NPR: White Nationalists’ Enthusiasm For Trump Cools

Just read this website.

I’ve been blogging every up and down in our relationship with Trump. He has done things we like. He has done other things we dislike. I’m going to be completely honest with you. As I said in my New Years’ Resolution, “I want to bring you the truth about the Trump administration. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

I suspect this is the way it is going to be for the next four years. We’ve hated almost everything Obama has done while he was in office. We strongly disliked George W. Bush. Trump will be a more complex figure than W. or Obama. He has been on an upswing over the past week because of his clashes with the fake news Lügenpresse, his determination to build a new relationship with Russia and developments which indicate he is serious about his trade policy and building the Trump Wall on the Mexican border.

We’re going to cover the Trump administration as it plays out. No one really knows what will happen. If we are satisfied at the end of four years, we will support his reelection. If he does something along the way that is seriously not cool and loses our support, you will be the first to hear about it. Honeymoons don’t last forever. We’ve bought four years of Trump and are simply apprehensive about the future.

Finally, this Narrative that the Alt-Right has splintered and is falling apart is ridiculous. Nothing has fundamentally changed. The Alt-Lite brands were never the Alt-Right. These brands are still doing what they were doing before the election and haven’t ceased being useful. I’ve crossed swords with Vox Day, but he is doing his own thing and I am doing my own thing, which is what we have always done. Even the beefs which played out after Hailgate were more or less the same beefs that existed before 2015.

As Nietzsche pointed out, conflict is a good thing! When wills collide, it stimulates the development of new knowledge, so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing when we argue over distinctions. We can learn a lot in the process from a healthy exchanges of views. According to this theory, 2016 should have been a disaster for the Right because there was never more infighting. Instead, it is the Left which is exhausted.

All signs around here continue to point upward. That’s what I am hearing from other websites. There’s a new ferocity in our movement. There’s a new sense of urgency after languishing for years.

Note: Do you see the image above? You will never have to see it again.

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  1. We’re not even 2 weeks into 2017 and already we’re winning like crazy!

    Going forward, I think we have to get in the Left’s face as much as possible.

    Instigate conflict, create tensions, make them fret. Drive their stress levels through the roof. We need to go after them in their places of work, in their homes, in their bases, in their safe spaces.

    We’ve won a great victory. Now is precisely NOT the time to back off and take it easy.

    We need to keep going and go all the way.

    Stay angry, my friends, and get your knives out.

  2. One white-pill is IMO Trump is a very reactionary person.

    If the media continues to treat him so unfairly (and they will) he may react by strongly pushing the policies that the media hates the most about him. These are OUR favorite of Trump’s policies. Trump may pursue OUR interests not necessarily because of our influence, but out of spite for the media.

    The ironic part is that the (((media))) would actually probably benefit from treating Trump fairly. He would probably compromise and appease them, if they were reasonable towards them. But of course, (((they))) do not have the self-awareness to realize this.

    • “…If the media continues to treat him so unfairly (and they will) he may
      react by strongly pushing the policies that the media hates the most
      about him….”

      Exactly. If they’re going to attack no matter what, might as well do the equivalent of the Vietnam tactic of calling in artillery on your own position. Immediately attack the press by breaking up the monopolies with anti-trust laws. Attack the public stations by taking them over with your appointments, call out TV station lies and threaten to take away their licenses for #Fakenews not being in the public interest. Split cable channel packages where you don’t have to pay for CNN, CNBC, etc. That alone would wipe out CNN and CNBC. I don’t think they could retain enough revenue to continue. Anti-trust against the newspapers could also be used. All the papers are huge conglomerates. The local paper here was taken over by the New York Times years ago and hasn’t been readable since. Might have trouble attacking the papers but it’s worth a try.

      These idiots are the equivalent of troops swarming across the Battle of the Somme. It’s wasteful but if they’re going to act so stupidly fire the artillery at them.


    If White Nationalists are ‘growing cool on Trump’, then they had no idea who he was in the first place, OR … they are just overly hormonal cross-dressers with Waffen SS haircuts.

    I say this because, the man is not even in office, and folks are already ‘cooling’?!?!?

    That’s nuts#$%^&!?^&%^!?!

    Listen up : never in my lifetime have I seen a president-elect, do so much good, and accomplish so much as Trump has.

    What might be that, you ask?

    #1. He’s heavily dented political correctness.

