President Trump: The Fake News Lügenpresse Is “The Enemy Of The American People”


In my wildest dreams, I never expected President Trump would turn out to be this good in office:

“(CNN) If you watched President Trump’s astonishing press conference on Thursday, you might be forgiven for concluding that the most urgent problem facing America is that the media “is out of control.” Some media “is fantastic,” the president allowed. But on the whole, journalism is plagued by “false, horrible, fake reporting.”

It’s clear that America’s new President has chosen his new best enemy. Now that the campaign is over and it’s not very useful to drive the crowds into a frenzy of hatred against Hillary Clinton, Trump has found the new direction in which to focus his supporters’ animosity. But this time, the anointed enemy serves an even more useful purpose.

On Friday, he made his point even more directly, tweeting “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!” …”

In “The Return of the Great Man,” I wrote this on the eve of the election:

“Donald Trump has made politics great again.

I can’t remember ever being riveted by a democratic election. Trump has kept us on the edge of our seats for over a year now. It goes far beyond politics. Trump has a love of life, a daring quality about him, that reminds me of Mussolini. As Thomas Carlyle once said, we are now accustomed in the West to being governed by the Duke’s bailiff. No Duke of any sort, in any aspect of national life, can rise to be a leader.

I think we all looked at Donald Trump and instinctively knew “this is what real leadership looks like.” This man could be a Caesar, a Duke, or a King. You can see this in the way the White masses responded to him. Trump stood on the presidential stage and the worms our system usually produces wilted in his aura. Everywhere he goes he is met by adoring crowds who deep in their bones are feeling the sentiment, if they can’t quite yet articulate it or bring themselves to say it, “God Save The King.”

The great fear is that Trump would dispense with constitutions, liberal democracy, the buzzwords like “freedom” and “equality,” the -isms and -phobias which are our most cherished values, and govern as an “authoritarian.” Conservatives used to believe that every country needs a Father. Now they fight sexism and misogyny!

I can picture Donald Trump looking down on the dystopian state of this country from Trump Tower. As a builder, he grasps the problems: the hopelessly corrupt political system, which produces “leaders” who are mere body servants of the oligarchy; the hostile elite in the #LyingPress and universities; the buzzwords which have led us to our present national paralysis; the terror that ordinary people feel who live in fear of stepping on the tripwires of political correctness; the disintegration of our borders; endless wars overseas on behalf of places (Donetsk?) and countries (Iraq?) no one in America gives a rat’s ass about; the looting of the middle and working class by globalization; the spineless, pathetic cucks who are a faux opposition; the rotting cities, etc.

I was really struck by Trump’s comment that he knew this would be “a journey to hell.” He knew the enormous risk he was taking by going to war with the globalist establishment. He was risking the #LyingPress destroying his reputation, his brand, his family and his business. There was a real possibility that he might even be assassinated before it was over. Just think of how many times his back was against the wall and a lesser man would have folded. And yet, he leaped into the abyss out a sense of duty and for the glory of victory.

We haven’t seen Donald Trump’s kind in a really long time. He is setting an example for others to follow. That’s what I like the most about him.”

God save the King!

Can you believe it? Did you ever expect to see this kind of leadership in your lifetime? Alexander The Great. Julius Caesar. Napoleon Bonaparte. Donald J. Trump.

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  1. He’s living up to expectations on attacking the press and deporting Mexicans. Please God don’t let the deep state force him to cuck on Russia.

    • He’s shown enough tenacity by this point that I don’t think he’s going to do that. His pride won’t allow him to cave on the fights he’s invested in.

  2. ‘Can you believe it? Did you ever expect to see this kind of leadership in your lifetime?’

    No, Sir – I had given up on it.

    I agree with you that President Trump is sensational.

    I love the man – warts and all.

    Though a Yankee, he has that General Lee quality that, even if you get your butt kickt in a battle with him, your confidence remains unshaken in him.

    He has tremendous conviction and courage of conviction – unshakeable.

