Charlie Sykes: I Thought We Were Cucks Around Here

Hell, I thought so too, Charlie.

Everyone thought so. No one believed that Trump was going to win Wisconsin. Not the pundits. Not the pollsters. Not Hillary Clinton. Not Paul Ryan. Not even Donald Trump and his own campaign. Trump’s victory there was the most shocking result on election night and the moment I knew he had won the election:

“MILWAUKEE — After nearly 25 years, I’m stepping down from my daily conservative talk radio show at the end of this month. I’m not leaving because of the rise of Donald J. Trump (my reasons are personal), but I have to admit that the campaign has made my decision easier. The conservative media is broken and the conservative movement deeply compromised.

In April, after Mr. Trump decisively lost the Wisconsin Republican primary, I had hoped that we here in the Midwest would turn out to be a firewall of rationality. Our political culture was distinctly inhospitable to Mr. Trump’s divisive, pugilistic style; the conservatives who had been successful here had tended to be serious, reform-oriented and able to express their ideas in more than 140 characters. But in November, Wisconsin lined up with the rest of the Rust Belt to give the presidency to Mr. Trump.

How on earth did that happen? …”

Who would have ever thought it would be Wisconsin? He almost won Minnesota!

What is Charlie carping about now though? The #NeverTrumpers were dead wrong about Donald Trump. So far, he has appointed a bunch of conservatives to the Cabinet and federal agencies – Betsy DeVos, Andy Puzder, Rick Perry, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt. That’s Energy, Labor, Education, Health and Human Services and the EPA right there. For all the whining about Rex Tillerson, he is the second coming of Dick Cheney.

If you were a #NeverTrumper, why aren’t you pleasantly surprised by Trump’s Cabinet picks? He’s advancing your policy agenda. I guess for Charlie and the #NeverTrumper diehards it was all about the virtue-signaling.

Note: I remember almost falling out of my chair when CNN called Wisconsin for Trump. I remember yelling across the house to my wife, “you’re never going to believe this. Trump has won Wisconsin. He’s going to be the next president.”

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  1. I expected OH, MI, and WI – Especially the latter two. Rick Snyder and Scott Walker GOPvernors and they are now “right to work states” in blue-collar strong-holds. I wasn’t sure about PA – it is the Philleftists v.s. the Pittsteelers, but it didn’t surprise me. It may have been WV and Hillary wanting to disemploy coal miners there to their faces (WV #2 majority, WY, also big coal state was #1).

    Hillary had ZERO blue-collar union outreach (except for screeching why am I not up 50 electoral votes in a vid). Trump was on fire the whole time across the rust-belt.

    Minnesota! If they did a recount there… That did shock me. Al-Franken was a razor’s edge, but they imported more Somali – or maybe that is the reason.

  2. The problem Hillary had is hardly anyone turned up to her events. Just looking at pictures of her tiny rallies, I knew she was finished weeks before the election. None of the pundits commented on this, just ordinary Joes on chat forums.

    The only thing that concerned me was establishment cheating. Did they understand how much cheating was needed and where it needed to be done to make their win look convincing? Obviously not, they believed words on paper, the polls, over what they saw in the real world and so they lost.

  3. Wisconsin has always been dominated with the same sort of socialists (that is Marxists) that still rule Minnesota. Scott Walker’s success demonstrates that enough people living there, virtually none of which are white southerners, are sick and tired of the vacant promises of Marxists and have moved towards Trump’s middle of the road politics.

    I don’t consider Trump any sort of nationalist, I dare say no one born and raised in New York can be a nationalist of substance.

  4. The self seekers chosen by Trump cannot reassure anyone. Why? Their positions are always subordinate to their ambitions, and will change whenever it seems helpful to change.

    Trump is no different, we can only hope to sway the political calculus long enough to get a wall and some deportations.

    • This is key.

      The wall is talismanic or token but it’s what he’s been elected to do.

      Of course it also means beaners must be aggressively deported.

      Everything else we want is going to be triggered by implimenting this simple twofer.

  5. I was getting out of my car at the supermarket when characters on a local radio station said that Trump had won Iowa and Wisconsin. Like you, HW, right then I knew that Trump had won (knowing that he had taken OH and FL and figuring that he would hold on to all Romney states).

    Credit goes to Sam.

    How many states did Trump lose to fraud and illegal votes? Minnesota, Nevada, Colorado, maybe Virginia?

  6. I’m done listening to these people. They are going to be gibbering on about “principles” that no one cares about anymore and virtue signaling to people who hate them when America is a lost cause on the ash heap of history!

    They are not serious voices in American politics anymore.

  7. Cuck Sykes had to step down because when people know that the controlled opposition *is* controlled opposition… it is no longer useful as controlled opposition.

    I wonder when (((Michael Medved))) and Hugh Hewitt will step down?

  8. Personally, I don’t care if Russia or any other nation interfered in US elections.

    US isn’t ruled by a national government but by globalist oligarchy.

    So, who cares if one bunch of foreigners interfere with another bunch of foreigners?

    Globalists are foreigners in every country. US globalists may be US citizens, but their loyalty is not to the US. It is like Merkel is not a national leader. She is a globalist and, as such, a foreign ruler of Germany. She certainly doesn’t serve German interests. She is only nominally the leader of Germany. She is really a foreign agent even if of German origin.

    CIA is not a national organization. It is controlled by globalists. As such, it serves foreign entities.

    So, let’s say the CIA is right. Suppose Russians did play a role in US politics.

    I don’t care. If anything, I think that’s great.

    When Americans are ruled by one bunch of foreigners — the globalists — ,what does it matter if US politics got interfered by another bunch of foreigners, the Russians?

    If anything, it is good for the people’s liberation.

    When Vietnam was ruled by the French, their eventual liberation was hastened by Japanese taking power from the French. Japanese, another bunch of foreigners, knocked out the French, the current foreign rulers, and thus, French rule over Vietnam was weakened, and that gave the opening for the Vietnamese national uprising.

    So, if Russian interference weakens globalist-foreign rule over America, it’s all for the good.

    It loosens globo-oligarchic control over America, and it gives the People an opening to rise up and rebel.

    Besides, the US came into being ONLY BECAUSE the French helped the revolutionaries against the British.

    If US were ruled by a truly national-patriotic government and if another nation interfered in US politics, that would make me angry. But as the US is ruled by alien-globalists, I welcome any foreign power to interfere and weaken the grip of the current globo-oligarchs in the US.

    Besides, the US has no right to complain since it’s been interfering and subverting regimes and cultures all over the world. It’s even been forcing homo agenda on all nations.

    Down with globo-US.


  9. “… the conservatives who had been successful here had tended to be serious, reform-oriented…”

    And this is why you have jack to show for it because you are a collection of damn losers and Jew fawners.

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