Federal Judge Rules New Orleans Confederate Monuments Can Be Removed

I often hear the mantra that race relations “isn’t a zero sum game.”

Why would we believe that? It’s not like black majority rule means the destruction of White monuments and their replacement by black monuments in public spaces:

“New Orleans officials can begin the process of removing the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle and three other monuments at the center of a long-running, city-led effort, a federal appeals court ruled Monday (March 6).

In the ruling, the three-judge panel with the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals found that the groups trying to block the removal of the monuments, Monumental Task Committee and the Louisiana Landmarks Society, failed to present a case that contained a legal argument that showed the monuments should stay up. The court wrote that the groups relied on two legal claims, “both of which wholly lack legal viability or support.”

Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office said that a request for proposals will be issued within the next day to obtain bids for a company to remove the monuments, which will be stored in a city-owned warehouse until it’s determined what will happen to them. …”

What can we learn from New Orleans?

For the Heritage movement, the moral of the story is that someone always rules and in a multiracial democracy the outcome will be determined by demographics. Either White Southerners will rule New Orleans or blacks will rule New Orleans. There isn’t a third option.

If blacks rule New Orleans, then we can expect Confederate monuments to be removed, public spaces to honor black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., blacks to be favored in city contracts and all the familiar wonders of the urban black experience to flourish like blight, corruption and violent crime. This truth was understood by every generation between the Battle of Liberty Place and the Baby Boomers.

Fortunately, it isn’t too late to save other Confederate monuments in Louisiana. The solution is to take advantage of Louisiana’s statewide White majority to pass legislation to protect Confederate monuments from removal by black majority local governments:

“The measure passed 24-7 and forbids changes to public markers that have stood for more than 20 years.

Sen. Gerald Allen, a Tuscaloosa Republican, sponsored the legislation and said it was intended to preserve history. He batted down the criticism of five black senators during more than two hours of contentious debate, telling them that the bill also leaves monuments important to African-Americans intact.

“This bill is here to help you,” Allen told Sen. Hank Sanders, noting that it would also apply to the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which was made famous when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. walked over it during the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965. Sanders, a Selma Democrat, participated in the march.

“This bill in the name of protecting history is hurting history,” Sanders said. “I am deeply grieved by this bill.” …”

In Alabama, we have taken to heart the lesson that someone always rules, which is the reason why the Alabama Democratic Party has been reduced to a powerless black minority. To be perfectly honest, it is more important for Louisianans to relearn this lesson than to save the NOLA monuments. Just look at the logical conclusion of Rainbowism in South Africa. If we still believed we should rule in Louisiana, the monuments wouldn’t be coming down in the first place.

‘Civil Rights Icon’ Hank Sanders, who participated in the Selma-to-Montgomery March, was “deeply grieved” by the recent public monuments bill that passed the Alabama Senate. So what? Who cares if he cries ‘racism’? He doesn’t have his civil rights halo of moral authority anymore. We don’t care if he cries ‘racism’ because we don’t believe it is in our self-interest that Hank Sanders and black Democrats should rule. We understand that if they are allowed to rule in our state that they will govern with the interest of blacks alone in mind which will be harmful to our community.

We must always rule ourselves.

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  1. Little by little, *they* have attempted to erase and re-write a part of our history that they do not like. It’s not the right thing to do. These things do not make history go away. This is another example of the anti-white agenda that the minorities have in the U.S., all in the name of equality or some other bulls*** word, which we know is not the case, there’s no equality to it.

    Diversity/multiculturalism causes bitter conflict, it’s not natural for different races to live together….what a mess we have currently, our white leaders have failed us beyond belief, traitors to our country.

  2. It is very sad that the New Orleans monuments to Confederates are coming down. I remember Dr. Duke advocating in their defense last year.
    The most powerful line that Mr. Wallace types out in this piece is the following: “Either White Southerners will rule New Orleans or blacks will rule New Orleans. There isn’t a third option.” That is what all white Americans need to wake up to. With all due respect to white Southrons who want to bring back segregation, I hold that the only option is for all races to have their own separate and sovereign territory to pursue their own destiny in.
    The Amerikaner identity concept could help my brothers unite -though it probably appeals to rural people in the South, Midwest, and the Rocky Mountains more than to Yankees and urbanites. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/i-am-an-amerikaner/

  3. Move these monuments banished by these Communists to private property, push flagging on private property with flags on 100′ plus flagpoles and wait til the South secedes to restore the monuments to their rightful place…turn their cultural assaults into a revenge movement…the South is now victim of cultural genocide…and remember God allows men to take and possess male and female servants which He acknowledges in two of the Ten Commandments and when Christ returns He will allow regathered Israel to take and possess servants once again — Isaiah 14:1-3….the South will win in the end and these self-righteous cultural Marxists will have their tongues and eyeballs melted out of their skulls when they try to fight Christ…don’t ever give up hope…

  4. I shudder to think that there is even a small possibility of a future where children go to school and learn that we have been a wonderful multiracial nation from the beginning, and the Confederacy and the great men that fought for it are forgotten except in hushed whispers in the hallways.

  5. White societies should be ruled by warrior-kings (like Trump), not frail old effeminate men in black robes. Rule by courts, lawyers and judges is semitic in origin and is sufficient to be rejected on that basis alone.

        • Wow. I thought this was photo-shopped, but David married a Negress! This was their wedding photo! Day-yum!

        • President Jefferson Davis was the greatest Confederate of them all…after all the others gave up the fight and bowed down to the Union…he was sent off to prison…don’t let any of us ever forget that…

          • President Davis was an honorable man and a patriot, like our current President is. Nothing unusual about successful, powerful men being attracted to youger women. But I don’t think Varina was a half-breed, it may be just how the daguerreotype turned out.

          • It’s her skull structure, Mr. Delarge.

            In fact, if you don’t know Injuns, even the full-blooded ones can be as light-skinned as whites.

            That said, I am only working off my intuition.

            You would be hard-presst to prove such, as, in those days, (even in my childhood) families kept such matters as dark secrets to never be shared with anyone.

            Any race-mixing, in those days, was a scandal. I know this because I grew up with folks who had been born between 1878-1930, and that subject was one rarely discusst, so incendiary was it.

            Race-mixing and incest, in those days, were the most taboo of all the many taboos – and that society had many of them, you just would not believe.

          • Also, bear in mind Varina might have been a ‘quarter-breed’, and the quarter might have dominated her facial traits.

            Davis is my favourite president, by far; though, I am right fond of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Andrew Johnson and Donald Trump.

