#ALifeWithoutFeministWomen – OD Classic

The bitter, godless, manless, feminist Hillary diehards are threatening to go on strike for a day – this following up their march on the Washington Mall where they dressed up as vaginas. Pretty much everyone in the know understands that these Hillary feminists aren’t using their vaginas for much of anything useful – nothing good (a man) going in, nothing good (a healthy baby) going out.

We’re throwing the penalty flag at you “ladies”.



I’m re-posting this Classic OD comic showing what sane man all over the world think of these preachy, pushy SJW Hillary feminist types. I have made many high quality, large 22 X 34 posters. I’d like to see these posters go up in college dorm rooms all over occupied North America. $20 postage and handling included just let me know in the comments section and we’ll get this out to you.

Stay strong men and always deal with American women from a position of manly strength. Remember what happened when we gave in on women’s suffrage. The Women’s Temperance League pushed through Prohibition!

Not Different West and Islam


  1. I like that cartoon but I find it a bit improbable. Why would such an attractive girl be a feminist? Only frumpy old jewish bag-ladies go for that sort of thing. Secondly, what are the chances a Mohammedan cleric would be engaged in conversation with such a girl? If I were the Aryan jock I would tell Mahmoud to get on his flying carpet and buzz off back to Mecca.

    But I get the point that is being made.

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