Can Democrats Win Back The White Working Class?

As Patrick Bateman would say, “you got a negative attitude.” It’s really no wonder the White working class has defected to the Republicans when your attitude is that White working class voters are “not even worth pursuing” (!!!)

“WASHINGTON — Sounding like a frustrated Cassandra, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. lamented last week that Hillary Clinton had not done enough to reach white working-class voters in the presidential campaign. Even more egregious to Mr. Biden, some fellow Democrats had concluded that blue-collar whites were not even worth pursuing.

“I mean these are good people, man!” Mr. Biden exclaimed in an interview on CNN. “These aren’t racists. These aren’t sexists.”

With his typically unambiguous assessment, the vice president thrust himself into a heated debate that has shaped the Democrats’ self-diagnosis since Donald J. Trump won the presidency: Should the party continue tailoring its message to the fast-growing young and nonwhite constituencies that propelled President Obama, or make a more concerted effort to win over the white voters who have drifted away? …”

If I was a Democratic strategist, I would be optimistic that I could do this. I mean how hard is it to not broadcast a message that is dripping with hatred and contempt for White people? You can’t take for granted that White guy in Ohio that Van Jones interviewed. You can’t assume he is your “Blue Wall.”

“Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster, said it was folly to continue developing a message for and devoting considerable resources to “a shrinking, increasingly resistant market.”

It is people like Cornell Belcher in the Democratic Party who are the cause of the Alabamaization of the White electorate. If they keep it up, the Republicans are going to be as dominant as the Crimson Tide in the years to come.

Note: You’ve almost pushed Minnesota to its wit’s end! Time to double down on the model!

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  1. The Democrats abandoned a class based message in favor of liberalism and the outcome is as expected. However even a class based Democratic Party will still posit ideological problems if it doesn’t recognize that American imperialism itself is a class issue. It’s first world corporations and lobbyists invading third world workers and peasants. That’s my issue with Sanders – he doesn’t portray US imperialism as a class issue, with the primary victims being the invaded countries.

  2. They’ll just convince the jews to be less venomous when they say “us white people”

    Unfortunately many will buy into it and ignore the packs of niggers screaming for their blood.

        • It is true that Whites and Orientals are more closely related to each other than either group is to the coloreds. But race-mixing is still bad medicine.

          • Yes. Not to advocate or force such a thing. However, for those children that have…and for the WMAF that made the choice… they need some sort of identity.

  3. Dems have lost a lot of whites this election with most never to return. Sadly, there are some that will go back. However, I think the US is now on a different path and the traditional two party system will never be the same. The economist Martin Armstrong, of Princeton Economics, recently stated that his AI system named Socrates projects the United States is currently on target to break up by 2036.

    • The dems are made up of every freak of nature , every idiot, every low information person, every lazy bastard, every white hater, every illegal immigrant, every queer male or female, Every black white race destroyer, In short everything that is bad for America. Send these Losers away and keep them from our children they are all sick and should be locked up or deported.

  4. The left and their brown pets hate White people. They aren’t ever going to give up White bashing. Soon there will be no White leadership in the Democrats and the rhetoric will get worse, on the level of South African ANC.

    • After they have chased away or killed off the last few White people the darkies will begin to eat each other.

      • The leader of the populous revolt wrote a futuristic dystopian book called caesers column,about The end of NY City,the jews flee to a country they built on the wealth they accumulated in America,and as they are flying away at the end,looking down on the city,they say to each other,they’ll be eating each other in 2 weeks.
        Written in 1890.He wrote another one with a black president in the 1980s.His name was Donnelly.

        • Thanks for the information, I am always looking for good books. Have you read Jack London’s 1907 novel The Iron Heel?

          • You know,I read his short stories he wrote in Hawaii to finance a cruise around the world he was taking,in one of them,the Hawaiians are celebrating the 4th of July with gusto,which couldn’t be farther from the truth,the Hawaiians just got their islands stolen from them by the Yankees.I have always been turned off about that guy since I Read that,you’ve got me curious about this book,what is it about?

          • I started to read it and was not impressed. Socialist propaganda. You can download it from or

          • I’ll tell you,the book “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclaire 1906 is riveting,it’s a story about the slaughterhouses of chicago at the turn of the 20th century,it ends with a communist shpeil unfortunately.His books are Top shelf at the library of congress,and are esteemed like John Steinbeck and all that communist propaganda.

          • Y’all may like to read Sinclair Lewis’ novel
            “It Can’t Happen Here” (!) which can be found free online in PDF format with a little bit of search-fu

            It posits the rise of totalitarianism in the USA sometime between the world wars.

          • The Iron Heel is similar to the Turner Diaries except that it’s more about an upcoming class war than a race war. At the time it was written in 1907 jews and coloreds were not a big issue in America, the Capitalists and the Trusts were.

          • I researched about Donnelly and the populist revolt,Henry Ford,and their was a lot of anti-jew sentiment back then.

            The Sugar barons in Hawaii were very similer to the railroad barons in America with the cronyism with Government,Grover Cleveland would not play ball with them though,but McKinley did.They stole billions in natural resources from the Hawaiians and The land from any occidental or oriental who gained title from the kingdom of Hawaii.The deep water port was also a big motivator for the stock market navy.
            The king of Hawaii was surrounded by jews and freemasons at the time,the king himself a 33rd degree.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, Mr. Jackson.

      In fact, if The Democrats are not the anti-White coalition party, then i don’t know what they are.

