NAACP President Gives Clenched-Fist Black Power Salute In Jeff Sessions Mobile Office

I was watching CNN this evening and Wolf Blitzer was doing a segment on the NAACP sit-in going on in Jeff Sessions’ Mobile office when my jaw dropped. The president of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, was in there and he gave the clench-fisted black power salute. CNN replayed the image several times without commentary:

The black power salute is … woke. The Roman salute is … well, you remember what happened.

Note: CNN played the image from a frontal angle. Can you find it for me?

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  1. They don’t look that passionate though. Where’s the angry scowl? Must be the Zionists pushing them to do it. They hate Sessions even more than the negroes.

    Look at the cucked whites joining them. These are the real white “racists” thinking blacks can’t achieve anything without whitey’s help. Let the blacks fight their own damn battles alone for once.

    • Wood shampoo, Apply Directly to the Forehead!
      Wood shampoo, Apply Directly to the Forehead!
      Wood shampoo, Apply Directly to the Forehead!

  2. I doubt anyone would dare to make an issue of negro racism.

    Will anti-racist Bill Mitchell condemn and demand a disavowal?

  3. I think that the NAACP understand Senator Sessions as I do, and I cannot begrudge them that.

    Only Republicans in denial don’t get who Senator Sessions is.

    Nope, the soon to be Attorney General of The Yankee Empire would either have been a Klansman, serving with Sam Bowers or Asa Carter, if he had been born a generation earlier – or, if not, a strong sympathizer.

    In this environment, Senator Sessions is mild-mannered and politically correct, but, I recognize him to be as many of my friends and neighbours are, and I have little doubt that this is deeply disturbing to President Brooks.

    • If you have Black Identity politics, then you’ll have White Identity politics.

      For every Black Power salute, there will be SIEG HEIL.

      • We need something better than a Sieg Heil. I understand your sentiment, but that doesn’t represent Southerns well nor most freedom loving citizens of the States.-Mark

          • Intresting, do you wish this because you are National Socialist or do you just like the salute? I’m not sure to its use through history. It is very manly in it’s Roman use.

          • Mr. Saint, Miss Denise is a National Socialist.

            Sso, it stands to reason she would cotton to a Roman salute, which, by the way, is pretty similar to what modern Klans have been giving, for at least several decades now.

          • I saw an old picture (pre-Nazi) of school kids doing Pledge of Allegiance making Roman salute. It’s a good thing Hitler never said “two and two is four”. Mathematics would have been screwed up from then on.

          • Agreed and well said.

            Some Alt Right people were saying the Hitler Sieg Heil salute is the ultimate “FU”.

            Why not just do….


        • Absolutely right, Mr. Saint.

          Anything that smacks of Hitler is not going to work in the South – and the implied anti-semitism is only a secondary reason for it.

          As you well know, Mr. Saint, Southerners do not, with only a rare exception, admire anything that smacks of a strong authoritarian central government – because we’ve been on the receiving end of that smoking gun for too long, and the Yankee government does not even near what Stalin’s, Tse Tung’s, or Hitler’s were.

          Knowing Northerners as I do, I can see how a certain percentage of them will be attracted to modern White Nationalism, and quasi Nazi things, but, it won’t fetch diddly-squat down here.

          Have a great week!

          • Junius, well stated and you understand our culture.

            While we Southerners poses a great deal of regional pride, we as a people though, are some of the most patriotic to the USA. Whether it be viewed as Zionist programing or not, our cultural DNA just doesn’t lend itself well to an orderly, uniform, armband wearing one party system. View the history of the British Isles for confirmation of this. Present the Southern patriot with anything perceived to be NS and he will revert to the attack dog mentality of his last cultural interface with it. “Them damn NAZIS”, “Them damn Communist”, “Them damn Yankees”.

            Now having said this, the South does accept a well established social order, and that has been in a longstanding conflict with

          • Thank you, Mr. Saint.

            You know, a big reason why we are not ‘orderly armband wearing one party system folk’ is that we are highly individualistick.

            This is a statement to make fraught with peril, because, while we are such, at the same time, we do, more than any other region in this country, have ironclad group identifying features – such as accent, small talk, respectfulness, manners – and all the other traits you know mark us as a people.

            However, one of those traits is distrust of all groups that do not have, or at least purport to have, Jesus Chryst at it’s head.

            Why, even the Klan of my childhood regarded the Good Book as it’s only manual.

            I say all this because, we are very ‘individualistick in our group think. Maybe this comes from the fact that, deep down inside, we are still feudal plantation folks – who are much more prepared to respect our local sheriff than someone 15 miles away, whose hand we have never shook, and whom we have never witnesst walk through church doors.