        • Yes, my Maine Friend – and, like most of these kinds of mis-aged matches, they fought like cats and dogs – each one sure that it, alone, understood ‘the truth’

          She showed her greatness, however, when she stood by his side, daily, when he was imprisoned.

        • From the “A Diary from Dixie” by Mary Boykin Chesnut — Wife of James Chesnut, Jr., United States Senator From South Carolina

          From a diary entry for 2/16/1864 concerning a negro boy that the First Lady Varina Davis had rescued from his brutal negro guardian:

          February 16th. – Saw in Mrs. Howell’s [Mrs. Davis’ mother] room the little negro Mrs. Davis rescued yesterday from his brutal negro guardian. The child is an orphan. He was dressed up in little Joe’s clothes and happy as a lord. He was very anxious to show me his wounds and bruises, but I fled. There are some things in life too sickening, and cruelty is one of them.

          Seems the South wasn’t as inhumane as the Yankee lies want the narrative to be….

          • It was at that point 1850-60s. simply Negro Management.

            It should also be pointed out that the Confederates were dealing with the biological legacy of haphazardly importing 500,000 darkies by previous generations of colonists and founding fathers.

            I’m pretty sure that’s why the Northerners generally turned a blind eye to the Restoration of order with Jim Crow after the anarchy of reconstruction.

          • I would say the vast majority 99% of Yankees didn’t give two s-ts about niggers plain and simple and I would say most don’t today in fact virtue signaling is a way of not giving a s-t while pretending that you give a s-t. Reverse psychology.

            The problem in the North was that a New England based Oligarchy ended up in control of most states. I will explain simply. In 1789 when the US Constitution came into effect, most of New York State was unsettled. The core of New Netherland had been along the Hudson from Albany to NYC. Before Unitarianism destroyed the White Birthrate in New England, the Yankees had the highest birthrates in the Colonies, even higher than Southrons. Originally the Yankees had colonized part of Northeast Penna and Northern New Jersey. In fact their incursion into Penna had caused the bloody Pennamite-Yankee war in which the Scots-Irish Penna backwoodsmen fought the Yankees during the 1700s. The end result of this being at the Constitutional Convention it was decided when the original 13 colonies gave up their claims in the Northwest Territory that Connecticut, which had claimed most of Pennsylvania be given Northeastern Ohio, above the 41st Parallel called the Connecticut Western Reserve and Firelands.

          • The New Englanders didn’t remain on their farms like the Virginians. and Germans did, their children and grandchildren hot footed it to the burgenoing cities, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Springfield, and he like. They gravitated toward power and via pooling their money, they dominated Academics and the Print Media, which in time led to them dominating Politically. Within two generations they had remade these gullible farm folks from Pennsylvania Maryland Virginia and immigrants philosophically into Yankees via the schoolhouse and the newspapers.

            Here is a good description of the Northwest Territory written by Marylander Gen Bradley T Johnson in his Confederate Military History Vol 2

            Virginia promptly responded by passing her ordinance of secession on the 17th, not, however, to take effect until it had been ratified by a vote of the people, to be cast on the 24th of May; and the governor of Virginia, John Letcher, moved Virginia troops to Harper’s Ferry and “retook, reoccupied and repossessed” that property of Virginia which she had ceded to the Union for the common welfare and mutual benefit of all the States, East and West, North and South. Now that it was being diverted to the injury of part and the exclusive use of one section, Virginia resumed the control of her ancient territory. Had she had the power, she would have had the right “to resume possession, control and sovereignty” of all the six States she had ceded to the Union, northwest of the Ohio river. But, alas, her own children, born of her blood and bred of her loins, were foremost in striking at the heart and life of their mother. The Northwest was the most ardent in “suppressing the rebellion, “the forerunner of which had been independence from the British nation and the right of self-government for the English in America,

          • What was General Johnson saying? He was saying that hundreds of boys, Sons and Grandsons of Old Virginia lined up to kill their cousins BECAUSE of the brainwashing in the Schoolhouse and the Media. Look close

          • Here’s the truth about DIXIE. The Southern Confederacy was not PRO-WHITE as defined by Modern (Post Hitler) White Nationalists/White Supremacists it was PRO-SLAVERY. The two things can be the same thing and also can be at cross purposes at times. In many areas of the South, usually the heavily Negro ones, the Poorest Whites had to live on Salt Pork (ie bacon, fatback, hog jowls), Grits, Wild Game occasionally chickens and fish and only got vegetables when it was the summertime while oftentimes Negro Slaves got to eat the scraps from huge dinner parties and got fresh BBQ when their masters had BBQ’s in the summertime.

            Non-Slaveholding Whites tended to do much better in the newer lands, (Alabama Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Northern Louisiana, Northern Georgia) and did very poorly in heavily black areas near the coast in the original 13 Colonies areas of the South ie Virginia North and South Carolina and Eastern Georgia. This was always Dixie’s biggest problem and the true reason behind the South needing it’s own nation. The South needed constant expansion to provide poor whites with a chance at upward mobility. Had Dixie remained in the Union, the North never would have had a prayer to LEGISLATIVELY end slavery at least until 1900 or so when the Union had about 45 states. However once you understand Economics you’ll understand the Republicans had something much more grizzly and disgusting in mind.

            In 1856 North Carolinian Hinton Helper wrote The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It. The book showed the true economic problems that were going to destroy Dixie UNLESS IT HAD ITS OWN NATION and COULD EXPAND INTO THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. What was actually going on was via Economic Policy and isolating Slavery in the Thirteen Core States that became the CSA slavery was slowly becoming unprofitable and the potential for a Marxist style revolt by the poor hungry whites and free Negroes increasing with every year. Thus it was a simple game of being taxed to death. Slaveholders were forced to emancipate slaves because they simply couldn’t afford to feed them all, in other words on a medium sized farm say you had twenty slaves of your own and then suddenly your wife’s daddy left you another 60 upon his death. It was much easier to sell the young and emancipate the middle aged unprofitable ones and do the work with 30 or 40 because your profit margin was decreasing every year to the point that some plantations were terribly under water. Thus the Republicans were employing a system of Emancipation via Economic Policy, An underhanded and disgusting policy.

            The South couldn’t risk long-term confinement without the ability to expand as it had a great deal of surplus Negroes and poor whites who needed land or it would have collapsed. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. That is why the War was necessary. Were poor whites at times exploited? Yes but again their exploitation was as a result of economic policy thrust upon the South by Northern business interests.

