Richard Spencer is Coming to Auburn University

This is going down on Tuesday afternoon.

If you can be at Auburn University on Tuesday afternoon and evening, come join us. Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch will be there. The Atlanta Antifa are supposed to be there. If you oppose antifa, political correctness and support free speech on college campuses, it is time to take a stand.

I should be there. There will be quite a few surprise guests. We have people coming to Auburn University from all over the South. It is going to be a lot of fun. There will likely be an after party.

Update: The It’s Going Down website has announced that some Black Bloc from Atlanta are coming to Auburn. If you missed all the action in Berkeley, come to Auburn on Tuesday.

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  1. Y’all be nice. And watch your backs. 360degree security. Safety in numbers. Don’t go to the bathroom alone. You know, the basic stuff. Talk to the white students – don’t get bogged down with blacks and other non-whites.

    I’d say something melodramatic, like “Come back with your shield, or on it” but I’ll just leave it at,

    Marse Robert, Nathan Bedford, and old Stonewall are all looking down at you from Heaven.

    Make them proud.

  2. My guess is that the Antifa won’t have more than a few dozen members show up.

    They’re still scattered and demoralized from Berkeley, and haven’t had the time to mass resources for a large protest.

    Still going to be hilarious if they try anything.

    • I don’t think they have more than that in the Southeast. But this will bring them out in force. Probably shitlibs and SJWs at Auburn and from other universities (Atlanta is not too far away) will greatly outnumber Antifa thugs. But they will be on the same side.

  3. Ugh ohh – I’m predicting some biffo and unkind tones flying around with this one. Remember the anti free speech men and…..’women’ (yeah) may feel the need to make up for Berkeley. Just expect the unexpected and be ready…

  4. Sounds like fun! Whatever you do, please make sure Richard and his friends don’t run away, like they usually do, and go to the pub. Make them stay and face the enemy. The big victories against Antifa have been on the West Coast recently–Battle of Berkeley, Battle of Huntington Beach–so it would be nice to see how Southern/East Coast boys compare in battle to our California/Western men. Good luck.

  5. Have a night battle plan so you don’t ceed ground and a convoy of vehicles. Trucks preferably.

  6. If possible carry the fight into the night. Bring cans of provisions like food, good missiles too.

  7. Make sure you destroy ALL cell-phones of the Antifa as soon as they engage. Self-defense and all that…Just STOMP on them. This cowardly ‘let’s video everything’ BS, needs to stop. Also, placards with ‘Da Goyim Know’ and ‘Soros’ paid rent a-a-mob would be a nice touch. Let the world KNOW what WE KNOW.

    Vaya con Dios, Comrades. Dieu te Benit.

  8. There will be more antifa than you think. They bus them in from everywhere for these things.

    I couldn’t believe how many there were at the Spencer speech at Texas A&M. Clearly they weren’t local.

  9. @Pat Hines…

    ‘Be ready to do battle, if necessary.’

    How about this, Mr. Hines? – ‘Come with a joyous heart for bashing in Scalawag skulls?

    Yours truly, Ivan Turgenev and Junius Daniel

  10. Safety equipment.

    Hurling Helmets are quite useful. Face mask and even a plexiglass visor. Lacrosse helmets are designed in a similar way.

    Only problem is that the wire in the face guard could be gripped.

  11. Have a few people up front, in a tight cluster. The ore Famous Faces. Do not scatter. Do not break ranks. Have other fellows, close but in a sort of surrounding parameter, to WATCH the movements of the Anti Fa. How they enter. who they consult with etc. Note their vehicles. If the freaks mount an attack – be ready. Let them strike first, and then strike back HARD. Do to bring illegal weapons. Be CREATIVE. Let them strike first – and make sure some-one is recording EVERYTHING. Make sure your equipment is up to speed.

    Take trophies.


    Here is the basic Hurling Helmet.

    The Irish ? used the game as a paramilitary training proxy. The sticks are also quite handy. The best players don’t use helmets and often end up getting teeth knocked out and orbitals shattered. But that’s the game.
    Hurling clubs are all over the US and are very very white.

  13. Captain John Charity Spring MA – the Hurling Helmet would need to be supplanted with googles and mouth and nose protection against bear mace. Antifa’s weapons are fists, boots, metal polls, bare mace, in one instance a bicycle lock.

  14. If Trump was a real President he would defund universities that allow screamers and thugs to shut down free speech.

  15. I’m guessing the reason the left turnout at these events is usually bigger than the Right is because most of those on our side have to work. The Left? All these vile subhuman things ever do is sit around wondering what to protest about next.
    Its funny how they support free speech when it suits them. The way they interrupt demonstrations by those on the Right, or try to shut up people like Spencer, yep, they love free speech…..their free speech.
    I wonder if these pests will attempt to shut down the next BLM gathering.

  16. The Left gets paid to be there and our side doesn’t. A real President would defund universities that allow free speech to be shut down. A real President would go after NGO’s that enable enemies of free speech.

  17. Here’s the problem with Spencer.

    He’s not giving enough time to get out there! He’s also scheduling events that will be cancelled and then reinstated. So he’s probably lost a few people by attrition that way.

    I’m working at that time as you pointed out. Why not do this stuff on a weekend or on an early evening? I guess there are reasons.

  18. Record everything, guys. Wear bulletproof jackets and helmets because these bolshevik scum are going to be crazier and crazier.

