Dylann Roof Found Guilty In Emanuel AME Shooting

The verdict is no real surprise.

Dylann Roof eagerly confessed to the murders in Charleston. His defense team didn’t even contest that he was guilty of the crime and has chosen instead to put up a fight during the sentencing phase of the trial in January:

“CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann S. Roof, a self-radicalized young white supremacist who killed nine black parishioners last year when he opened fire during a long-planned assault on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, was found guilty by a federal jury here on Thursday.

Mr. Roof, 22, stood, his hands at his side and his face emotionless, as a clerk read the verdict aloud in Federal District Court, where he had been charged with 33 counts, including hate crimes resulting in death. …”

Several of us who were smeared by the Lügenpresse during that incident have been closely monitoring the trial. Fortunately, multiple reporters live tweeted the #RoofTrial and we have gained a better understanding of how this happened.

At the time, Dylann Roof gave the following “explanation” for his actions in his manifesto which was overlooked in the frenzy of witch-hunting that followed:

“To take a saying from a film, “I see all this stuff going on, and I dont see anyone doing anything about it. And it pisses me off.”. To take a saying from my favorite film, “Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it for the good of society.”.

I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because t is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me. …”

Why is this so strange?

It’s strange because the SPLC itself told Chuck Thompson in his book Better Off Without ‘Em that, “The big exception is South Carolina, which is by far the number one state for hate groups on a per capita basis. We figure that every year and it is always South Carolina.”

“Every year it is always South Carolina” … number one for organized hate groups, and yet, Dylann Roof complained in his manifesto that there were “no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything” in his state except talking on the internet. But that wasn’t exactly true. There are active Klan, Neo-Nazi, White Nationalist, Southern Nationalist and skinhead groups in South Carolina.

Who are the REAL KKK and skinheads that Dylann Roof couldn’t find in South Carolina? It turns out he was really into Hollywood movies like American History X, Romper Stomper, Made in Britain, and Skinheads USA. He had a book on the KKK in his car when he was arrested in North Carolina. The line in his manifesto about giving his life for “the good of society” came from a Japanese movie called Himizu.

Dylann Roof sat there the night before the Charleston shooting in his father’s house watching Made in Britain over and over again. In all his writings and the confession video he talks about being angry that none of the KKK and skinheads he saw in the movies existed in real life. He felt obligated to go out and “do something” to make reality reflect the Hollywood version of the KKK and skinheads. He had two suicide notes in his car and said he planned to commit suicide as soon as he was confronted by police. It sounds like he wanted to reenact the ending of the Hollywood movie Higher Learning. Instead, he chickened out and surrendered. In the confession video, he said he never talked to anyone about race or politics because he was afraid people would disagree with him.

Roof was taking his cues from Hollywood movies and acting on a grand stage. He was disappointed with the groups in his own state. They didn’t live up to his expectations.

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  1. All the Trendy Lefties commenting on the trial at HuffPo said Roof would be acquitted by an all white jury. They also said that he’d receive a medal, commendation and pardon from President Trump.

  2. So he’s basically the product of movies after all. Psychiatrists will be all over this.

  3. At least we know this wasn’t a setup of some sort, that he actually did it instead of being accused of doing it.

    We should expect the system to frame White nationalists (or even just Whites in general) for trying to do something similar whenever possible.

    • By that logic everyone on the left should be held responsible for the genocides done in Communism’s name.

  4. We don’t know this wasn’t a set up, contrary to what another commenter claims.

    I haven’t had time to study the latest chapter in it, but back when the incident ‘happened’ more of the facts pointed to psy op. One glaring problem was that this juvenile trailer park grit supposedly set up his manifesto blog on a RUSSIAN server.

    Even more compelling were all of Roof’s friends with their reports of his ‘mental state.’ Back then the powers that be were pushing hard to get Murphy’s Stasi State bill passed. They were staging numerous psy ops, both nationally hyped and also lots of more regionally-oriented ones. The reason they bothered with a lot of local ones crystallized as Murphy’s bill came to fruition. Major portions of the monies to fund the gulags are going to come through state block grants. Certain counties, even, in some states, are being targeted as it were.