          • Jefferson Davis in his book The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government stated:

            It is absolutely requisite, in order to a right understanding of
            the history of the country, to bear these truths clearly in mind.
            The phraseology of the period referred to will otherwise be essentially
            deceptive. The antithetical employment of such terms
            as freedom and slavery, or “anti-slavery” and “pro-slavery,” with
            reference to the principles and purposes of contending parties
            or rival sections, has had immense influence in misleading the
            opinions and sympathies of the world. The idea of freedom is
            captivating, that of slavery repellent to the moral sense of mankind
            in general. It is easy, therefore, to understand the effect
            of applying the one set of terms to one party, the other to another,
            in a contest which had no just application whatever to the
            essential merits of freedom or slavery. Southern statesmen may
            perhaps have been too indifferent to this consideration—in their
            ardent pursuit of principles, overlooking the effects of phrases.

            This is especially true with regard to that familiar but most
            fallacious expression, “the extension of slavery.” To the reader
            unfamiliar with the subject, or viewing it only on the surface,
            [pg 7]
            it would perhaps never occur that, as used in the great controversies
            respecting the Territories of the United States, it does
            not, never did, and never could, imply the addition of a single
            slave to the number already existing. The question was merely
            whether the slaveholder should be permitted to go, with his
            slaves, into territory (the common property of all) into which
            the non-slaveholder could go with his property of any sort.
            There was no proposal nor desire on the part of the Southern
            States to reopen the slave-trade, which they had been foremost
            in suppressing, or to add to the number of slaves. It was a
            question of the distribution, or dispersion, of the slaves, rather
            than of the “extension of slavery.” Removal is not extension.
            Indeed, if emancipation was the end to be desired, the dispersion
            of the ne gr oe s over a wider area among additional Territories,
            eventually to become States, and in climates unfavorable to slave-labor,
            instead of hindering, would have promoted this object by
            diminishing the difficulties in the way of ultimate emancipation.

          • The Articles of Confederation created a quasi-Federal government which under Jefferson and his friends beliefs could outlaw slavery in unorganized Territory which in theory only the quasi-Federal govt had jurisdiction over, In 1787 the only unorganized territory was the Northwest Territory, Kentucky and Tennessee were counties of Virginia and North Carolina respectively and Alabama and Mississippi were counties of Georgia.

            The US Constitution carried over the same precedent but Madison confounded it by labeling African Slaves PERSONS. Now under the Common Law all PERSONS are in theory equal. Jefferson and Madison somehow held that Negroes could be both PERSONS and SLAVES. They also held that somehow Property Rights, extended to everything BUT Slavery. In their old age, both men regretted this, but by that time it was too late the precedent had been established. This was complicated by the fact that although it was clear after the Immigration Act of 1790 that Whites were to only be eligible for citizenship in the new states, the original 13 Colonies could still bestow citizenship upon Nonwhites as their governments predated the Immigration Act and the Constitution. This also included the Republic of Vermont, which had come into being in 1777.

            In 1789 Nine of the 13 States called Free Negroes STATE citizens, slowly this was revised. It took until 1835 for Negro STATE citizenship to be revoked in TN and NC, and 1838 in Penna. In 1842, Rhode Island suddenly declared Negroes citizens. At the time Dred Scott was decided, Negroes had full citizenship in Maine (part of Mass till 1820), Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Negroes had quasi citizenship in New York, provided they had enough money to own property.

            Judge Taney rightfully corrected Jefferson/Madison’s error. He understood that PERSONS couldn’t be PROPERTY only PROPERTY could be PROPERTY and as such if Slaves were Property then no State could outlaw it. The problem was Pre 14th Amendment, States could choose to ignore the Supreme Court. Thus Negroes went on being citizens in the above mentioned state and Taney had no enforcement power to stop it.

          • Jefferson Davis didn’t explain this so I will. The Virginians of that Early Era ie 1775-1820, largely descended old Anglo-Norman Noble families who were wealthy planters stretching from the Piedmont into the Chesapeake (Tidewater) were a fairly LIBERAL bunch. Well-educated and humanistic in their outlook toward society, they were as a whole much more LIBERAL than the typical New Englander of that same era. The divide went this way. Your minority of Conservative Religious Virginians ie George Washington, Henry Lee, Winfield Scott, tended to be Federalists, but the majority of said planters lined up with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. ie the Jeffersonians.

            What changed in Virginia was the growth in power of the Scots-Irish in the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge/Trans-Allegheny and the Second Great Awakening, This new conservative Southern Man and woman that emerged from this, wasn’t wishy-washy like the Jeffersonians and didn’t get into philosophical disagreements about Laws and Rights. Their ideas were simple. God Family Property and GUNS. This group of people (today called BUBBAS REDNECKS ETC) was dominant in all of the Southern States, excluding Maryland where a sort of urbane Cavalier type like in 18th Century Virginia predominated. Maryland was also the only Southern State where the Second Great Awakening was a flop. Gen. Bradley T Johnson, a Marylander largely lamented the fact that Maryland never developed a strong political class like the rest of the South did. This was because the Scots Irish in Maryland never took over the wheels of power as they did in the rest of Dixie.

      • And yet, Flunk, he is now a champion of the contrary.

        Now man dies old like the man he was when young.

    • Perhaps but the insider elite they truly rules the United States and indeed the entire Western world cannot be dislodged by political elections. Presidents come and go but their reign remains. That is why red state secession and the creation of a new nation is the only solution! I am not talking merely Southern secession but the entirety of red state America!

      • I think that it will be relatively peacefull in some countries and kind of not peacefull in others.

        The USA sees secession movements when Elizabeth Warren or Chelsea Clinton gets elected, states secede and forms a new Union against the old one.
        Secessionist states have Diversiy-related unrests and remain state (because of Diversity) has either Donbass-style rebellions or emigration by Whitney, the fear of thermo-nuclear weapon use prevents an all-out confrontation from occuring.

    • He is funding politically active organizations like the SPLC and Communist controlled Universities that suppress free speech using violence. Collecting tax deductible donations, while practicing politics is illegal, unless your president is a cuck that’s too timid to enforce the law.

      Warrior King? More like rabbit running scared. #TrumpIsAFakePresident

      • The South was screwed either way you put it. In 1775 had the South left New England alone and the British crushed them and maintained the Colonies then in 1833 it would have had to watch HELPLESSLY as the United Kingdom mass emancipated their Negroes and gave them full equality. Thus the Shotgun wedding with the North actually gave it a few more good years. Notice the word FEW ie not many.

