“The Invasion of the Russian Body Snatchers”

The American Lib MSM (Mainstream Media), the Leadership of the Left Democrat party and remaining RINOs (Sen. John McCain, Sen Lisping Lindsey Graham) are now going bat sh** insane about….


Everyday the Left Lugenpresse (Washington Post, Salon, Jew York Times, CNN etc) publishes some new, wild Russian conspiracy theory about Donald Trump, Gen. Flynn, now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They all supposedly once spoke to the Russian ambassador


So they must have plotted with Russian spies to steal the Presidential election from Hillary Clinton and deliver the entire United State of America in to Russian slavery!

Yesterday the Atlantic Magazine published a worst ever Russian conspiracy yarn that Putin’s anti Hillary, anti American intelligence operations are as bad as anything done by Stalin’s NKVD head butcher Lavrentiy Beria;

What Putin is up to – the Atlantic

This Russian conspiracy paranoia might as well have been played out in the 1950s McCarthy era Sci Fi terror movie:

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

Not even during the 1950s days of Joseph McCarthy has there been so much anti Russian paranoia in American politics. But this time it’s from the anti White, Lib Left media, and the Democrat party trying to find some excuse why they lost. And it is also yes – American deep state intelligence forces like the author’s of this ridiculous Atlantic Magazine piece:


Strobe Talbott is a former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, and now president of the Brookings Institution (Neo Liberal think tank, rival to the Hoover Institute), Jessica Brant is an associate at the Brookings Institute.

The inside word from the Alt Right (John Derbyshire, Pat Buchanan) is that deep state intelligence and former Neo Conservative war mongers and just the Bush administration are all pissed that President Trump, the regular US Military is saying the obvious truth that American foreign policy after President Reagan was a complete disaster – all those responsible should lose their jobs and be held up to public ridicule. It’s also obvious that the Cold War with Russia should be over. Communism fell in Russia and in all of Eastern Europe, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved.

We won the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

That bad “Evil Empire (hated that term) is no more and instead we have the traditional Russian nation – a Western European mostly Christian nation like ours – with a similar culture. Russia should be our friend and ally in fighting, containing radical Islam and the islamic migration invasions of Europe/the West.

It’s also a related reality that the American Jewish community strongly opposes any type of European White nationalism or European American nationalism, race realism. It doesn’t matter whether this nationalism, race realism appears in Russia, Serbia, Le Pen’s France, the UK Independent Party Brexit, the League of the South, American Renaissance or just the victorious Trump campaign. It also doesn’t really matter if this pro Western, Pro White, race/culture realism isn’t openly anti Jewish, is pro Israel and concentrates on opposing radical Islam. The American Jewish political/academic/media elite is bending over backwards to spread the meme that Jews and Muslims in the West and in the entire world are natural allies, both victims of mean, racist President Trump and Trump supporters who are supposedly all secret NAZIS who want to gas 6 Million more innocent Jews and do something similar to sainted Muslims who only occasionally do bad things like 9/11/01 or the slaughters in France, Belgium, sexual grooming in Rotherham England etc . These sainted Muslims supposedly only do these occasional bad things because mean, White American/Europeans are hateful and selfish and don’t want to share their good things in life with low IQ, unskilled Muslim male migrants. Plus Western/European prosperity is supposedly only caused by

“White privilege”

Yes, folks – politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows. The worst Cultural Marxists, LGBTs, Social Justice Warriors, BlackLiesMatter, Zionists, Neo Conservatives, the Lib Left Lugenpresse and 1 billion world Muslims (not including the Palestinians) are being pushed to “resist”, “unite” against President Trump and Trump supporters, also unite against Vladimir Putin.


Because they hate sane, healthy White Americans, hate healthy, sane White Europeans.

Any questions?


  1. The threat to the enemies of Trump and Russia is Christian unity, the cooperation and alliance of the two great Christian nation in fighting evil worldwide.

  2. McCarthyism at least had some sorta justification, Alger Hiss scandal, which was big deal at the time, kind of like Watergate, only no one remembers it today. I wonder why that is.

    • That was great brother!

      Have we ever met in real life?

      This year s Amren conference in TN is in the hot summer – not sure I m up for that

      • Too far and too expensive for me. The heat’s not a problem. It gets real sultry here on the Red.

        • Stay strong brother

          Also keep your great sense of humor

          And.., maybe say a few kind things in support of this lonely straight White guy left behind on the South Side of Chicago

          (Sounds like a good theme for a country song)

          • The fam and I visited Texas to see relatives. Scorpions coming in under the French doors… Not my idea of a pleasant environment.

  3. We won, they*lost, and they are going insane. That is the summation of this entire charade about fake news, Russian intervention, and Donald Trump as crypto- fascist.

    (((They’re)))*whining, bitchy little losers!
    And that’s the rest of the story.

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