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The Kennedys of Rome

(I’m reposting this OD classic blog referencing Wilmot Robertson’s outstanding book “The Dispossessed Majority” and Instauration Magazine. OD’s internet traffic is exploding and we have so many new, Alt Right readers in their 30s. They’ve taught me lots of important new concepts about “red pills, black pills, white pills, cuckservatives” etc. So, I feel we older folks (more experienced) should share some wisdom from the 1960s, 1970s and early 80s. Wilmot Robertson describe the various types of American traitors who work against our dispossessed White British, WASP, White Southern American people. We’re not talking about alien racial, ethnic or religious groups like Pakistanis, Pacific Islanders, Arabs, Jews, Gypsies, Afro Carribs etc. These are enemies of our own kith and kin)

Wilmot Robertson present five distinct or overlapping types of American racial/political traitors:

1) Pussyfooters (Cuckservatives)
2) Gracchites
3) Trucklers
4) Old Believers/True Believers
5) Proditors

Today we focus on the Gracchites – those fabulously rich and famous White Americans like FDR, the Kennedys, the Bush Family, Bill Gates, George Clooney, Brad Pitt who champion the causes of the NW masses, the 3rd World, Black Africans, Black African Americans and now…. Islamists.

Permanent Bush Family Campaigns

Wilmot Robertson’s dissects the motivations of the Gracchite traitors to our people:

“The name is derived from the Gracchi, two (classical Roman) brothers who, although belonging to one of the great patrician families of Rome, could not feed their ambition sufficiently within the orbit of their own aristocratic caste. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus found that in times of stress in a relatively tolerant republic a descent of one or two steps in the social ladder is equivalent to an ascent of several steps in the political ladder. Accordingly, they became the standard bearers of revolution and agrarian revolt and were adulated by the plebeians. The Gracchi’s political strategy, it might be added, was by no means limited to stirring up class against class, peasant against landlord,’ exploited against exploiters. The patricians, the descendants of the Italic invaders, differed racially from the plebs.”

Gracchites have been particularly numerous in the United States since the 1930s. Franklin D Roosevelt, Averel Harriman and Adlai Stevenson are three who come immediately to mind. All were born millionaires and the scions of well-entrenched White Majority families. None was particularly successful in any realm of private endeavor. In their public careers, all specialized in catering to minorities and all surrounded themselves with Non White Minority advisers, assistants and ghost-writers Theirs is the Democratic party, previously described as the party of the minorities.

The Gracchite makes considerable use of the family fortune to attack or undermine the system in which his family prospered. He capitalizes on his aristocratic mien, cultivated voice and fine manners to charm and win over the proletariat, much as the polished English actor, who is just another actor in London, “lays them out in the aisles” in the Iowa hustings. Cringing adulation from the lower depths is heady wine to the upper-level Gracchite.

The Gracchite, even more than most liberals, has the peculiar habit of fomenting wars, but seldom fighting in them. He loudly denounces the wealth of others, but keeps his own. He sneers at the upper classes, but cannot escape identification with them. He is publicly in favor of integrated schools, but sends his own children to segregated schools. It is probably asking too much of any man, particularly a Gracchite, to practice what he preaches. Giovanni di Bernadone, who became St. Francis after a brief, playboyish stint as the richest young man in Assisi, and Gautama Siddhartha, who evolved from princeling into Buddha, were the rarest of mortals, and certainly no Gracchites. They were humanitarians in the fullest and best sense of the word. The Gracchite’s humanitarianism, however, always seems to be accompanied by an accumulation of power and by a torrential outpouring of hatred upon all and sundry who dare to challenge this power.” (Wilmot Robertson – the Dispossessed Majority).

Jack Ryan resumes:

Kennedys in Camelot - Noble Elites Who Champion MLK and the African National Congress

The Kennedy family is the most infamous Gracchite political family in post World War II America. Patriarch Joe Kennedy secured the position of American Ambassador to the British Court of St. James, where he ingratiated his children in the pomp and circumstance of British royals. Though maintaining an Irish American populist rivalry with all things British, WASP – the Kennedy family climbed to the top of American political/social prestige under the royal imagery of

Camelot – beautiful, rich, noble knights fighting for Liberal/progressive causes.

An enraged Palestinian Arab Sirhan Sirhan murdered Robert Kennedy in 1968. Robert Kennedy’s death shows the danger associated with Gracchites being wildly anti White and being wildly pro Israel/pro Jewish. Though always flirting with anti White, pro Black causes, the Kennedy family didn’t go completely over to the anti White side until the late 1960s, when Ted Kennedy took over leadership of the Gracchite Kennedy family.

Gracchites are particularly numerous in Hollywood and the musical entertainment world – where rich celebrities like to look good and associate their names with fashionable Leftist, non White causes. It was fashionable to oppose RACISM in Apartheid South Africa. But, it’s not now fashionable to oppose genocide of White farmers in South Africa. Pop music stars like Bono, Bob Geldoff, actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt – oh to be fabulously rich, famous and a recognized jet setting leader in the fight against (can only be White) RACISM, injustice – saving the world, and receiving the adulation of the world.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now the West’s most prominent Gracchite traitor leader.


  1. The Gracchi brothers led to the destruction of the fraudulent Republic and its replacement with the imperium. They were not traitors to the public and certainly could not be compared to the Bush family, none of whom are populist by any stretch of the imagination.

