Michael Eric Dyson’s Black Extremism

Yes, I actually read this stuff all the time:

“In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West appeared on live TV during a celebrity fund-raiser for victims of the disaster and said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” This wasn’t based on intimate knowledge of Mr. Bush’s racial views, but rather on his treatment of black people in a time of crisis. …

From the start of his 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders was prickly about race, uncomfortable with an outspoken, demanding blackness, resistant to letting go of his preference for discussing class over race. He made efforts to improve the way he spoke about the realities of racial discrimination. But Mr. Sanders seemed to remain at heart a man of the people, especially if those people were the white working class.

Since the election, Mr. Sanders has sounded an increasingly familiar theme among liberals that they should “go beyond identity politics.” He warned that “to think of diversity purely in racial and gender terms is not sufficient,” and that we need candidates “to be fighters for the working class and stand up to the corporate powers who have so much power over our economic lives.” …”

Now we hear again the cry that the neglected white working class is the future of American progressive politics. The tragedy is that much of the professed concern about the white working class is a cover for the interests of white elites who evoke working-class solidarity to combat racial, sexual and gender progress. …

Identity has always been at the heart of American culture. We must confront a truth that we have assiduously avoided: The most protected, cherished and nurtured identity of all has been white identity. After all, the needs of the black and brown working classes, which are not exclusively urban, are, again, even in progressive quarters, all but forgotten.

Mr. Trump, and to a degree, the liberals and progressives who advocate a vision of America that spurns identity politics, make one thing clear: The real unifying force in American political life is whiteness, no matter its party, gender, region or, at times, even its class.”

Jamelle Bouie also compared President Trump to Dylann Roof last week. He said they were “Brothers in White Resentment.” You know, I would be condemned as a “racist” though for comparing Bouie and Dyson and their narrative of black resentment to Christopher Dorner, Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams), Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah X. and Cosmo Setepenra.

Decades ago, you could have said that White identity was protected, cherished and nurtured in the Jim Crow South. Now, even Trump is afraid to give a shout out to the White community. Black identity is celebrated as a positive good in The New York Times. White identity is excoriated. Dyson’s ideal world (he’s working on an upcoming book called “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America“) is one in which black chauvinism and identity politics continues to be celebrated and encouraged while White masochism is taught to our youth and White identity politics is proscribed as beyond the pale of respectability. Funny how that works out to the advantage of his own racial group.

Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming book:

“Whether he wishes to be or not, Donald Trump is the epitome, not only of white innocence and white privilege, but of white power, white rage, and yes, even of white supremacy. …

Donald Trump harms our nation’s positive racial future.

Yet, beloved, there remains, after all, the blackness that is prophecy, the blackness that is inexplicable hope in the face of savage hopelessness.”

How long can the “civil rights” con realistically continue though? This is not someone who is motivated by “colorblindness.” White America was sold on one vision by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. Dyson, Coates and Bouie are substituting an entirely different one. There has been a bait-and-switch.

More Whites are wising up to the scam in each new election cycle. They are starting to realize that colorblindness is unilateral disarmament. How is it that Michael Eric Dyson is a celebrated intellectual, but someone like Jared Taylor is a fringe extremist? If racial activism is good for blacks, why is it evil for Whites? Sure, what Dylann Roof did in Charleston was bad, but was Micah X.’s actions in Dallas any better?

Identity for me, but not for thee is unsustainable in the long run. It is becoming a political albatross for Democrats.

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  1. Jamelle Bouie also compared President Trump to Dylann Roof last week. He said they were “Brothers in White Resentment.” You know, I would be condemned as a “racist” though for comparing Bouie and Dyson and their narrative of black resentment to Christopher Dorner, Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams), Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah X. and Cosmo Setepenra.

    Yes, you would be condemned for uttering a hate-fact, for Bouie’s and Dyson’s racial thinking is entirely in line with Dorner’s and Micah X’s. Whereas it’s rather unlikely that Trump thinks about whites’ predicament in the same terms as Roof eventually came to.

    he’s working on an upcoming book called “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America“

    A better title for that would be “Fuck Your White Tears: A Sermon to White America.”