  3. I bet Rod Dreher, Patriarch of all Cucks, has already written an angry post how “destroys norms of civil discourse” i.e. throwing a wrench into his nice little enterprise of trying to be the next Ross Dufus, non-threatening conservative whose books and columns/blogposts liberals safely read and then talk about how open-minded they are because they are “having a conversation with the other side”.

    • “throwing a wrench”

      That’s why I voted for Trump. He’s a wrench thrown into the gears of the machinery of state.

    • He once wrote on his blog that he dreamed of having a wine cellar. That’s what he’s about – being non-threatening to the upperclass so he can get by in life. He’s not actually about principles or trying to advance them. His job is to lead his flock to the slaughter. He’ll get paid at the slaughterhouse by the regressive butcher.

      • Well, I also believe he has this dream about kickstarting his own social movement, like CrunchyCons(remember that one?thought so) or Benedict Option. That is why he has an additional motivation to distrtust Trumpism: it could convince people that not acting like a little bitch is actually a viable strategy thus turning people away from BenOp. In that regard he would’ve been better off under Clinton: he could’ have still played a doomsayer while not being afraid of someone stealing his wind. Also it would have been easier for him to court progressives.

    • Thou art a follower of Bishop Arius, a known HERETICK. Therefore, upon the Suggestion of Athanasius of Alexandria, thou art denied Communion in the Holy Universal Church and exil’d to Illyricum, O heathen Swine.

      • God, are you that dumb you don’t even know the difference between an Arian… and an Aryan? Oh Lord-go back to fourth grade, and stop wasting electrons for your unbelievably idiotic opinions!

          • I fully believe that “God became man, so that man could become God.” Does that answer your question? Probably not, as you probably neither read either Arius or Athanasius.

    • I sure hope so. As I deal with one idiot after another out in the real world it’s apparent so called “democracy” is one of the dumbest ideas of all time, lots of people are too stupid to have any say on the important decisions of the body politic.

  4. Trump is only saying what all us of have known right along. I don’t need him to get me to hate the Media. When is Trump going to start defunding the universities which allow screamers and thugs to attack his supporters and shut down free speech on their campuses?

    • Don’t be such a grouch. Calling the MSM fake news is straight out of the alt right playbook. It’s definitely an encouraging sign.

      Hunter clearly sees the significance of it. Trump’s one tweet has done more to discredit the MSM as a year’s worth of alt right trolling.

  5. Maybe this means we can get half decent action films made again. Some sort of white messiah and the niggers all die before the denouement. Although these Predator guys would be pretty rubbish in a jungle as they would need 5,000 calories each per day just to keep up the blood sugar. Best to have guys that can get by on a mouthful of rice and a bottle of water.

    • Lone Wolf McQuade (1983): Carlos Cuck Norris (Chun Kuk Do founder, and Neocohen) risks his life, and partners with a Beaner and a Negro, to break the law to fight against injustice, and to defend Beaners.

      Above The Law (1988): Debutant Kyke Steven Seagal plays a devout Roman Catholic who fights for Beaner illegal immigrants, the priests and nuns who import and protect the illegal Beaners, and his Negress partner, and he breaks the law to defend them from the injustice of the evil right-wing death squads of the racist CIA, or else, as Seagall says, there would be another Holocaust.

  6. Illegal Beaner Danny Ramirez & His Kyke Protectors

    Seattle judge won’t immediately release ‘Dreamer’ from detention center

    By [Kyke] Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Times [incredibly, NOT owned by Kykes!], February 17, 2017

    Lawyers for detained “Dreamer” Daniel Ramirez Medina went to court Friday seeking his immediate release and calling his arrest in a Des Moines apartment unconstitutional. A federal magistrate ruled he wasn’t empowered to free Ramirez before an immigration judge gets a chance to weigh in. But in a case that he said had far-reaching implications about federal policy regarding Dreamers, and which has drawn the concern of the Mexican government and immigration activists nationwide, Chief Magistrate Judge James Donohue took the unusual step of requiring that a bond hearing in immigration court be held within a week. U.S. District Court does not usually exercise authority over the immigration-court system.