    #2. He tore up Democrat and Republican Establishments two new petooties.

    #3. He’s given hope to the Average Joe, who, by the way, has been badly abused by the establishment for a long long time.

    #4. He’s restored confidence in a very unconfident economy.

    #5. He’s saved, brought back, and attracted more jobs, in just two months, than President Obama has in the last two years.

    #6. He’s put the New England Government proxy press in their place.

    #7. He’s got many parasites, which have been sucking the life out of us, on the run.

    The guy is amazing. No, he ain’t Jesus Chryst, but, I think he’ll do in a pinch.

    If you voted for him, stand by him, support him, forgive him when he is not perfect.

    You’re looking at the first real leader this country has had since Reagan.

    • You were going good until you mentioned Reagan, as he legalized 3 million illegals. Reagan is why WN are concerned about Trump. That and the disavowing and condemning, after he strongly signaled to get our support.

      Trump is a spokesman for borders and multi-racial melting pots. Whites need Spokesmen for Whites. We won’t feel safe until we get it.

      • Mr. Jackson,
        I said Reagan was a leader – not an angel. Reagan had ideas he was prepared to fight the establishment over – whether you agree with them or not. That, Sir, was the point.
        As to getting a spokesman for Whites, you’ll have to secede first, because The New England Government would never let you have that – NEVER~!

        Have a good night!

        • Realistically, Junius, the ‘New England Government’ that semi-existed 150 years ago doesn’t now.

          It’s nonsense talk.

          • Most of ZOG’s leadership were educated at Harvard, Yale and other “elite” schools in the Northeast. The (((financial system))) and (((news/publishing media))) are also headquartered there.

          • But Junius claims the so called ‘New England Government’ of more than a century ago wasn’t dominated by jews or even influenced by them.

            You’re probably right, but said leaders have fanned out around the west and southwestern states which now wield the most control in Congress.

          • ‘But Junius claims the so called ‘New England Government’ of more than a
            century ago wasn’t dominated by jews or even influenced by them.’

            Dear Lorax, I never said 19th century America was not influencet by Jews, I said it was not ‘dominated’ by them.

            Jewish influence rose heavily between 1880-1960 – to the basick point where it is today.

            Thank you, however, for contemplating what I said.

          • If you want to know how to recognize where Jews are influential, Lorax, think about what Professor McDonald has said – that of the 3 cardinal traits of Jews, one is aggression.

            The New England Government of the 19th century, was largely a sleep affair, as far as the world was concerned.

            Starting with McKinley, Roosevelt, and Wilson, you see the change over.

            You don’t have to know the particulars to know that the Jewish stock is risen in the portfolio, at that point, because, suddenly, the New England Government starts trying to be the arbitre of world Affairs.

          • Dear Lorax,
            I respectfully disagree. The Central Government bears every stamp of being a New England Government to these Southron eyes.

            The Cardinal charactersticks of The New Eng;land Yankee Government?

            #1. Allied with Jewish Bankers.

            #2. Perpetuating the English empire with the same state subversion, usurpation techniques, and military bullying, when all else fails.

            #3. A belief that only it knows what it right for the world, and that any not in accordance with that are classified as evil, and, thus, are targetted in myriad ways.

            #4. It’s perpetual attempts to destroy the Southern People and our social order – by any means possible.

            #5. It’s embracing of secular humanitarianism as state religion.

            #6. It’s sticking it’s nose in everyone’s business (the Puritan is a meddler, if anything)

            #7. It’s belief in ‘Enlightenment values’.

            #8. It’s civick nationalism (nation by theoretical abstracts) – as opposed to blood and soil.

            #9. The continued use of the traditional Yankee Slave system – importing zillions of immigrant to exploit, and ‘outsourcing’ – all the while calling itself ‘the champion of individual freedom’.

            #10. Endless uninterrupted hypocrisy.

            #11. The unspoken double standard – one for The New England government and an unlimited supply of different ones for everyone else in the world.

            #12. The Yankee habit of scapegoating everybody else when failure strikes.

            #13. It’s use of minorities, the world over, to control majorities.

            These are the signs, Lorax. Thank you for your thoughts.

            P.S. – These traits are also why The New England Government is so heavily allied with Jews – as two birds of a feather will be found together.

      • ‘He strongly signaled to get our support.’

        Mr. Jackson – Mr. Trump was, the whole election cycle – anti Confederate flag, heavily pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, and very pro-gay, pro diversity.