    • Logically if you thought “whiteness” was the core of identity in the US you’d have gone with Bernie Sanders Fabian technique and deliver a class based analysis in the campaign to neutralize its power. The core of Napoleon’s identity as a
      soldier was Artillery. That didn’t mean that Bagration or Wellington frontally assaulted the Grande
      Batterie. Bagration let winter take Napoleon and Wellington hid his troops on the reverse slope of a ridge line.

      These people wont even take their own assumptions seriously.

    • We need to as Whites to support Radical Negroes, they are in the end our friends. As they dont hide their viewpoints, we can use their soundbytes as recruiting tools.

  2. I could tell Dyson was an uppity nigger just by looking at his picture. The light skinned ones always have the biggest chip on their shoulder. Our colored folks were generally well behaved until Uncle Shmuli told them they were entitled to special rights and privileges. Shmuli loves pitting the gentiles against each other because he thrives on chaos and destruction.

  3. Cherished and nurtured white identity? Where has this nigger been for the past 50+ years? Our race has been under constant, relentless attack all of that time if not longer. If only Dyson, Coates, Bouie et al become the faces and voices of the Dem party. I look forward to the day.

    • White identity has been under attack since the FRENCH REVOLUTION. First covertly, then after 1918 overtly in the US and EUROPE. The Jazz Era was the first OVERT attack on White Identity and everyone missed the significance of it, except for Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler Of course there was a period of White Entrenchment thanks to the Depression but WWII was the end of White Identity until now. After 1945 it has been PERSISTENT ATTACK Upon our interests. The problem was the Media was able to cover up the ANTI-WHITE attacks from 1945 until Obama. Now they no longer are abole to cover it up

  4. Meantime prison incarceration and detention and low income housing swells by leaps and bounds.insane and criminal – an extension of ‘welfare shouldn’t be breeding.

  5. A Sermon to White America.

    Sure-fire best-seller. Just what White people have been waiting for. Who could resist?

    • Damn right! Where do I pre-order my copy of what will be the definitive study of White privilege and a best seller?

  6. Their extremism will push people towards us.

    Our extremism will push people away from us.

    We need to be that safe harbor for that if/when scenario when the Coalition of the Ascending take to the streets.

    A ready, plausible, attractive solution.

    • I have said this a long time ago. The New Black Panthers, Black Guerilla Family and those guys WORK FOR US. They do this by their radical rhetoric and this helps scare and radicalize Whites

    • Afterbirth is projecting his own go-weak-in-the-knees, pussified cravenness onto the White masses.

      It’s just like when he says throwing people out of helicopters as punishment is unchristian and “Satanic”. Heretics and criminals used to be burned at the stake and drawn and quartered in old Europe in centuries when Europe was decidedly more Christian than it is now. So what gives, Europe then was at once more Christian and more “Satanic” ( at least by Aterbirth’s standards)? Lulz. See? The common factor in all this is Afterbirth’s pussified projection. What a deluded faggot.

  7. Jim Crow appealed to Whites, but the problem was it relied upon LOYAL SOUHERN POLITICIANS and JUDGES to shepherd the system. Southern Whites in 1890 could have NEVER guessed how much money would be sent South by the Jewish interests to buy their Political Machines votes to dismantle Jim Crow. This strategy of buying off politicians worked in the UPPER and MIDDLE SOUTH it did not work in ALABAMA or MISSISSIPPI where they were forced to use Direct Confrontation.

    Southerners have always been PISS-POOR at self promotion. You take Edward Bernays the Father of Public Relations, he managed to fanagle the NAACP to get a venue in Atlanta Georgia in 1920 for their convention by promoting to the local White politicians that it was about the betterment of Negroes, not the dismantling of Jim Crow. These same tricks could have been used to promote White interests but they weren’t. When the Klan began trying to Promote, they used crude depictions and handbills, while our enemies used messages at every level. Just imagine has George Wallace had a Bernays like figure and a minister of Propoganda working for him to shape his message. I think it could have been quite interesting. Unfortunately for us in 1963 our enemies were way ahead of us in those regards.

    Thanks to the Internet we have now caught up, by the use of Memes we can promote our ideas.

