Heads Explode: Richard Spencer Speaks At Texas A&M University

“America at the end of the day belongs to White men.” – Richard Spencer

I watched the media meltdown on CNN earlier this evening.

It was shortly before Trump’s speech in North Carolina. Jeffrey Lord’s spine melted in an exchange with a wise Latina. He was reduced to calling Richard Spencer a racist and mumbling about how Al Sharpton was the real anti-Semite. It was embarrassing to watch. Anyway, I have found some videos of Richard’s speech:

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  1. Spencer kept a totally unapologetic frame with great banter. Crossed the shitlord Rubicon. You could sense the unease in the audience.

    Gotta give him credit.

  2. Spencer – 88 -TRS = win

    He seemed appropriately chastised for the debacle in DC; except for that part (did you catch it?) Where a TRS “goy” started him on some irrelevant banter.

    That isn’t Spencers universe: a cordon sanitaire is needed so others of us can begin working the “alt right” into the political machine. I can’t do that when clowns are seig heiling.

    Let TRS and Daily Stormer types start white charities (since they love their people so much…) They can become our Hezbollah, earning the trust of normal people by helping the elderly, the sick and perhaps tutoring and mentoring the young.

    In the process they can also become better men; perhaps the greater outcome!

    Final thought: let’s get busy on the ground game and let the freaks on the other side scare the normies our way – what happens when Trump starts moving 2 to 3 million illegals out of our land? Will WE be ready? Let’s get ready.

    • I thought it was funny when he did the fat shaming. Lol. The phd geneticist really was a blob of DNA refuse.

    • You can denigrate TRS and DS all you want. Bottom line is we showed up and took on leftists of all stripes in hostile territory. No more than ten of us, outnumbered I’d estimate 50-1. Until folks like us are willing to put ourselves in harms way to accomplish our goals it’s nothing more than an echo chamber. Posting and debating on forums whether here or other sites while fun and stimulating is not courageous. I see you mentioned a ground game. I would love to talk further about that as I’m sure others in our movement would be. Hope to see you on the field of battle next time.

      • It’s not your willingness to take on the left that anyone doubts. It’s your woeful impression-management that rightly concerns people.

      • “we showed up and took on leftists of all stripes in hostile territory”

        And you accomplished … what?

        1. You gave the media a few juicy moments they can use to slander Spencer with.

        2. You made yourselves feel good.

        3. You gave the idiot anti-fas exactly what they wanted, some cartoon enemies on their own level.

        Afterthought was 100% correct. You guys should ignore the anti-fa filth, stop play-acting for the media, and instead do something useful: food drives for poor white people, fundraisers for white flood victims, maybe walk some old ladies home at night.

        You know, useful stuff.

        Screaming at the idiot anti-fas doesn’t do anyone any good, at all. If anything, it’s what the anti-fa want.

        Of course I don’t think any of you will take the advice, because your goal seems to be to get yourself attention and feeling tough, not helping white people.

        William Pierce, PBUH, had your types figured out years ago.

        • Uh yea. All of us to the person where normal looking white southerners. Not a skinhead to be seen. The fact you actually think anyone is walking around with shaved heads, suspenders and Doc Martens shows you have no idea what your talking about. I’m a 40 year old business owner who employs people, people with families. I have a family of my own that I provide for as well as giving thousands of dollars a year to folks in need. Perhaps you should look up the comment I made encouraging folks here to give to our fellow southerners in Gatlinburg. DS was the only site among the ones I visit that I saw a real charitable push. They are still promoting it. Last I looked around $12,000 has been donated. Men of action is what this movement needs not keyboard warriors sniping at those of us willing to put everything on the line.

          • Wow, that simple thought went right over your head, apparently.

            Did you do exactly what Pierce said you would do, and got in front of the cameras and yelled “14/88?” I’m virtually certain you used exactly those same words. So – you did not literally have a bald head, so that makes it ok?

            What did you accomplish by “taking on the leftists?”

            Did some regular white guy walk by your protest, listen to you screaming at the anti-fa and say, “yeah, he’s right, I’m going to become pro-white now!”

            Of course not.

            Think if, instead, you had ignored the anti-fa, attended the event, and asked Spencer an intelligent question?

            “Men of action is what this movement needs not keyboard”

            LOL – by “men of action” you mean “show up and do exactly what the anti-fa” does?

            For a group that spends most of your time posting online cartoons of underage Japanese girls dressed in Hitler outfits sticking Jews in gas chambers, it’s pretty hilarious that you call other people “keyboard warriors.”

