Counter-Signaling With TRS at Grocery Store

True story.

So, today I made a quick trip to the grocery store. It must have been Third World Day because the Mayans, Aztecs and Zulus were out in force. The other local White people had got the memo, apparently, but not me. I had to wait as the the line ever so slowly advanced. As I got to the check out a mechanical voice began talking. The Black woman ringing up my groceries stopped and looked at me. Then I realized what was happening. I have an app on my phone called @Voice which reads articles aloud. I enjoy listening to political news or Right-Wing effort posts while driving or working. And it just so happened that the last article I had listened to was “Pro-White Metapolitics in the Age of Trump” by Pseudo-Laurentius on I must have accidentally re-started the app on the phone in my pocket while waiting in line. It seemed to start in the middle of the article and before I had time to react the mechanical female voice rang out the list of what the anti-Trump protesters hate:





“White people.”

I looked around, wondering if folks just heard that list and what they made of it if they did. Maybe they didn’t or perhaps they made little of it. Whatever the case, I took my groceries and headed out the door. A day in the life of a TRS listener, I guess, unintentionally counter-signaling hard at a Third World grocery store in Dixie.

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  1. This happens to me sometimes.

    While working in my yard I sometimes forget to Pause the Daily Shoah playing on speaker in my pocket when the nice outlier black lady walks past with her dog.

    She always strolls past right when Sven is screaming “Fucking Niggers!!”

    • I am crying laughing right now.

      Unrelated I blew a massive fart in an elevator fill with Blacks a few days ago, it was hot, eggy, sulfer. Silent but oh so deadly.

  2. To experience a situation like this, I’d have to go to Sack ‘n Save, over in nigger town. That’s why I stick to Brookshires or Walmarts.

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