  8. I for one respect Michael Eric Dyson because HE DOESN’T HIDE HIS VIEWPOINTS BEHIND BULLCRAP. He is out in the open like LOUIS FARRAKHAN and this is good for us, The more radical Negroes become, White radicals like us can force our Whites in our direction. We must do it quickly because soon Negroes will outnumber whites in the Deep South and it could be a bloodbath of Whites by Negroes in Dixie. I estimate to win, we have 20 years MAX, Else it becomes a crap shoot

  9. The tragedy is that much of the professed concern about the white working class is a cover for the interests of white elites who evoke working-class solidarity to combat racial, sexual and gender progress. …

    It’s the opposite. They evoke liberalism to prevent ideologies which would lower their earning power.

  10. Isn’t this the Nigra that insisted that more White must die, on order to be “equitable”…or something?

  11. Believe me it’s no privilege having to live w/ these low IQ criminal crybabies.
    If the fact that whitey is getting fed up w/ black dysfunctional culture & how they rally around every thug who gets his comeuppance is white rage then count me in.

  12. Professional blackism is a rewarding career in 2016 America. Dyson, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Ta Nehisi Coates make a good living promoting white hatred and black racial grievance.

  13. “After all, the needs of the black and brown working classes, which are not exclusively urban, are, again, even in progressive quarters, all but forgotten.”

    I see Dyson has no problem lying and ignoring the obvious. Does he claim to have never heard of affirmative action? Without affirmative action, would Dyson have gone to Princeton or write for the NYT? Would his books be taken seriously or even published? Who would call him any sort of intellectual or give him a national platform without affirmative action? A big surprise to anyone who has heard his silly and crude radio program is that he studied religion and was and ordained minister.

    Dyson is another example of a black whose self-esteem is wildly out of touch with his actual abilities, making him also an example of why promoting blacks beyond their abilities is so dangerous.

  14. “But Mr. Sanders seemed to remain at heart a man of the people, especially if those people were the white working class.”

    He thinks Sanders was a “man of the people” who appealed to the white working class? Dyson isn’t very astute as a political observer, is he? Bernie’s support was mostly among college students and progressive NGO-types.

    I guess, to Dyson, all whites and all white interests look alike.

  15. Some interesting new developments arising for some time on the Left. They pretty much parallel those on the Right. We have a Right (Neo-Con or “True Conservatives”) and we have the Alt Right (leaning paleoconservative). Well they have the Left represented by Hillary Clinton (racial politics) versus the Left represented by Bernie Sanders (class politics).

    There is an article entitled “The Anti-Anti-White Left” at Amren. They call themselves the “Alt Left” and they originate from an Anti-Anti-White Left site calling itself the Jacobin. Interestingly enough this site is run by a Non-White by the son of middle class South Asian immigrants, Bhaskar Sunkara.

    In any case, I think the antics of empowered Blacks during the past eight years, culminating in the (only) Black Lives Matter movement which hijacked the Democrats in 2016 coupled with the MSM doubling down on their Black versus White narrative even in the face of ignoring Black on Asian and Black on Mestizo violence effectively alienated Non-Whites from any kind of unity with Blacks and cost Clinton the victory.

    While the Alt Right tends to remain with the Black versus White narrative except when pointing the finger at Jewish instigation the Alt Left seems to be shaping up for a Black/White Liberal Capitalist coalition versus Non-Black Socialist coalition.


    There is a reason why Dyson is beside himself.

  16. I’m gonna ask a sincere question:

    Do any pro-White people fear an actual race war more than they would welcome one?

    While I don’t think the possibility of a full scale race war is all that likely in North America, I certainly don’t think of it in apocalyptic terms. White society—especially when talking about the pro-White segment of society—is far less vulnerable in a state of pure anarchy than they/we are in when confined by the limitations, restrictions and obstacles put in front of us as we try to fit within the current boundaries of a rigged anti-White system.

  17. Black racialists seem to converge their message with a message about class struggle in a way that white racialists do not. White racialists either ally with the bourgeoisie (Jobling, Taylor etc.) or use the Jewish question as a substitution for class (Linder, Macdonald, Duke etc.)

  18. Trump presidency is a seismic moment in US history, BUT most Trump voters had rather mainstream reasons: economy, border security, jobs. Trump only seemed ‘radical’ because the New Normal in America has become so nuts.

