Antifas Coming to Pikeville, KY on April 29

UPDATE: Pikeville, KY has passed an emergency anti-masking ordinance. This is a very wise move and will deter antifas from engaging in violence and vandalism.

For several months now, Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Workers Party have been planning to hold a demonstration in Pikeville, KY on April 29th.

A few years ago, this would have been an uneventful White Nationalist street demonstration in rural Kentucky, but in the Trump era the stakes have been raised and the Left has become much more violent and militant. The website It’s Going Down has announced that violent antifa communists from across the region are coming to Pikeville to cause trouble. They’ve raised $5,145 on their GoFundMe page to bus people into Pikeville from Louisville and other cities.

Why do they need to raise so much money for a 3 and 1/2 hour drive?

“LARA: The National Socialist Movement, The Traditionalist Workers Party, The American Freedom Party, and The League of the South, along with several other white nationalist group are coming together to form Then Nationalist Front. This will be the biggest convergence of white power in the past fifteen years. They are planning to have a convention on the 28th and then are going to rally downtown Pikeville on April 29th. We will meet them in the streets to show them that we, along with anti-fascists, will not allow them their platform for spewing hate.

The goal is to run them out of town, and for them to realize that they aren’t welcome in rural Appalachia, or anywhere else. They can’t hide from us in the cities or in the mountains. We are watching them. When we aren’t, our friends are. There are anti-fascists all over this country who have eyes on white power.

NN: What does the money raised from the GoFundMe go towards? How will you handle any money that exceeds the requested donations?

LARA: The GoFundMe was set up to help fund the Pikeville action. It will be used for medical supplies, tactical supplies, housing, transportation, and to have extra money in the war chest. People are likely to get arrested, and we want to be able to support those folks. If there is any extra money left over it will either go to the folks there on the ground to continue organizing, or towards the next fight here in Louisville. …

The best defense against racism is going to be different for every group. When we’re talking about Nazis, the best defense is to make sure that they have no public platform. Their speech is hate speech, and they have to be shut down.”

It is their bail fund. The antifas plan to come to Pikeville, show up at the TWP event, start their usual violence, “shut down” the Nazis, bail out and go home to Louisville.

The movement is changing in the Trump era. The antifas are getting more violent and aggressive and are moving into the national spotlight. As a result of this, we are starting to see more cooperation among pro-White groups. Even though this is a Traditionalist Workers Party event, the NSM will be there. The Nationalist Front will be there. Daily Stormer and Iron March Forum readers will be there. The League of the South will be there after expelling Heimbach in 2013 for showing up at an NSM event.

I’m conflicted about this. I’m not a National Socialist, but I really, really, really dislike the idea of violent antifa communists thinking that they can come to rural Appalachia, spread their poisonous ideology, beat people up in the streets and deny a pro-White group their constitutional rights. Regardless of what anyone thinks of TWP or the NSM, they should be able to exercise their constitutional right of free speech and free assembly. As we saw in Auburn, the same people will try to shut us down too. They don’t believe we have any constitutional rights worthy of their respect either.

The time has come for us to recognize that violent antifas are a menace and a threat to everyone who is rightwing. These people rioted in Berkeley, CA to shut down Milo Yiannopoulos. They rioted in DC and beat people up outside the Deploraball. They rioted in New York City and pepper sprayed Gavin McInnes. They punched Richard Spencer and attacked one of our people in Auburn with a bike lock. They have “no platformed” mainstream conservatives and libertarians like Heather MacDonald and Charles Murray. They have repeatedly assaulted ordinary Trump supporters and have clashed with everyone from the Proud Boys to the Oathkeepers in Berkeley. In Europe, violent antifas rioted in Paris yesterday after Marine Le Pen advanced to the second round in the French elections.

We’re at war with the antifas. They are a common enemy of all anti-communists. If you live in the area or can be in Pikeville, KY on April 29th, I would advise you to show up for the rally and keep an eye on the antifas. The rally starts at 2 PM EST at the courthouse in Pikeville.

Note: I live 8 hours away from Pikeville, KY. That’s a very long drive. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going yet. It depends on what happens in Berkeley with Ann Coulter’s speech. If the antifas riot yet again and cause mayhem in Berkeley, I will be inclined to go this weekend.

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  1. I predict this Antifa expedition into the American hinterlands will be a disaster for them. Like their close relatives the sewer rat and the cockroach they can only thrive in dirty, judaized urban environments.

