UPDATE: New York City Antifas Attack Gavin McInnes and The Proud Boys

Update: Well, that went pretty much as expected:

As if any further proof were needed, the antifas are out of control:

What to make at this?

1.) From Deploraball to UC Berkeley to New York City, the Alt-Lite is under attack by antifas. The Alt-Lite is only a part time antagonist, not the real enemy.

2.) Why is the Alt-Lite fighting with us? They’re going to be called Nazis and attacked by antifas anyway. When the shooting inevitably starts, this will get real simple.

3.) This is a hilarious Beardson video.

Note: I’m not going to waste my time fighting with the Alt-Lite anymore. The antifas are doing a great job lately educating them about who is the real enemy.

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  1. After Trump’s directive to the FBI etc to lay off the far right, will he follow through and put French style employment protection laws for people holding far right wing opinions?

    It’s the next logical step. It puts the entire cibil rights enforcement machine out of a job.

  2. They might want to consider hiring some White paramilitaries and skinhead mercenaries for protection.

  3. I’m not going to waste my time fighting with the Alt-Lite anymore. The antifas are doing a great job lately educating them about who is the real enemy.

    Same here. They’re being schooled a lot faster than I anticipated.

    Things are really escalating!

      • Thernovich is a slippery character who’s been moderating his positions recently, so I’m not sure he’s a prime target.

        • Cernovich doesn’t have the depth to give a 2 hour talk like Spencer or even Milo. He’s out of his element when he leaves the 140 character limit of Twitter. As Gerturde Stein said, there’s no there there.

          I can’t see Cernovich becoming a target, he’s an online only personality.

        • People underestimate and misunderstand Cernovich. His OpSec would not be weak enough for him to be blindsided.

          Not everyone needs to be full-on Alt Right to be an ally. Cernovich does a lot of good shit. That his focus is not entirely our focus is not a reason to hate on him.

          • Cernovich is a fucking scumbag. He has repeatedly attacked Richard Spencer, called him a coward and then deleted the tweets, and continues to virtue signal against the Alt Right.

            He’s also an idiot who can’t elucidate his views beyond MAGA3X! and Gorilla Mindset. I see the usefulness of Watson, McInnes, Moly in converting normies. Not Cernovich. Cernovich gloms onto movements to make a buck, first it was PUA/Men’s Rights, then Gamergate, then the Alt Right, now its Trumpism! Fuck Cernovich.

            Since no one outside Twitter knows or cares about Cernovich, I can’t see him needing OpSec. He also doesn’t have the brains to give a 2 hour talk, so he will never do it and won’t attract the Antifa.

          • I disagree. Cernovich is a guy (very much like Trump) who finds conflict clarifying. There are cases — and I think the case with Spencer fits this mold — where Cernovich’s attacking you is a sign that he respects you and would be willing to be your ally. Cernovich was testing Spencer after Spencer arguably (note: arguably! I am not siding with Cernovich) made some errors in dealing with the press.

            Cernovich’s attacks on the Alt Right have been over what he considers to be stupid tactics and strategy, not over substance.

            As for Cernovich gloming onto” various movements, the guy is an independent actor. He doesn’t claim to be a leader of any movement. He does his own thing. If it coincides with other movements, great; if it doesn’t, that’s fine too. I can see how people find his focus on marketing and brand grating, but people have different MOs. The fact is that the Alt Right can learn something about branding from him.

          • Nope, Cernovich wants to be part of some non-racist New Right. He was trying to purge Spencer and the Alt Right from Trumpism just like Buckley purged people like Revilo Oliver and Joe Sobran from Conservatism. He was acting on orders from on high from people like Jeff Giesea.

            You’re giving Cernovich way too much credit calling him an independent actor. He’s a parasite. He sees an internet movement and rides the wave to make money off of it for himself.

          • When Buckley purged Revilo Oliver, Buckley had already founded National Review and run it for around seven years, so he (Buckley) was seen as speaking for the conservative movement. And by the time of Sobran’s purge, Buckley was an eminence gris who all but embodied mainstream conservatism. So the analogy with Cernovich — who doesn’t claim to even be a member of the Alt Right, let alone determine who passes litmus tests that decide who is Alt Right — doesn’t pass muster.

            Cernovich did make some decisions about Deploraball attendees, but guess what? That was a good thing. Had anyone even remotely connected with “Nazism” attended, that would have handed the MSM what they wanted on a silver platter. As it was, any attends to pain the Deploraball as “Nazi” were absurd, and served to further discredit the MSM. Now, to be clear, I am not saying that I see the ideological landscape the same way Cernovich does, but I can accept that he made certain “branding” decisions that were savvy and defensible.

