Antifas Coming to Pikeville, KY on April 29

UPDATE: Pikeville, KY has passed an emergency anti-masking ordinance. This is a very wise move and will deter antifas from engaging in violence and vandalism.

For several months now, Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Workers Party have been planning to hold a demonstration in Pikeville, KY on April 29th.

A few years ago, this would have been an uneventful White Nationalist street demonstration in rural Kentucky, but in the Trump era the stakes have been raised and the Left has become much more violent and militant. The website It’s Going Down has announced that violent antifa communists from across the region are coming to Pikeville to cause trouble. They’ve raised $5,145 on their GoFundMe page to bus people into Pikeville from Louisville and other cities.

Why do they need to raise so much money for a 3 and 1/2 hour drive?

“LARA: The National Socialist Movement, The Traditionalist Workers Party, The American Freedom Party, and The League of the South, along with several other white nationalist group are coming together to form Then Nationalist Front. This will be the biggest convergence of white power in the past fifteen years. They are planning to have a convention on the 28th and then are going to rally downtown Pikeville on April 29th. We will meet them in the streets to show them that we, along with anti-fascists, will not allow them their platform for spewing hate.

The goal is to run them out of town, and for them to realize that they aren’t welcome in rural Appalachia, or anywhere else. They can’t hide from us in the cities or in the mountains. We are watching them. When we aren’t, our friends are. There are anti-fascists all over this country who have eyes on white power.

NN: What does the money raised from the GoFundMe go towards? How will you handle any money that exceeds the requested donations?

LARA: The GoFundMe was set up to help fund the Pikeville action. It will be used for medical supplies, tactical supplies, housing, transportation, and to have extra money in the war chest. People are likely to get arrested, and we want to be able to support those folks. If there is any extra money left over it will either go to the folks there on the ground to continue organizing, or towards the next fight here in Louisville. …

The best defense against racism is going to be different for every group. When we’re talking about Nazis, the best defense is to make sure that they have no public platform. Their speech is hate speech, and they have to be shut down.”

It is their bail fund. The antifas plan to come to Pikeville, show up at the TWP event, start their usual violence, “shut down” the Nazis, bail out and go home to Louisville.

The movement is changing in the Trump era. The antifas are getting more violent and aggressive and are moving into the national spotlight. As a result of this, we are starting to see more cooperation among pro-White groups. Even though this is a Traditionalist Workers Party event, the NSM will be there. The Nationalist Front will be there. Daily Stormer and Iron March Forum readers will be there. The League of the South will be there after expelling Heimbach in 2013 for showing up at an NSM event.

I’m conflicted about this. I’m not a National Socialist, but I really, really, really dislike the idea of violent antifa communists thinking that they can come to rural Appalachia, spread their poisonous ideology, beat people up in the streets and deny a pro-White group their constitutional rights. Regardless of what anyone thinks of TWP or the NSM, they should be able to exercise their constitutional right of free speech and free assembly. As we saw in Auburn, the same people will try to shut us down too. They don’t believe we have any constitutional rights worthy of their respect either.

The time has come for us to recognize that violent antifas are a menace and a threat to everyone who is rightwing. These people rioted in Berkeley, CA to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos. They rioted in DC and beat people up outside the Deploraball. They rioted in New York City and pepper sprayed Gavin McInnes. They punched Richard Spencer and attacked one of our people in Auburn with a bike lock. They have “no platformed” mainstream conservatives and libertarians like Heather MacDonald and Charles Murray. They have repeatedly assaulted ordinary Trump supporters and have clashed with everyone from the Proud Boys to the Oathkeepers in Berkeley. In Europe, violent antifas rioted in Paris yesterday after Marine Le Pen advanced to the second round in the French elections.

We’re at war with the antifas. They are a common enemy of all anti-communists. If you live in the area or can be in Pikeville, KY on April 29th, I would advise you to show up for the rally and keep an eye on the antifas. The rally starts at 2 PM EST at the courthouse in Pikeville.

Note: I live 8 hours away from Pikeville, KY. That’s a very long drive. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going yet. It depends on what happens in Berkeley with Ann Coulter’s speech. If the antifas riot yet again and cause mayhem in Berkeley, I will be inclined to go this weekend.

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