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  1. On the matter of RUSSIA interfering to help elect Trump…

    This is what I don’t get.

    Globalists have been telling us that nationalism is so passe, so over.

    Let’s have open borders. Ideas about national independence and sovereignty are quaint, atavistic.

    Some states say even non-citizens should be given the vote, even illegals, and some states don’t even bother to check if those registered to vote are citizens.

    And no problem that the most important newspaper in the US is ‘owned’ by a Mexican who isn’t even Mexican but a Lebanese. A ‘Mexican’ owning an ‘American’ paper.

    Also, big cities in the US don’t even force national laws. They offer ‘sanctuary’ status to illegals who broke national laws.

    So, if the NATION doesn’t matter anymore and if everything should be open/global, what’s wrong with Russia or any other nation interfering with US elections?

    Hey, it’s Open Borders Politics. I say let’s give amnesty to Russian hackers if they were indeed responsible. If we should give amnesty to 20 million illegals in America, what’s all this fuss about national security? Those hackers aren’t so bad. They are just undocumented political activists.

    It’s funny that Globalists who’ve done everything to undermine national security, national identity, and national unity are now the very people who are making all this noise about how some FOREIGN nation messed with our NATIONAL election.

    The Globalists have been calling the nationalists who supported Trump as deplorable ‘xenophobes’, but it’s now the Glob that is now in total ‘Russophobic-Xenophobic’ mode of how some ‘foreign body’ messed with our sacred NATIONAL election.

    But then, the current US is really batty. It yammers endlessly about how the US military and government are doing everything to ensure that other nations don’t threaten OUR WAY OF LIFE… but then, it also says the US, being an exceptional and indispensable nation, has the right to invade and intervene in other nations to determine their WAY OF LIFE, like surrendering to the homo agenda and multi-culti Diversity. Globalism sure works funny. Other nations don’t mess with our WAY OF LIFE, but we should interfere with theirs. I mean how dare Russia not have massive homo parades on Red Square that commemorates 20 million dead in WWII? Them Russkies got no sense of priorities.


  2. Have you ever WATCHED McMuffin in an interview? He’s the most annoying, self righteous, purer-than-thou twit youve ever seen in your life!

    It’s impossible to even LIKE him on any personal level, much less vote for him!

    • You can tell McMuffin is an A-hole just by looking at him. Wasn’t he supposed to be Bill Kristol’s wonder-boy who was going to defeat Donald Trump? Or was that the other bald cuckservative cretin whose wife likes to have the sexy-time with muscular Negro males?

    • You mean more so than the Mormons? Like Glenn [Cuck] Beck, and/or Mittens Romney?

      I didn’t think that was humanly possible!

  3. Alt-Right has been calling him McMuffin from the start.

    I’m sure Trump has heard the nickname before.

    I can’t stand these smug, self-righteous Boy Scout assholes.

  4. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/18288753/minnesota-golden-gophers-players-boycotting-football-activities-suspensions-10-teammates

    This is why we need something like the Alt Right.

    Without a clear racial and cultural identity to coalesce around, white girls will just run to blacks, and white boys will just suck up to black alphas.

    Besides, Alt Right has made peace with multi-culturalism, a form of separatism.

    Alt Right has no problem with blacks being for black identity/interests, Jews being for Jewish identity/interests, Muslims being for Muslim identity/interests, Hindus, etc, etc.

    It only says whites should have identity and interests of their own. So, Alt Right isn’t anti-black identity, anti-Jewish identity, anti-whatever identity. It just insists on white identity for whites. And it says other groups can be for their own interests. Likewise, whites should be for white interests.

    So, Alt Right has ideological and moral consistency. Let each group mind its own business and guard its own interests. In contrast, it is the non-whites and Jews who are inconsistent because, even as they are totally for their own identity and interests, they would deny identity and interests for whites.

    It’s not Alt Right that is saying Jews shouldn’t be Jewish and support Zionism.

    It is Jews who are saying whites shouldn’t be white and defend white interests(all the while having to go out on a limb to serve Jewish identity and interests, indeed almost to the Jewish supremacist degree).

    Indeed, the Alt Right is actually more respectful toward non-white groups than mainstream Conservatism is. MainCons want all groups to put aside their ethnic identity and interests and just become good generic red-white-and-blue Americans without hyphenation. MainCons want non-whites to give up their identity and heritage… with the exception of Jews and blacks, of course, since they are always favored. MainCons say all groups, whites and non-whites, should surrender what makes them distinct and just melt into a Generic Constitutionalism as the propositional identity.