    Roof’s shooting was designed for the national, even international, audience. He was described as someone who many to most didn’t sense any ‘budding violent psychotic shooter’ in, but there were the usual few close friends who insisted they ‘knew.’ They sensed something, something kinda sorta ‘bipolaresque’ that could account for his popping off and that signaled this nebulous mystical physical disease that cannot be defined either physiologically or symptomatically, but which causes these mass murders.

    These supposed witnesses and their totally inconsistent and purposely foggy claims were 100% typical of the jew communist media’s portrayals of other established psy op personae. The Stasi commissars aka psychiatrists don’t want there to be any set definition of ‘serious mental illness’ because then they’d have to both prove it scientifically and define it. Instead they just want to say they can divine the future mass murderer by these ambiguous ‘signs’ only an ‘expert’ and specifically a ‘doctor’ can identify. There won’t be any clear indications of ‘danger to oneself or others’ by dint of a clear ‘mental illness’ aka psychosis, but the high priests of the NWO won’t have to adduce their ‘diagnoses’ since all due process will have been collapsed anyway.

    And that’s where we’re at, folks. They’ve pivoted on Roof’s status because, just as Murphy’s bill was being voted on, a near gestalt was percolating in the truther and pro-white type circles. People had begun to smell and even see the rat and all over were exposes on psychiatry and its frauds, combined with concern over the coming Stasi State.

    Roof’s trial is an attempt to back track now that the legislation has passed successfully and the money is rolling, which is all the state apparatus needs. The most repressive laws will be passed in the state houses, embezzling money from Medicare and Medicaid and huge untethered grants that were approved for different but related causes – ‘The 21st Century Cures Act’ is the ultimate cure for the goys’ delusion that they have any rights.

    • Oh and the other set of beyond sketchy witness actors were the surviving family of the supposed deceased. All these blacks were parroting the creepiest most absurd new age ‘forgiveness and love’ tripe you could imagine.

      They were just as transparent as the friends and family of Roof, in different ways.

      It was all a way to bring on Murphy’s bill without further radicalizing either side into the race war the elites really don’t want to ever break out in full, because then they’d lose control. Instead they bring each side closer to the place they want them, which is ‘love and forgiveness’ and ‘caring for the mentally ill.’

      • Right, I saw one of the supposed murder victims tonight shopping at Save-a-Lot. He had a cart load of SpaghettiOs.

        • If you believe a teenage trailer park kid could speak enough russian to set up his manifesto on a russian server, and that the black families were all preaching forgiveness without any racial hate you’re beyond gullible.

          • (Rolls eyes). There is nothing weird about a website being hosted on a Russian server, dumbass. If you would take 30 seconds or so on Google you would learn that before adding that detail to your conspiracy theory. A lot of people use them. They are cheap, many are free. You get a lot of bandwidth, etc. And you do not need to speak any Russian to do so.

            Lol, obviously you need to get up to speed on modern computing and networking, etc. You can start by Googling Cloud computing and cloud hosting, lol.

          • Oh my God! I just found a Made in China Tag on an item I have in hand! LOL.

            Seriously guy, wake up, it isn’t 1950. But I have to say, you are making me have a good belly laugh with the Russian server thing. That is not only not surprising, it’s not even noteworthy. But you not knowing any better and being all worked up about it certainly is, lol.

      • If you could refute any assertion I made you would.

        It’s curious why the reality of the jew media (owned by six jews/zionists) and government colluding threatens some people to such an extent.

        • Refute? Your entire argument revolves around conjecture, total denial of facts per family, witnesses and emergency personnel, and layer after layer of conspiracy theory. How do you explain the law enforcement and emergency personnel who are all on record verifying the events? What about attorneys and judges who’ve been privy to all the photographs and evidence? Are they all in on the conspiracy as well? How much are they being paid? Does their family know where they got all that extra money?