            “Action” is great, but stupidly posturing in front of a camera and mimicking your supposed enemies, the anti-fa, is not particularly effective now is it?

            What did you hope to accomplish by this “protest?” “Take on the leftists” – ok, so what did it accomplish?

            I bet you scoured the TV and youtube to see what sort of media coverage you got, eh?

            Is getting on TV your goal?

            What did your “protest” actually accomplish?

          • No one yelled anything even close to that. Once again you have a caricature created in your mind. Until antifa was bussed in we had civil conversations with a multitude of students. The majority of which when told all that essentially what we are looking for is the ability to advocate for and assemble with our own race like all other races do, they generally agreed. There were more than a few students that actually sought me out and shook my hand respectfully. As to engaging with antifa you of course end up shouting back at them and aggressively defending your views. They get in your personal space and attack you from every angle. It is difficult not to lose it and not curb stomp them. We of course did not but to back down and simply walk away shows weakness. There is word we use in the military for that. Coward. If you think everyone being intellectual and milquetoast is the way forward that’s fine, but remember they’re going to call you a Nazi anyway.

          • “People who talk about ‘fighting the enemy in the streets’ really aren’t interested in winning, they just get a buzz from talking about ‘fighting the enemy in the streets.’ Their talk is pure self-indulgence, pure hobbyism.” — William Pierce.

          • Hmm. So by the same logic that would apply to those of us that join the military. You are absolutely right that there is a certain thrill to danger and putting your life on the line for a cause greater than yourself. A real man should yearn to prove himself in battle among other men. That has been completely natural since time began.

          • “by the same logic that would apply to those of us that join the military.”

            What? Where the hell do you get the idea that joining the military has anything, at all, to do with aping the typical tactics of the left and “protesting” the anti-fa?

            You do realize that hanging around on the street corner and screaming “fuck you anti-fa” for the Jewsmedia is not actually accomplishing anything worthwhile, right?

          • Can you not fucking understand that they are going to call us Nazis no matter how reasonable and deferential we are. Once again no one was acting like you are claiming. If you are not willing to take the fight to the enemy then you are useless to this cause. Anyone attacking those that are willing to put reasonable action to words are at best a coward.

          • I’m a Gen X business owner from the South. I too employ a small number of people and have a family of my own. The content at the DS in general doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t really understand the culture at the DS (or TRS for that matter) and for that reason I would never try to participate in it even if I wanted to. With some exceptions, I see the DS as a venue for the younger generation.

            The chance that I would show up in front of news cameras and start yelling 1488 is zero. I’m not going to harm myself or others by doing that, even though I have great deal of sympathy for radical perspectives.

            I am interested in hearing from you on what you feel you accomplished that did not help Jewry advance its narrative that Richard Spencer is simply a well dressed and mannered skinhead.

          • At some point you have to stand in front of these fools and assertively say yes I am a white nationalist and what of it. Hell the most hardcore thing I saw was one of Spencer’s guys stride right through the middle of the crowd and yell “Hail Victory fuck you all”. I have to say with the number of obvious beta males currently involved in White Nationalism the fact a handful of us showed up is the accomplishment. Remember no matter how thoughtful and restrained you are, they are always going to call you a Nazi. It’s all they have

          • ” the fact a handful of us showed up is the accomplishment.”

            So, not really much of an accomplishment at all, it simply gave you a rush to scream “fuck you” at the anti-fa.

            And you did play right into the media narrative that Richard Spencer is nothing but a “Nazi in a suit.”

            “At some point you have to stand in front of these fools and assertively say yes I am a white nationalist and what of it.”

            Why the hell would anyone ever need to do that? What the hell is that supposed to accomplish?

            Do you also go to a black neighborhood and “protest” the dindus? Why the hell would anyone bother? What the hell is the point of that?

      • I was there. The TRS DS contingent was very hard to find, and I was purposefully looking. The ones I saw repulsed pretty much every one that saw them.

        Ground game is invisible to the media. Inevitably the far left will push Normies to our Safe Harbor, provided it is a safe harbor.

        • Not sure how we would have been hard to find. You just had to look for the folks surrounded by the crowd and media. I’m not sure by what you mean repulsed. We were all just normal looking white dudes. As far as media we were approached and interviewed by PBS, NPR, CBS, local stations from Houston and Dallas as well as A&Ms media.

