Donald Trump Is Now “The Leader of The Free World”

I’m going to be extremely blunt:

“The Trump administration has had a rocky start. There was the defeat on Obamacare, staffing the departments has been far too slow, the National Security Advisor lasted only three weeks, there has clearly been infighting in the White House staff, and there have certainly been too many tweets.

But that 75-day break-in period has just ended, and the Trump administration can truly be said to have started only now. The president has been chief executive since January 20, but this week he acted also as Commander in Chief. And more: He finally accepted the role of Leader of the Free World. …”

The Alt-Right doesn’t believe in the concept of the “Free World.” We didn’t vote for another “Leader of the Free World.” Instead, we voted against being the world’s policeman. We voted against the West’s human rights dogma. We voted against the burden of the US Empire. More than anything else, we voted against the endless foreign wars in the Middle East that have been raging since our childhood because we wanted nothing to do with that quagmire.

I repeat … we wanted absolutely nothing to do with that quagmire and especially fighting regional wars on behalf of “our allies” like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., etc.

Let me ask the Leader of the Free World a question: why the hell should we care about the Free World? Did you see the terrorist attack in Sweden this morning? That’s what we really care about. That’s the problem we elected you to solve. Whether it is the UK, Sweden, France or Germany, the leaders of the Free World are incapable of protecting their own citizens.

We’re not on the same side as Angela Merkel or Mark Rutte in any “Free World.” In fact, many of us in the Alt-Right are banned from entering Theresa May’s United Kingdom. We’re banned because we have the audacity to point out that our countries are burdened by a worthless political class that is unified around causes like Western suicide and firing Tomahawk missiles into Syria as a demonstration of their “moral superiority.”

Give me a break. I’m tired of the moralizing of a failed political establishment which has no sense of loyalty to their own people and who are actually at war with their own people. Regime change should begin at home in the “Free World” in Europe and North America, not in the deserts of Iraq or Syria because of “human rights” or “democracy.”

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  1. The governments of the West (in Germany, Sweden, the US, the UK, etc) are not only not defending their countries and citizens they are consciously and deliberately endangering and actively harming them.
    Who is ultimately responsible for the event in Sweden? The Swedish Government.

    I’m sure that President Kushner would love to be “Leader of the Free World.” After all, he is already the “Light of the World.”

  2. Did The Free World elect him to be their leader? Did they vote on this in UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc?

    This is the American Exceptionalism mindset on display.

  3. There’s nothing “free” about the so-called Free World. Our “elected officials” never asked us if we wanted the jews to rule over us, they never asked our permission to legalize fag “marriages”, export our jobs and industries or import endless numbers of black and brown savages. We are really nothing more than slaves whose job is to consume, obey and support the colored inferiors who will soon replace us.

  4. They call these airheads Leader of the Free World, as a way to flatter them.

    1) Beat the guy to a pulp using the mass media
    2) If he stumbles in the Correct Direction, pile on the false honors and flattery.
    3) Repeat

    Carrot and stick.

  5. The Alt-Right doesn’t believe in the concept of the “Free World.”

    Free World N. 1.Obsolete Cold War
    era term.
    2. Archaic, anachronistic political

  6. Leaders of various national movements can now see that Trump would Bomb them if they started to kill Kebabs. In fact it’s now possible to see that Trump may even be goading European populations into removing Kebab so that he could start up some Jew run war.

  7. I never had any other expectation than Mr. Trump, or any other president of the United States would be this.

    They are Yankee Empire Inc., and it will never change until, one way or the other, they are brought asunder.

  8. If Ambassador Haley is so dang concerned with the killing of children, then she would not work for and organization which has bombed more of them than anyone else in the whole world combined, over recent decades.

    The manipulative hypocrisy is a damn scandal.

  9. I presume Nikki Haley will not be brandishing the photo of the little Swedish girl posted here, nor of the 4 children murdered in Trump’s assault on Syria.

  10. I’d purpose Grimma Wormtongue as the proper analogy for Kushner. The populist right is the fellowship of the ring (if we hold true to righteousness).

  11. The more I hear about the cruise missile attack on Syria, the more I’m puzzled about why the media and neocons are so gaga about it. It didn’t change anything and its still a leap to think Trump will go along with their dream of regime change and nation building Syria. Last night Lindsay Graham said something about us building a Syrian Army. We trained over 900,000 soldiers for an Iraq army and time after time saw them run away from a few hundred ISIS fighters, leaving all their expensive weapons and gear behind.

