Dan Schneider: The Alt-Right Are ‘Nothing But Garden Variety, Left-Wing Fascists’

This is a apt summary of the cuckservative take on American history:

Here’s the retarded speech on the Alt-Right by CPAC head honcho Dan Schneider:

Note: After some reflection, I will just let this video stand as another example of the historical ignorance of mainstream conservatives. They’re accusing us of “hijacking” the Alt-Right label. As Richard Spencer said on Twitter, Schneider couldn’t even be bothered to consult Wikipedia!

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  1. The only reason America didn’t suffer a Bolshevik takeover was that Harvard and Yale etc…gave up the ghost and handed the keys over to Jews.

    Exhibit A

    • It seems to me, without the rise of Germany, God only knows where the depression USA would have taken the country, Hitler talks about how FDR copied his socialism through SSI and the conservation Corp.
      I think your Bolshevik terror happend in the American civil war and aftermath, right up to being slaughtered in WW1.
      The terror in Russia was a cultural extermination to create the New age man, like Spain and Mexico was in the 30s.
      Harvard was created with money from privateers in 1636, i would bet it had Jewish involvement from the beginning.

  2. That’s a mouthful from that guy this is not what conservative is, racist and anti semite while speaking to nearly all white audience.

  3. I believe in terms of the Overton Window the Alt Right is in the “Unthinkable” phase with your basic bitch conservative republicans. Radical is next, and not that far off I think.

  4. (((Schneider))) — (((CPAC)))

    These people are dinosaurs fearfully watching the approaching glow of the meteor called the Alt-Right.

    We own the youth. — And they’ll be dead soon.

  5. I would like to do my salute to American History

    1775-1781=Christian British Empire government replaced by a Freemanonic-led equality cult masquerading as Christian. States and Local Municipalities retain Christian Laws.

    1781-89. States as sovereign entities decide that Negroes can simultaneously be both Property and Citizens at the same time. 9 of the original 13 Colonies and Kentucky count Free Negroes as Citizens, eligible for all the same rights as Whites. Congress decides that the Northwest Territory, formerly Virginia, is to be completely free of slavery. Jefferson’s crowd arbitrarily takes this power for themselves. This ruling does not apply to Kentucky, which was organized as a County of Virginia, Tennessee, which was organized as a County of North Carolina or the Mississippi Territory, which theoretically belongs to Georgia.

    1789-1801 Freemasonic Led Equality Cult seizes control of France, takeover is completed in the USA. James Madison’s Constitution refers to Negroes as PERSONS in Transatlantic Slave Statute. Thomas Jefferson attempts to make President Washington recognize the Freemasonic Equality cult in France, Washington who is a Mason, refuses to do so and Jefferson leaves in a Huff. Washington Hamilton and John Jay hammer out agreement with Great Britain called the Jay Treaty that stipulates that the United States will support Christian Britain in her war against the godless Jacobins. This continues until 1801 when President Adams negotiates a new treaty with Napoleon Bonaparte.

    1801-1824 Thomas Jefferson and James Madison almost destroy the United States by antagonizing Britain and tacitly supporting Bonaparte. Only good thing that comes out of this is the Louisiana Purchase. America goes bankrupt when the First Bank of the United States closes in 1811 and in 1812 war is declared against Britain. Three years later, Britain and the US admit a stalemate and return to status antebellum, but Britain makes promises to respect the borders of the US. Second Bank Chartered 1816. Jeffersonian idiocy continues until 1825.

    1824-28 John Quincy Adams becomes President, but Henry Clay and Jacksons constant manuverings doom his administration.

    1828-1849 Southern-Western Domination. Jackson destroys the Bank in 1835 and Rothschild financiers are denied direct access to nations money. Jackson also proposes the ludicrous Idea that the UNION IS FOREVER to which John C Calhoun responds NEXT TO OUR LIBERTIES MOST DEAR. The birth of Southern Nationalism and the birth of the Radical Abolition movement. Harrison dies, Tyler takes over then Polk has his Mexican War, which causes Abolitionists to consilidate power in the Northeast ie NY and NE. First appearance of KY born Abe Lincoln as a single term Rep from ILL. During this period, the Democrats always remain in front, with Henry Clay as their foil.