          • A couple dudes showed up towards the end who I at least didn’t know and did when we were surrounded by antifa. That was long after the media left though. The most hardcore thing I saw came from one of Spencer’s guys. When we were inside he walked out like he owned the place and said “Hail Victory, Fuck You All”. Right in the middle of the BLM/Antifa moment of silence. Media was all over the place then. I’m of the opinion that throwing Roman Salutes at this point isn’t a good idea, but when your surrounded by hundreds of rabid leftists I can see someone throwing it out of aggression and to trigger them. Like I have said anything you do or say your going to get called a Nazi.

  3. Absolutely fucking amazing performance. These darkies and cucks are not used to hearing white men speak like this. The panic in their voices was tangible. “I don’t know why I’m wasting my time” said one…where is my
    Stapler have you seen my

    • His lack of apology would be truly effective if he actually defended ‘white’ people’s economic and political rights, instead of punting on the issue and using some formless notion of ‘identity’ to explain how we’re all going to live with each other.

      • Whatever, maybe if he’d rolled into a
        ball and moaned about women’s rights he’d have impressed. He made many converts last night. Lots of the liberal and conservative white boys got to witness a chimp out directed at a mild mannered upper middle class white boy.

      • ETA I fundamentally distrust any ‘white’ identity that lacks this sociopolitical aspect. For one, separation would come much more quickly if leaders were to emphasize it, as the non-whites will NEVER accept that europeans should have equal rights. That alone would galvanize us. Yet no one does that. Our supposed advocates are elitists with something up their sleeve.

      • White Identity is essential to who and what we are because it is what we are born with. Economic and political matters are secondary, and one can change them in an eyeblink. Think deeper.

  4. “The left agrees with you. Doesn’t that tell you something about Conservatism? Maybe that it’s useless?”

    • He did a good job. I might have to take a second look at Spencer. He did a fine job mocking the niggers and treating them like children.

      • He BTFOed the Rabbi on inclusion too. The Jews don’t want radical inclusion of third world trash in Israel as Spencer points out. They just want to repress whites in white homelands. It’s old
        News to many commenters here but no Jew can come at him easily after that exchange.

    • Get on your speaking tour…Spencer’s keeping to a frame here.

      Trigger the niggers and wake up fence sitting whites who witness the chimpout.

        • Meanwhile back in the real world…


          Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

          The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

          Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

          What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

          How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

          And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

          But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
          genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

          They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

          Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

          • I live in the real world, in which, if someone asks me whether I’m a racist, I say, “Yes.”

          • Racist is a made up word, used exclusively to suppress Whites while they take everything from us. When your oppressor calls you a made up word that in practice means you are evil and have no rights to even object, you agree with him.

          • I can give no more attention to this our exchange. If there’s something further you’d like to say, it will be the last word.

          • I’m a Race-ist. You can say it’s a made up word, but that does nothing to change the fact that most people who identify as pro-White do so because of a belief system that goes against the PC narrative that proclaims race doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter.

            Racist is just a word that seems to be extremely fluid, with no real borders or boundaries dictating what you, as a White person, can do to have that label attached to you. You don’t have to kill or hurt anyone. You don’t have to verbally abuse anyone. You don’t have to even hate anyone. The only thing that is required is that you are White, don’t believe in Multiculturalism, and/or find yourself arguing with a non-White or someone who is trying to convince you about the Multicultural/Multiracial utopian paradise that awaits you if you just stop thinking for yourself and allow them to think for you. That’s really all that is required.

            Richard Spencer is dead wrong when it comes to his view that nobody identifies with the word racist. He should have thought a little more before twisting his argument into a semantical pretzel. I sure in the hell don’t identify with anti-racists.

            If they want to build you an army of “Racists,” then let them build you an army.

          • With all due respect to everyone concerned who says that this or that is a made up word–EVERY word in every language is a made up word. Nothing in existence comes with name tags. Humans make up words to describe things.

          • I’ll guess that the man in the video below is your idea of someone who’s “lifted a finger.” It’s Preston Wiginton, who arranged Richard Spencer’s appearance at Texas A&M. God knows how many years he’s been involved in white nationalism; but apart from a remark about the supposed naturalness of not wanting to be racially displaced, all he can offer when he’s given a forum on CNN, no less, is a remark about IQ and “behavior,” plus a remark about the difficulty of America’s absorbing Somalis, because they’re from a “completely different culture.” Never once, in short, does it occur to him to say he wants to save the white race BECAUSE HE LOVES IT.