    Lawyers and supporters of Ramirez said they were disappointed that the 23-year-old, accused of gang association, would not be freed. But they took heart in the call for an expedited schedule. “The faster we can resolve this, the better for Daniel and his family and the 750,000 Dreamers living in limbo,” said Seattle Councilmember M. Lorena González, who was in the courtroom. Seattle’s Mexican Consul Roberto Dondisch [Kyke Roberto Dondisch-Glowinski, Consulate of Mexico in Seattle, Consul-on-Wheels for Alaska, former Director General for Global Issues for Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mexico’s former lead negotiator to the U.N. climate talks], who sent a letter to the judge citing “unnecessary alarm and concern among the Mexican community in the U.S.,” also was there.

    If immigration court does not schedule a bond hearing in a week, Donohue said Ramirez’s attorneys could come back to his courtroom — an important safeguard, said one of the lawyers, [Kyke] Mark Rosenbaum of Los Angeles.

    The magistrate also set a briefing schedule to consider whether federal court has jurisdiction to consider the merits of the case. The government has argued that it doesn’t, and that Ramirez’s removal proceedings belong only in immigration court.

    Ramirez’s attorneys talked to reporters. “Daniel is just like me,” said Luis Cortes Romero, an attorney who is himself a Dreamer.

    Ramirez, the father of a 3-year-old son, was brought illegally to this country when he was about 7 and later given authorization to live and work here under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. ICE agents arrested him Feb. 10, accusing him of being a gang member, which they said voided his DACA status.

    The ICE agents who arrested Ramirez were targeting his father, who has been deported eight times and convicted of narcotics trafficking. While there, agents found Ramirez sleeping on the living-room floor. Asked by an agent if he had ever been arrested, Ramirez said “yes”. At that point, agents arrested him.

    Later, during an interview at an ICE holding facility, agents asked Ramirez if he had been involved in gang activity. “No, not no more,” said Ramirez, according to the brief. The agents pressed on, interested in what one called in his report a “gang tattoo.” At that point, the agent’s report said, Ramirez added that he “used to hang out with the Sureno’s in California,” fled that state to escape gangs, yet “still hangs out with the Paizas in Washington state.” The agent concluded that Ramirez associated with gangs and would no longer qualify for DACA. He was taken to the detention center in Tacoma.

    A declaration by Ramirez, filed with his lawyers’ brief, differs from the government’s account. It said he was sleeping on a couch, not the floor in the apartment when agents found him, and he was handcuffed immediately after saying that he had been born in Mexico. The cuffs stayed on, Ramirez said, after he told them “I have a work permit. You cannot take me.” Then, they started asking him about gang affiliation. “It felt like forever,” he said in the declaration. “I felt an intense amount of pressure, like if I did not give them something, they would not stop. So, I told them that I did nothing more than hang out with a few people who may have been Sureños, but that since I became an adult I have not spoken with any of those people.”

    Describing his background in the declaration, he said he picked oranges in California before moving to Washington about a month ago, looking for a better job to provide for his son. His mother and siblings also submitted declarations, describing Ramirez as a shy, chubby homebody who had been bullied as a child and dropped out of school to help support his family when his mom was having financial problems.

    Even as [FakeNews] reports circulate about a draft memo in the Trump administration that proposed using the National Guard to round up unauthorized immigrants in certain states — though the White House strongly asserted there is no plan to do so — nobody knows whether the Ramirez case signifies anything about Trump’s plans for Dreamers.