      It’s bizarre to see that what was once The White Man’s working party of my childhood, has now become it’s very antithesis.

      For this reason, I do not believe that The Democrats will be able to reposition themselves to repossess The White Working Class.

      I think they will head further Left, which will herald a splitting of the party, and it’s destruction as a major venue of political power.

  5. Like I said in one of the previous posts they can’t because it would alienate their current base. Would rich jews, White urban liberals, militant feminists/gays and racially conscious blacks view appealing to working class Whites as anything other than betrayal? Seems unlikely given how they love slandering them as reactionary throwbacks, anti-White bigotry is what unites them all and motivates them to go vote. By now the White working class knows damn well what the Democrats think of them anyway and that can’t be changed in one election cycle. Can’t please everyone. No, the Dems have no choice but to keep doing what they’ve been doing and hope that they can elect a new people quick enough.

    • “No, the Dems have no choice but to keep doing what they’ve been doing and hope that they can elect a new people quick enough.”

      It’s a race against time now.

  6. Can the Demonrats win back the White working class? NO!!! The fact that they didn’t get rid of Nancy “Face-lift fiasco” Pelosi as House Minority Speaker in favor of that White guy from Ohio means they have chosen to remain the anti-White, anti-American party.

  7. With a false narrative consisting of white privilege, cherry picking and skewing of history to berate whites, literally telling whites to remain silent because they have nothing of value to say, threats and wishes for whites to die without consequence while punishing whites whenever a minority may be insulted, excusing black failure to the extent that white presence alone is blamed and on and on only makes the emergence of white nationalism an inevitability. Any entity perceived as being connected to and advocating for this narrative should and for a very long time will be understood to be the enemy of whites. The democrat party, media and academia are at the top of the list.

    • They are all going down they know it and are grabbing a small sticks to keep from drowning. All Africans please migrate to Israel as some of you believe Christ was black it is your homeland and your holy mission is to breed the white out of every one there. I know that comment was hard but it did come from my true feelings. We have enough of that black on white sickness here in the US. GTFO

  8. Beware of the Manischewitz Media or Kosher News. Aka ‘Mainstream Media’.

    Pat Buchanan dissents from the narrative of the Manischewitz Media,but he doesn’t go far enough.

    “U.S. policy became to back the ‘good’ rebels in Aleppo, bomb the “bad” rebels in Raqqa and demand that Assad depart. An absurd policy.”

    Maybe we should stop using the term “US policy”.

    After all, the US is made of many ethnic groups and races, and they have competing, divergent, and varying degrees of power. Surely, Palestinian-Americans wish for a different US policy than Zionist-Americans do.

    ‘US policy’ gives the false impression that all Americans are agreed with the policy when nothing can be further from the truth.

    So, the Saker is closer to the truth to speak of the ‘Anglo-Zionist’ foreign policy since those two groups are most invested in the globo-imperial worldview.

    Consider the following ethnic/racial groups in America. Which one has been dictating US foreign policy(esp in MENA and against Russia and in pushing massive invasion of Europe) for their tribal interests dressed up as ‘American Interests’? It’s really a case of “One for one(self), and all for one.”






    Guatemalan Americans

    Mexican Americans

    Lebanese Americans

    Russian gentile Americans

    Serbian Americans

    Nigerian Americans

    Greek Americans

    Finnish Americans

    Japanese Americans

    Filipino Americans

    Eskimo Americans

    Cherokee Americans

    Bulgarian Americans

    Croatian Americans

    Turkish Americans

    Pakistani Americans

    Yemenese Americans

    Cambodian Americans

    Armenian Americans

    Iranian Americans

    Macedonian Americans

    Belgian Americans

    Jewish Americans

    Wasp Americans

    Black Americans

    Somali Americans

    Nepalese Americans

    Norwegian Americans

    etc, etc.

    It should be obvious that the so-called ‘US policy’ is mostly formulated by Jewish-Americans(in think tanks) and executed by Anglo-Americans(with battle tanks).

    Most other ethnic groups see no point in it and have no stake in it(except as minions taking orders). They may even see it as harmful to their own ethnic interests.

    It is then unsurprising that the favored group of the neo-imperialists is the homos since homo worldview is global and unattached to any single culture or nation. Homos just wanna boof and boofed all over the world. They wanna ‘liberate’ all homo butts to be freely sodomized, and this calls for collaboration with the Glob.

    Interesting that the Alt Right is antiwa(or antiwar) whereas Antifa is allied with war-mongers for prowa.


  9. Instead of winning back the white working class, hold out white Democrats who have not changed over to Republic or Independent will be viewed by the white working class as despicable race traitors.

  10. Unfortunately, the Republicans aren’t much better than the Democrats, and are only on top right now because the Democrats pushed the envelope too far on anti-white radicalism. Oddly enough, I could see the Democrats doing more for whites, if they ever decide to court whites, as it’s the Republicans who refuse to throw even crumbs to their white base. It sounds crazy now, but if Affirmative Action for non-whites is ever ended and replaced by something that specifically benefits whites, I could see Democrats doing it, rather than the do-nothing Republicans, who openly despise their white base. Needless to say, I’m not sold on Trump, though I am happy that he beat Hillary.

  11. Bill Mitchell Retweeted
    Lesley Willard ?@WillardLesley
    @mitchellvii He wasn’t my president for 8 years but my health insurance rates are now $1648/mo for a bronze plan with $13k deduct.

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