        Winning the War For Southern Independence was also problematic BECAUSE IT NECESSITATED BUSINESS RELATIONS WITH THE UK and FRANCE, both nations fully behind Negro Equality and nations from whence the New England Abolitionists received funding. See the problem with history is we forget the bigger points. Sam Houston in his Texas speech in 1860 made this clear that the Abolitionists had gotten thousands of dollars worth of overseas cash to make this happen. He actually saw the coming war as what it really was, an attack of (((London Banksters))) via the Abolitionists and using the dumb masses in the North as pawns on the chessboard. With (((Judah P Benjamin))) literally heartbeats away from the seat of power the CSA was playing a high stakes game of Risk. What the South didn’t realize was that it was surrounded by enemies. I think Jeff Davis never completely realized this, to his detriment. Stonewall Jackson recognized this and was very upset that the Confederate Constitution failed to mention Jesus Christ UNFORTUNATELY Stonewall’s concerns went unheeded. Aristocrats like Mr. Davis, who had made their life on business dealings were the kind of people who could get blindsided by (((Financial Interests)))).


        They gravely talk of holding treaties with Great Britain and other foreign powers, and the great advantages which would arise to the South from separation are discussed. Treaties with Great Britain! Alliance with foreign powers! Have these men forgotten history? Look at Spanish America! Look at the condition of every petty State, which by alliance with Great Britain is subject to continual aggression! And yet, after picturing the rise and progress of Abolitionism, tracing it to the Wilberforce movement in England, and British influence in the North, showing that British gold has sustained and encouraged Northern fanaticism, we are told to be heedless of the consequences of disunion, for the advantages of British alliance would far over-estimate the loss of the Union!

        Sam Houston, though he never mentions (((The Financial Interests)))) by name ie (((Rothschild))) he was smart enough to know that the coming war was as much about Globalist hegemony as it was anything. What Houston got wrong in his plead for Union was this. The South were the ones backed into a corner and thus they had to do something. It could either stay in the Union and watch helplessly as the Globalists took over, or oppose it and hope for a brief alliance with said Globalists. Like choosing between being stabbed to death or hanged

        • Thank you, Mr. Owen. Maybe some of your genius is rubbing off on me.

          I better segregate myself from you, before my wife no longer recognizes me…

    • I actually doubt the CSA could have held to its traditions and also been a World Nation UNLESS IT TRANSITIONED FROM STATES RIGHTS TO OUTRIGHT POLICE STATE AND SUPPORTED HITLER

      The South’s BIGGEST PROBLEM was that it needed International Trade, which in turn brings in International Bankers and International Ideas. Could it have filtered these out? Yes but for how long? The States Rights crowd believed strongly in First Amendment Protection, which cuts both ways. It not only keeps our type of opinions safe, it allows evil ones to fester and grow. The Bourbons (Former Aristocrats) largely betrayed the Poor Whites after Redemption, it was the Populists who protected them with hard Jim Crow and the like. Even Nathan Bedford Forrest softened in his later years, saying he had no problem with Negroes becoming lawyers.

      On the whole a Southern Nation would have been and IS PREFERABLE. I think it could have remained stable. Had it become a satellite state of the German Reich in WWII, and helped them destroy the North, then it would have worked out well. However had it went down the same Anglo-centric bull that the Yankees did, Dixie would have been doomed

    • Noooooo! They’d be gleefully killed…

      Just use extreme measures against those involved in the removal.

  6. This is so very sad but is exactly what happens when the right does not understand the Concept of the Political as delineated by Carl Schmitt. Unfortunately, the left does understand that concept which is why right wing conservatives have been losing for decades. Which is why many call them the Retarded Right because their politics is a mile wide and an inch deep. They have no concept of the meta-political and so naive is their politics that it truly borders on political retardation! The left, on the other hand, is as malevolent as it is psychotic and have truly earned the title of the Lunatic Left. That is American politics; the white middle and working classes torn between the Retarded Right and the Lunatic Left. To paraphrase Lenin it is time to “archive” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to the annals of history.

  7. As we get further and further removed from the Civil War, the harder and harder it will be to preserve the monuments to our ancestors. Many kids today are lucky they know who their fathers are, let alone who their great-great-great-great grandfathers were, it’s a matter of distance.

    This Quigley fellow who has been leading the charge to destroy the monuments is an Irish Roman Catholic, even noted by one of the previous Pope’s of the Roman Catholic Church.

    I know some will say, Beauregard was a Catholic. Well that’s just it. Beauregard is long dead. Quigley is alive.

    I’m sure the SCV will do something like having a bunch of fat old guys like me playing dress up around the Confederate monuments. When they really need to inspire thousands of young men in their late teens, twenties and early thirties to defend the monuments.

  8. I’m making a $200 donation to your favorite pro Southern race realist charity to the guy/gal who does the best job of doxing this #*$&@ Federal Judge who’s signing on to desecrate Confederate graves, Confederate monuments.

    Who is this $($*@ Federal Judge?

    What’s his name? Where does he live? Hang out? Play golf?Where did he go to school? Who are his friends, relatives, neighbors? Who’s the White guy that fixes his car, furnace, AC system?

    These terrible anti Southern, viciously anti White judges need to pay a personal price for their treason and we’re not going to use guns or bombs.

    Just do legal things, do what the Left does.

    We need to learn to….


    • I do know the local support to save the monuments (SAVE OUR CIRCLE) was spearheaded by a NOLA local named Tim Shea Carroll. I contacted him via Facebook over two years ago to offer financial support and to show up for pro-Monument rallies. I told him I would be carrying and waving my confederate battle flag. I was told that my kind of support was not wanted, nor needed.

      • Carroll must be a fucking idiot.

        Let them remove these statues.

        Then eliminate them.

      • Maybe it was the “Carrying” that prompted him to reject your support.

        Next time just go slow, offer letter writing, phone calls and some modest $s. Offer to meet in person so he/she/they can see that you are normal, not a crazy, not an FBI, SPLC agent.

    • U.S. District Court Judge Carl Barbier has ruled that New Orleans officials were correct in interpreting the agreement reached under the Shubert lawsuit — that while the agreement required the monument be removed from storage and placed near the site of the battle, there was no prohibition on its subsequent removal.




      http://www.judicialwatch.org/judge/barbier-carl-j/ – Financial Disclosures

      • Ok that’s a start.

        Bu to earn your $200 donation to your favorite pro Southern race realist charity you need to do more.