    In contrast, Alt Right encourages and urges non-white groups to stick to their own, keep their identity, and push for their interests. And this goes for ALL groups, meaning whites should fight for their identity and interests.

    Alt Right is thus the most consistent ideology in the world. It is for identity-for-all-groups. It is for the anti-Soviet-ization of the world. The USSR forced all nationalitiies to become ‘commie comrades’. But the collapse of Soviet-ization meant each nationality would reassert itself and guard its own identity and interest. Okay, fine.

    Same should go for the US.

    Now, some will say whites don’t deserve this kind of special recognition since they have too much power and privilege. But using that logic, Jews should have no identity since they are the most powerful people. And it means Jews esp deserve no identity in Israel since they are both the ruling majority and ruling elites in that country. Using PC logic, only Palestinians should have identity and interests in Israel since they got less numbers and power. I don’t think Jews would accept that in US or Israel.

    There is no moral consistency in PC.

    Also, due to the Coming Apart scenario, it no longer makes sense to speak of White Privilege. There was a time when it was generally true that All Whites did enjoy certain collective advantages over other races. Laws, habits, customs, and social biases favored all whites as a group, esp wasps.

    But since the Black Movement(aka Civil Rights Movement) and anti-white social engineering, the white elites no longer cared about white interests as a whole. So, while some whites prospered under the new system, a huge number of whites fell through the cracks and ended up with very little. There are now Two White Americas, one with power/privilege and one without power/privilege of any kind. Indeed, nothing is worse than being the latter in America. Not only do you lack power/privilege but you don’t even enjoy the PC protections that are offered to blacks, browns, and even illegals.

    Worse, since whites with power/privilege don’t want to sacrifice their own goodies, they force poorer whites to carry all the social burdens of ‘white guilt’. We see this in how rich whites in cities use gentrification and Section 8 to push blacks to less privileged white communities in small towns and declining suburbs. And affirmative action hurts poor whites more than rich whites as Jim Webb said.

    The mainstream Conservative position on race relations have been all groups should put aside racial identity and narrow racial interests for the good of the whole. Go with generic Americanism. While MainCons have been willing to make allowances for blacks — cuz of slavery and black rage — , their ideal has been for the de-racialization of American politics. This calls for mutuality. Whites make an effort to deracinate, but non-whites must also make this effort.

    The mainstream Liberal position on race has been whites must deracinate and sacrifice their own interests since non-whites are at a decisive disadvantage due to factors of history, micro-aggressions, ‘subconscious racism’, and all sorts of biases. So, whereas non-whites have the right to make more demands in the name of justice, whites must make an effort to sacrifice their own interests since they got more than they deserve.

    This sounds somewhat ‘noble’ and ‘generous’ on the part of Libs, but the problem is that Lib elites don’t really wanna give up their positions. They are addicted to wealth, status, and power. They also want the best for their kids. Because they don’t want to give up their own goodies, they dump most of the burden on poorer whites who are deemed the ‘deplorables’.

    So, rich Lib whites get richer while burdening the poor whites more with the responsibilities of ‘white guilt’. The irony of this is that White Libs, who reject ‘white identity’, use the logic of ‘white identity’ to avoid surrendering their own advantages. How else can a white person with privilege blame the white person without privilege of ‘white privilege’? Because both are white. Since PC logic says whiteness = privilege, the poor person can just as easily be accused of privilege because of his identity even if he has no privilege. Thus, by making pretty-sounding noises, the white person with privilege can reduce his own burden of white privilege while dumping it all on the white person without privilege. They can make themselves the Adorables while decrying Trump supporters as Deplorables.

    In contrast to mainstream Conservatism(which is totally deluded) and mainstream Liberalism(which is totally disingenuous), there is the Alt Right that is consistent ideologically. Anyway, since there’s been a Coming Apart and the left-behind whites are in need of leadership, Alt Right can step in.

    In fact, on a subconscious level, this seems to be nature of the bond that emerged between Trump and Alt Right. Both appealed to the left-behind whites, the Deplorables.


  5. Americans think Somali pirates are a threat to civilization. They have ignored Obama, the Kenyan pirate in their midst who is a greater threat to the American republic, who thinks “The Electoral College is a vestige, it’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states,”

    • Our borders go unprotected and violated but the youngest and strongest of our race are expected to fight and die protecting the borders of countries no one has heard of or cares about.

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