  2. I’d recommend that anyone able to go, should go. Regardless of where we stand on the pro-White, pro-American spectrum, we need to have each other’s backs.

    The Left doesn’t make the mistake of dissociating from each other on the basis of philosophical differences. As long as they have a common enemy — normal White people who want to be left alone in their own countries — you’ll have gays in drag and fundamentalist Muslims shoulder to shoulder against their enemy.

    In a similar way, I think that National Socialists should back up Southern Nationalists, Southern Nationalists should back up National Socialists, and so on. The Right shouldn’t be worried about “purity” at this point. We actually agree on a lot more things among ourselves than the freak show of the Left, but we’re all too often worried about the trivial pimples of our allies rather than the stark screaming hate and madness of our enemies.

    For God’s sake, we’re still on the bottom of the heap. All the resources of evil are aligned against us, in full frenzy and malice. Quit worrying about whether your White brother is wearing the Stars and Bars, the Hakenkreuz, a MAGA hat, a III Percent or Oath Keepers badge, or whatever, and instead worry about having his back.

    We have NOBODY except each other. NOBODY. It’s us against hordes of shrieking, poison-souled fanatics who want to exterminate our people utterly from the Earth, and are very close to doing so. Close ranks, form up, have each other’s backs, forget your petty factional squabbles, and stand as ONE — as Brothers, hearts united by the iron bond of determination to survive and prevail for the sake of our people,defending ourselves as one when we’re attacked! Stand together!

  3. “for them to realize that they aren’t welcome in rural Appalachia, or anywhere else. ”

    They never ask the local population. They just claim that their “opponents aren’t welcome in rural Appalachia,”.

    The fact that they’re fighting ” Fascim” tells you that it’s a Jewish operation from the start. Their ranks are riddled with Jews. Mouldylocks is a Jew. The fact that they put White females up front, to shield their main line of resistance, tells it all, too. Jews have always targeted the females of any race they wanted to destroy. It’s even in the Bible.

  4. Yes, the Antifa’s are dangerous! The attack in Tinley Park proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt! Now that they’re taking up firearms, we need to do some serious thinking on how to deal with them uping the ante. One thing that needs to be done by us is to keep women and children away from stuff like this. Unlike the leftists, we actually care for the wellbeing of women and children, instead of using them as sacrificial lambs for a cause.

  5. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘I’m conflicted about this. I’m not a National Socialist, but I really, really, really dislike the idea of violent antifa communists thinking that they can come to rural Appalachia, spread their poisonous ideology, beat people up in the streets and deny a pro-White group their constitutional rights. ‘

    I don’t see what the conflict is, Mr. Griffin – stand with those who ally themselves to The South and support those who put a hurtin’ on those who are tryin’g to rub us out.

    But then, I see you’ve come to that very conclusion…

  6. I am conflicted also. Has Dr. Hill endorsed this counter protest? I will stand with the League if this is deemed useful. Will we have each other backs though? I doubt it. I can see myself calling my wife to come to Pikeville to bail me out already.

  7. “There is no free speech today unless he/she has the FORCE to exercise it.” No truer words were ever said, especially as the anti-Whites raise the stakes.

    “The enemies of free speech hide behind screamers and thugs”, equally true.

    “Why is it only Nazis I have to stand with in order to oppose White Genocide?”

  8. I think it’s a mistake to include National Socialist Movement.

    That said, try to learn from what worked at Berkeley – who attended, who did well.

    Try to recruit local White biker clubs – they have a natural uniform and generally are not going to back down from name calling and some fire crackers.

    I’ll try to get some biker contacts in the area.

    Hells Angels did well against Campus Communists back in the late 1960s.

  9. One group that really did well at standing up to Leftist attacks of Trump rallies were White biker clubs, especially “Bikers for Trump”.

    Please make contacts to local KY and East Tennessee Biker clubs:

    These guys look solid Combat Veterans Biker clubs, they have chapters in every state.

  10. The stated intention to use racially motivated violence against WHITE people to violate their free speech, freedom of assembly rights is a text book violation of 42 USC Section 1985, a civil rights act passed after the civil war which provides a private right of action for aggrieved people against the perpetrators. 1985 actions cover private conspiracies and do not require state action, like 42 USC 1983. Our people need to read this statute and to start gathering information, making screen shots of their threats, etc. for possible evidence in either a criminal or civil action if they show up. Their statements are basically a confession of their criminal intent and their intent to violate civil rights of WHITES. Computer skilled people need to start putting together a case NOW so that we will be ready. If they show up and riot and injure people, we need to contemplate litigation against them. Ordinarily I’m not a great fan of litigation, but they’re getting so blatant and open that we can no longer ignore the possibility.