            Whether or not you recognize it, lad, the fate of the white race will be decided by its thinkers—if it has any—not by the thugs who are ready to brawl with SJWs; not by the plebs who use the term “autist” for any white man to whom punctuation is not an occult art; not by the whining working class that vainly parrots instructions for talking its way around the word “racist,” as we see it parroting in the present comment section. What the video below shows—in case you’re too busy listening to yourself talk to spot it—is why Jews are dominating whites worldwide …

          • “Racist” is their word. Agreeing with it gives it legitimacy and puts you on the defensive.
            “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” is correct response.

          • We all know the Mantra. It is not necessary on this site or others like it. Many of us have been involved in this for 20 years or more.

          • You waste time talking to him. Shortly he will tell you something to the effect that you have not kissed his ass enough and therefore “it will be the last word” you will be allowed to say to him. LOL.

  5. It’s not bad. He was neither impressive nor disappointing. Spencer seems like he might have some potential at public speaking, but needs some pointers. He had to continuously keep pulling up his pants. That was annoying to have to keep watching. Your pants being that loose should be realized long before getting up on a platform, and taken care of by either tightening your belt or changing pants. Too much arm waving, almost to the point of “flaming.” He needs to stop doing that. Ditto the arm raising, whether with a clenched fist or not, which he did a few times. It just doesn’t add anything and has the potential for too much negative baggage and commentary. The cussing detracts from your stature in this kind of context and setting. Plus it just seems to not go well with him, anyway, like gotees and Harley leather just doesn’t look right on nerds.

    Straightening these problems out and tightening up his act, Spencer might just become a good asset.

  6. Liberals always frame their questions in a sort of inverse “have you stopped beating your wife” way. They frame everything in such a way as to make it sound bad to disagree with them. You could use the technique as follows:

    “How can you be against being in a closed room with another human being?” But the human being in question is Charles Manson.

    “What possible objection can you have had to being on this beach? The water is so nice. The wind is comfortable, and the sun feels so good. It is such a beautiful day!” But the beach in question is at Normandy and the day is D-day.

    “What have you got against people getting along and living in peace?” But we are not getting along because different groups of people can and do have radically different world views and vision of the future. A sober and responsible businessman or Ph.d physics student simply will be at odds trying to live with a methhead that wants to stay up all night listening to loud music. The twang is not going to meet.

  7. Very well handled by Richard Spencer. He’s sympathetic, unapologetic and has great arguments while his enemies reveal themselves to be morons. White normies with above average IQ should be ripe for the picking with this stuff.

    Greetings from Sweden, and as always: no enemies to the (alt)right!

    • His tactic is to get the niggers to chimp while he
      performs an upper middle class grad student routine. It’s going to resonate in the seminar room.

  8. You can see the media is going to use Spencer to get to Trump. How many reporters were at Texas A&M, 50?? 100?? Now what does Trump do?? Disavow the truth?? Disavow whites??? You can see how the media is going to play.

  9. An effete trust fund baby accuses others of being ‘fat losers who do nothing.’ He comes across as a supercilious spoiled primadonna. He talks about ‘his people.’ Who exactly would that be?

    ‘Whiteness’ is a dead end. He had less in common with his eurasian wife than I have with plenty of american blacks. The concept of race was used to force jews into the anglo people’s polity, just as it was used against the irish who can’t (according to 23andme) be biologically distinguished from the english in spite of centuries of attempts to construe them as an inferior alien group.

    Southerners will have to fly a new banner that unites the (southern) anglocelt people, not one that invokes some abstract concept that divided them. A slave labor class of blacks did just that, by setting the black and ‘white’ working people against each other. Segregation based on ‘race’ oppressed the white masses just as much as the black.

    Distinct ‘races’ is a jewish concept, except when it comes to acknowledging the Jewish Nation which immediately becomes a separate ethnicity and people defined by common blood and culture.

    Don’t let the jews define you. They adopted the abstract notion of citizenship and enough native european blood (ashkenazi jews are about half semitic and half european as a whole) to claim to be ‘white’ in the tribe-less abstraction that is America, which has become their ultimate vehicle for the total enslavement of our people.

    • I think you’re confusing old style Marxist “class warfare” with new style, and highly more successful, Marxist “race warfare”. White’s are bad and evil and need to disappear, period. It doesn’t matter where they come from or what sub group they belong to. Once the world is purged of them we can usher in the “Worker’s Paradise” for all of humanity.

      • Disqus has you asking me if I have a ‘weight problem.’