    Also, the fact that white Americans waited THIS LONG to support a man like Trump — and that the crucial Trump voters in 2016 had voted for Obama twice in 2008 and 2012 — indicates that most white Americans do lack the spark, the special spirit.

    I think Alt Right has the spark/spirit. Now, some Alt Right people are rather nutty and weird. And many lack special smarts or talent. But they have the spirit-thing.

    This spark does wonders when combined with high intelligence and special talent, but even most smart people lack the spirit.

    This spark is a derring-do, a refusal to go with the flow, the will to stick to one’s vision and principle, a strong sense of conviction, and an openness to new possibilities.

    Being part of the Alt Right means pariah-status and hard times for careerists. There is so much to lose, but those in the AR movement are willing to risk all because they have spirit that is lacking among most Conservatives who stick to Heritage Foundation homilies or most Liberals who stick to PC narrative.

    This will to step outside the box despite disapproval from all of society requires a kind of special spirit. There are lots of things about Richard Spencer I don’t like. But given his image and connections, I think he could have gone far as pundit or even politician if he had decided to play ball and taken the 30 pieces of silver. He didn’t, and he paid a price along the way. That requires spirit and spine. Spencer and some of his crowd may not be the smartest people(though smart enough) nor the most sensible(they do dumb things at times), but they do have devil-may-care and damn-the-torpedoes kind of spirit that can really move mountains.

    And even though Trump is hardly a ‘radical’, he has some of this spirit too. He just hope he uses it wisely, mainly in not creating trouble with Iran and China. Let’s not have Taiwan pull an ‘Israel’ on the US and stir up a mess. If Trump has problems with China, he should stick to economic issues, not military ones over Taiwan.

    At any way, I don’t think revolutions begin necessarily with people of high intelligence. It begins with people with the spirit and spark. They may or may not be of high intelligence, but the crucial factor is that they have this extra ‘zing’, this inner energy. They are the ones who are willing to break down walls and explore new realms of land and mind. And it is when this spirit spreads and infects even people of high intelligence that the truly great changes happen. But for intelligent people to be infected with the spirit, the spirit has to exist in the first place, and it often originates with individuals with the extra zing of human electricity.

    We see this in cinema. Some of the most intelligent people didn’t become the best directors. I think Sydney Pollack was a very intelligent director, but he lacked vision. He understood the form and the craft. But he didn’t have the spirit and vision of someone like Peckinpah. There were many directors more intelligent than Kurosawa, but what vision he had. He made films like Zeus hurled thunderbolts.

    Consider the scene in EXCALIBUR where all the knights are fearful of championing the queen but the squire Perceval, though hardly a seasoned warrior, comes forth. He has a special spirit lacking in even the best of knights.

    In both Nibelungen and Parsifal, it is the outsider-fool-hero who has the power to challenge the order that has grown rigid and static.

    This archetype is more common in Western legends and mythology than in other cultures.

    As of now, Alt Right doesn’t have the talent, resources, or numbers to make a difference. But they do have the spirit that is lacking in just about all other cultural and political sectors. Unlike the ‘far right’ of the past, they are not dogmatically beholden to some ‘tradition'(like arch-catholicism or monarchism), crazy WWII fetishes, or rigid formulas(though there are some who do). Instead, there is the spirit of being willing to talk about anything freely. Indeed, a leftist is more likely to have a free and open discussion with an Alt Right person than with anyone else.

    Alt Right is almost taboo-free even if it has strong positions. Whatever it believes, it says LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. And that is a truly Western spirit.

    The hope is that Alt Right will maintain the spirit/spark to the point where it will spread to others with more intelligence, talent, and resources. And then, things can change in very big ways.

    Now, the Alt Right must be sensible. They must be caretakers of this flame than arsonists. After all, Lenin, Hitler, and Mao were men of powerful spirit, but they were careless with the fire and burned the world.


  19. Wow!

    All the catering to Detroit’s niggers about jobs and business zones reaped a great harvest of votes for Trump.


    They only care about getting high, getting off, and getting free shit from YT.

    ‘Donald Trump carried Michigan by 10,704 votes, or 47.5% to 47.3%, according to the final results submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State. But in Detroit, Democrat Hillary Clinton trounced Trump, winning 95% of the vote to his 3%.’


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