Julia Ioffe Fired By Politico

All I got to say is … LOL.


That’s the smallest violin in the world playing for Julia Ioffe who made the rounds in the media during the campaign basically portraying herself as a Holocaust victim of Alt-Right internet trolls. That shit got really old.

Some of my favorite Twitter personalities were banned because of that. Not cool.

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  1. Jews don’t ruin their careers by making offensive statements or telling outright lies. Jewish privilege protects them. Judith Miller who wrote lies in the New York Times about WMD in Iraq is working for Fox news. Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor of the Jewish supremacist Atlantic magazine has been accused of torturing Palestinian detainees while working as a guard in Israel.

  2. I hear that The Atlantic won’t receive access to the Trump White House.

    This ugly (((bitch))) seems to have spent much of this year specializing in writing articles attacking Melania. Oh, the proud and noble profession of journalism.

    (I see that on Twitter those whom (((they))) dislike get “shoahed.” Another favorite was suspended today. Every time I think about joining this happens.)

  3. Was she serious? Was this a case of her just making a hostile, vulgar remark out of hostility? That just puts her on the same level as the usual anti-Trump vulgar comedian celebrity railing about moving to Canada such as that fat ugly girl on that degenerate HBO show. Or was she serious about this? Which takes her to the level of alt-left Crackpot.

  4. That vile jewess issued an apology but she probably did so under pressure from her new bosses at (((The Atlantic))). Being a “respectable” publication they don’t want to deal with any embarrassing controversy or potential legal action from the Trump family.

  5. She engineered all this as a calculated publicity stunt. She was already on the way out at Politico anyway. Very telling that the (((Atlantic))) is keeping her. I wonder if they even greenlit the tweet.

  6. Oh, my boy Benji! Such a genius! Supreme court justice already! How we love to lord it over the goyim. Their Shabbos Goys, such obedient chumps for us.

  7. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Politico reporter Julia Ioffe fired after tweeting Trump “F*CKS His Daughter.” Today she was given her own show on CNN.

  8. Kike Media:

    Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me.

    By The Reverend Ruth Everhart (pastor of Hermon Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Md), The Washington Post, December 16, 2016

    Church culture tends to be fixated on sexual purity year-round, but during Advent, I’m tempted to blame it on the Virgin Mary. After all, she set an impossibly high bar. Now the rest of us are stuck trying to be both a virgin and a mother at the same time. It does not seem to matter that this is biologically impossible. Can you at least try?

    I was raised in the church and taught to be a good girl, by which I mean obedient, quiet and sexually pure. That worked reasonably well until I was 20. During my senior year of college, my housemates and I were the victims of a home invasion. The intruders held us for hours and took turns raping us at gunpoint.

    The crime became bound up in a sense of sexual shame. I wondered constantly: Did I somehow deserve to be raped? Had the rape ruined me irreparably? Both questions seemed inevitable. After all, what is the opposite of being sexually pure? Sustaining irremediable damage. Being ruined.

    I’m not blaming my sense of ruin on the Virgin Mary, not entirely.

    Protestants do not claim Mary in the way Catholics do, but every Advent I feel a sense of kinship. I know what it’s like to be a good girl whose life got upended by what someone did to her body.

    Of course, her story plot was good and mine was bad. Plus she was, well, a saint. And I’m not.

    Still, I study her this time of the year — always dressed in blue with downcast eyes — and want to ask: “How was it really? And how do you feel about what the patriarchy has done with you?”

    I’m convinced of this: Mary is not responsible for what we’ve done to her story. Church culture has overfocused on virginity and made it into an idol of sexual purity. When it comes to female experience, the church seems compelled to shrink and distort and manipulate.

    I believe it’s impossible to be a good girl — meaning unblemished and pure — and also inhabit a body. It’s certainly true if you’ve been sexually assaulted, and may also be true if you are fortunate to not have been.

    I could say more about living in a female body, but it might be helpful if you just checked in with your own body right now. Is your body feeling quiet and clean and pure at the moment? Or is it hungry or noisy or smelly? Does it have needs?

    That’s what I suspected. Bodies are like that. Even bodies that don’t bleed or ovulate or lactate. Bodies have needs.

    Don’t get me wrong — I love having a body. A body is super convenient for getting around in. It is a gift from God.

    If you’re a woman, it’s a complicated gift. But why does Mary’s story have to oppress women when it could liberate us? What would it look like if the church celebrated Mary’s story as a hymn to the beauty of incarnation?

    Jesus’ body was ushered to earth via a birth canal.

    See, there’s “birth canal” in the same sentence with Jesus. To some that will be a problem. Why? Because to some people, vaginas are inherently dirty. They can never be purified. And isn’t that the definition of hopelessness? Does it bother you that half of the human population is condemned to hopelessness because their body parts can never be pure?

    What exactly is purity, anyway? Some things are not intended to be sparkling white. Bleach is no panacea; it can burn holes in your underwear or strip the enamel off your teeth.

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