New Freedom to Deport

Thousands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are “newly emboldened, newly empowered and already getting to work” implementing “The Trump administration’s far-reaching plan to arrest and deport vast numbers of undocumented immigrants,” The New York Times reports. “A new atmosphere in the agency has taken hold” as ICE has been freed from Obama-era shackles. “Bystanders are now being taken in if they are suspected to be undocumented, even if they have committed no crime,” as Blue State governers and liberal city mayors protest.

Physical removal is back. And it is glorious.

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  1. Though it’s great to see them get going on this mammoth task, yet, I’ve been Southern too long to think that for all they remove, they’ll not, over the next 10 years, just let ten times as many back in.

    I trust Trump and his crew – NOT the town around him, or the nature of the JewEngland Government.

    I’ll keep praying for my fellow Southrons to pick themselves up by their mental bootstraps, and acknowledge that they are Southern, once again.

    That’s when the real deportation begins.

      • Yes, M’am. I’m so glad you liket the comment, as part of it reflects your wisdom.

        That said, I won’t take immigration policy seriously until we return to some form of the pre 1965 Constitution.

        The model the JewEngland government presently uses, M’am, is purposefully designed to licence politicians to feel good by giving away our blood, treasure, toil, political franchise and culture away to those who don’t deserve it.

        Worse it is perfectly calculated to destroy The White Christian South, and as such, I can only regard The Trump Administration as a beautiful flower over a nuclear waste dump.

        God bless you, and, yes, Go Trump!; as he buys Occidental Dissent more time to awaken more of my Southern Brothers from their narcoleptick pose.

    • I wish the Trump administration would look into giving us an accurate estimate of how many illegals are really here, the 11 million number is a very stale number from early in the Bush Jr. administration that can’t be accurate. Just a realistic head count I did one day in Oregon gave me the estimate that at least 1/3 of the residents are hispanic. How many legal vs. illegal? Don’t know but there could be close to a million in Oregon alone. Bet California could well have the entire 11 million number themselves, and then you’ve got the other western states infected with these cockroaches like the severe Yakima Valley infestation, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico. Texas probably has some astronomical numbers as well, then Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Florida have major, major colonies too. No way is 11 million accurate. 30-50 million is probably the real numbers, let those facts out and let them know how bad the swamp was lying to us and deliberately allowing this to steal our political power. They were importing their army for a leftist civil war against the American People who gave us Nixon Reagan landslides against their agenda.

      • I agree, Owl – at least 30 millions is, at the least, the likely number.

        as to legal vs. illegal immigrants, I am even more more troubled by the legal, as, in my state, they vote, and vote for our enemies, and, in that count, I include White Yankees who, though some are heart and soul with us, most are hellbent to turn us into the hellhole they just left.

        Chin up, however : this land is going to reconfederate, and, at that time, these things will come to a good reckoning.

        • It does seem inevitable that the American Union will break up sooner or later. After all, what does Oregon have to do with Connecticut, or Maine with Hawaii? The Empire is too big and unwieldy to be administered by that imitation Roman capital on the Potomac.

          • That, Mr. Kleinfeld, is a perfectly good question : ‘what does Oregon have to do with Connecticut, or Maine with Hawaii?’

            And now, if I may, I am going to give you the answer ; they are connected by a tyrannical and treacherous governing edifice, which, in exploiting them to it’s own end. does so for all the shadowy unelected, unconstitutional alien constituencies that have usurpt the slim legitimacy it had when I was a child.

            What’s my grade?

          • Thank you so much, Mr. Kleinfeld.

            As I see it, the true definition of America is a Confederation of states with different races, but, where The White Race rules for the betterment of all.

            You can make another America, if you wish, but, it’s no place I want to live.

      • Back in 2007, when G.W. Bush rolled out his amnesty plan, the figure thrown around for the number of illegal aliens was 11-20 million people. Nevermind the ridiculousness of proposing a “solution” to a problem, the size of which you don’t even know to within a factor of two. But what is odd is how the upper end of that estimate just melted away over the last decade. During the Obama administration, the 11-20 million got truncated down to 11 million. I’ve never seen anyone in the government or among the ranks of immigration apologists explain why that was.

        So – yeah – I tend to think the 11 million figure is nothing but an agreed-upon lie. I suspect it is actually much higher.

  2. The deportees will be fine, they are being sent to countries with wonderful, vibrant cultures that extoll tolerance, the highest virtue.

  3. The New York Times rightly points out that if millions of people are deported, the short term impact on the economy, economic data, and media coverage of the economy will be negative.

    Are we and Trump getting out ahead of this? I don’t see it.

    What I see from Trump is cheerleading record highs on the Dow, not realizing that when the Federal Reserve et al crash the economy, what will he say then? The Dow doesn’t matter? Nah, it will be too late.

    For most in this movement, blood and soil matters more than economics (as it should). Thus economic talk is side-lined. That is not so good. Political power derives from providing the base comfort and security, and the economy is a part of that, just not the dominant part.

    What to say?

    1) It’s not the economy stupid.

    Point out that we are living so much better than people have throughout most if not all of history. People in the neolithic were happy, sad, angry, joyful, inquisitive, pensive, and otherwise lived full human lives on a GDP less than 1% of the present. The US can take a huge hit, even 20 to 30% in GDP and still remain strong!

    2) Blame the Fed.

    Start blaming them now. Be relentless. More important to talk about the Fed than MILO and other attention whores. When the economy crashes, you blame the Fed. You audit the Fed. You End the Fed. You put the powers of the Fed under the Treasury or give it its own cabinet position. Whatever you have to do to shift blame from Trump to our Enemies.

    3) We’re all Kenesians now.

    The response to crashing the economy is massive government stimulus. Helicopter money. Government Jobs. Works Project Administration jobs, shovel ready jobs, infrastructure jobs, land grants from the Federal Government’s massive land holdings. Much like the Energy policy the mantra should be “All of the Above”.

  4. When it comes to deportation, I like to invoke the words of Bobby Kennedy:

    “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.”

    They say we can’t deport 11 million illegal aliens?

    Si, Si puede!

    Yes, we can!

  5. More winning.

    President Donald Trump promised a large crowd of American governors that he would work to redirect power from the federal government to the states.
    “We’re going to give you back a lot of the powers that have been taken away from states and great people and great governors, and you can control it better than the federal government because you’re right on top of it,” Trump said.

    The Associated Press is reporting that the Trump Administration will be ending the federal government’s opposition to Texas’ photo voter identification law.

    (Thanks to Jeff Sessions)

  6. Mississippi Governor to Churches: Follow ‘Man’s Law’ and Stop Harboring Illegal Immigrants

    WASHINGTON – Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) said faith leaders should follow “man’s law” and not harbor illegal immigrants in churches and other places of worship.

    PJM asked Bryant if he thinks churches and religious organizations should help shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

    “I don’t believe so. I think if you are a faith leader or anyone else you have to look also at the nation’s law. There’s God’s law and then there’s man’s law, and man’s law says that you have to go by certain rules and standards to become a citizen of the United States or you come here illegally – illegally means it’s against the law,” Bryant told PJM during the National Governors Association winter meeting in Washington over the weekend.

    “We are a nation of laws, so the federal government is going about enforcing the laws. And I hope people of faith will understand that part of the responsibility of your faithfulness is to also understand what man’s law is,” he added.

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