Depeche Mode Is The Official Band of the Alt-Right

I’m also eating some Wendy’s while wearing New Balance shoes.

Seriously though, we have the power to troll the media for the lulz and they will run off now and breathlessly report on a joke. We’ve done it with everything from haircuts to fast food to tennis shoes and now to bands. The joke is that the “free press” is fake news!

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  1. At this point Richard Spencer could make a living by blackmailing corporations: “pay me will say that this or that is his favorite brand”.

    • Really this is true brilliance! I mean, isn’t that how Sharpton and Jackson makes tens of millions? We also need to practice these same business models, excellent point Cyrill…….

    • Agreed. And I like the way you think. We need to think and act out of the safe, conservative sand box. The Conservative Sand Box has been pooped in so much, it’s now filthy kitty litter.

      Consider using deceitful but effective tactics of the Left, of the Jews – stuff like changing your name to fit in or disguise.

      I’ve been wanting to fund some White Gentile/Christian guy who does what Saul Goodman the sleazy lawyer did in “Breaking Bad” – change his name to a Jewish sounding name and then do deceitful things for our side, like the Jews do against us.

      Some White Gentile/Christian guy could change his name to Joshua Goldberg – get an office in Hollywood and proceed to really insult Muslims announce intentions to make movies portraying the Islamic prophet Muhammed as a flaming homosexual coward.

      Of course everyone noticing some Jewish guy named “Joshua Goldberg” in Hollywood California making hateful movies is going to think it’s nasty Jews doing this.

      Have some fun out there. We’re probably going down the way French Algeria and Rhodesia went down and out, but why not go down fighting and having a good laugh?

    • That’s kinda like niggers’ power to cause business panics by claiming the company is associated with the kkk. (Good luck to any company trying to rationally prove anything to that race of born dumbfucks.)

      • I remember that! Yes, it was funny, I’m sure there were quite a few episodes though.

        One line I remember. Sledge Hammer is asked what makes him happy and he lists a few things including – “Blowing away a fleeing suspect. . .”

        • Sledgehammer 1986-1988 41 episodes, I must of caught the very end of it.
          I thought you were in England?

          • I am and it was shown here, I only remember it being on late at night and it was never repeated. Couldn’t say what years though.

          • Yeah they were loud! Only a few hundred people there and that was at full capacity. So it was no bother to get into the front row, especially as it was all standing that night, no seating at all.

            I’ve still got the Motorhead trucker cap I bought that night but fortunately my ears stopped ringing. Eventually.

  2. Weren’t they just another one of those 80s British homo bands? I did like the creativity of New Wave even though most were leftist homos like Erasure or Annie Lennox, it was a break from mimicking American Blacks as the previous generation of UK bands had done. That’s why you can’t understand a word Mic Jagger says in his songs, he was trying to sound “black.” Even those weird psychedelic British Bands (spoofed in the Flintstone episode with “The Way-Outs”) all got their start as fake imitation “Black Blues” bands.

  3. Can some of our younger readers give us middle age folks some tips about how to use the various social media like Twitter? How to get tens of thousands of followers like that gamer guy who’s getting persecuted now.

    I think Facebook is going to be like Talk Radio – where we just lose it. I got suspended yesterday for telling others not to make wild hateful rants like “F*** the Jews, F**** the Nig*****” I just think Zuckerberg’s Facebook will now not allow any race realism, any patriotic immigration activism, not allow a negative movie review of some terrible Feminist remake of “Ghostbusters”.

  4. Rock and roll is hillbillies and Negroes. Celtic-African.

    Regarding Mick Jagger?

    Depeche Commode are art fags. No vibe.

    Doug Harrison, P.O. Box 5291, Richmond, VA 23220.

    P.S. Official band. Charlie Daniels. Lynnrd Skynnrd. Kenny Rogers. Bob Seger. George Jones. Glen Campbell. Conway Twitty. Nico.The Eagles.

    You tell me.

  5. I’m sorry, but, the notion of Depeche mode being the marching band of the Alt-Right is the only thing I have heard Mr. Spencer say with which I could take issue..

    I can think of so many other bands which sonically capture the essence of Nationalist manhood a thousand times better – like Black Sabbath, or Iron Maiden, or Burzum, to name just a few.

    • Fun fact – Martin Gore out of Depeche Mode has (had?) an African-American GI dad.

      However he was raised by his white mother and white step-dad and he didnt even know his step-dad wasn’t his real father until he was 13. So he didn’t know he was partly black. In other words – culturally he always saw himself as white.

      And Iooking at pictures of Martin I’m guessing his biological father must have had quite a bit of white ancestry himself.

      • Is that a fun fact, Copyright?

        Sounds like a collection of mostly tragick facts.

        Be that as it may be, I think you for taking the time to comment.

  6. Decuck Mode.

    Depeche Mode rails against the alt-right
    By Hardeep Phull March 9, 2017

    ‘The band said as much in a polite but firmly worded statement distancing themselves from Spencer and his extremist politics. In person, Gahan is far less courteous.’

    “He’s a dangerous person — he’s well-educated and he’s using it to promote hate and fear. I saw the video of him getting punched [during protests at the inauguration of President Trump]; he deserved it.”

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