            Again, I agree that Cernovich can come off as focused solely on branding and, therefore, money. But I think that is the misinterpret and, again, underestimate him. Take a look at some of the things he is sponsoring re: getting to the bottom of PizzaGate and exposing Muslim perfidy in Sweden as well as other projects. He is not Alt Right, but so what? He is doing good work in areas that are not at all sideways with Alt Right goals.

  4. Gavin blocked me on twitter for naming the Jew and being a Nazi. Now he’s the Nazi and that’s just delicious. I could forgive him his squaw war bride, but his financially self-serving position on the JQ, really the main Q, leaves him out in the rhetorical cold. He dug his own grave of inclusiveness with a dildo and a fever for shekels. For that he is unforgivable.

    • They know. The people in the Alt-Lite know about the Jew problem, but they have social relationships and friendships with individual Jews that they wish to keep.

      • That’s their problem, and their damnation. “Come out of her, my people, and touch NOT the (((unclean))) thing.”

        • And fags. I’m shocked by how many people seem to be ignoring the pedophile tendencies of the Alt Lite. No one remembers ‘Twinks for Trump’ with huge posters of prepubescent boys on the walls?!!!!

  5. “The Diversity Cult is nuts.”

    It is time to call Immigration to the West ‘colonization’.

    Immigration means the arrivals of peoples in manageable numbers with the consent of the majority settled population. Implicit in the arrangement is the agreement that the immigrants will come with gratitude & appreciation and will respect the established system & culture and try to assimilate to the extent possible. The US used to be about immigrants. When too many arrived, the flow was stemmed. Also, newcomers were expected to assimilate, and the US favored the kinds of immigrants who would assimilate best. As for those who were not easily assimilate-able, they were allowed only in small numbers. And if they chose not to assimilate, they still acknowledged the primacy of the majority culture.

    But now, the US and EU have become about colonization. The US in current state is a Nation of Colonists. These massive flows of newcomers are coming to take over, displace white communities, dictate terms, demand special privileges & protections, pile abuse on white heritage, insult & even attack whites, and celebrate the demise of whites with taunting contempt.

    In anti-Trump rallies, non-whites are brazenly attacking whites with fists, sticks, and hammer.

    These are colonists, not immigrants. And they don’t request to be allowed in on the promise of gratitude and loyalty. They demand to let in on grounds that it is their RIGHT to enter America and do as they please. In their minds, the US must accommodate them.

    So, not only must America invite them but welcome them and serve them.

    How did this happen? To an extent, we can’t entirely blame these colonists. After all, some, or even many, do arrive with a sense of gratitude and respect. But they soon lose respect because America no longer has a center. When America was a white nation, assimilating to white norms was the template.

    But the US is now billed as nation of Diversity, which means there is no Core America. Much of American Culture is celebration of black thugs who sexually own white women on TV shows. White males are featured as pussy & weak if good and evil & hateful if strong. (Or whites can be tough against fellow whites. ‘Good’ whites whupping ‘bad racist’ whites. People don’t respect good weakness and evil power. Good whites must be weak or turn race-traitor. As for white power with racial agency, that is featured as the worst evil.) At any rate, there is no strong white archetype for white identity and interests. No John Wayne.

    Even white people don’t defend whiteness but remain at a moral disadvantage. A lot of white kids are decadent and trashy. Schools and media make evil seem like a white thing. So, colonists lose respect for White America fast. And their kids who attend schools are made to feel that the US belongs more to themselves than to whites since US is billed as ‘nation of immigrants’ and ‘nation of diversity’ whereas whites are reviled as ‘racist’ all throughout history. So, white ‘sin’ has disowned white claim on America that now properly belongs to Diversity according to PC. And plenty of whites also came under this indoctrination, and their main identity is virtue-signaling that they are as ‘good whites’ invitinmg their own displacement to atone for ‘white guilt’.

    Much of this transformation owes to Jews taking power as the new elites and fundamentally altering the Narrative of America. The Narrative has been turned upside down. America went from a nation where newcomers came with gratitude and sought acceptance by the majority to a nation where newcomers arrive as rightful royalty for whom the red carpet must be rolled out to them.

    With immigrant-rooted Jews as the New Elites of America, the new template is Jews-as-top-immigrant-Americans leading the future immigrant-Americans to overtake and displace white Americans.

    This is colonization pure and simple.

    Consider Israel. Jews first arrived as immigrants who tried to assimilate to the reality of Arab domination. But under British power that ruled Palestine, Jewish immigrants soon turned into Jewish colonizers. (Similarly, the colonization of America by the Third World is happening under the power of Jewish Globalist Imperialism, the supreme power over America. If not for British rule, Jewish immigrants couldn’t have entered into Palestine in big numbers. Without Jewish globalist rule, the US and EU wouldn’t have allowed so much invasion by the Third World.)

    At some point, Jewish immigration turned into Zionist colonization. Jews were no longer arriving to be a part of Palestine. They were coming to dictate the terms to the native population.