        Who is this Judge Carl Barbier? Who? What made him the vile traitor that he is now? Who does he sleep with? Where does he hang out? What perfectly legal things can pro South activists do to mess up his soft, easy social life.

        Traitors must be punished – and stop wasting all your time and money on guns, guns, guns that are never used.

        We need to learn how to use the effective tactics the Left uses against us.

        Learn to….


        • “stop wasting all your time and money on guns, guns, guns that are never used.”

          Not sure if you’re aiming that at me in particular or just speaking in generalities. Personally, I’m not a gun collector.

          As for the donation, wasn’t going to hold you to that. I just enjoy a little challenge now and again. I know you wanted more but I’m not on social media. To acquire the info you seek you’d have to be in the guy’s inner circle (I don’t live in LA) or perhaps at least have access to his FB or Twitter accounts (if he has them). I’m not teckie at all so can’t hack anything, either, which the left is pretty adroit at.

          Sorry, this was all I could drum up.

  9. Hunter Wallace posts the MSM news story of this Confederate desecration:

    “In the ruling, the three-judge panel with the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals found that the groups trying to block the removal of the monuments, ‘

    I respond:

    This is a mistake our side makes over and over again. We let our worst enemies hide their personal identities behind some institutional cover – in this case “the 3 judge panel with the 5th Circuit Court of US Court of Appeals.

    We need to

    Name Names – make it personal. Do what Saul Alinsky did/would do to the Left’s enemies – US.

  10. If blacks are in any kind of ruling capacity, they always only ever take decisions that benefit eachother. When whites are in power, they’re obligated to serve all. Most blacks in history who have achieved something….that ‘something’ was usually to advance their own.
    Make no mistake- if blacks take control of anything, whites will be ignored except when they’re needed.

  11. Since end of Civil War to the nineteen-sixties, 2,500 blacks were lynched, the majority of them criminals guilty of heinous crimes even thought some innocents surely got killed too tragically.

    Of course, since the Civil Rights Era, millions of whites were robbed, assaulted, raped, lynched, or murdered by blacks. But since Jewish elites control the media, all that is suppressed and we are reminded over and over about Emitt Till like in GROUNDHOG DAY.

    Is it because Jews care about blacks? NO! Israel bans African refugees and uses all methods to discourage Ethiopian Jews from having kids.

    Also, Jews excitedly supported Clinton to lock up tons of Negroes to make cities safer. And sure enough, Clinton locked up record numbers of ‘super-predators’.

    And one reason why Jews want more immigration is to use immigrants as buffers against blacks.

    So, Jews say ONE THING but do SOMETHING OTHER when it comes to blacks.

    The reason why Jews promote ‘white guilt’ in regard to blacks has zilch to do with sympathy for blacks. If Jews are so full of sympathy and morality, why don’t they admit their own historical sins like with communism, Nakba & Palestinian tragedy, the 90s looting of Russia, the 100,000’s of Iraqi kids killed by pro-Zionist foreign policy, and destruction of Libya at behest of globalist bankers?

    Jews care about their own power.

    Do Jews fund movies like GET OUT and 12 YEARS A SLAVE out of love for darling Negroes?

    No, Jews fear the rise of white gentile power as a threat to Jewish domination, so they use ‘white guilt’ to paralyze white politics. That is the ONLY reason Jews feign sympathy for blacks. What Jews say behind closed doors is something else. I know, cuz i know lots of Jews. Jews often refer to blacks as animals and thugs. Jewish globalists will make any alliance. They’ve been working with neo-Nazi-types in Ukraine. And Israel was on very good terms with South Africa during apartheid yrs and Israel now practices apartheid in West Bank. Whites in South Africa thought they would win protection from world community by being so close to Israel. Not so. Their apartheid policy, aka safe spaces for whites in Africa, was dismantled largely by leftist Jewish role. What replaced apartheid was apes-are-loud.

    Anyway, it is in Africa that lynching is a common practice and always has been.

    Every day, so many get lynched. As there is little Rule of Law, there is only the Jungle Justice of brutality.




    IT’s funny that black Africans flee fellow blacks and come to white nations.. but then come under PC influence and blame whites for trying to hurt black bodies.

    NO wonder black societies suck so bad. Blacks can never face up to the truth. They only believe what they wanna believe and always push blame on others.


  12. So, no Jewish graves were desecrated BUT the US government is desecrating monuments to white history.

  13. 4Chan located Shia Labeouf’s He Will Not Divide Us flag & replaced it with a MAGA hat and Pepe shirt in less than 24 hours.

  14. James Burnham in his classic work, The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, demonstrates that regardless of public slogans, party programs and candidate speeches, the objective of all politics is the gaining of power by an emerging ruling class. Talk of “freedom,” “equality” and civil rights” mask the desired end state, which is dominance for a new elite (and whoever is pulling their strings).

    The Confederate statue struggle points this up.

    At the start of the civil rights revolution, blacks had to frame the struggle in terms which were amenable to White people. Imagine, if you will, the response had Martin Luther King et alia proclaimed in the 1950s that their goals included not just ending segregation but also tearing down the Confederate battleflag, vandalizing Southern monuments, enacting affirmative action, forcing busing via court order, creating black “studies” programs as centers for anti-White agitation, running amok with Long Hot Summer riots, flashmobs and driveby shootings, then trashing much of the school system and laying waste to cities from Selma to Detroit? Not to mention opening the floodgates of immigration to Haitians and Congolese! The civil rights movement would not lasted two weeks. Even the most die hard 1960s progressive would have stood athwart its march and cried STOP!

    So it’s been a fraud, and a fraud since day one. We can see the same with blacks in Africa where they sold anti-colonial revolutions to dewy eyed liberals on the grounds of “self-determination,” “one-man-one-vote” and “majority rule.” Then once they had gained power, from Ghana to Zimbabwe, proceeded to set up despotisms, put the boot in on dissent, destroy the economy, massacre ethnic rivals and generally make things unlivable for civilized people. We see the same process in South Africa today.

    What then can White people do?

    Resistance starts with destroying the ideological delusions generated by liberalism, delusions which refuse to recognize that politics are about power. And in the case of the civil rights struggle, racial power. Either black rules or White. Equality has been the delusion.

    (Burnham elaborates on this in his other classic works, The Managerial Revolution and Suicide of the West. They’re all worth reading for nationalists across the spectrum.)