    1849-1861 Zachary Taylor becomes president and croaks, California becomes a Free state but rest of Mexican land is open to Slavery. Fillmore does nothing. War hero Franklin Pierce, a NH Yankee who loves everything Southern becomes President, Douglas trades the South Kansas for a Transcontinental railroad and the War for Southern Independence begins after WEST MISSOURI (Kansas) is invaded by New Englanders with funding from both American and European abolitonist organizations. Chaos in WEST MISSOURI reaches a crescendo, Pierce is Pilloried for it, in steps a Faggot, James Buchanan who looks the other way as the rest of the South arms for what is now an unavoidable conflict. New England occupiers pass a second and third Constitution and Kansas is lost. Democratic Party splits in 1860, South refuses to support Vermont-born Douglas, but secretly wants Lincoln to win, puts up Breckinridge as no chance candidate and a few Whigs put up a nobody named John Bell, outcome is Lincoln Win.


    1865-1877 Jewish Banksters, no longer needing Lincoln, use a pawn named John Wilkes Booth to get him out of the way, thus discussion of the war and its conduct is suddenly VERBOTEN and remains so for decades. Hardcore Lefists take over government, President Johnson attempts to stop them but is left a lame duck ,USA INCORPORATED Born 1868 General Grant as President tries to be equal parts Leftist and Conservative to the surprise that he pleases no one. 1876 Election is a fiasco, but the South, by this time strong enough gains Self-Government. Leftists sent packing, FOR A SEASON.

    1877-1901 USA INCORPORATED, firmly adhering to Negro subservience and Social Darwinism is suckled and slopped like hogs with Trillions of Jewish dollars. Jews buy up entire states slowly but surely. Sudden gigantic influx of Jews after 1880 leaves the Jewish race numerically large enough to control entire states. Limp-wristed objections to Segregation and Jim Crow given at times, but always in jest. No one wants Niggers at their dinner table.

    1901-1913. Jewish-Marxist Coup De Etat. Union Officer and Conservative William McKinley probably murdered by the Jews, Polish gunman likely a patsy. Progressive Teddy Roosevelt takes over. Teddy accrues huge gobs of power for the Feds and eminant domain over western lands, under the guise of conservation. All sorts of new Federal Bureaus including the Bureau of Investigation (FBI after 1935) created. Taft an absolute disaster. Jews foment second coup against Taft in 1912 to install a Jewish Prog named Woodrow Wilson.

    • Partially, but you forget that the Union Army was in the right because they were part of the cultural momentum preventing the Afro.-plantation owners from bringing non-whites into the midwest… You already mentioned Kansas, Mr Jenkins, but you didn’t come at it from the right angle…


      • Howso? The Southern Plantation System, WHILE NOT PERFECT, was still the best way to regulate the Negroes, short of ridding ourselves of them altogether. The Union was misguided

      • I see this claim all the time on the alt-right, and it’s just wrong. Yes, it was stupid of the big, rich Southern planters to push for more slave territory. They were greedy and arrogant. At the same time, the Yankees didn’t stop the spread of negroes into the Midwest. Sure, that may have been what they wanted, but emancipation/abolition and Reconstruction led to negroes flooding into the Midwest, anyway (although now as citizens with equal rights instead of slaves). So, slavery was indeed abolished, but in the worst way possible for everyone involved.

      • If the Northern States were really motivated by this they’d have just booted all their niggers out.

    • 1913-1921 Income Tax, Federal Reserve and Direct Election of US Senators, allowing Rothschild to cement complete financial and electoral control of the USA. NAACP and URBAN LEAGUE which had been founded in 1909 and 1910 respectively, begin to gain traction. Progressives begin switching parties from Republican to Democrat. Negroes flood Northern States after US enters WW1 to do heavy manual labor women cannot do while white men are at war. Woodrow Wilson puts a Jew on the US Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis and later helps push through the 19th Amendment. Last gasp of Progressivism before FDR.

      1921-1932 Return of Conservatism. Henry Ford Publishes THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, rise of Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. Jazz Music and Jewish Hollywood begin to chip away at the Pro-White Social Darwinistic mantra that had dominated American thought since 1877. Jewish Democrats begin to undermine White Catholic Democrats by using the Negroes to push forward their programs in the cities. The Northern Democratic Party by this time is the Leftist Pro-Communist Party. Rockefeller takeover of the Republican Party, in the works since the 1870s almost complete.

