Richard Spencer is Coming to Auburn University

This is going down on Tuesday afternoon.

If you can be at Auburn University on Tuesday afternoon and evening, come join us. Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch will be there. The Atlanta Antifa are supposed to be there. If you oppose antifa, political correctness and support free speech on college campuses, it is time to take a stand.

I should be there. There will be quite a few surprise guests. We have people coming to Auburn University from all over the South. It is going to be a lot of fun. There will likely be an after party.

Update: The It’s Going Down website has announced that some Black Bloc from Atlanta are coming to Auburn. If you missed all the action in Berkeley, come to Auburn on Tuesday.

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  1. Mr. Juri, you are as you say an ‘eastern european.’

    America was founded by northwestern europeans, to forge and uphold northwestern europeans values and ways.

    It was your people’s predilection for despotism that laid you vulnerable to communism.

    In other words, f*ck off back to your own country.

    Perhaps you might take the italian (?) Damigo with you.

  2. @ RB

    The problem with that assertion is that in the clip with Damigo she held nothing in her hands and had nothing on them except goth gloves. She appeared to do nothing but present some very weak passive resistance by just standing there.

    Any ‘tough guy’ who can’t simply shove such a slight, inoffensive woman out of his way needs to sit the bench.

    It really doesn’t look as if she’d done anything to Damigo or anyone besides just stand in what they felt was their way.

    Some Alt Right’ers are actually lauding this as ‘White Sharia Law.’ Yet their defenders call me ‘crazy.’


    And I had just started to appreciate Spencer’s protests for whatever space they might open up.

    Are people that self-destructive?


  3. She came looking for trouble and she found it. Don’t attend riots if you think you are above it.

  4. White Sharia Law, Captain?

    Do you and any others REALLY think that’s HELPING whites? SERIOUSLY?

    It looked horrible, whether it was in the larger context or not. That alone makes Damigo a chump.

    Don’t court the media if you can’t work it.

  5. Wasn’t that ? meant for Damigo…he likes sparring with girls, especially the weakest ones.

    Get real.

    White americans have no interest in ‘White Sharia,’ clown.

  6. Dear Onceler

    “”…..In other words, f*ck off back to your own country…..””

    Thank You for good advice but I already live my 99.99999999% white and liberal free country.

    “”….It was your people’s predilection for despotism that laid you vulnerable to communism……””

    No, it was our absence of despotism what let liberals run amok until it was too late to stop them. 100 years ago Nicholas II of Russia and later our other leaders also thought that harsh treatment of liberals give them bad publicity

    Well, we got 50 millinon victims of liberalism, 70 years horror and we also got bad publicity. We still have bad publicity. But now we don,t have jews, liberals and nonwhites, political correctness, faggot marriage and rest of the crap. Only bad publicity still left…:D

  7. Lorax, the cunt was throwing bottles into the crowd and it had a winebottle in its hand when Damigo struck it.

  8. There are pictures circulating of her on Twitter, where she is standing on her own holding empty bottles and these pictures are confirmed by Reuters. The little psychopath also said she wanted to take 100 scalps at the event.

    I bet these clowns would say don’t hit back, even if a woman has a gun and is shooting into a crowd, because cultured gentlemen don’t hit poor helpless defenseless dainty little ladies. Well that is just SILLY!

  9. Onceler, I call out such display of betadom, that rabid, crazy b*** deserved to be punched in the face and you should know that a human trachea can be easily collapsed!

    You are right about “White sharia”, I must say, it is the very definition of autism and neckbearded virginity! Anglin has already made himself guilty of race-mixing and is, once again, shamelessly cavorting with (male) pozzlems and dindus! What a surprise that yet another jew was found to be writing articles for the Daily Stormer, huh?

  10. Can anyone offer a history on these ‘antifa’ fighters?

    I am middle aged, mid 40’s. Besides that when I was in college practically no one protested anything (I came of age in the late 80’s, early to mid 90’s), even if people did this type of physical violence was unheard of, at least in the northeast and mid atlantic (DC, etc.).

    So I’ve been shocked from the time, a few years ago, that I first encountered this form of ‘protest,’ which seems more like physical ambush. Maybe 10-12 years ago I saw on TV a small band of ‘Nazis’ peacefully demonstrate in DC somewhere, and was shocked at how depravedly violent the ‘anti-fascist freedom fighters’ were. At the time I thought that the ‘nazis’ won, given that they proved they weren’t the violent, repressive ones.

    Were those types the precursors to what we see now? Or have these violent ‘antifa’ been around longer than that, with their openly criminal tactics?

    I really don’t think they existed when I was in college and my twenties, but then, I wouldn’t have known these people existed before seeing them attack Trad Youth like three years ago on youtube.

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