    White people need to know something fundamental about human nature which is a part of nature. Nature quickly senses weakness and seeks to exploit it for easy gain.

    Consider a Big White Moose. It is big and powerful and nearly invulnerable. It feels so confident and fears no one. Its self-image is one of invincibility.

    One day, a weasel goes to the Big White Moose and says, “Mr Moose, I’m so hungry and thirsty. Can I just nibble on just a little piece of you for food & sustenance?”

    The moose figures, oh gee, why not? After all, it’s only a tiny weasel. So, the moose feels magnanimous and lets the weasel have a piece of it. The weasel bites off a tiny bit of the moose around the joint. Weasel eats a little flesh and drinks some blood. It wasn’t pleasant to the moose, but it was bearable. But there is infection on the wound, and it won’t heal. And the wound begins to fester. And since a part of the joint was gnawed, the moose begins to hobble a bit.

    Now, if the setting only had the moose and the weasel,it’d be no big deal.

    But the setting has lots of hungry animals, some desperately hungry.

    The weasel calls out to them and says he had a delicious meal of moose flesh and blood.

    So, others also come to the moose and ask to eat and drink some of him. The moose, still feeling big and strong, complies, but as time goes on, more and more of him has been torn off. Gradually, the pain becomes unbearable and the loss of blood has made him weaker. Also, all those bites led to infections and puss.

    At some point, the moose figures the feeding must stop… but by then, he no longer has the strength to say NO. All the other creatures see that he’s a vulnerable wounded beast to gorge on. And he is eaten alive while the weasel looks into his eye and giggles fiendishly.

    No matter how big and strong you are, you need to worry about vulnerabilities than bask in invulnerabilities since there is no such thing as an invulnerability. Every system, however powerful, has vulnerabilities. And a sign of weakness, though seemingly insignificant initially, will fester and grow into more serious weaknesses, which serves as a signal to all the predators and parasites that an easy feast is in the offing.

    When America allowed the first fatal bite with the 1965 Immigration Act, it doomed itself to be a beached whale to be feasted on by the world.

    But white Americans, satiated with too much fun and food, failed to see the dangers. They had so much that ‘not sharing’ seemed a bad sport.

    It’s like hungry animals in the wild all about the fight and survival.

    But well-fed animals in captivity don’t much care about their turf being taken over by other animals since their stomachs are full and have security & comfort provided by people.

    Little do they know that the arrival of more and more animals will eventually lead to their displacement while the human masters ready them for the glue factory.

    In our time, ‘white supremacism’ is a myth. The reality is White Submissivism.

    America and the feeding frenzy:


  6. 2.) Why is the Alt-Lite fighting with us?

    This is a bit disingenuous; the “fight” was started by the likes of Anglin and Enoch per the Linder philosophy of “polarization”. Enoch’s strategy was to attack the alt-lite so as to recruit their fans. Do I have to go into exhaustive detail as to how destructive that two month span between NPI and the Doxxing of TRS was?

    Since then this movement has been doing well as it has reined in the violent extremism and stopped tangling with the alt-lite; this allows us to rebuild the bridge to the normal part of the political spectrum, while the left isolates itself with its own violent and insane actions and rhetoric.

    This isn’t hard folks.

    • The Alt Lite will continue to attack the Alt Right. When they do, we need to counterpunch. The Alt Lite doesn’t understand that many people are over the paradigms of the past, so they continue to virtue signal.

      That said, the Alt Lite serves a very useful purpose. In a sense, the Alt Lite are the Alt Right’s useful idiots and cannon fodder. Their figures are more famous and well known than the Alt Right public figures. The Left is unable to delineate between the two and thinks were ALL NAZIS, both Alt Lite and Alt Right. So the left will continue to riot and physically attack people at Alt Lite events, causing the Alt Lite to take some of the flak from the left. Meanwhile, these leftist attacks will radicalize people to our cause as individuals understand the need for Alt Right Ethno Nationalism.

      • They are the Punishment Batallions sent in front of machine guns over mine fields.

        Fuck em.

      • It was coordinated from up above by Jeff Giesea and Jared Kushner. They thought they could make the Alt Lite respectable yet still remain edgy by purging the Alt Right NOTSEEEEEEEEES. It didn’t happen. Leftists still attack them and think they’re Nazis.

  7. I was talking to a normie today who’s sick and tired of all the “antifa” crap but hopes it continues since they’re really cutting their own throats. They’re showing everyone how unhinged and demented they are and that’s a good thing.

  8. I support the Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, the Nazi troopers, the skin heads and the Southrons. Anybody who attacks the cucks, the SJW, the Spoofers, the Democrats and especially the number one enemy (((the Jews))). We don’t have to support all they say and we certainly don’t have to call them “leaders” but it makes good sense to block for them when they’re running the ball our way.

    If it’s bad for the Jews it’s good for the USA.

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