      1933 FDR takes control as does Adolf Hitler in Germany. Rockefeller purge of Conservative Republicans completed. Conservatives now make up a sliver of Republican Party, largely centered in lower Midwest states. FDR centralizes all power in Washington, begins first real push against Jim Crow in the guise of (((Works Programs))) which established Negro quotas in the South. The push goes largely unnoticed by impoverished Southern States. This second Progressive Era ends in 1939 with WW for the Jews (((WORLD WAR 2)))


      1946-1948 Mop-Up from WW for the Jew.

      1948 THE SO-CALLED FABULOUS FIFTIES BEGINS with first Postwar cars and Race music boom. Cold War begins, Berlin Airlift, Jews illegally establish nation in Palestine they name Israel. Truman desegregates US Military. Dixiecrats, the first serious Southern Nationalist movement since 1865 come to life

      1948-1962 Korean War followed by Rockefeller Republicans taking White House with a stooge war hero named Eisenhower, who then names a Communist Earl Warren to head US Supreme Court. Warren then begins the Negropocalypse in earnest by forcing School Desegregation, something hated by most whites in all 48 states 100% in Dixie down everyones throat. 1957. US Troops used against a Southern State for the first time since Posse Comatitus passed in 1878, Ike claims it was an exception to the rule. The Doomsday Prophecies of Robert Lewis Dabney Edmund Ruffin and countless others begin to come true, sadly few notice it as these men have been forgotten by history by the 1950s. BIRTH CONTROL PILL INTRODUCED The dumbing down of American education, begun by the Progressives, begins to really show itself during this time. George Lincoln Rockwell founds the American Nazi Party in 1959 releases his first book THIS TIME THE WORLD in 1961

      in 1961 Ike leaves office tired and John F Kennedy takes over. JFK muddles through first two years almost getting America nuked and causing abject chaos in Oxford Mississippi. Freedom Rider fiasco. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Students for a Democratic Society both founded in 1960 SDS makes it official in 1962 with their first SDS Congress, These two are the main largely Jewish student groups behind Freedom Rider Fiasco. George Wallace Elected Al Gov and Ted Kennedy elected Senator from Mass at end of 1962.

      1963. George Wallace becomes AL Governor and Teddy Kenndy becomes Mass Senator, where he would stay until Aug 25, 2009. Civil Rights Cabal and radical Jewish leftists declare total war on the South. SDC, SNCC begin registering Negro voters en masse in the South. Birmingham Demostrations and Riots, 16th St Church Bombing. Wallace is unsuccessful at stopping U of Al from being integrated BUT he becomes a folk hero in the process. Kennedy is assassinated November 22 1963 and the Radical 1960s begin. Lyndon Baines Johnson is President.

      1964-1973. The USA and the West as a hole sh-ts the bed. The Beatles come to the US on Feb 8th and by March longhaired boys are everywhere. Miniskirts, a brief fashion trend of the 1920s are revived much shorter and come shortly thereafter. Sex as a recreational sport becomes a Holy Sacrament for leftist churches as does Homosexuality during this same time as the WE DONT JUDGE Mantra takes over so-called Churches. Freedom Summer results in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and LBJ is reelected By 1965 as if out of a bad nightmare LA Riots Vietnam, Hippies, Open Immigration, Black Panthers, Deacons for Defense, Niggers with Guns, and countless other radical groups appear. The Klan is in full retreat as the FBI’s COINTELPRO program infiltrates the group and causes massive amounts of chaos. By 1966 anarchy reigns in Americas cities as Hippies squat and defecate in public and Negroes have sex in broad daylight and riot when they are stopped. Riots burn in most Northern cities and some Southern towns as well. 1967 brings more horror as drug use is now as natural as using the toilet among American kids, STD rates skyrocket to levels never seen as does illegitimacy. 1968 is the year of the pushback. The leftists attempt to install another Kennedy, but he is stopped and Nixon takes over. George Wallace wins five of the seven Cotton Confederate States, however Texas with a large Mexican and Negro vote goes for Humphrey and Florida with a gigantic influx of Northern people since WW2 goes for Nixon. Hippy movement goes radical shootouts and bombings begin, COINTELPRO and OPERATION CHAOS go into high gear. Nixon and FBI begin assassinating enemies of the state. However Nixon pushes for just as much Liberal garbage as LBJ on the Domestic front.