  15. Here is Julian Carr’s dedication speech for the Confederate Monument on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill back in 1913. He attended UNC and went off to fight in the Confederate Army and his words were delivered mainly to the women of the UDC. The speech is condemned by the Left condemns in it he mentions he “horse-whipped a Negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds” for insulting a white woman and running over to a garrison of Federal troops who were stationed on the campus of UNC thinking she could get away with her prank. ” I performed the pleasing duty in the immediate presence of the entire garrison.” This was 90 days after Appomattox and Carr wasn’t going to take none of this and the hypocritical Left never condemns the Federal troops for not trying to stop him….




    June 2, 1913.


    Thy Troy is fallen; thy dear land
    Is marred beneath the spoiler’s heel;
    I cannot trust my trembling hand
    To write the things I feel.

    There are no words that I have been able to
    find in the vocabulary of the English language
    that fittingly express my feelings in this presence
    on this occasion. But you know and I know, that
    though I might speak with the tongue of men and of
    angels, neither song nor story could fittingly
    honor this glorious event. The whole Southland
    is sanctified by the precious blood of the Student
    Confederate soldier. Their sublime courage has
    thrown upon the sky of Dixie a picture so bright
    and beautiful that neither defeat, nor disaster,
    nor oppression, nor smoke, nor fire, nor devasta-
    tion, nor desolation, dire and calamitous, and I
    might with truth add, the world, the flesh nor the
    Devil has been able to mar or blemish it. The
    tragedy of history falls to record anywhere upon
    its sublime pages anything comparable to it. All
    time will be the millenium of their glory.

    The canopy of the South is studded with stars
    which shall grow brighter and brighter as the ages
    in their endless procession proceed each other.

    No nobler young men ever lived; no braver soldiers
    ever answered the bugle call nor marched under a
    battle flag.

    They fought, not for conquest, nor for
    coercion, but from a high and holy sense of duty.
    They were like Knights of the Holy Grail, they
    served for the reward of serving, they suffered for
    the reward of suffering, they endured for the
    reward of enduring, they fought for the reward of
    duty done. They served, they suffered, they
    endured, they fought, for their child-
    hood homes, their firesides, the honor of their
    ancestors, their loved ones, their own native

    This noble gift of the United Daughers of
    the Confederacy touches deeply and tenderly the
    heart of every man who has the privilege of
    claiming the University of North Carolina as his
    Alma Mater. It is in harmony with the eternal
    fitness of things that the Old North State’s
    daughters of to-day should commemorate the heroism
    of the men and youths whom the mothers and sisters,
    the wives and sweethearts of half a century ago
    sent forth to battle for the South. As Niobe wept
    over her sons slain by Apollo, so the tears of our
    women were shed over the consumated sacrifice of
    their loved ones. And as the gods transformed
    Niobe into a marble statue, and set this upon a
    high mountain, so our native goddesses erect this
    monument of bronze to honor the valor of all those
    who fought and died for the Sacred Cause, as well
    as for the living sons of this grand old University.

    The years of the future will laurel the story,
    How often the tender, the brave and the true,
    Stood fast on the fields of their merited glory,
    A thin line of gray ‘gainst the legions of blue.

    O! what if half fell in the battle infernal?
    Aye, what if they lost at the end of the fray?
    Love gives them a wreath that is fadeless, eternal,
    And glory investeth the thin line of gray.

    They broke it, the thousands, the might of a nation,
    Hurled back the weak line in its pitiful plight;
    The deeds that had challenged a world’s admiration,
    Went down ‘neath the pall of a pitiless night.

    The war between the states was fought, really, by
    the women who stayed at home. Had they uttered a
    cry, had they complained, the morale of Lee’s
    army would have been dissipated in a day.

    The Women of the Sixties of our dear South-
    land, like Penelope, were glad to weave and spin
    that their husbands and sons and sweethearts might,
    like Ulyses, fight the battles in defense of
    Southern liberty and Southern honor.

    How many mothers were there in those days
    of stress and storm like her of that touching
    interlude of Tennyson’s?

    “Home they brought her warrior dead:
    She nor swooned, nor uttered cry:
    All her maidens, watching, said,
    ‘She must weep or she will die.’

    Then they praised him, soft and low,
    Called him worthy to be loved,
    Truest friend and noblest foe,
    Yet she neither spoke nor moved.

    Stole a maiden from her place,
    Lightly to her warrior stopped,
    Took the face-cloth from the face,
    Yet she neither moved, nor wept.

    Rose a nurse of ninety years,
    Set her child upon her knee,
    Like summer tempest came her tears,
    Sweet my child, I live for thee.’”

    And how she lived for him, that patient widowed
    mother of the South; what a man she made of him;
    how she has kept true in his breast the best tradi-
    tions of his race; how she has fed him, clothed
    him, brought him up through poverty to wealth, from
    weakness to strength, to the high honor of hard
    work, through the indomitable example that she set!
    She has made of the sturdy manhood of the South
    the highest product which a Christian race has
    yet attained.

    God bless the noble woman of my dear Southland,
    who are to-day as thoroughly convinced of the just-
    ice of that cause. They are the guardians of the
    sacred honor the the departed; they will protect
    the memory of the hero’s spirit no less than preserve
    from desecration the Sacred dust of his body.

    Nothing in all the marvelous record can equal
    the fortitude, the constancy, the devotion of the
    woman of the South. Whatever history has written
    of Andromache or Penelope, of Virginia or Lucretia,
    of the Carthagenian maids whose hair supplied bow-
    strings of battle: of Boadecia or Helen of Troy,
    of Elizabeth or Joan of Arc; it was for the women
    of the Confederacy, our dear old mothers, our wives
    and our sweethearts, God bless them every one, to
    show forth again in such resplendent guise, that
    neither history nor romance can approach its
    everlasting glory.

    The educational institutions of the South
    bore a conspicuous part in the respect to the number
    of students who represented them in the ranks of
    the army of the Confederacy. Nowhere in all the
    South was the approaching conflict more keenly
    scented than in the universities and colleges, and
    the gallant boys, then pursuing their studies, lost
    no time in preparing themselves for the hour when
    the call should come. Long before the shot on
    Sumter, which was heard around the world, was
    fired, companies of students were drilling on the
    campus. Within a week or two after that fateful
    April day, they were on the march to the front.
    On every battlefield they gave good account of
    themselves, and with their life-blood they sealed
    the compact of patriot and hero.

    In the foremost rank of the schools whose
    students rallied ’round the Stars and Bars stands
    our own beloved University. One only is ahead of
    us in the list, the University of Virginia, of
    whose students, 2,481 served in the Confederate
    Army and Navy, and 488 of whom gave up their lives.
    Washington College — now Washington and Lee
    University — sent out a company, early in 1861,
    under the name of Liberty Hall Volunteers. It
    numbered 76 on its muster roll, and of these, 13
    were killed, 26 wounded and 9 died in the service.
    All in all, Washington College gave 450 men to
    the Confederacy.

