MILO Disinvited From CPAC

As I expected, we have more MILO and CPAC news:

Who could have ever predicted that?

I assumed the Dangerous Faggot would be disinvited by sundown. He was out before noon. It caps the quickest rise and fall since the Hindenburg.

Update: The Vox Day blog post we all anticipated is now up.

Update: Cernovich has a new Periscope up.

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  1. Stick a fork in the Alt Lite! As Spencer said, the Alt Lite unleashed a firing squad on him for raising a glass and saying Hail Trump, but equivocates and waffles on Milo’s paedophilia.

    Cernovich: Its the fault of the Deep State, Egg McMuffin took out Milo!

    PJW: Mainstream Meteor ignores Rotherham but lynches innocent Milo!

      • Don’t know if I consider him alt lite. He seems to occupy a middle ground somewhere right of the alt lite and left of real White Nationalism. I don’t have a term for it.

          • Really. Yea I don’t know. There is a brand of White Nationalism lite. A version that is race conscience, pro ethno state and for tradition but stops short of naming the jew. At least publicly.

          • Yeah, that’s pretty much what Duke did in the 90s during his Senate and Governors races. You have to remember, not everyone is red pilled and there is a need for moderate figures like Spencer who are telegenic and make good copy.

          • Agreed. If there wasn’t folks like Jared Taylor, Paul Kersey and Richard Spencer I wouldn’t be here now. I have moved far to the right of them but understand their importance.

          • Spencer basically moved me away from Buchananite Paleo Conservatism towards the Alt Right when he left Taki Mag and created the first Alternative Right website in 2010.

          • Different eras, PJB never moved beyond implicit White Nationalism to explicit White Nationalism like Spencer has.

          • Spencer is not afraid to name the jew. His response to that rabbi at his conference in Texas was a textbook example of how to handle those scum. Taylor would have waffled on about how they’re both “white men of the west.”

        • ‘Don’t know if I consider him alt lite. He seems to occupy a middle
          ground somewhere right of the alt lite and left of real White
          Nationalism. I don’t have a term for it.’

          Conservative with kinks…

      • The Lord gave us something much better, Mr. Kleinfeld – and his name is Donald John Trump – the good parts of Hitler without the misanthropy and self-destructive traits.

        Trump will leave behind a legacy of victory, not the ashes of defeat.

        • I know what you mean, sir. Hitler could have literally ruled the world, but he was dangerously reckless. That is probably why his superiors never promoted him above the rank of corporal in the Great War.

          • I don’t think he had a reputation for recklessness during the war. He was actually being considered for promotion, iirc. His geopolitical recklessness was a consequence of the worldview that he later developed.

        • I suspect it will end in Impeachment or assassination. I do not say that because of anything Trump has done but I thought that was the inevitable result when he got in. There is a deeply entrenched hostile elite that can no longer be dislodged through the electoral process. Presidents come and go but they remain whether you call it the Deep State or the Shadow Government.

  2. Also, what’s with Cernovich’s retarded claim that $250K was spent on oppo research against Milo? This was an old Joe Rogan interview that some people already knew about. It just got more attention after Berkeley and CPAC.

    • The revelation that he is a homosexual predator isn’t much of a surprise. If anything it makes him more likely to fit in.

      • Once Breitbart fires Milo, I bet Milo disappears for awhile, comes back, disavows his past Anti Feminist and Anti PC stances, and lands a gig on CNN.

  3. Not to change the subject, but we have a replacement for Mike “on notice” Flynn: HR McMaster.

    Army Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey called McMaster “probably our best Brigadier General.” This is the well that Trump needs to go to for talent: Mart Dempsey’s Army.

    This is good and for the second time, it wasn’t Bolton.

    First the Deep State, then immigration.

  4. Well at least they stood up to Milo Yiannopoulos talking about sex with 14 year olds. There won’t be any speakers against homosexuals adopting children and even having infants made to order via “surrogacy.” We’ll have to wait 20 years to hear from the kids how that turned out.

    • Of course Milo was describing standard homosexual relations.

      Accurately pointing that out isn’t Tru-con policy though.

      • Right. What he said was what all homosexuals believe about sexual relations with teenagers. Parents and schools should think about that. We’re all supposed to be goodie goodies about homosexuals like they have the same moral attitudes as the rest of us. They do not.

        It should have been examined in the “pedophile priest” scandal because the minors who were abused were teenagers in the great majority of cases. Even today they’re labeling what Milo Y. said “pedophilia” as a way to separate it from the “good” homosexuals.

        • Probably only the “tops” think like this, there are two kinds of homosexuals according to the homosexinfo anti gay website: those into taking it up the ass(bottoms), and those into everything else(tops). The bottoms probably aren’t really a threat to kids, they want a musclebound queer from the gym to put them prematurely into a pair of diapers, sort of like Carl the Cuck. The tops on the other hand aren’t as effeminate and prefer their bottom to be androgynous and boy like, not a fat hairy slob.

    • ‘There won’t be any speakers against homosexuals adopting children and
      even having infants made to order via “surrogacy.” We’ll have to wait
      20 years to hear from the kids how that turned out.’

      And by then, if Liberals have their way, YHW, degeneracy will have so long been the norm that there will be few alive to remember any standards for those kids to judge how it ‘turned out’.

    • Two Dykes at work are collecting foster children like cats. From the way she harangues us about her kids I suspect her motive is seek valediction from straight people for her degenerate lifestyle. She seemed to expect her new family to be instant happiness just like in the Sound of Music. This “daughter” that showed up is acting up, she already has pink and purple hair, wears fake stick on tattoos, and looks like the angriest girl I’ve ever seen. I imagine Aileen Warnos had such a look on her face when young. I bet she’s one of those kids the responsible parents forbid their kids from associating with, probably voted most likely to be the first in her class to get knocked up. Her “name” is an adverb not a real name, most likely taken away from a bunch of druggie hippies who spawned her. The little 6 year old boy looks freaky just like Timmy, something is wrong with him, he’s also now acting up and getting kicked out of schools and day care centers. I’m willing to bet having two carpet munchers as “parents” ain’t very good for childhood adjustment. My cousin married a butch chick who left him for a woman. The older girl choose to live with him and turned out fairly normal, (selfish though) the younger one lived with the dyke and her lover and got knocked up in high school by a Mexican, and smokes like a chimney.

    • I bet 6 million Israeli new Shekels that Milo’s book deal is canceled before Friday Shabbat.

      Let’s ban Richard Spencer for raising a glass and saying a Hail Trump, and 86 Baked Alaska for talking about the Jewish Question, but Paedo Milo is totally OK and the victim of a deep state hit job orchestrated by Egg McMuffin to protect Pizza Gate Paedos!

      All I know is, I’d rather be called a Nazi right now than associate with Paedo Milo and spout weird conspiracy rants like Thernovich.

  5. The Catholic Homosexual Priest Scandal wasn’t paedophilia per se.

    It was normal faggotry. Standard homosexual behaviors. Men buggering teenage boys.

    Funny that the Tru-Cons are making no distinctions.

    Homosexual adoptions? That shit okay? Gay marriage as a conservative value?

  6. CPAC is probably full of homos and other perverts. I don’t trust “conservatives” one bit. At least with shit-libs one knows what one is dealing with.

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