      1973-1981 Vietnam ends Watergate, Jews pull another Coup and install Gerald Ford, then they install Carter who paves the way for Reagan. Social decay continues

      1981-1992. The Reagan Revolution. Social decay slows to a crawl, even television scales back the Marxist slant. Unfortunately, Reagan is controlled fully by the Bush Crime Family and escalates our involvments with the Muslims and all sorts of human waste, Ethiopia Famine, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, everywhere US Aid goes while our jobs are slowly outsourced. Reagan succeeded by Bush Senior who begins the War on Terror with Gulf War 1, then as a parting gift leaves us with his protege Bill Clinton, a CIA shill since 1964 and Bush family operative since the early 1980s to push forward more crap. Cold War ends 1991

      1993-2016. Radical Anti-White Race Mixing Agenda suddenly becomes normalized. White Genocide becomes a topic. Bill Clinton popularizes the word Racism and the term Racist, before 1992 the preferred term had been Prejudiced. Clinton popularizes and expands the incidous attacks on White Christians. Clinton gets us further involved with Muslim vermin, allows in millions of them into the country. Clinton sabotages Gore and helps to get George W Bush Elected. Bush Jr so screws everything up, he makes America elect a Negro President named Obama. War on Terror, going since 1991, enters present phase in 2001 and shows no sign of stopping. Terrorism worldwide chaos. Niggers rioting at every chance they get, The chaos for the first time since 1876 sees Whites suddenly pull together as One Race One effort and elect Donald Trump.


  6. Alt-Right is recognizing certain realities:

    (1) America is a racial spoils system in which every competing race is organized except the WHITE race. So called “civil rights laws” stripped WHITES of their rights of freedom of association and WHITES must compete in the Darwinian struggle for survival as individuals and not as organized members of a race targeted for relegation to second class status.

    (2) JEWS control every major lever of power in the USA, whether directly or indirectly, and their control over those levers must be broken if WHITES are to survive as a race.

    The founders of this country did not call themselves “conservatives” and we should not trust anyone who does.

    • I am not the ALT+RIGHT I am the ALT+REICH. Nothing short of White Self Determination while maintaining our separate nationalities will be acceptable.

  7. Ugh, I have more contempt for con-servatives than I do for the Left.

    The “principles” of conservatism: Export millions of American jobs, import millions of useless brown people, wage endless wars for Zionism, cave in to liberal pressure.

  8. ((((Schneider))) and )))Raheem(((( something are like Rabbis demanding the USA take in Muslims while Israel uses DNA to only take in blood worthy Jews.

  9. “Nationalists/fascists/Nazis are the real leftists!” How historically and philosophically illiterate do you have to be to believe such nonsense?

    This is why I vastly prefer Marxist intellectuals to cuckservative intellectuals. With the former, you at least get the truth. Now, they may interpret that truth differently than I do, but I’ve got the background knowledge and critical-thinking skills not to be duped. With the cuckservatives, however you get this fairytale story of America, i.e. “fake history.” This is why “A People’s History of the United States” is better than “A Patriot’s History of the United States,” and why Noam Chomsky is more interesting than Jonah Goldberg.

    • It’s true isn’t it? Marxists look at the downside. They come to a set of conclusions that just compound the problem but at least it’s the same set of facts.

    • They’re not historically illiterate, their leaders are flat out crooks and their followers are frightened by The Great And Powerful Oz! Let one real breakthrough intelligent, authoritative, explicitly pro-white voice be heard, a nationalist Congressman for example, and half of those followers would defect.

      • Frightened maggots.

        “Being head of household makes me a real MAN!”
        “Let´s not bring hate into this!”
        “I don´t even want to know about (((them))), so stop talking about it!”

  10. The alt-right is much closer in outlook and attitude to the founders than the lemmings who make up Conservatism Inc. Not that we should even care about that at this point but it’s true.

    The CPAC crowd are just controlled opposition, happy to run the clock out on the nation while they receive a comfortable salary. The alt-right actually stands for something which is why they make the media so hysterical.

  11. And Dan Schneider is just another over-rated, garden variety, lefty Jew who hates whites and is posing as a conservative. How common is that?

  12. The word fascist is tossed around much too casually these days, it’s lost all its original meaning. And there’s nothing “left wing” about it, you stupid jew bastard.

  13. Democrats are the re-e-e-e-e-e-al racists. Racism and identity politics are collectivism and thus socialism! (except when non-whites do it.) Same old same old.

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