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  1. Who would have thunk decades ago a negro with white wife would be fashionable . But 99% white girls, their parents wind up taking care of brown babies,rufus and jamal lickity split.

    • Lately I have been seeing a few White grandparents with nigglet grandkids in tow. I am pretty easygoing but any kid of mine who comes home with a spade or a slope is going to be disinherited.

      • They display what FAILURES they were as Parents. The world knows they raised a WHORE and they have proof of it

    • Interracial Marriage by the numbers isn’t very common but interracial illegitimacy and shacking up is

  2. The truth is that blacks are likely to be wiped out by a more advanced race if whites go extrinct, by the Chinese, Arabs or Indians. No other race is going to put up with blacks the way whites do.

  3. http://www.unzcloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Screenshot-2016-12-16-02.05.07.png

    Liberal Mentality: “Blonde Aryans rape!”

    Conservative Mentality: “Mexicans rape! Muslims rape!”

    But on blacks who rape the most?


    What cowards.

    Conservatives love to denounce the the Islam ‘war on women’, but at least Muslim fathers don’t raise their girls to act like whores.

    It is white fathers who raise their daughters to rap music, twerking, slut behavior and interracism.

    Most of these rapes would not be happening if these white girls didn’t join the athletic orgy club in the first place. This isn’t a case of blacks raping virginal girls but getting carried away with sluts and skanks who were raised that way by idiot white fathers.

    Sharia is dumb but is Cuckria any better?

  4. Alt Right is the WHITE BLOOD CELLS of the West. It is the immune system resisting the Zirus(Zio-Virus) and foreign bodies.

    White SJWs are like multiple sclerosis of the white race. Whites programmed to attack their own kind.

  5. I would be interested to know the liberals’ response to that heartwarming holiday classic. Liberals used to have a pretty outrageous sense of humor, before they became the boring, uptight and close-minded Establishment figures that they were so good at ridiculing.

  6. ‘Fake News’ is not about the What. It’s about the Whom. The Globalists WHO feel threatened by counter-narratives are the ones calling alternative media ‘fake news’.

    If something is fake but serves the Glob Narrative, it is ‘real’.

    If something is real but subverts the Glob Narrative, it is ‘fake’.


  7. Why the Alt Right represents the Soul and Spirit of the West.

    Most of humanity through most of history stuck with the tried-and-true, conformed to the status quo, and adhered to dogma & orthodoxy. They couldn’t think outside the box. They were either emotionally or intellectually unequipped for revolutionary consciousness. They were weak of will or woefully lacking in imagination.

    Therefore, much of the world failed to develop complex civilization, and even the ones who did build great civilizations, like the Persians, Hindus, and Chinese, came to be stalled in stasis or trapped in cycles of rises and falls.

    What was true of most of humanity was also true of most white people. Most white people prefer stasis, conformity, dogma, and/or herd mentality. In this, most white people are very much like rest of humanity. The power of PC is proof that most white people lack vision, individuality, the power of will, and independence of mind.

    Even so, more than other races, the white race has had a larger proportion of strong-willed visionaries who’ve dared to think new thoughts, question status quo, stand firmly on principle, defy orthodoxy, speak truth to power, and discover the truth.

    And it was because of such special individuals and visionary groups that the West was able to make the kinds of leaps that other races and cultures failed to achieve(except in imitation of the West).

    Today, the reigning dogma, orthodoxy, and power of the West are controlled by Jews who seek to cripple and control the White Race forever. This should be obvious to any brave, honest, and intelligent white soul, but tragically, most white people are like the rest of humanity and trapped in herd-mentality. They slavishly follow the narrative, bark like dogs for their globo-Zio masters, and can’t see or think outside the box devised by the Glob.

    However, members of the Alt Right are different. Though threatened with loss of status, wealth, and comfort, they stand firm on principles and possess the will to envision a future in which the white race is liberated from the chain of Zio-Globalists who would have every white pair of hands serve Jews and have every white womb hatch black babies.

    Alt Right has the honesty, courage, and the will to break free and see the truth, and it has the vision to forge a new path for the survival and victory for the white race.

