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  1. To be fair, they were probably flinging the chairs around because they thought the white women were hiding underneath them.

    • Here in NYC we have a kind of fast food that is far more ghetto than KFC could ever be. It’s called Crown Fried Chicken or Kennedy Fried Chicken or something else like that. They all look indentical and have identical food. They are all owned by people from Afghanistan, like the bomber’s family from earlier this year. They ran one of these places. They have Islamic banners inside and have a prominent display of blunts for sale to go with your chicken.

      “Chicken shacks” stay open far past midnight and are notorious for murders. The ones near me have been the scene of many killings over the years. These places make KFC look classy.

      • We, in flyover country, sure do miss out on a lot of diversity enrichment. I thank Yawah for where I live every day,
        Stay vigilant, stay safe.

  2. The funny part is White anti-Whites will be condemned to live under Black rule forever, because they certainly won’t be allowed to live with us.

  3. What I find most funny of all is the audacity, gall and pretentiousness of Leftists and other anti-Whites to believe that they could socially engineer a society to successfully tame something that Mother Nature and evolution couldn’t do in hundreds of thousands of years.

    • Very true. They are most definitely “evolved differently.” Most of them are evolved to live a hunting and gathering/horticultural lifestyle in perpetually-warm West Africa. They are not adapted to living in what we would refer to as “civilization.” It is too complex, too overwhelming, and too contrary to their instincts, for them to embrace our way of life. If they did, they would be turning away from their biological prime directives; 1) seek being alpha in every interaction, no matter the situation or cost. 2) have sex whenever possible with as many women as possible. Don’t worry about protecting and provisioning young. Numbers will more than make up for any losses.

      I had an African friend who admitted this to me once; “nowhere on Earth, not even in Africa, can one be authentically black.”
      Me; “what does that mean?”
      Him; slapping a bastard just cause you feel like it, and living in the moment 100 percent.”
      Me; “why can’t you do that in Africa?”
      Him: “when it was spears and stones it was not so crazy. The Ak47s changed the game though.”

      So basically, he admitted that they needed to be separated utterly and permanently.

  4. Had that taken place in the early 90’s Bronx they would have shooting each other up.

    The niggers in NYC are fairly tame now.

  5. it’s often said that certain harsh political decisions are made due to pressure from businesses. you’d think that at some point, hospitality and dining establishments would start pressuring the government to give rights to deny blacks service. it’s become too costly to allow blacks in public.

  6. Dey wuz lak, dat wuz muh fish fillet yo!…This video was hilarious. I was unable to watch it with audio, as I am sitting in a restaurant. I am still trying to figure out what started it. Vibrancy. There are what they are.

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