    Even the great Northern universities — Harvard,
    Yale and Princeton — furnished quotas of soldiers
    for the Confederate ranks. From Harvard came 257, of
    whom 52 were killed in battle and 12 died in the
    service, and in this large list appear 8 brigadier-
    generals and 5 major-generals. Of the graduates
    and students of Yale, 48 entered the Confederate
    services, and of these 8 were killed in battle or
    succumbed to disease. At Princeton 55 men left the
    University, early in 1861, to enter the Confederate
    service, and from the somewhat incomplete records
    of that University it appears that a considerable
    percentage of these young men were killed in battle,
    or died from disease.

    At William and Mary College, 44 enlisted in
    the Confederate service, of whom 6 were killed.

    Of the students and alumni of the University
    of North Carolina, about 1800 entered the Confed-
    erate army, of whom 842 belonged to the generation
    of 1850-1862. The University had in the service
    1 lieutenant-general, 4 major-generals, 13 brigadier-
    generals, 71 colonels, 30 lieutenant-colonels, 65
    majors, 46 adjutants, 71 surgeons, 254 captains,
    161 lieutenants, 38 non-commissioned officers and
    about 1000 privates. Of these 1800 men something
    like five or six hundred were killed in battle or
    died from disease in the service.

    I regard it an eminently appropriate to refer
    briefly at this point to the magnificent showing
    made by our state in the military service of the
    Confederacy. North Carolina furnished 84 regiments,
    16 battalions and 13 unattached companies, besides
    the companies and individuals serving in commands
    from other states, and 9 regiments of Home Guards.
    Out of a total enrollment of 600,000, North Carolina,
    it appears, furnished more than 120,000, including
    Home Guards. Losses on the battlefield and by
    disease indicate that her contribution to the
    Confederate army was somewhat more that 1 to 5,
    while her military population stood in the propor-
    tion of 1 to 9. The entire Confederate loss on
    the battlefield was 74,524, of which North Carolina’s
    share was 19,673, or more than one-fourth; 59,297
    died of disease, and of these, 20,602 were North

    And I dare to affirm this day, that if every
    State of the South had done what North Carolina
    did without a murmur, always faithful to its duty
    whatever the groans of the victims, there never
    would have been an Appomattox; Grant would have
    followed Meade and Pope, Burnside, Hooker, McDowell
    and McClellan, and the political geography of
    America would have been re-written.

    It is not for us to question the decrees of
    Providence. Let us be grateful that our struggle,
    keeping alive the grand principle of local self-
    government and State sovereignty has thus far held
    the American people from that consolidated despot-
    ism whose name, whether Republic or Empire, is
    of but little importance as compared with its

    This beautiful memorial is unique in one
    aspect. I have participated at the unveiling of
    several Confederate monuments, and have intimate
    knowledge of a great many more, but this is the
    first and only one in which the living survivors
    have been distinctly mentioned and remembered, and
    in this distinguished presence I desire to thank
    the Daughters of the Confederacy, in the name of
    the living Confederate students, for their beauti-
    ful and timely thoughtfulness.

    The duty due to our dear Southland, and the
    conspicuous services rendered, did not end at
    Appomattox. The four years immediately following
    the four years of bloody carnage, brought their
    responsibilities hardly of less consequence than
    those for which the South laid upon the altar of
    her country 74,524 killed dead upon the field of
    battle, besides 59,297 of her brave and loyal sons
    dead from disease, a grand total of 133,821.

    It is true that the snows of winter which
    never melt, crown our temples, and we realize that
    we are living in the twilight zone; that it requires
    no unusual strain to hear the sounds of the tides
    as they roll and break upon the other shore, “The
    watch-dog’s bark his deep bay mouth welcome as
    we draw near home”, breaks upon our ears — makes
    it doubly sweet to know that we have been remem-
    bered in the erection of this beautiful memorial.
    The present generation, I am persuaded, scarcely
    takes note of what the Confederate soldier meant
    to the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race during the
    four years immediately succeeding the war, when
    the facts are, that their courage and steadfastness
    saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in the
    South–When “the bottom rail was on top” all over
    the Southern states, and to-day as a consequence,
    the purest strain of the Anglo Saxon is to be found
    in the 13 Southern States — Praise God.

    I trust I may be pardoned for one allusion,
    howbeit it is rather personal. One hundred yards
    from where we stand, less than ninety days perhaps
    after my return from Appomattox, I horse-whipped a
    Negro wench until her skirts hung in shreds, because
    upon the streets of this quiet village she had
    publicly insulted and maligned a Southern lady, and
    then rushed for protection to these University
    buildings where was stationed a garrison of 100
    Federal soldiers. I performed the pleasing duty
    in the immediate presence of the entire garrison,
    and for thirty nights afterwards slept with a
    double-barrel shot gun under my head.

    With pardonable pride I look upon the great
    record of my Alma Mater, near those confines I
    first beheld the light; in whose classic halls
    three of my sons have graduated and a fourth is
    now a student, and where my brother and three of
    his sons also matriculated. The glorious record
    of this seat of learning is embalmed in the affec-
    tions of our family.

    A brave soldier, a devoted son of the South,
    an honor graduate of this grand old University,
    led the brave phalanxes of the South fartherest to
    the front, up the bloody, slippery heights at
    Gettysburg, along the crest where death in full
    panoply with exultant glee held high carnival —
    I bow my head while I mention the name of the
    chivalrous J. Johnston Pettigrew — the Marshall
    New of Lee’s Army.

    Permit me to refer at this point to a pleasing
    incident in which that distinguished son of the
    South, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United
    States, had the leading part. A year or two ago
    diplomas were given by our University to all the
    students who had interrupted their studies to enter
    the military service of the Confederacy. Mr. Wilson,
    then President of Princeton University, delivered
    these diplomas. One man only of the Class
    that matriculated in 1862
    wearing the Confederate uniform, came forward to
    receive that highly prised token. It was the
    humble individual who now addresses you. At the
    dinned, later in the day, Professor Wilson greeted
    me with the remark that in many years nothing had
    so much touched and warmed his heart as the sight
    of that Confederate uniform.