        You could not miss it.

        I assumed y’all were excited about him for the same reasons I was – The Wall, foreign policy rethink, strict constructionalist judges, and getting out of the globalist trade deal vise.

        • “Mr. Trump was, the whole election cycle – anti Confederate flag, heavily pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, and very pro-gay, pro diversity.”

          Junius, very true.

          Even with that he swept the South. No, we were not hoodwinked, we completely understood the man.

          1). anti-CSA, we gave him a pass because he is a Yankee. He received our fury at our own leaders for being anti-CSA by our support for him.

          2). Pro-Jew/Israel, in the South most Southerns see that as a positive. Although Jews are the ones fighting in every quater over the public recognition of Christ.

          3). Pro-Reprobate, we, the traditionalists in all parts, have been betrayed by all government/church/media. Our 1st act of revolt was to vote for “none of the above” which was Trump.

          No, Trump is not the answer, but he is the beginning. As I’ve said before, there is the Spark, Flame, and Ember in every movement. Trump is the Spark. There is a Flame coming.

          • On #1. Exactly – we gave him a pass, because we know he is a good Yankee.

            On #2. Most of our fellow Southerners are not like you and I, but, dangerously uninformed.

            On #3. Brilliant analysis. Most of the other candidates were just more of New England Liberal Globalist Beezelbub – pure and simple.

            On #4. No, Trump is not the answer for us. Only we can be that, but, as Southerners have passt the buck up to Yankees to lead us, Trump is the best one.

            I support Trump with all my heart, and I pray for my Southern Brethren to relocate their balls.

            God bless!

      • One more thing, Mr. Jackson – stop blaming immigration for the fact that Whites only want sequential sexual relationships, instead of holy matrimony and children.

        Y’all want a White Nation ? : stop the sexual degeneracy, the materialist focus, the moaning and get down to the business of the family – reproduction.

        Think Catholick….

        • Guess that growing taxes, diversity, unemployement rates and collapsing living standards, earnings has nothing to do with low White birthrates, right?
          Reagan failed and so did the ideology of conservatism, as Lincoln Rockwell already saw it over 50 years ago.

          Natural selection, that resulted in intelligence in the first place, has been twisted and interrupted for far too long.

          • Thank you for your thought, Lulz.

            While I agree with you that the reasons you mention are an influence in falling birth-rates, I don’t think they are the main ones.

            I believe that falling away from God and basick decent values is much more of a factor.

            The citizenry has got The Devil in their hearts and it shows up in many ways.

            As to Reagan – I don’t agree that he failed. What he started was destroyed by those who followed him.

            That said, Reagan is not my hero. I think he was a good Yankee with good intents. His American, ultimately, is not my America, because my America is not one with North Carolina, and or The South in it.

            Thank you for your thoughts; and, yes, Rockwell, spoke many truths clearly, but most people don’t take their truth straight, but, prefer to cut it with ice, coke, and water.

          • I really liked Reagan. I can see some of his faults now but I don’t think the picture would be complete without factoring in the Soviet Union. They had been aggressively expanding all over the planet and taking countries into the communist block. They had to be stopped and he made lots of compromises to do this. Without understanding the times these look bad but I was there and we had 35,000 or so nukes aimed at us. It was not pleasant. Some influential people thought the Democracy’s were doomed to fall. We know better now but at the time it was in no way apparent that we would prevail. He lifted a lot of gloom and doom that had built up.

          • Sam, damn near all of us liket Reagan.

            Although some of his stances, such as ‘Amnesty’, Free-Trade’ and other assorted ‘Greenspanisms’ have taken on some tarnish over time, his fundamental concepts remain sound – God is the basis for all, little central government, States’ Rights, a believe in capitalism, freedom of Speech, privacy, and in being prepared to deliver a butt-whooping,

            Reagan, also, was a decent man – who was kind and respectful to all, was not sneaky, nurtured no secret hatred for others, and who stay married to his second wife, without cheating, for nearly half a century.

            Ironically, Liberals complained bitterly of his taking us into record debt, but, compared to what they have done, in recent, years, what he did is hardly anything.

            To those who do not understand why this Yankee appealed to Southerners, and still does, have a gander at his opening campaign speech of 1980 – and his choice of it, in Neshoba, Miss’ppi, where Sam Bowers and his White Knights had resisted a second New England Government invasion of The South.