        America has a weight problem, or haven’t you noticed? At this point I could lose maybe 10 pounds from a taller and more athletic than average frame, which plague me for various reasons. According to american distortion I’m normal. to even slim for my age group.

        Besides that blacks and hispanics (especially females) are weighing down this country with their extreme obesity stats, whites are also fatties compared to our european counterparts. But it’s middle and lower class whites who are on average heavier than the wealthy. Corporate America wants us fat. The Food, Pharma and Medical lobbies plot to make us so at every turn.

        Not every white american can afford to shop at Whole Foods and work out in their custom designed 3 million dollar mansion’s gym.

    • You are way off base and so much so in fact that one wonders what your true motives are. Are you just here to create division?

  10. Spencer turned in an impressive performance by any measure. It was hilarious how he handled the fat African woman who refused to give up the microphone. Some of the blacks looked as if they were getting ready to chimp out. Fortunately, he had some security at this event (burly white guys with shaved heads). All in all a solid event.

  11. Trump’s transition team fired Flynn’s son for a tweet asserting that Pizzagate was true. An ominous horizon looms. Dailystormer tries to claim Trump wants to retain control over the issue so he can use it against his enemies, but any authentic reformer wouldn’t repress the people’s right to access the truth themselves.

    • What is ominous about it? In an organization you keep to an approved script. Flynn’s son doesn’t need to be on Twitter discussing scandals.

    • He ought to get fired, Pizzagate is crackpot shit. Hillary may be a selfish liberal, but if you think Hillary would approve of such a thing like that you’ve gone off the deep end. Liberal DAs love to catch kiddie fiddlers and nail their asses in court to build their reputation. These people are weak loners, not the Bilderburger guys in “Eyes Wide Shut.”

      • There are a lot of rumors and allegations that circulate about Hilary Clinton, some of which I reject with certainty, like that she was the ‘fixer’ for her husband’s sexual assaults. I reject this because I consider her husband’s accusers lacking in any credibility. Their stories simply don’t square and the evidence discrediting them is considerable.

        What is proven fact is that Hillary defended, with glee, a man who raped or molested I think a girl in some legal case in Little Rock. There is a tape of her bragging about it. So your contention that ‘liberal DA’s love to catch kiddie fiddlers’ is easily disproven in her case, and I think in most cases.

        Further, this article asserts that half of child sexual assailants don’t experience sexual attraction to their victims, which I guess distinguishes between pedophilia and child molesters: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/06/opinion/pedophilia-a-disorder-not-a-crime.html?_r=3

        There exists compelling and conclusive evidence that pedophilia and organized rings to practice it occur among the elites. Some people I know suggest that raping kids is some ultimate power trip that goes beyond sexual wiring. I personally can’t fathom it but it seems some ‘experts’ might agree.

    • The important thing to notice and understand is that Trump is fully in charge and will fire anyone who he feels is not good for what he wants to do to turn things around in this country. And, he’ll fire them very fast. No one is immune. And, this is a good thing. Trump doesn’t pussyfoot.

  12. At around 45 minutes some ‘minority’ asserts that all whites ‘stomped on’ them. Spencer actually agreed with this liberal revisionist.

    I am ‘whiter’ than Spencer, if you look at my skin, about as white as you can get without being albino. My american ancestors, like most white americans, oppressed NO ONE. They built everything for themselves, got zip from ‘minorities.’

    Anyone who doesn’t take issue with Spencer’s lies can go sniff brandy with him. Leave revolution to real men (and women).

  13. RS did a good job. It is clear that he is for Whites First. As am I. He didn’t back down or look weak and run and hide when asked the usual anti-White questions. He said exactly the right things to the Rabbi—EXACTLY THE RIGHT THINGS!

    • Well, he forgot to tell him to get in the oven, but perhaps it wasn’t the right place and time. … wait, no, fuck that, it’s always the right place and time.

  14. Anyone here stomping on Richard Spencer is most likely (((controlled opposition))) and deserves to be punched in the face.

    Anti-Spencer is another name for anti-American.

  15. Up to 1970s.many western white countries were still national socialists.Farmers,mechanics,college intelectuals,street cleaners, factory workers,national guard,police,etc. what time is it now..

  16. Amazing that the Rabbi, emblematic of the smug faction of Jewry in the West, thought that all he had to do was cite ‘muh inclusion’. Take note of how easily Richard turned that around with Jewish hypocrisy on Israel. I can’t believe how quickly and effectively that shut the Rab up.