    The “old gray” always awakens sad and tender
    memories, glorified more and more by the receding
    years. Those of us who donned it and brought it
    back tattered and torn after the final battle had
    been fought, and our banner had been furled at
    fateful Appomattox, and who are yet here to recall
    those days that tried the souls of the men and
    women of the South, bow in profoundest gratitude
    before you, Daughters of the Confederacy, for this
    tribute of your love, for this token of your devo-
    tion to the spirit of the South, the spirit that
    animated all those who for four long years fought
    against overwhelming odds, and to whose unflinching
    valor their whilom adversaries bear fervent
    testimony to-day.

    In our forums, in our halls, in our univer-
    sities and colleges and schools they tell us,
    through tradition, song and story of the wonderful
    deeds of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Thermopylae,
    Marathon and Platea, of Caesar and his 10th Legion,
    which carried the Roman Eagle to the confines of
    the known world, of the chivalric knights of the
    Middle Ages, of Saratoga and Yorktown, of Cowpens
    and King’s Mountain, of Lodi and Austerlitz, of
    Napoleon and the Old Guard, of Jefferson Davis
    and Buena Vista, and Monterey, but there is nothing
    recorded which surpasses the achievements of the
    Student Soldiers who wore the gray. For undaunted
    heroism, unyielding endurance, patient suffering,
    incessant fighting and deathless valor, he is
    without parallel. He was the ancient Greek of
    modern times, led by the Miltiades of the 19th
    Century, the world’s greatest hero, Robert E. Lee.

    The Spartan lived again in the the Confederate
    Student Uniform. When the flag of the Starts and
    Bars was unfurled, consecrated by woman’s devotion,
    sanctified with woman’s tears, with all the hopes
    that clustered around it, with all the mighty
    millions of forces arranged to crush it, Leonidas,
    clad in the Confederate Students Uniform, arose
    from the dead to fight under its folds again for
    his country.

    O, they are not dead! If they are not here
    to-day, I know where they are, fellow comrades, I
    know where they are,– just over the narrow river,
    camped in silken tents, on the green sward, under
    the shade of the trees, on the banks of the crystal
    stream of life.

    They tell us, the foolish ones tell us, that
    when Stonewall Jackson, the world’s greatest
    strategist and the great general and Christian
    soldier, was dying, he became delirious. But he
    was not delirious. It is true, the light of the
    world was fading before his vision, but as it
    faded, he caught a glimpse of this beautiful camp
    in which are so many of his own brave soldiers,
    and as the light of the world faded away, and the
    vision of that tented field rose before his closing
    eyes, he said:

    “Let us pass over the river, and rest under
    the shade of the trees.”

    Ever and anon, through all the vicissitudes
    of life, we are prone to ask ourselves: “What
    am I, and whence did I come and whither do I go?”
    Are our lives like bubbles cast upon the ocean
    of eternity to float for a moment, then to sink]
    into nothingness? Or like the islands that slumber
    on the bosom of the sea for a day, and then go
    down beneath the waters? Or like the meteors
    which streak the heavens with their lines of light,
    and then go out forever? Is there no place where
    the soul can say, “This is my home?”

    Why were these instincts of immorality
    implanted in our breast? Were they placed there to
    mock us in our desolation?

    Why were the stars, in their unapproachable
    glory, set in the skies above us, if there is no
    hope? Why was the rainbow ever painted before our
    eyes, if there is no promise?

    There must be, there IS a land that is fairer
    then day, where the rainbow never fades, where the
    stars never go down, where these longings of
    immortality shall leap like angles from the temple
    of our hearts, and bring us rest; where the good
    and true, who fall before us here like Autumn
    leaves, shall forever stay in our presence, There,
    there, fellow comrades, is the Confederate sol-
    dier’s paradise, the Confederate soldier’s heaven
    of eternal rest.

    That for which they battled in memory of whom
    this monument is reared, as well as for the survi-
    vors of that bloody drama, was not achieved. But
    the cause for which they fought is not lost. It
    never can be, never will be lost while it is
    enshrined in the hearts of the people of the South,
    especially the hearts of the dear, loyal, patriotic
    women, who, like so many Vestal Virgins (God’s name
    be praised), keep he fires lighted upon the Altars.
    Nay, as long as men anywhere pay tribute to the
    self-sacrificing spirit of a peoples’ ideals.

    Ah! never shall the land forget
    How gushed the life-blood of her braves,
    Gushed, warmed with hope and courage yet,
    Upon the soil they fought to save.

    Yea, though thou lie upon the dust,
    Then they who helped thee flee in fear,
    Die full of hope and manly trust,
    Like those who fell in battle here.

    In the knowledge of subsequent developments, the
    progress, peace and prosperity of our united,
    common country, victor and vanquished now alike
    believe that is the Providence of God it was right
    and well that the issue was determined as it was.
    And the people of all sections of our great
    Republic, moved by the impulse of sincere and
    zealous loyalty, of fervent and exalted patriotism,
    may say: “All is well that ends well.”

    Again, dear Daughters of the Confederacy, I
    thank you in he name of the eighteen hundred
    brave, loyal, patriotic, home-loving young student
    soldiers who went out from this grand old University
    to battle for Southern rights and Southern liberties,
    five hundred of whom never came back. God bless
    every one of you, and every Daughter of the Con-
    federacy in our dear Southland.

    I thank you — God bless you.

    Julian S. Carr

  16. I’m an African American and I honestly don’t agree with this. It’s called “Lee Circle” and has been Lee Circle all my life. I’ve never passed that area on a St. Charles streetcar and thought about calling it anything else!! People always like to make something out of nothing or now all of a sudden everything has to be about race! That infuriates me!!! Leave the monument up!! It’s not bothering anyone!!

  17. ‘FEDERAL JUDGE Rules New Orleans Confederate Monuments Can Be Removed..’

    Please note the word ‘Federal’ …. ruling over ‘Confederate’.


    Northern Government ruling over it’s prized vassal, The White South.

    Business as usual, until my Southron Brethren locate their balls.

    Time for a Confederate judge to RULE on Federal statues, on Southern land.

  18. If they only would cherish the shitholes they create … and scorn the racism that they claim to hate.

  19. I just looked up the Judge who refused the injunction on this. Judge Carl Barbier is a native of NOLA and was a Bill Clinton appointee in 1998. SURPRISE SURPRISE. Hunter have you done any investigations into this guy?

    I doubt the US Supreme Court will hear this case unfortunately,

  20. UNFORTUNATELY, the South’s most important seaport, New Orleans, fell early in the War for Southern independence. The Yankees then used the coloreds as an instrument of suppression against Whites in that occupied city.

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