    Also, Alt Right is different from mere conservatives who, lacking vision and creativity, only stick with the tried-and-true or suck up to whomever happens to own the Establishment in the Current Year. If the current elites say ‘gay marriage’ is the ‘new normal’, hapless Conservatives just go along. They too have a herd-mentality. And most Liberals are not rational free-thinkers. They are just shallow hive-minds who go with every new fad and fashion for lack of roots and vision for their race. The entirety of their culture is Pop Culture(junk food for the soul) and PC(poison for the mind).

    The Western spirit/soul has never been present in the majority of white folks who are like the rest of humanity in their conformism, herd-mentality, and lack of will & agency. The Western spirit/soul has always belonged to a small minority of white people who served as the vanguard as thinkers, warriors, explorers, scientists, artists, and traders. The power of PC has suppressed this soul/spirit among white people, even among the most intelligent. It goes to show that intelligence is not enough as most intelligent people are lacking in will, courage, and vision. After all, China had many intelligent people through the ages, but its progress got stalled under thick layers of orthodoxy and stasis.

    No, there must be more than intelligence. There must be vision and will. It’s like a pile of wood isn’t enough to make fire. There must be a spark that ignites the wood. That soul/spirit is lacking among most races. It is lacking even among most whites. But there are more individuals with the spark among whites than among other races.

    And Alt Right now represents that spark that can set the world on fire. It has the will to strike the match over the Eurosphere Wood on which Jews piss on to prevent the White Fire.

    To keep the spark of the Alt Right alive, the free-thinkers must disdain the 14/88 types cannot think outside the box of ‘Muh Fuhrer’.

    The New Movement must forge ahead with new vision that become a parody of the failed Nazi Experiment.


  8. In what should prove to be an interesting first test of the alt-right, Andrew Anglin has called for a “Troll Storm” against Jews who are pressuring Richard Spencer’s mother in Whitefish, Montana …


    Whatever may be the outcome of this particular contest, the internet-savvy that Anglin’s followers are able to apply in these situations will soon be revealed, I’d guess, as a pea-shooter, up against the tank of Jewish power.


    • PS In the Daily Mail article that Anglin links (and whose headline I showed above), the following is attributed to a Jewess connected with “a local human rights group, Love Lives Here,” which is among Anglin’s targets:

      “‘I don’t know what (Richard) does when he comes here. But that is not our problem with Richard Spencer.

      “‘It is [Spencer’s group the] National Policy Institute and what that stands for and our town being smeared by his philosophy.'”

      From an article I linked two weeks ago, in a comment at the Occidental Dissent entry headed “Richard Spencer: Crunch Time for Immigration Reform,” I cited similar Disingenuous Identification—or concern-trolling, in which the word “concern” was actually used:

      “‘There’s concern that the great name of Texas A&M is getting smeared through the mud because Preston Wiginton is renting a room on campus,’ said Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, who oversees the Jewish student center near campus.”

      Jewish Rhetoric 101.

    • ” I’d guess, as a pea-shooter, up against the tank of Jewish power.”

      I wouldn’t bet on it. Even if Jew mafia wins this round there will be at least three outcomes:
      1-Jew mafia learns that there will be repercussions for this kind of behavior.
      2-Trolls get good practice and DS troll command center grows more sophisticated, efficient, etc.
      3-More people are presented with the JQ for the first time.

      • Maybe you’re right, Prez, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Anglin gets into legal trouble. I don’t know the relevant law, which might be evolving, but his action seems as if it could be classed as incitement to harassment.

        • He’s gotten away w similar stuff before, but not this big. I’d say they would have stopped him already if they could have.

          Also, he’s obviously just returning the favor since they went after Spencer’s mother first.

          • If it’s your impression that Anglin would be entitled to “return the favor” if his targets have somehow acted unlawfully against Spencer’s mother, you’re probably mistaken.

          • If you will recall, ZOG and their controlled media went after Anglin’s mother too, so this is kind of personal for him.

  9. The fact that white athletes are sticking up for black athletes goes to show that there is a kind of winner-nihilism in America.

    If you win, you are justified. Winning alone makes you above the law, above conventional morality. This is the dark side of meritocracy. It turns into cult-worship of the winners who are forgiven everything. Also, the losers, hangers-on, managers, and moochers want to be associated with the winners.

    But then, we see this in all of society.

    Jews are seen as great winners in America. They have so much money and power. So, there is a kind of cult-worship of them. They can get away with anything. Destruction of Palestine, the ongoing occupation, massacre in Gaza. The looting of Russia, Wall Street bad behavior, media bias, promotion of homomania.