            This individualstick anti-group think is very apparent, too, in the fact that the overwhelming majority of Southerners (not you and I) reject the Mother Church, and, instead, go to the same local Protestant house of worship that their great granddaddy went to – a ‘Freewill Baptist Church’, and that church, though receiving some influence from way away, receives and takes orders from no one.

            And your concluding statement about the epithets we throw, when vext, is a perfect illustration.

            Yes, we have a perfectly well-establisht social order, and one of it’s tenets is parochialism – or that of utter locality.

            For those who make comments ruing oligarchy and yearning for ‘progressive change’, I tell them they are totally unrealistick about the rural South.

            Why, in every single town, even those 80% negro, you have a few longstanding White Families that are the aristocratick luminaries of that place, and who, with the rarest exception, have had the most money, in said area, since 1813.

            And in these communities, like the one in which I live, these local aristocrats and the clergy of the long establisht church are the unelected leaders – a class which cannot be penetrated by any other means than seminary and birth; and this class would never EVER salute someone OTHER than itself:::)))

            God bless you!

      • If the historical and political positions of whites were at all comparable to those of blacks, your reply to Junius might have meaning. Since they are not, it doesn’t.

        • We had slavery. WOW!! The only people who didn’t have slavery were stone age people. Slavery was abolished in Saudi Arabia in 1964.

          Blacks have more than 50 countries all to themselves, while “diversity” is demanded of ALL and ONLY White countries.

          Blacks seem to be a lot higher up on the food chain than Whites, since their extinction isn’t global policy.

          • Bonaccorsi isn’t worth replying to. He’s a got a bug up his ass because people don’t recognize him as some kind of genius. Or something. I don’t know, and care less. In any event, all he does is needlessly criticize people who make better comments than he does.

          • “I don’t know, and care less.”

            Hmm. I should have thought it impossible, but SLCain has stated a fact.

          • Southern Slavery didn’t exterminate blacks, unlike Political Correctness which is attempting to exterminate us.

        • Hello J,
          Check out the modern day slave trade, it is so beyond reality it is truly demonic.
          “Stop the pirates blogspot : cusip number”
          I wanted to get you this information, sorry I can’t leave you a link.

          • When I’d read your note, Timber, I did some Googling, in the hope I’d find the info you’d mentioned. At that blog—Stop the Pirates—was “Slavery on the New Plantation,” a piece about convict labor in the U.S. Whether that’s the piece you were talking about, I don’t know.

          • No J, the cusip number.
            Stop the pirates: in order to win in court.
            I just read it for the 3rd time, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it. You’ll understand why I called it the New slavery.

          • Well–I’ve found and read it, Timber, but I’m sorry to have to say to you that I could make no sense of it.

      • Quite right, Bobbi – though, there never has been an AG I find more disturbing than fellow Tarheel of mine – Mrs. Loretta Lynch.

        I can assure The Left that there is nothing, emotionally, they will go through with Beauregard Sessions, that I have not endured with Miss Loretta!

  4. Cernovich just went full Chernobyl

    watch from about 1hr 52 minutes in. total breakdown

    How must his swarthy wife and newborn baby feel about the fact that he spent 3 hrs getting drunk on wine and talking lispily into his computer to strangers rather than be with them?

    • Dear Mr. Kleinfeld,
      There will always be treacherous people wherever you go. As your motives are honourable, that ought not deter you.

      But, if you are feeling cautious, find a Southern Klan group that is small, local, and not connected with anyone on the net or a large organization.

      There are many of these such groups, and it will be unlikely that the Yankee Government knows of them, much less has penetrated them.

      All the best to you and yours!

    • Jerry, I understand your desire to be part of something noble and historic. Our modern USA culture is devoid of this. Many men seek this. The path is wrought with treachery and deceit. I wish our modern Church in the USA would offer an option, but outside the Catholic Church, I just don’t see it. We seek to be comrades in arms with like minded people, but FBI uses that against us. Make your decisions carefully.

      • That’s well written, Mr Saint.

        If Mr. Kleinfeld is not in a highly sensitive publick position, perhaps The League of The South would be a good choice for him.

        In my view, they are the elite group of Those Southerners who, at this time, refuse to be ‘reconstructed’.

        Very smart and admirable people, to a one, that it has been my honour to know.

    • I got to go with the idea that outside of Thom Robb’s Knights all KKK are heavily infiltrated.

      Start something else – support minor league Ice hockey fan clubs, hockey is very White, so is the fan base. It’s like White nationalist Soccer fans in 80s UK. Get the lads together and support ice hockey in the South instead of NFL Negro Felon League, SEC college in name only football is even worse.

  5. He won’t because that would be “racist”. Trump thrashed Political Correctness during the campaign but he’s a practitioner himself, perhaps without being aware of it.

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