          • Soviet-Union collapsed because of Reagan is a cuckservative propaganda myth.

            The Soviet-Union ended because peacenik Gorbatchev and other bureaucrats had been seduced into globalism, Gorbatchev was betrayed after he was weakened and that resulted in the break-up (So Yeltsin and others could have their own states) but the original plan was to make the former Soviet-Union into a part of the cultural-marxist EU.
            It is also why Thatcher was removed from power, she was on the side of the new world order but against Britain becoming a bunch of EU provinces.

          • My own consideration is that carpenter ants doesn´t dig through healthy wood.

            The USA of 1913 and Britain of 1914 generally fully embraced God but they still fell or were under (((enemy control))) already. Still the case when the 1965 immigration act was abolished and when non-white immigrants were allowed into western Europe in the 1960s, mostly christian Whites that cucked.
            Not stating that the fat atheist neckbeards are any better, just that the former is not The Solution™.

            The “traditional society” that many on the right assume it is good as opposition to “progressivism” was far from optimal for Whites are part of the reason why the White race is threatened as it is today, whatever will save the White race will have be something new on the scene as Hitler was in his time.

          • Thank you, Lulz.

            I don’t know what the solution is for your state or region, but, i can say that, for North Carolina, and perhaps much of The South, it is continuing along the path we began several years ago – we, Traditionalists, taking back control of our state legislatures and passing laws that those who live in our state, and who disapprove of our state’s customs, will find anathema.

            That North Carolina is a ‘repressive state’ is a new reputation that is quickly spreading about the other 49 states, and encouraging those who are already here, but, who wish to turn us over, to leave, while, at the same time, DIScouraging those who are contemplating coming here for our lovely ladies, weather, and reasonable tax-rates, from doing so.

            As this process evolves, over the coming generation, the repair of much of the damage will be greatly speeded.

            It will be helpt by all the strict-constructionalist justices that Mr. Trump is soon to appoint – 103 in all.

            We, in North Carolina, began the process of digging out from the last 60 years of undoing in 2012, and we will continue.

        • Very good sir,

          I practice what I preach. My wife and I have 4 boys together and I have a daughter through a previous marriage.

          I have heard countless times Whites bemoaning the fact they can’t have more than 1 or 2 kids because that would limit their material gains. What fools! You are the generation that sold out the future of your kin for insignificant luxury.

          • And I am very grateful to you, Mr. Saint, for having done so, and for home-schooling and raising them Southern right – instead of delivering them to Yankee-Jewish textbooks and other craven malarkey!

          • And, yes, Sir – to hell with IRAs, and two cars, and riding lawnmowers that move themselves.

            Pick a good woman, give her children, raise them Southern proud, and strengthen your local community to make a better world.

            This is survival, and this is The Lord’s plan for us.

          • Yes well said. However, retirement plans should not be seen in a negative light. Children as beneficiaries with appointed guardians is a positive for both parent and child.

  4. I’ll be darned if I let the jews over at National Pinko Radio tell me what I’m supposed to be thinking. I hope the Trump administration pulls the plug on them and their $500 million a year taxpayer funded budget.

      • You people aren’t thinking big enough. NPR needs to have Hunter running the editorial department.

        Nothing doesn’t beat something.

        We need the civil rights division to look into how White children are stigmatized, and psychically attacked, in Black run schools. We need the civil rights division to look into stigmatization of White Men in corporate “discrimination” seminars that Whites are forced to participate in. I’m talking about the type programs that Tim White does. There should be fines for verbal degradation of Whites in the work place. They’ve covered the whole country with these kind of laws and if taken at face value that they’re to stop discrimination, we could run with these easily to protect Whites. We’re the minority among younger people and also world wide. It’s a global space now so “minority” should be counted that way.

    • Well if “the Jews” control Nation Public Radio, they are doing a damned poor job. In Christian Zionist circles, NPR is often referred to as “Nation Palestinian Radio”.

      • In Christian Zionist circles, NPR is often referred to as “Nation Palestinian Radio”.

        Yeah, yeah, they’re all “anti-semites.” As usual.

        In the meantime, zionist viewpoints dominate 99.9% of mainstream media.

        • I didn’t say that NPR was anti-Semitic. After all ,as I’m sure you well know, Palestinians are also Semites.