    Imagine Trump trying to hold a rally and brag about how he’s building airports, roads, bridges and an army in Syria.

    By all means pressure Trump to get Kushner and Ivanka out of the White House. They shouldn’t have ever been there in the first place. Kushner in the helicopter over Iraq last week was outrageous and I read that the photo bothered Trump. President Kushner indeed.

  12. The Missile strike sorta locks in Trump to removing Assad. That’s why. It erased 20% of his airforce.

  13. Modest proposal. Create memes about Kushner. It’s not ideal but it could puncture Trump’s vanity.

  14. Apart from cucked out, near dementia, aging baby boomers Cold War memes don’t play well anymore.

  15. Freedom cannot exist without sovereignty.To be sovereign is to be in control of your own future and destiny. Are white people in control of their own destiny? If they are not then they are not sovereign. Without sovereignty freedom becomes mere illusion and an exercise in futility. I vote therefore I am free is not an option. It doesn’t matter that you vote if a hostile insider elite is immune to electoral cycles to the extent that presidents came and go but their reign remains. We should cease talking about freedom and instead talk about how to regain our sovereignty because without sovereignty freedom withers on the vine and soon dies.

  16. Before we can regain our sovereignty we have to regain our race. Check out Bob Whitaker’s website if you haven’t done so already.

  17. How’s the Neo Con propaganda for new wars against Syria and Russia going over with folks in the South.

    It seems like it was just last year that I was in Nashville TN in ~ 1991 doing a one man, “America First” resistance to Bush Sr.’s first Neo Con job war to GET SADDAM HUSSEIN and bring American style “democracy and freedom” to Iraq.

    I spent a lot (for me) of $ ~ 10,000 taking out full page adverts in the largest papers in Nashville and Chattanooga TN, also did some talk radio and some local TV. I was treated fairly, but the local Southern White folks just couldn’t get over their long held view that the only ones who ever protested American military actions were 1960s, Jane Fonda type Hippies, Leftists etc or else I was somehow an Arab lover.

    I was just pointing out the obvious the same thing Donald Trump pointed out to win the election – that it was insane to go have way across the world to jump in to some Arab/Islam wars when our borders were undefended and our major cities sinking in to cesspools of drugs, disease and despair.

    Anyway – a small Populist Party group in Tennessee contacting me and said they appreciated my efforts. The local Jewish community – not that big, noticed me and was frankly surprised any White Gentile knew what “America First” meant to them and us.

    But, everything pretty much got run over when Hank Williams Jr and or Toby Keith came out with some quick:

    “Let’s kick Saddam’s Ass” country and western song.

    So anyway, I’m asking now – how’s this latest Neo Con let’s go to war against Syria and Russia going over with Southern folks in the South now?

  18. @Jack…

    ‘So anyway, I’m asking now – how’s this latest Neo Con let’s go to war against Syria and Russia going over with Southern folks in the South now?’

    I don’t like it, Jack, nor do many I know, but, I am sure many do like it, so, let’s say we are mixt – this resulting from the fact that many of us vary in what information we have.

  19. From WRSA…

    Haxo Angmark | April 7, 2017 at 16:05

    “Z-Man…always good for a laugh. The issue isn’t “Trump’s advisors”. The populist mask is now off, and you are seeing the actual and for real Trump, same as he always was before he decided to run for Prez by conning the dumbass White people. Remember? You don’t? I’ll remember it for you: back when he led the annual “I Love Israel” parades in Jew York and (((Miami Beach))); back when he went bankrupt and warehoused hundreds of millions of long-term debt with the (((Wall Street)) banks; back when he had his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a (((bankster))). That Trump. The actual and for real Trump.”

  20. I guess we now have something in common with The Left. Our mutual fear of Trump having the nuclear football. The man we thought was a man turned out to be not a man but a koward (kosherized coward).

  21. I’ve been saying since the start of the Iraq War that the military is there to defend the U.S, and strike back in case of an attack. It’s not international 9/11, it’s not a court system. It’s not there to right wrongs, or defend the innocent, or punish the guilty. It’s not a religious order, and it’s not meals on wheels done by the army. It’s there to defend the country.

    The military is not there to punish the leaders of other countries who don’t live up to some insipid concept of morality as defined by the Washington D.C. busybodies.

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