tired of the “counter signalling” against conspiracy.

          Conspiracy is woven into our DNA; an everyday affair.

    • Its called grooming.

      Notice the photo of the young child with arms taped to the table. Why would they do that? To slowly boil the frog; to acculturate them and make them more willing victims step by step.

      Start with fun, a little pizza and song, some hugs, maybe sleeping in the sane bed next. Need I continue?

      Ask yourself how a mere pizzeria boasted one of the 50 most powerful people in DC, a world/universal capitol?

  8. I don’t know if anyone here reads Vigilant Citizen, but he is where I go to get my conspiracy fix and my wild rides of conjecture. VC writes a much more entertaining and educational conspiracy site (and more subversive) than Alex Jones and PJW. Anyway, for anyone who may find it interesting, it turns out VC was attacked today by the establishment’s heavy guns at over his pizza-gate article, and presumably as a result VC appears to have pulled down his commentary on the 4chan/pizza-gate connection. It’s the first time I’ve seen him take down an article.

    • I’ve read some of his movie reviews over the years, where he points out
      the creepy symbology the Hollyweirdos use. IMO there is
      something to it, in that the people that make these movies seem to believe it. Otherwise why would they keep repeating the same thing over and over?

  9. No doubt there is a huge underground sex-trafficking operation going on in DC. But thanks to clickbait sites like InfoBores the real “Pizzagate” story is probably going to escape public scrutiny.

  10. I’ve noticed that neither Alex “Jew ex-Wife” Jones nor his website ever get harassed, sabotaged or shut down by ZOG. And Jones’ twitter acct has never been locked or suspended. If the (((enemy))) isn’t denouncing you in their controlled media then you are either doing something wrong or you are secretly on their payroll.

  11. Pedophile networks–like Muslim rape gangs–are totally a figment of your imagination, dude.

    Totally nothing to see here.

  12. The fact the media is pushing this ‘fake news’ narrative is reason enough to believe there is something to the findings. But yes, Alex Jones and company are not necessarily helping things.

  13. Crackpot crap, found out our divorced, (probably a downlow queer) HR manager felt sorry for paroled pedophiles and had three of them at our workplace. One of them got caught at the park where he wasn’t supposed to be and was top story on the local news, that’s how we found out about this. None of them had any elaborate “dens of child sex slaves in tunnels at pizzeria’s” in their back ground, that’s just not how these crimes occur. They occur in the homes and the victims are family members and step kids. One dude molested his 11 year old step-daughter, another was just a high school kid who was a comic book nerd, instead of beating off to Britany Spears he would punk out his 12 year old brother, when this hit the fan the nerd had turned 18 and got charged as an adult and did 7 years out of a 15 year sentence. The last dude who got caught in the park is the worst. A smooth talking strange old fat black man who spent 17 years in prison for molesting a toddler. He claimed when it happened in the 80s it was another case of those false accusations that had been common in that era (McMartin Preschool) but the guy has an unusual fascination with children, and unlike the typical black bachelor, doesn’t hang with the boys and do usual black stuff, but befriends single mothers, pays their bills, and has their kids come stay with him for the summer without their moms. Before he got caught at the park he was getting all these video games and toys from Amazon and was all excited about his “nephew” and company coming to spend the summer with him. He was turning his apartment into a ghetto version of Neverland Ranch. Michael Jackson also payed his kid’s mother’s bills. This is all how these people really operate, the pizzagate thing is crackpot lunacy, like the lying NGO leeches who make a living off the “Human Trafficking” hoax, a rerun of the white slavery canard from a century back.

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