  5. What I don’t like about Trump is his tendency to react to comments or circumstances, where he could be more politic or even silent.

    • Trump was silent about the kidnapping and torture of that feeble-minded White kid in Chimpcongo. And that silence was deafening. Trump may soon have to decide between attempting to placate his (((enemies))) in the Establishment or building a strong relationship with the alt-right/White Nationalists who helped put him in office!

      • I’ve written before – if I were a nigger – I’d be more worried about what Trump doesn’t say, instead of what he does say. Trump is planning to address the nigger problem. And he WILL.

  6. I’m not “cool on Trump”. No one I know is. We know he’s not 1488 NS. We never thought he was. I’ve often speculated about what his actual Presidency will be like. This is all so off the wall, it’s impossible to predict.

    The USA is NOT the United States. We are rapidly dis-uniting. And this is NOT our fault. The Left is doubling down, and pulling out all the stops. The are fanatic, ruthless, and ruinous. And completely STUPID. You’d think they’d back off, a little teeny bit. Most Whites desperately want to “go back to sleep”. Give us a little breathing room. Lull us into false security until it’s completely too late. We are on the thresh-hold of “too late”.

    Trump’s election was a pulling back from the precipice. The Left’s taunting and provocation no longer cow us, and make us bend our knee and head in submission. Now we back away. They are determined to finish us off – but they showed the knife too soon. More and more Whites are signing off the Marxist Utopia. “Utopia” literally means “nowhere”. We REFUSE.

    Re: Trump – the Left – the Sinisters, for Left means Sinister – are giving him PURE HELL. We need to BACK HIM UP, now more than ever. We need to give him courage and consent to give PURE HELL BACK. And SEND them to Hell. They must be PURGED. There is no accommodation. No meeting any-one half way. No TOLERANCE. No oxygen. NOTHING. They must be REMOVED.

    We need to give him license. They are giving him the motivation. We must back him up.

  7. Check out Thernovich desperately trying to distance himself from the Alt-Right and nationalism in general.

    He’s actually demanding that the media refer to him as an “author and film maker.”

    What a fucking douchebag and self-serving opportunist.

  8. Trump was channeling his campaign self this week. I thought his handling of the press conference was masterful and his best post-election moment so far.

    The problem could be that he might use the declaration of ‘fake news!’ to aid the censorship lobby, but for some interim period it was awesome. Calling out CNN, one of the MSM’s key outlets, as fake! in front of the talmudvision’s mesmerized masses marks a powerful potential turning point.

    We don’t have four years. The lower middle/lower class white population doesn’t have this luxury. If you were truly a populist you would understand that.

    The future of western civilization will be decided in the next two. Its final destruction may not be realized by 2019, but its certainty will be.

      • That’s a gigantic if. I don’t invest so much importance in a concrete wall. I want to see radical changes in policies that encourage self-deportations.

      • First let him prove that he employs legal.immigrants in his resorts and real estate businesses. Hahahah how gullible you twats are?

  9. Hunter, Trump has not even taken office yet and he has already removed credibility from the media. He has turned their phrase of “fake news” against them.

  10. NPR was revealing what anti-whites want, not accurately describing what is.

    The Alt Right is getting much bigger, and at the same time it is consolidating. There is close to 100% agreement now on fundamentals like stopping white genocide. The First Triumverate (Anglin, Enoch and Spencer) is real and a good sign. That David Duke, a hero of older generations, is positive toward younger people and is honored by them in turn is a great thing. We have no generation gap. Nobody is falling away except those who were only ever in the white identity game for clicks and bucks.

    Updated: The First Trumverate is no more, and Mike Enoch was an illusion that has vanished. I didn’t expect that!

  11. That is kyke propaganda. Less aware people are still asking, “why are they doing this to Trump?” and the truth leads them to us. And once the truth of the unfounded and indefensible hatred our enemies have for us, the formerly unaware are with us for the rest of their lives with a rage in their hearts that just won’t die.

  12. What does science, not statement of belief, say?

    What a 9 years old could have guessed!

    There is no salvation for Whites in traditionalism/conservatism, it looks good in theory but in practice it failed against cultural-marxism and there are reasons why that happened. It will not reverse extinction by degradation either.

  13. While the White Nat purity patrol is out and about being slightly more useful than used douchenozzles Trump is out discrediting that Magic Negro Lewis on Twitter.