    But since they so rich and powerful, people want to be win their approval, gain their confidence, plead for donations, and etc.

    Even after American Jews mostly bashed Trump and Pence, there is Pence saying Israel’s interests are ours, and blah blah. It’s so sickening.

    And homos are now winners too, not least because of Jewish support. Since they are on top, there is winner-cult around them. So, even the likes of Charles Murray bent over to ‘gay marriage’. National Review gave only lukewarm opposition to the homo agenda. And when SC passed the horrible ‘gay marriage’ BS, there was deafening silence among conservatives. Not even a pip of opposition. Instead, we have that fool Ross Douthat begging for ‘terms of surrender’. Even Trump sucks up to homos, even trannies. Never mind that homo behavior led to AIDS disaster. If we point that out, we would be offending the Cool Winners, the homos. So, let’s just blame it on Reagan.

    Homo-winner-nihilism. Since they are winners, they can get away with anything.

    Since losers are losers and can’t be winners, the second best thing is for losers to be associated with winners, suck up to winners, win approval of winners.

    Since black athletes are top athletes, we have white athletes sucking up to them, serving as sidekicks, serving as bench-warming running dogs. So, never mind blacks are sexually conquering white girls, even raping some of them. Since blacks are AWESOME WINNERS while white athletes are usually mere bench-warmers, their only chance of winning some pokemon ‘winner’ points is to suck up to blacks, even when blacks act in the most vile savage manner.

    So, we now a nation where winner-Zionists can mess up the entire world with false media, wars, and financial robbery, but never mind. They are Awesome Winners, so we should just suck up to them and seek their approval.

    And since homos are top winners in culture, let them foul up culture even more with decadence and degeneracy. But hey, they are ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, they are winners. They are in Hollywood, theater, music, and fashion. They are elites. So, they can do whatever they want, and we exist only to serve them and seek their approval.

    And blacks? They are badass rappers and top athletes in a nation where music is rapping and twerking and where the religion is Cuck-ball where white guys scream and holler for black ‘heroes’ who win games and hump white women. Since blacks are top winners, never mind right and wrong. Morality is for losers. And America is all about winners. Since only few win, if you don’t want to be a total loser, be a loser who sucks up to winners in the hope that the winner might toss you a crumb of recognition.

    That way, you at least get to be House Negro, which beats being a Field Negro who is totally out in the field picking cotton. If you can’t be master, be a house negro who ho-de-do’s to whatever the Master says.

    If you can’t be top winner, suck up to the winners for approval and crumbs.

    Look, white football players standing up for Negroes suspended for sexul assault.



    It’s like, if you are not the Big Man on the campus, be a doggy sidekick so that the Big Man might approve of you.

    These white athletes who stuck up for these black guys are bench-warming cucks. Disgusting.

    The US was founded on two contradictory principles: (1) equality and justice under the law for all (2) limitless success, achievement, and triumph of those with superior talent. Like Patton said, Americans love a winner and despise losers.

    So, one part of America is very moralistic and favors the oppressed over the tyrannical. After all, the founding myth is idealistic revolutionaries won independence from the terrible king.

    But another part of Americanism is ambition and talent can make you richer and more powerful than any Old World king or nobleman. Greed is Good!!!!

    The problem with Jews, homos, and blacks is they gain from both narratives.

    With people with special talents, they excel in certain areas and come out on top. This leads to lots of power and/or pride, and this leads to excesses, abuses, and indulgences.

    But, as the favored official victim groups of the Current Year, all their bad behavior is shielded by the cult of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’. Because there are special words to demonize any negative commentary on their behavior, they can use their advantages, prestige, and power to get away with just about anything. They gain from quasi-Nietzscheanism and neo-Christianism.

    It is no wonder that most of the problems in this country are caused by Jewish excesses, homo indulgences, and Negro abuses. BLM indeed.

  10. having secretly sided with ebenezer at times; i found this fellows change of heart, once again, very discouraging.

  11. Natural selection at work. We’re going to lose many White family lines as they turn non-White and are selected out of the White genome, but don’t count Whitey out yet. I have hope that the Whites who refuse to miscegenate are the strong ones–the annointed ones–who will be the new Adams and Eves of a new White race that will bring White justice and a replacement of all that is not good to this dark planet in the fullness of time.

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