    The Bushes are better compared to the Pompey family: useless elites who want to conserve but have no idea how to do so.

    • Junius

      I commend you on your interest in classical Roman history.

      Classical Rome didn t have the same problems we have with Blacks, Islamists – though Rome did have similar issues with Jews.

      We and Wilmot Robertson are trying to teach our readers to make sense of the seemingly crazy racial cultural/political world we live in now . And yes, we have a huge problem with wealthy “noble” families like the Kennedy and the Bush families, handsome rich Hollywood actors like Brad Pitt championing the Non White 3rd workd masses at our expense.

      Why did President George Bush Sr. and Barbara Bush invite Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela for a White House dinner to celebrate the end of White rule in South Africa?

      The answer is they want to be like the Kennedys – doing Hracchite treason.

  2. You are right, HW. Robertson’s book is an excellent tome, to begin the study of this question.

    So, too, from a conservative protestant viewpoint, is Rousas J Rushoony and his “Institutes of biblical law.” As well as some of his other books, like “by what standard?”

  3. If anything the brothers Gracchi share more in common with Trump in their populism.
    A handful of elites had come to own all the land in Italy with everyone else immiserated as peasant farmer tenants or forced off the land and into the overcrowded cities.

    The Gracchi were both murdered for confronting systemic problems that were bound to, and did, eventually bring down the republic. There’s no way you can compare them to the Bushes who are elite and for elite causes through and through. The Gracchi were reformers who died trying to do the right thing for their society’s long-term survival even though they could have easily chosen to live in comfort instead.

    • But FDR, The Kennedys after 1962, Justine Trudeau, Hollywood Elites and the Bushes trying to be Kennedys most definitely ARE rich elites that pander to the non White masses/poor, 3rd world – in an effort to look “noble” and to get and keep wealth and power for themselves at the expense of regular White Americans, White South Africans, White British, White French etc.

      There is method to they madness – they do what they do because it helps them personally and all efforts to use reason, books to get them to change to take our people’s side – it just doesn’t work. There are few if any pro White, pro Southern folks in the Hollywood. There are few or no one being “talked about” as Nobel Price winners for promoting the interests or survival of White farmers in South Africa. This isn’t “fair” – it’s just the way it is.

      My/our point is to recognize these modern Gracchites (Ok, maybe the originals weren’t that way) and expose them, defeat them.

      Too many of our aware people just can’t understand the world the way it is, can’t understand why the Bushes and John McCains do the terrible things they do. Too often our people fall in to wild conspiracy theories about the Bushes, Kennedys or just Brad Pitt. It’s not something weird or strange. These rich famous people like to be more than rich and famous, they want to be worshipped as Social Justice Warriors, champions of popular causes. When we make it reality that they can’t do this anymore, that their soft, easy rich life will end and they will be subject to exposure as frauds, traitors, cowards etc – then there will be much less of this.

    • It also strongly implies that the mores of the wealthy are inherently superior to those below them. Frankly I don’t see it; in white America virtually nothing truly rotten bubbles up from below, almost all of it is imposed from the top. A fish rots from the head down.

  4. The Gracchite’s (((Non White Minority advisors))). The WASP traitors opened the door to the Jew.

    • Gracchites like FDR, the Kennedys, Brad Pitt, the Bush Family, Bill Gates are most definitely White (mostly WASP) traitors, not Jews , but they are only one type of traitors as most White Americans aren t from rich noble families .

      Truckers like LBJ or Mike the Huckster Huckabee are more common as there are more lower class Whites looking to move up by truckling.

  5. RFK was part of Senator Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade. And as US Attorney General he worked with FBI Director Hoover to investigate MLK. LBJ (Lyin’ Bullshitter Johnson) caused more trouble for this country than either of those two Gracchi-Kennedy brothers did. Unfortunately Ted Kennedy was the one who survived into old age. His three older brothers were much better than him.

    • The late 1950s, 1960 Kennedy (JFK, RFK) brothers were very different than the 1968 RFK who jumped ship.

      Anti Communism was popular for awhile in the USA and with Irish Americans – that was 1958, 1960. The late 1960s changed everything and RFK jumped ship.

      RFK tried to be everything Liberal, pro MLK, pro 3rd world, United Nations, Peace Corp for racial integration in the USA and even in South Africa. Oh, and he was also wildly pro Jewish everything including pro Israel.

      RFK got murdered by an Arab American Sirhan Sirhan who objected to RFK stating he would sell advanced US war planes to Israel.

      So, eventually the contradictions of the Liberal Left pro Black, pro Jewish everything comes apart.

      It has to come apart now that the American/Western Lib Left is wildly pro Gay, pro LGBT and also pro anything Islamists, and also goes for everything Jewish Hollywood promotes. The contradictions will tear the Lib Left apart.

  6. Giovanni di Bernadone, who became St. Francis after a brief, playboyish stint as the richest young man in Assisi, and Gautama Siddhartha, who evolved from princeling into Buddha, were the rarest of mortals,

    They were common gracchites rejecting the values of their ancestors and telling everyone how great it is to be a cuck. The Gracci were like Trump elected by a middle class squeezed between foreign imported goods and foreign imported labor and were assassinated as the liberals intend for Trump.

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