    OTOH, no one should think Jews will not quickly evolve comebacks on this. Any thoughts on what they will be?

    • In my experience, when confronted with Richard’s point, Jews usually appeal to their small numbers and long history, arguing that if they didn’t exclude they would disappear as a people. Often, they make this argument in conjunction with some form of the claim that, unlike Jewishness, white and whiteness are not meaningful identities and/or historically were brought into being only to justify colonialism and white supremacy.

      • Their ‘Whiteness is not real’ argument should be easy to deal with, both logically if there is time and interest in an HBD tack, and rhetorically (‘if Whiteness doesn’t exist, we can’t have any special privilege and we can’t ever have oppressed anyone’).

        The second is a little tougher, since White absolute numbers are one reason the White Genocide meme is an uphill push. Something like ‘why should Whites allow our power to wane in the nations of our ancestors’ could be effective.

        • White genocide is real. It is bedroom genocide that is being foisted on us. Swamp White lands with non-Whites and soon there is so much miscegenation that the nation turns non-White and Whites go extinct.

          • Sure you and I agree that White genocide is real. We might even agree that the Bob Whitaker approach has some merit.

            But as a rhetorical device for spokesmen like Richard, White genocide has some problems. One is that it’s part of the ‘look what they’re doing to us now’ era of WN that was beginning to close even before June 2015 when Trump announced, whereas the great turnaround in our movement in the last 18 months has mostly been by rejecting a mentality of losing and embracing one of winning.

            Another is that you can’t convince anyone by the White genocide argument who isn’t already pretty sympathetic to us. Sure you and I know that even a 95% White country like Norway is at risk from Jew media portrayals of miscegenation coupled with women’s bad-boy quest unleashed by Jew feminism, but an antagonist will just point to the 95% Whites and laugh. The argument probably can gain traction only when White minority status is imminent, like in America, but even here it doesn’t work, because America has been a nation of winners for so long, and the America of winners was White America by definition.

      • We Whites will determine our meaningful identity, not Jews or other non-Whites. We Whites do not need to take advice from them or from anyone else and we must never again dance to their tunes. We are a distinct people and we have our own path, which is separate from other paths, to take. Jews and other non-Whites should mind their own business and we will mind our own business.

      • Just say to any Kike you have the misfortune of meeting, “Would you like to get in the oven? … No? Me neither!”

      • “Clearly, you view having an identity as beneficial. If you didn’t, you’d abandon your Jewish identity. There have never been more opportunities to abandon your identity and embrace diversity than there are today. But you don’t abandon it, you maintain it and nourish it. If having an identity is good, then by denying whites and identity you are hurting us – how can you not see that?”

        Regarding the creation of whiteness,

        “Race is a biological reality, no matter what anti-racist pseudoscientists have to say about. That said, racial identities react to racial conditions. In Europe, it made no sense to identify as white because everyone was white. In the ‘New World,’ differences between Europeans paled in comparison to differences between Europeans and non-Europeans so white identity made complete sense.”

        Lastly, fucking Jews man. What can you say about a group whose own holy people (the rabbis) are some of the most shameless lying scum on the planet?

      • Trump just appointed a GOP-approved, establishment general named Kelly to lead DHS. He didn’t even endorse Trump.

        • You just can’t get your facts and information straight, can you? First you wrote that Kobach was appointed and you were wrong. Now you suggest that Kelly, a retired Marine General. is a bad choice. You are wrong on all counts.

          • Read my comment. It explains it. Kobach was NOT appointed. And, as a former Marine, I’ll tell you that Kelly is going to be good at that position.

          • What I meant to say was Trump sold us out by not appointing Kobach to that job.

            Kelly doesn’t have the kind of record on immigration that Kobach has.

  17. Why did Spencer allow jews and coloreds into the auditorium? It should have been for White Men only.

    I find Spencer’s speeches are very helpful — when I have trouble falling asleep.

  18. “Israel was founded as a Jewish state, US was founded on equality and inclusion.”

    Yep, that,s how left supremacy works. It remembers me my first military commander who answered every “why” question with words ” because I say so “

    • That it is why it is so paramount to become part of the “because I say so” group. No amount of reason, facts or appeals for our survival will help whites if they don’t control their own destiny.

  19. They had a blurb on this on channel 11 out of Dallas. The only thing mentioned was how upset the local Communist anti-Whites were and how they planned to counter Spencer.