    Jorge Barón [Kyke Jorge L. Baron, came to USA from Colombia at age 13. Former “law clerk for Judge Betty B. Fletcher of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle. Jorge then served as an Arthur Liman Public Interest Fellow at New Haven Legal Assistance Association” Barón: “I was interested in business and film, the latter interest stemming from the fact that my father has a long career in the television industry in Colombia. After college, I spent five years in Los Angeles, working in the film industry. Yes, I was living the Hollywood dream, working in big film and television productions and driving around in a red convertible. So I decided to leave the Hollywood life behind and sold the convertible. I decided to go to law school with the idea that I would work on international human rights issues. … The point where my willingness to serve has met the world’s need is right here in Seattle at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.” ], executive director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project [“NWIRP’s mission is to promote justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education” ], said, “I do think this kind of situation would not have happened under Obama.” He said he worried that an under-scrutinized executive order issued by Trump during his first week in office sent a signal to immigration officers to step up their enforcement efforts — and gave them broad discretion about whom to target. That order, which contained more-widely publicized provisions aimed at punishing “sanctuary cities” such as Seattle, outlined new priorities for immigration enforcement. They included deporting undocumented immigrants charged with any criminal offense, convicted or not. The order also licenses immigration officers to remove anyone who, in their judgment, poses a risk to public safety or national security. “That could be anything,” said Barón, saying broad leeway invites abuse.

    The Department of Homeland Security has not linked Ramirez’s arrest to Trump’s order, however. In a statement, the agency pointed to longstanding DACA guidelines warning that participation can be terminated at any time, and can be denied to those involved in crime or gangs. Since 2012, the statement said, 1,500 Dreamers have had their permits revoked for such reasons.


    4 days after inmate’s slaying, his rape conviction is tossed

    Amanda Knox writes about non-sexual relationship with female inmate

    Gov. Jay Inslee on raising taxes, resisting Trump and his own political future

    • I wonder if this gang banger voted? Should look into that too, see if he’s on the voter roles. Cleaning out the illegal aliens should turn a number of Western States Red again.

  7. Ok time for a very bad rumor;

    John Derbyshire reports that AG Jeff Sessions is reaching out to….

    Al Sharpton!

    The Derb reports that Jeff Sessions is asking Rev Al s advice how to handle the Baltimore police s actions on the death of Eric Gatner and Lorrtta Lynch s persecution of the cops.

    I never felt complete confidence in Jeff Sessions – he looks old, looks like Orin Hatch

    What gives?

    • No worries. There is method to Sessions’ madness. He probably knows that Sharpton will show solidarity with the Butt-hurt Democrats and refuse to work with him, just like any and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus refuse to meet with President Trump. In fact, as Corey Booker proved in fighting Sessions appointment, Black activists and politicians will oppose anything any member of Trump’s administration tries to do for the Black community; good, bad, indifferent.

      If Sessions is as dumb as the fox I think he is, he will proceed on the Baltimore case as he sees fit and if Sharpton or Jackson start bellyaching, he has the excuse that he offered them their imput which they refused to give.

      Relax. People need to pay less attention to what people say and more to what they do.

      • OK. I hope you are right. But, that’s a huge side of going for cuckdom – reaching out to Al Sharpton.

        Tucker Carlson did the same during the Ferguson MO BlackLiesMatter riots – made a big deal of saying:

        “Al Sharpton is right”.

        Ann Coulter ripped him to shreds for that.

        • I hope you saw the Trumpster finessed the Black Caucus question asked by the Black female reporter which was to make him look rayciss and put him on the defensive. He acted real interested and somewhat excited, mentioned the Black politician who backed off of a meeting with him and now wouldn’t take his calls. He asked her if she could set up a meeting with her “friends” and put HER on the defensive.

          I would be greatly surprised if Reverend Al Sharpster or Jesse Jackass meet with Jeff Sessions to help him investigate Baltimore. After all, if Obama’s attorneys general could not get a conviction on these cops how likely is a White man they secretly believe to be rayciss going to do it?

          It makes no sense to either of these clowns’ agenda to “help” Sessions do his job. Either way, he is going to proceed the way he intends to go. Their presence is going to only validate any appearance of impartiality on his part and shut the pie holes of the BLM activists, which they don’t want.

          But even if they don’t show up, Sessions will have publicly asked Al Charlatan for his imput and can make hay about his non-cooperation. That is not only going to pacify the less radical Blacks (who are probably even more sick and tired of BLM antics than we are since their neighborhoods end up destroyed by rioters) not to mention those liberal leaning, soccer mom independents.

          Sessions is not cucking. He’s only playing the game long enough to take any heat off of his office and that of Trump’s administration.

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