          I learned a long time ago that rabid conspiracy theorists NEVER admit they were wrong. Once their original conspiracy runs face first into a brick wall of logic and facts, they simply use another theory to explain away the holes and discrepancies.

          If Dylann Roof would have been shot by cops or committed suicide, then you goofy fucks would be using that as concrete proof that it was all a set up. Getting rid of the fall guy is kind of an important step in the world of 24/7 conspiracy theorists. 9/11 ran the same gamut of revolving conspiracy bullshit morphing and “evolving” once one theory was put to rest. Anders Breivik supposedly never killed anyone… then he did, but was just a patsy used because of his mental state…. but then his manifesto was a testament to the dedication of a White man doing what needed to be done after getting fed up with what progressives were doing to society.

          You make these stories and people into what you need them to be. The only facts and evidence you’re willing to accept are those that assure your conspiracy can move forward.

          You need to be fed a steady diet of Occam’s Razor.

        • “If you could refute any assertion I made you would.”

          If you knew what the word “refute” meant, you might be worth rebutting.

  5. “You must not murder.” (Exodus 20:3) Nothing good comes out of breaking Gods laws, people were repelled by his wicked cowardly deed, he is evil. Hunter is right on the money about Vangurdists, UKIP is the model for reasonable men.

    • Or so the jews want everyone to believe. UKIP is kosher.

      The vanguard we need isn’t the profile Roof fits that doesn’t exist in real life. He is a made up persona.

      We do need a vanguard, but it would be like the Soldiers of Odin or the tough guys in the Golden Dawn, who straddle the gap between legal and ‘approved’ (by the jews) and illegal and illicit.

      Whites will not vote their way out of this.

      Blacks and jews bullied their way into ‘establishment’ through extra legal and legal means.

      So should we.

  6. Six years ago an unhinged google chimped out and murdered 8 White people at a beer distribution center in CT. Lying press continually gave him a pass for Black rage because google claimed he was victim of “racism”. His feelings were hurt. The google killed himself afterwards, saving victim’s families months of grief in a long, drawn out trial and saving the state millions of dollars.

    AntiWhites need to realize that there is White rage too and a lot of it is going to be aimed at them. We are victims of Genocide, not hurt feelings.

    • I know the CT story well. I also know that the media didn’t have the proper narrative of crazy racist White guy kills minorities to push, so there was no major media attention like you saw with Roof. Most of the follow-up stories fit in the span of about 1-2 weeks. After that, nothing much was said. And even when they did cover the story, they spent more time exploring the possibility that the perp snapped and had to kill his coworkers and bosses because they were “racists” rather than the real truth that he was a self-entitled Negro who got caught stealing and was asked to resign.

      Dumbass Dylann Roof picked the wrong people to target. He would have been better off throwing his life away and going out in a blaze of glory after going after media propagandists, not killing innocent black people in a church.

      • Fortunately, Omar Thornton’s victims were eventually exonerated: an inquest found that they weren’t actually racist after all.

    • Shhhh…….we’re not supposed to notice things like that, as well as the fact the church had been de-commissioned, due to decrepitude. The church was in horrid shape, and destroyed by termites . The church was not in use, excepting for that 1 day….and then there is the multi million dollar pay-out, to the famblies…………..

      • No. It’s fun for people to throw conspiracies like that out there, but they are rooted in reality. It would require hundreds of interconnected black actors who somehow managed to never brag or boast about their ability to trick Whitey.

          • All of those dead black people have family and friends. Many of them have gone in front of cameras and given interviews. Your conspiracy theory relies on hundreds of people saying and doing pretty much the same things. Have you seen the video or pictures of the funerals?

          • Excuse me, but it was precisely the far fewer ‘family’ members who were the most compelling indicators of psy op. Only a few spoke to the press and they were totally full of crap. You assume that all the people allegedly killed even existed. It’s entirely possible that a couple or few real people simply relocated and that their families played their own role for lots of $$$, among other scenarios. Then lots of people show up for funerals, doesn’t mean they’re all in the know.