  20. From CBS DFW Channel 11 Dallas.

    Reports say at least 10,000 students have signed a petition to get the university to cancel the speech, but officials say they’re not going to call it off citing free speech laws.

    That’s amazing. And so undemocratic and unSoviet of them.

    • The university has 50,000 students. That means 4/5 of them refused to sign the petition.

      And you have to know there was a huge push for everyone to sign it.

  21. Wow. Like wow. Very, very impressive in the current year!

    I’ve been extremely critical of Spencer for years now, but that was a brilliant performance, speech, Q&A session, attack against our enemies.

    He’s still soft on The Kike, but maybe he’ll get that right too one day.

    I don’t regret having been so critical of him, because I think he has (or had?) a tendency towards effetism and narcissistic pseudo-intellectualism, and perhaps the widespread criticism he’s faced, combined with the fact that some people he trusted stabbed him in the back, and the recent kike-media and SJW hate-fest against him — he seems like a new man. His manner, demeanour, attitude, body-language have all changed.

    He seems to have finally become who he is, to paraphrase his mantra. Or he’s well in his way there.

    He also seems to have had a few vodka martinis before giving his speech, shaken, not stirred.

    He really grabbed some pussy in Texas.

    Hail Richard Fucking Spencer, a man among men!

  22. This Pizza-Gate stuff.

    Let’s say there was no pedo-ring. I’m rather skeptical of it myself.

    But just look at that pizzeria. What kind of freako place is that?

    And why are some of the ‘most powerful’ people in DC such downright perverts and degenerates?

    The fish rots from the head. Degenerates run government, institutions, and culture.

    Government and judges push homo agenda. College push porn and 50 genders. Hollywood pushes drugs and tattoos. Disney turns girls into whores.

    And this isn’t just a ‘left’ vs ‘right’ problem. A lot of Trump voters were ass-tattoo freaks. The working class grew up on Jerry Springer, WWE, mentally deranged metal music, or Goth freakery.

    And middle class kids grew up on the nerdy black magic of Harry Potter whose teacher is a happy ass-man.

    Whether it’s elites and their Pervert Pizza or the underclass with their degeneracy, it’s ugly all around.


    We need Vito-Corleonism.

    This is how a man should be:



  23. Too bad the video goes black when he’s talking to the guy with the tshirt. There’s a lot of good in this video, but that’s my favorite part.

  24. I’d have answered some of the challenges a little differently, but it was a great show of wit, courage and audacity by Richard Spencer. Three cheers for his great appearance.

  25. CNN are KKK Nazis

    Dear fellow Constitutional Republican extremist patriots, the Kikes who own and run CNN and Time-Warner must be boycotted, because they treat their niggers like slaves!

    Black employees file class-action lawsuit against CNN, Turner, Time-Warner

    Rodney Ho, AJC Radio & TV Talk blog, December 7, 2016

    Former and current black employees on Tuesday filed a class action lawsuit against Atlanta-based CNN, Turner Broadcasting and New York based parent company Time Warner for racial discrimination.

    “As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination,” said Daniel Meachum said in a press release.

    The press release provided a photo of DeWayne Walker, a CNN producer who sued CNN individually in January for $50 million for racial discrimination and retaliation for filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He accused CNN of not promoting him over 13 years because he is black, skipped over frequently for promotions in favor of white employees.

    According to his LinkedIn page, Walker is an integrated marketing manager at CNN.

    Walker is not actually a plaintiff in this particular case but is a client of Meachum’s and his individual lawsuit is still active. Celeslie Henley, a former executive administrative assistant at CNN, and Ernest Colbert Jr., a senior manager at TBS, are the only named plaintiffs though Meachum said 20 to 30 other unnamed current and former Turner employees helped him out with information about their experiences.

    “This discrimination represents a company-wide pattern and practice,” the lawsuit asserts, “rather than a series of isolated incidents.” He said the company has been discriminating against blacks for more than 20 years.

    The 40-page lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia said blacks – especially black males – are discriminated against in evaluations, compensation and promotions. Blacks receive “disproportionately lower scores on evaluations,” the lawsuit alleges.

    It says based on data provided by Turner, blacks are terminated at a higher rate than whites and promoted at a significantly slower rate. And the lawsuit said written and unwritten policies and practices for performing evaluations and promotions discriminate against blacks. Those policies “allow supervisors to essentially handpick candidates through word of mouth for available positions and make promotion decisions on the basis of subjective criteria,” the lawsuit said. “This system prevents qualified African-Americans from competing equally for positions or even knowing that they are available.”