  19. A Few Practical Suggestions for a $50 Dollar Rally.

    1) Make sure you have a portable public address system of some sort.

    2) Make up a few hundred flyers and press releases for distribution. Cost $20

    3) Get a dozen display boards and a couple permanent large black markers from your local craft store and make up signs. Cost $30.

  20. The hurling mask is detachable and it’s adaptable. Supplemented/augmented is easy.

    It’s designed for constant physical hits to the head from sticks with a sharp edge balls studded boots heavier than a baseball etc.

  21. A Huwhite Heavy Duty Coverall might be a good uniform too. $10 covers your clothes, has a white hood. If the cops watercannon the crowd (which will happen at some point) with a dye in the water you can unzip and dump it and the dye won’t penetrate.

    Distinguishes you from blackbloc and it’s White, working class and has utility.

  22. I had some decent success contacting Vanderbilt (my alma mater) Fraternity leaders over the story/issue of Rolling Stone Magazine doing a hoax on University of Virginia fraternity rape as an initiation.

    I will be happy to do the research and find contact info of current Auburn Fraternity leaders. Hunter do have links to Auburn alumni groups in the area?

  23. I have not heard one thing about law and order from Trump since the election, not that much from Session either. Auburn canceled Spencer for the safety of their students, but Spencer says he’ll show up anyway. We’ll see.

  24. The Atlanta Antifa are supposed to be there.

    They’re probably not from Atlanta, or the South. There’s probably Jews peppered through their ranks. But at any rate, they’re not from around here.

  25. Auburn, that’s a pretty preppy place. Almost like Kenyon in Ohio. LOL. @Jack, yeah call the fraternities and your alumni friends.

  26. The situation is starting to resemble Germany after WWI. And like postwar Germany we need to form Stormtrooper battalions and organize Freikorps. It may soon get to the point where the police and the government become too weak and irrelevant to even matter any more.

    Get ready for Expulsion #110, jews. It will be the last and greatest expulsion of ’em all.

  27. I wish that I could be there. Stay safe Hunter, Spencer, and everyone else that is participating!

  28. Spahn, the cops will go to watercannon measures soon. They also have teargas and rubber bullets after that countermeasure.

    After that? FMG…

  29. Be sure to bring your Arkansas tire-thumpers and some surplus US Army M1 steel helmets, not those crappy Kevlar helmets they use now.

  30. I’m goin. No idea what I’m gettin myself into but I’m excited. Honestly, I’m not expecting more than 25 or so of these folks to show up. Auburn ain’t Berkley. But if im wrong, ill eat my words. Will keep yall posted with on the ground info regardless unless HW is on top of it already (which I’m sure he will be.)

  31. I wish I could be there to share in the fun, but that’s much too long a drive on a workday. The fireworks will already be over before I get there.

    Bring thick clothing, gloves, headgear, mace, whatever reasonable measures you have at hand. If the antifas decide to take another “100 Nazi scalps,” make sure you give back twice as good as you get from the scumbags.

    Hope to see ya’ll when you’re closer to my neck of the woods!

  32. What to say….call them anti white bigots, racists. Tell them to get a job. Tell them to go and protest at the next BLM meeting. Treat the women like the men they really are…

  33. I am a race realist of Nigerian descent and I want to attend this event. I did some googling and it looks like Auburn did not permit Mr. Spencer to give his speech there. From what I read it seems like Mr. Spencer plans on giving his speech there anyway. I don’t want to drive over two hours from Georgia to Auburn and then find out that the speech will not be given, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to see Mr. Spencer live again. Does anybody know where exactly on the Auburn campus the speech will be given? What time will the event take place? Do you have to pay to get in? Do you have to be a student to attend? Mr. Griffin, is there any way you’d be willing to text me this information? My phone number is (478) 396 8196. Thanks.

  34. I just read an article that says Mr. Spencer will be speaking at 6pm at Foy Hall. I hope this information is correct.

  35. “The first step in avoiding a trap, is knowing of its existence.”

    Frank Herbert’s Dune

    Not that I have to tell anyone here, but in the spirit of 4D chess, the strategy of the Enemy is to win the battle of optics by losing the street fight.

    This is the chance to put the movement on the high spiritual plane when they expect us to robotically go low.

  36. “This is the chance to put the movement on the high spiritual plane when they expect us to robotically go low.”

    Letting them beat on us has gained us no ground at all to speak of.

    The key is to not instigate hostilities. But if they start throwing punches, then we need to overpower them. That is our route to victory.

  37. Good luck all. Wish I could be there, but traveling 2,000 miles is canceled out by work and lack of spare money.

    And remember, winning IS good optics. People back the strong horse. Don’t start the fight, but if it comes to fighting, be sure to be the ones who finish it.

  38. Good Lord, try to keep your paws off women, especially slight little ones doing nothing but passive resistance. SJW porn star should have been merely shoved aside.

    The only women who should ever be hit are ones who can’t be shoved and/or who hit first.

    Nathan Damigo looked like the emotional fragile, labile weakling that he is. Some think the incident was staged, it was so pathetic.

    Someone on here once demanded apologies to the ‘good white men’ in ‘the movement.’

    And the jews laugh…

  39. Mr. Damingo did everything right. Somebodys sex doesn,t give nobody right to be communist. When somebody is commie he or she will be treated like commie. We here in Eastern Europe don,t have liberal problem.

  40. She was throwing bottles and was wearing gloves with brass knuckle inserts. Getting a punch in the forehead is the least she deserved.

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