  14. I hope that Trump does manage to smooth out our county’s relationship with Russia. Love the pic of the wall model. But we need to keep in mind his Jewish connections though. Let us remember that civic nationalism where whites have a seat at the table is much better than Obama, but a far cry from full out white nationalism.
    My recent book, which promotes the Alt-Right birthed “Amerikaner” identity concept went is now live on Amazon. Here is my blog post introducing it:

  15. Carl Kike is justifying the way he and his fellow “journalists” make a lucrative living writing #fakenews for Lugenpresse. Deconstructing the “journalistic process”, Oy Vey!

  16. I think Trump has been doing great! It is the alt right which faltered after the election, and I think it was for the following reason:

    Had Clinton won we would have been looking down a barrel of hurt. The plans cooked up by Sunstein (fake news, no platforming social media) would have actually worked. We would be facing amnesty of some form within the first 100 days. Pro white governments abroad would have been under increasing pressure from the New World Order. We would have been in a position of revolution or death, but without proper preparation of the broader population.

    Given that amount of emotional pressure, is it any wonder that the personalities involved went off the rails? Recently I have seen a roll back of much of the insane, violent and Nazi rhetoric from sites like TRS, Daily Stormer has “postponed” its ARMED march through a small hamlet in Montana, hopefully forever. Essentially there is an opportunity for a “reboot” as The Atlantic calls it.

    What are the rules of the “reboot” as far as I would have them?

    1) Only counterpunch, don’t start unnecessary fights – since there are infinite targets to counterpunch this ought not be a problem

    2) Support Trump and his supporters in the GOP, for the alt right to be sore winners is pathetic – and shows the world that it cannot be trusted to be a partner to power yet again. Are there red lines? Absolutely immigration. To a slightly lesser extent, war. All energy should be spent helping Trump avoid pitfalls and shoring up his base.

    3) No violent, insane, and Nazi rhetoric – be edgy, but don’t go past the edge – wouldn’t it be nice to have that bridge between the alt right and the rest of the political spectrum, instead of a Wall? Much of the alt right can come back through a Big Beautiful Door if they can drop the violent, insane, and Nazi rhetoric. If you want to talk about Jews, you better have an end game in mind that is palatable to 90+% of the population; namely you just want them to stop being anti white. Hurting them, Killing them, Expelling them – that’s The Swamp.

    I my self am not alt-right (what does that even mean?) and never will be. I am pro-good, anti-evil. I am white. I am pro-white. White genocide is an evil, dare I say SATANIC plot. But it isn’t the only evil in the world. Not all proposed solutions to White Genocide are good, some are also evil. As Trump, Farage and Putin have shown, you can win without being evil, in fact I would say that is the only way to win.

    Right makes might.

    • White genocide is an evil, dare I say SATANIC plot. But it isn’t the only evil in the world.

      That’s insane. White survival is the sine qua non. If we lose that battle, nothing else matters.

  17. Typical liberal wishful thinking. Trump is at heart a patriotic American businessman, not a moral paragon or Neo-Nazi or crusader. His instincts are to react like 99 percent of normal Americans do at the decay, perversion, treason and stupidity he sees. The so-called Progressives and the Jews know this and it scares them to death. They know a true white nationalist is – for the time being – no threat. A guy like Trump threatens to break their iron grip on the country and they know that, too. Lay off Trump. he isn’t even in office, for God’s sake! If all he did was expose the MSM for what it is it was worth electing him.

  18. I propose a new name for the SJW and the diversity Whites. What they are doing is status signaling. If they call for diversity then the first thing to establish is if they live in diverse neighborhood and send their children to a diverse school. Diverse being defined as over 50% diverse, non White. If they do not then you know they are status signaling. They’re essentially doing the same as a peacock with that huge useless tail. Preening about. They are peacocks. Cocks for short but that probably is a bit abrasive so “pocks” it is. “Pocks rolls off the tongue nicely and if you know it means peacock it shows them as the self worshiping foolish preeners they are.

  19. Anytime Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald and Richard Spencer voices carry over the airwaves of NPR it is a positive.

  20. Dear Fake,
    I just saw your reply, here. Thank you.

    I think Carter maintained a certain level of independence, as did Nixon.

    Interesting that, tonight, a few days after your post, Bernstein’s ‘fossil partner’, Woodward, had the opposite opinion to him, on the issue of ‘The Golden Shower story being worthwhile news.

    Have a good night.

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