What 770,000 Tubes of Saliva Reveal About America

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If you are reading this website, you have likely been told over the course of your life that “race doesn’t exist.” Race is a “social construct” with no biological significance. The following is what 777,000 tubes of saliva collected by Ancestry.com has revealed about White America:

“What do you do with 770,000 tubes of saliva collected from AncestryDNA customers?

Ancestry scientists have an unusual answer: Create a ground-breaking map of America’s history-based diversity using the genetic data from the analysis of the samples.

This unique map shows this country’s great migrations, the echoes of our pioneer ancestors in our genes today. …

To create this unique snapshot of our past and present, our researchers first created a network of over 500 million genetic connections between the 770,000 customers in the study.

Through network analysis, they were able to take that mind-boggling number of connections and identify dozens of unique genetic communities across the U.S.

The scientists then used a subset of Ancestry’s massive records database, using 20 million family history records to build a map of America’s great migrations.

While the maps here show only North America, scientists also used the data to map the ties between communities in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. …”

If you are interested in seeing my results, they can be found here:

Of course you could also just look at me and tell I am English. I know my direct ancestor arrived in the United States through the port of Wilmington, NC.

If the map of regional genetic clusters among White Americans looks familiar to you, it is probably because it resembles similar maps from cultural geographers:


We can confirm from saliva samples that southern Illinois and Indiana are the South’s middle finger in the Midwest. If it is possible to discern these genetic and cultural patterns among White Southerners, which is what we would expect in light of migration patterns (the Scots-Irish in Appalachia, Cajuns in Louisiana, English in the Lowland South), what do you think that says about race?

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  1. I’m smack-dab in the middle of Yankeedom. My neighbors come from old Yankee families full of legacy students who have been attending Brown and Yale since the late 18th century. But I originally came from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn where Saturday Night Fever was filmed.

    Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk…..


    • I’m really hoping that it will encourage White Americans to become more interested in ethnic Nationalism.

      This would also be an immense strategic asset for our cause. From what I’ve seen, half of the battle in America is that people are constantly struggling to save a nation which is so enormous that it becomes logistically impossible to make any inroads (unless you’re Trump and have immense wealth and celebrity status to back you up). So people get depressed and start LARPing because there doesn’t seem like any way out.

      So if people shifted towards saving their specific state, things might become a lot more feasible. It’s really not that hard to set up a website, start talking with folks in your state, etc.

      • If people look at shitlib states and see they are genetically different, they can’t come to any other conclusion. Race is real and it matters.

        • Good point.

          If ethnicity is real and impacts people’s intellect, psychology, etc. then race is too.

          • It might shut up the whites claiming some alterity via an Indian ancestor or a Tartar forebear…

          • We’ve been arguing with White anti-Whites for hundreds of years now. Possibly thousands. Imagine doing a DNA test and knowing that discussion with this person is pointless, so we just ship them off to live with their own kind. Politics wouldn’t take so much of our precious time.

  2. I am really curious to do this. My family keeps squawking, “Don’t!!!! The Gumbmint will have your DNA!!!!!”. But I am so curious…………….

    • Worse, anyone that wants it can pay to get the data, so I won’t do it until I don’t have to send them any part of me.

      I support leaders doing it though, as I’m tired of people in our movement supporting Jews when they hijack our movement. DNA tests will stop their games.

  3. LOL. Brad, now the Mormons have your DNA. I could have told you for free. Like most Southerners, or those from old American families, you have English, Scotch-Irish, and Germanic DNA. That’s why in the old books we are called Americans.

    • English might as well just mean an Irish mother and a German dad. In effect that is the English genetic profile.

      • The Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes & the Frisans were Germanic/Scandinavian tribes who invaded Roman Britain after the fall of Rome. That’s where you get the name Anglo-Saxons, minus the forgotten Jutes & Frisians.

        As I’ve mentioned before. There is genetic medical condition that is found mainly among the English and to a lesser extent in the Scandinavians/North Germans. I know. I’ve got it. LOL.

    • Here’s what each of the blocs represent:

      – Northeast and Utah = Puritans.
      – Pennsylvania = Germans and other continental Western Europeans (such as Huguenots).
      – Lower Midwest & Appalachians = Ulster Scots.
      – Upland South = More Ulster Scots, but probably with a heavy dose of English blood.
      – Lower South = West Country Englishmen (a lot of these settlers were Anglo-Welsh so their descendants have names like Jones, Davis, Griffin, etc. They don’t actually have much Celtic blood though – their names are normally of English origin and later became associated with Whales due to locals in the 1800s Anglicizing their names).
      – Acadians = Frenchmen.
      – The bloc in Michigan’s U.P. and Minnesota’s Iron Range = Finns.
      – The bloc stretching across the rest of MN and into parts of WI = Norsemen (Scandinavians are genetically Germanic and therefore don’t cluster with Finns).

  4. This is so cool. I got my Ancestry results too, they seem to match up with this as most of my direct ancestors came over before the Revolution, 9 generations back. So fun to learn about. Never thought they’d all come from so far back when it’s taught that everyone married immigrants. Not so for Appalachia I guess

  5. The same thing can be done with horses. I think the Galloway ponys that used by Reivers were banned by royal edict and were mostly shipped to the Carolinas and there is a cross breed with Spanish horses that still exists today. The American Quarter Horse is a direct child of these Galloways.

  6. “If you are reading this website, you have likely been told over the course of your life that “race doesn’t exist.”

    I guess North Texas must be a backwater. Because in the 70’s and 80’s, my parents and teachers taught me that race did matter. So did social station.

  7. ” I know my direct ancestor arrived in the United States through the port of Wilmington, NC.”

    According to public school history, everyone came through Boston and New York. America had no other seaports, not even Philadelphia, if you go by what they teach. As an aside, the Czechs, Germans and other Central Europeans who settled in Texas, came direct from Europe, to the gulf coast. Central and South Texas, below present day Dallas and Fort Worth, was a colony of Alabama. Settlers and filibuster expeditions came by ship from Mobile. I traced my own family back to Virginia and North Carolina. Exactly where people who colonised North Texas came from. Current, popular U.S. History simply ignores the South, the Middle Atlantic and much of what lies outside of the New England sphere of influence.

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