Bill Kristol’s Victory Dance

Take a look at this:

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  1. They’re not the “world’s policemen,” they’re the world’s menace.

    Israel is too small and on permanent US welfare and therefore cannot run the world. But if their diaspora can capture control of a large and powerful state which could possibly run it for them…

  2. They ARE kicking off WWIII for THIER Armageddon. They totally control the JewSA, ad most of the West. We were PLAYED.

    They plan to install Kushner as POTUS as soon as they can manage this.

    And make sure you and yours do not help. Hide you sons and daughters from serving as cannon fodder. Let them put their Pvt Sheffey Army up front and center. They have their Orcs. Let their Orcs fight for them.

  3. Funny how the jews and cucks no longer call Trump “another Hitler”, even though Trump is now doing the kinds of things Hitler was accused of.

  4. Lately, I’ve come to think that Mr. Kristol would be a downright excellent candidate for a KKK reenactment scenario.

  5. Understanding Kristol:

    “The effect of a parasitic mode of existence upon the nervous system, which can be observed in many types of parasites, are especially noteworthy in the Jew. The degeneration of the nervous
    system into a state of severe mental illness in an average of thirty per cent of all Jews has long been supposed by sociologists to be due to the physical interbreeding in the Jewish community, but the high incidence of mental illness in Jews whose families have intermarried with gentiles is the same rate as those who have remained within the Jewish community.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 13

    Let’s see how long it takes for American Jews to distance themselves from this Syria fiasco….. a ha ha ha

  6. @Snowwhitey…

    I don’t think Mr. Kristol is mentally unbalancet whatsoever.

    I think that he is evil, and does not know God, and I think he imagines me, and all my North Carolina kin, and all our resources, as fodder for his craven Jew England government dreams of world subjugation.

  7. And to think… Jesus went to the cross… Because of scheming, underhanded, ‘deep state’Jews.

    That’s all we really need to know.

    Blessed holy week, everyone.

    I just can’t even… This week of all weeks.

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