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I graduated from Auburn University in 2005. For years, I lived across the street from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which is a major libertarian think tank.

There was a time in the early 2000s when libertarianism was cool. I used to read on a daily basis. When the Alt-Right first began to coalesce around 2008, we included paleoconservatives and libertarians in the big tent along with the White Nationalists.

If you were “Alternative Right,” it meant you were not a George W. Bush supporting mainstream conservative. Instead, it meant you were reading a bunch of rightwing sites like Liberty Forum, VDARE, Lew,, Takimag, American Renaissance, etc. You were constructing, participating in and consuming a discourse of unorthodox rightwing ideas.

When I first discovered Richard Spencer, it seemed like everyone at Takimag was backing the Ron Paul presidential campaign. A ton of people who were Alt-Right or White Nationalists voted for and supported Ron Paul. As libertarianism began to go mainstream though, it was infiltrated and subverted. It became less edgy and cool. To be honest, it became kind of lame after 2012 or so.

Jack Hunter aka the “Southern Avenger” symbolizes everything that went wrong with libertarianism. Jeffrey Tucker is another example of how libertarianism lost its edge. Libertarianism became politically correct. It was a losing strategy and it came to a head in 2016 when the Alt-Right united behind President Trump and left Rand Paul’s flailing campaign in the dust.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the populists and nationalists who had supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, but who had abandoned Rand Paul, were a pretty large constituency. Anyway, I agree with Julie Borowski and would love to see a libertarian step up and debate Richard Spencer.

Note: If you are Alt-Right, you are accustomed to thinking in terms of interests, not abstract principles. This is a point that Mike Enoch make in his interview with Thomas Main. When we look at President Trump, we see someone who is advancing our interests.

In contrast, a libertarian who is naive enough to believe that “politics” can magically go away would be more interested in, say, grandstanding over his “principles.” Libertarians are notorious for allowing the Left to win by a making a fetish out of universal abstractions.

Little Jeffrey says that libertarian is an “anti-fascist” movement.

In the 1990s, Little Jeffrey was pretending to be a populist with the Rothbard-Rockwell strategy in the Ron Paul Newsletters. Since then, he has transitioned from a right-libertarian into a left-libertarian and is on the verge of becoming a full blown SJW-libertarian. At a recent conference, Tuckleypuff started wrist flapping and called the cops to have the state remove Spencer the hotel.

Richard Spencer debates Diante Johnson at CPAC.

In the debate, he makes the point that we are conservatives in the European sense of the term. We believe in conserving actual things: our people, our culture, our peculiar way of life, etc. In contrast, American conservatives believe in classical liberalism and a number of other unrelated things.

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    • How much will federal subsidies like Student loans and Medicare cost for illegal aliens if we legalize them?

  1. Ugh. Jeffrey Tucker contributes to a website called New Liturgical Movement. It’s for we Catholics who desire a return to actual Catholicism. I tremble to think why he’s writing for it, now. No more Vatican 2 Catholics, please.

  2. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.
    A nice, reasonable, libertarian candidate who was a righteous family man. Everything good. (Glenn Beck rejected badly).
    The #CuckOldParty machine crushed him.
    OK, we need to do this the hard way.
    Trump is “merely” a civic nationalist.
    If TPTB stop Trump, they will really, really rue the day. They will not like the results.

    We are already on an 1860 precipice, but with John C Calhoun, not that awful Lincoln as president.

    Go ahead, left coast, secede. Better than going over the precipice. California and easter WA won’t like the variant of “reconstruction”.

  3. But do conservatives believe in classical liberalism? Their support for endless war, indefinite detention, anti-narcotics laws, and the entire spying apparatus makes me question that.

    • In my country you have the party that believes in gay rights, third world immigration, dishing out endless amounts of foreign aid to third world cesspits that give nothing back and who think that Africans and Muslim’s can somehow assimilate….then you have the Leftwing parties. Translated, our ‘Conservative’ party pretends to be Right wing without actually pushing anything for that ideology.
      As a result of this, I’m neither Left or Right Wing, but rather I’m White wing.
      The ‘Right’ have somehow aligned themselves with Homos, Jews and minority causes. They oppose free speech and have signed free trade agreements that have effectively offshored all our jobs to Asia.
      Conservatives?…..umm…in what way? They truly suck now.

  4. Confirmatory Article on McMaster:

    There is a deep hunger for McMaster’s view in the interagency,” he
    added, referring to the process by which the State Department, Pentagon
    and other agencies funnel recommendations through the National Security

    “It is also a sign that General McMaster, a veteran of the Iraq war known
    for his sense of history and independent streak
    , might move the council
    away from the ideologically charged views of Mr. Flynn
    , who was also a
    three-star Army general before retiring. Continue reading the main story

    Wearing his Army uniform, General McMaster spoke to a group that has been
    rattled and deeply demoralized after weeks of upheaval, following a
    haphazard transition from the Obama administration
    and amid the
    questions about links to Russia, which swiftly engulfed Mr. Flynn.”

    A man after my own heart.

    These are the people that will keep America

    1) Safe


    2) Out of trouble

    We dodged a bullet.

    • I know a number of middle ranking US officers who served in Iraq 2003-??? And they are quite aware of the JQ. There’s also a reasonably high ranking operations planner for the British army who was well aware of role.

      These soldiers know in the same way Patton knew. It’s so much more obvious than ww2 as the Arabs are so demonstrably weaker than Germany was.

  5. Did anyone listen to the video with the black Conservative discussing Alt-Right with Spencer?

    The black ended up confirming the racial spoils system by ending his
    Comments discussing Gibs for inner city blacks. After talking about universal equality he then hopes for cargo for his tribe. Case closed.

  6. What’s there to debate? Libertardianism and Conservatardism have both been exposed as fraudulent and are discredited. Fascism is, once again, the wave of the future.

    • Fascism a bundle of sticks which to mean united we stand, divided we fall.
      Diversity has brought about by design,divide and rule.

      • “United we stand,
        divided we fall. ”

        Wait, wait… Give me a second… I know the answer to this question. Who wrote that? Darn, who wrote that? I know the answer… Give me a second…

  7. Our anti-White enemies don’t want to “debate” with us. They want to destroy us and our race. It matters not where they are on the political spectrum or what particular type of “principles” they are hawking.

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