    Meachum said at a press conference Wednesday morning at his downtown Atlanta office that he has been collecting information about CNN and Turner for three years before filing the class-action suit.

    “Upon information and belief,” the suit says, “African-American employees have had to endure racial slurs and prejudicial biases from superiors such as, ‘it’s hard to manage black people’ and ‘who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves.’ ”

    Meachum said he is “outraged as an African American lawyer to have to sit down and go through the facts with people telling what I’ve been told these past three years.”

    While blacks make up 30 to 35 percent of CNN’s mid-level managerial and staffing positions, the lawsuit said, “they are drastically under-represented at higher pay grades and senior positions, while still being required to generally labor three times as long as Caucasians [for promotions.].”

    And even blacks in the highest positions are not in the more crucial departments, the lawsuit said. In the Media Group Division, the Legal Division and Strategy Division, for instance, not a single black person is represented at the top levels, it said.

    Henley, 44 of Fairburn, worked at CNN for seven years as an executive administrative assistant. She alleged that she was mistreated in the workforce based on race, sex and pregnancy. She said she worked far longer hours than her white counterparts. And she said she was treated significantly worse after coming back from maternity leave. She said she was fired as retaliation for complaining to HR in early 2014.

    Colbert, 44, of Ellenwood, has worked at TBS for almost 20 years. He claimed in the lawsuit that he was consistently paid below grade level compared to comparable white employees. He also said he failed to receive a proper job description for nine years and was given senior-level managerial work without being properly compensated. He was promoted in August, 2016 to senior manager but said he is still underpaid compared to his white counterparts with comparable jobs. “Additionally, years of Mr. Colbert’s positive performance evaluations have been nullified due to TBS’s failure to maintain Mr. Colbert’s personnel file,” the lawsuit said.

    In the lawsuit, Colbert said he repeatedly requested to be promoted to a higher pay grade. A white person who had held his position previously was promoted to a job grade several levels above Colbert’s while performing the same job duties, he said.

    The class action covers all blacks employed in salaried and mid-level managerial positions in the United States at any time between April, 1997 to the present.

    “I’ve seen people at Turner that have worked there for 14, 15 years with a total raise over that time of $5,000 to $6,000. That’s horrible,” Meachum said. “That is not the face that I think Turner and CNN wants to put on. That’s the reality of the people who work there.”

    At least three others have filed individual lawsuits against CNN over the past three years.

    In October, 2014, a field producer in Los Angeles Stanley Wilson filed a $5 million wrongful termination suit against CNN.Former CNN writer/producer Ricky Blalock filed a lawsuit in December 2015 over racial discrimination. He left the company soon after.In October, 2016, former producer and writer Omar Butcher sued CNN for racial and religious discrimination.

    When I asked CNN president Jeff Zucker about the lawsuits last month, he declined to comment. A CNN spokeswoman today declined to comment about the latest lawsuit.

    Meachum, who represents Walker, showed up on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to help out Cynthia Bailey this season with her divorce to Peter Thomas. (She has yet to file. He said they are trying to put the entire divorce together and have it all agreed upon before filing anything.) Meachum also represented actor Wesley Snipes for many years.

  26. I was embarrassed for the lady who wouldn’t let go of the mic. She’s so dumb she didn’t realize how dumb she was. Spencer criticizes academia as a culture, and she takes that to mean he’s anti-intellectual. He makes a defensible statement that he doesn’t accept her framing on “racism,” so she thinks it’s OK to deny everyone else the right to free speech.

    I would just ask her to define what a racist is, and then disagree or agree that I’m a racist.

  27. To those that weren’t there, all you know is what the press tells you. You didn’t see the looks of disgust on the student’s faces seeing the smelly antifa do their thing. The antis got so out of control, riot police were sent in to shut them down. And hundreds of White students saw it.

    You didn’t feel the change in energy in the room when Spencer said, we can pick our own damn crops and mow our own damn yards.

    This was a huge win for pro-White politics, probably the biggest thing to happen since the days of GLR. And this is what some of you are complaining about?

    Spencer red pilled more kids in that one night than most of us could hope for in a lifetime.

  28. I zipped through Spencer’s speech which was fairly good on the whole, however, I laughed when he said there are no objective measures in determining which race is superior when someone asked him about White supremacy.

    That is absurd.

    Make a list of the most important aspects of making life tolerable on this planet and one would realize that negros are unnecessary unless one values hip-hop.

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