    • Exactly, I hear Charles Berlitz is writing a book about it. They say a fog suddenly came over the area shortly before it was supposed to happen, and several people in the region reported the television program they were watching was suddenly interrupted and was replaced for about 30 seconds with a black and white broadcast of what looked like Nikola Tesla playing cards with Richard Nixon. The witnesses said Nixon suddenly shouted out, “Look at that Son of a bitch!”

      After that, they claim the picture changed to a color broadcast of James Brown singing David Allen Coe’s Nigger Fucker.

    • Funny thing is with time passing and that movie being largely forgotten the only thing most people seem to remember about it is the scene where he gets punked out in prison, not the preachy message.

      • Hollywood skid row film promoting lone woflism in this color blind society. Producer of that film a tel aviv and their brutal policy occupation.

  7. Ok – so who was surprised by this outcome? I thought Roof was going to be judged “guilty” from the outset.

    • I think Frank Marshall Davis Junior made dang sure Roof was Federally tried in 2016 so as to build some momentum for Hillary Clinton with the Niggers. Wasn’t as if the Feds even needed to charge him the State of South Carolina isn’t exactly known for lax justice. Now if this was Vermont sure I could see the Federal Charges but not a Southern State where the Death Penalty is handed out like Bank Suckers. Even Bill Clinton didn’t bother Federally Charging James Byrd’s murderers, he let Texas do it and so far Texas has killed one of the 3

  8. Are any of those black Christians demanding mercy for the convicted killer?? Or is the desire for tribal vengeance so great that the words of Christ almighty are too easily ignored by the black Christian faithful? Those black Christians want their pound of flesh and they are going to be paid in full.

  9. As one who has had a family member killed by an escaped inmate I sincerely hope Dylan Roof gets the death penalty and I am sorry SC does not have death by firing squad. Vandalizing a cemetery or shooting up people in a church, or killing an unknown Jewish disc jockey to get a revolution started profits us nothing but just generates sympathy for the enemy and confirms in the eyes of the public that we are truly nuts.

  10. I can’t help feeling sorry for this kid. I can only imagine how overwhelmed he was by the racial “discoveries” he was making. No one to turn to or talk to that could provide him any sort of guidance or even mere understanding. How bleak life must have seemed to him!

    Anti-white society created Dylann Roof. It is the true culprit of Roof’s crime. Failure to acknowledge this makes it impossible to understand his act.

    • The kid has screws loose. And stupid, too. Just like all the other retards that do this shit. You would think they would at least pick out good targets. Miller was special forces for Christ’s sake, and that’s all the better “planning” he could do?

      • There really aren’t any “good” targets. It’s the easiest thing in the world to spin shooting people as the act of a nutcase – namely, because it basically is. Taking hostages would make much more sense. At least there’s a chance that you’ll be permitted to share your message, especially if you agreed to release them pending being granted an opportunity to share your message.

    • Our enemies need to realize White rage exists too. It has hardly begun to rise but will if they continue suppressing our free speech and continue imposing Diversity on us.

  11. Roof shouldn’t have been tried by a federal jury, and certainaly not on “civil rights” grounds. He should have been tried by a South Carolina jury on nine counts of murder.

  12. Just after Roof was apprehended for his crime, Haley and all the other opportunists went on a cultural lynching party after the old South — Confederate Flag, memorials, white Southern pro-Confederates, etc. Since Roof was proven to be the killer and the Confederacy had nothing to do with this crime which was inspired by this PC society/msm focusing only on white on black crimes to keep the myth going that all blacks suffer from white oppression and must rely on the DNC and the Left to protect them in order to get that 90% Dem black vote — then impeach Haley and put the flag back up in SC and restore all the other victims of these cultural lynching events that have taken place before Roof even went to trial…

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