The Triggering of Kurt Eichenwald

This one belongs in the Hall of Fame of Twitter Trolling:


911: What’s your emergency?
Eichenwald’s wife: My husband was just assaulted by a strobe light in a tweet.
911: … uh

Note: Tucker Carlson recently destroyed Eichenwald on his show over his reporting during the election.

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  1. Triggering is too light a term. Between Carlson, his twitterstream meltdown just after (which he deleted but many preserved), and now this, well, I didn’t think there would be anything to beat Glenn Beck’s Cheetos face episode but I have to admit I was wrong.

  2. Someone trolled him a while back under the name Kike Buchenwald.

    Anyway, the account Eichenwald is after, unfortunately for him, is probably registered to Abraham Lincoln with an IP out of Peru or Moldova. Or something like that.

  3. I’m puzzled as to why Hunter finds it necessary to use sock puppets on his own blog. Why does he comment from time to time as “Arthur Vickstrom”?

    • Assuming it’s him (don’t know that it is), maybe he wants to make comments that are more speculative, conjectural, not as carefully reasoned or just more casual in general. HW has a reputation to protect so he has to be more careful about what he writes than the typical commenter.

  4. Kurt Eichenwald’s performance in the Tucker Carlson interview showcases the true mental illness that hides just beneath the surface of most Leftists. You barely have to scratch them and then next thing you know the disjointed rationalization and unhinged mannerisms come bubbling up. Given a choice of having to take either a Leftist like him or a fresh illegal Mexican that just hopped over the border, I’ll take the illegal Mexican.

    • I’ll take neither. FYI – Jews have 4X the genetic illnesses that Humans have, due to their screwy mongrel genetics. The genetic issues usually result in madness. They produce cretins way out of proportion to other populations.

      • The Jews are the most INBRED group of people on PLANET EARTH yet they make movies calling White Southerners inbred? LOL ROFL. Every European Jew descends from something like 4 women. The Jew suffers the highest rates of Schizophrenia, OCD, Manic Depression, Pica, has the highest rates of homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transsexualism, child molestation, and the Jewesses jump on every Alabama Black Snake that comes down the street with some Cocaine for them.

        The Jews are Human Waste.

  5. If you actually listen to what Kurt is saying at the end, is he is not admitting that the CIA gave him information and prepped him with talking points for the Tucker interview?

    I’m not into conspiracy theories, but it’s also interesting that one of the main third-party candidates who tried to take votes away from Trump was a former CIA agent. Seems like the CIA has something against Trump.

    If the CIA is giving this guy information, imagine who else their giving information and talking points to. Those Russian stories about the CIA manipulating western media to push their agenda no longer seem like Alex Jones type conspiracies.

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