  11. Antifa will be at Berkeley to attack Coulter. She’s speaking on a week might and most of our people and fellow travelers work. Antifa are all gutter punks like Moldylocks who aren’t concerned about the work week.

  12. I’m for NSM, the Nationalist Front, the Daily Stormer,the Iron March Forum, the League of the South, Heimbach, Spencer, the 1488 crowd, even the French. Anybody who will support the rights of Whites.

  13. Brad, Pikeville is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

    Maybe, you should go up there for Elk Season or Hillbilly Week.

  14. Battling over ideological differences is a luxury we don’t have, and won’t have until white Americans have taken back the reins of power from the anti-white forces.

    I would love to be there as well and show solidarity with my brothers, but it’s also going to be a ridiculously long drive for me, so I’m going to have to see how things look closer to Friday.

  15. @James Owen

    That’s an interesting comment, about the Bible. Can you think of any examples?

  16. Thanks Harold.
    I will see you there then. I would like to make a deal with someone else that is going to hold my bail money in case it’s needed. I really don’t wanna be in jail longer than a couple hours and there is no way I am taking any shit from those antifa bitches.

  17. ” The Left doesn’t make the mistake of dissociating from each other on the basis of philosophical differences.”

    That’s because, spiritually, they are united. They’re all Satan’s minions.

    We Whites are divided, because we foolishly believe our spiritual state doesn’t matter.

    Trump’s morphing into a Judas is concrete proof, that we should have had nothing to do with the unfruitful works of evil men, but rather should have exposed them. Trump is now an Antichrist, a Judas- as sad as this is to say.

    I believe we are fast approaching judgment as a nation: a Civil War appears imminent, and this is just a microcosm of the larger war against the Christ-killers. Misericordie, Domine.

  18. I agree with Father John. This could really be the kick off of RaHoWa for REAL.

    Drop the Dixie/Yankee BULLSHIT fellas. It’s the JEWS. It’s always been the JEWS. You’ve been screwed over by the kikes front back and center, for over 200 years. Just like Whites have, everywhere a jew infestation has been tolerated.

    It’s about being WHITE, now. Divided we are crushed. Stop the virtue spiraling. You don’t have a choice anymore. It’s too late for the nonsense. This is a fight for existence. Us, or them. Choose WHITE.

  19. Women should absolutely be there. Otherwise it’s all stereotype evilwhitemaleKKKmonsters.

    That said, I agree with Andrew Anglin that Trump has gone so very far in reverse he’s trying to agitate pro-whites.

    I predict another and worse incident happens will make whites look bad.

    I think elements of both sides aren’t authentic, and that both extremes of ‘left’ and ‘right’ are being manipulated to seem radical, immoral and repulsive.

    So for any sincere people try to act bourgeois and normal if you believe in going.

  20. @John Bonaccorsi

    That’s an interesting comment, about the Bible. Can you think of any examples?

    Yes Mr.B.

    The Jews’ wars against the Philistines and Canaanites. They killed the pregnant women, and carried the girls and women of child bearing age off into slavery.

  21. Why is Atty Gen Sessions doing nothing about these conspiracies to deprive Americans of their civil rights of assembly and speech?
    He’s a big disappointment. Very ineffective and non pro active.

  22. Hunter Wallace,

    you tweeted regarding trade. Ian Fletcher says the GOP trade bill is abysmal. So, it’s not meant to be passed.

    I trust Ian Fletcher. Trump is just senile or something. All he needed to do was to pick the leading trade protections, men like Ian Fletcher. Hopefully Trump gets his act together.

    David A. Hartman had a good trade proposal (BTT) that was published at Chronicles around 2006ish. I can dig it up from archives if you like. (From ). Hartman died sadly.

    Also, Peter Gemma wrote a good piece on trade tariffs recently:

    Ideally we’d remove government mostly from trade, only using a flat protection of some sort on all foreign goods (except things like Keystone). That helps prevent government corruption.

    I just thought that’d help you. I’m certainly no Alan Tonelson. Cheers.

  23. Fr. John…as is often the case… hits the nail squarely on the head.

    The religious unity of our enemies is something few Alt. Right commentators wish to (or are even able to) discuss, because the majority of them are mired in the same faith-based fundamentals. A comparison I often make is to say that the Alt. Right is to liberalism what the Reformation was to Catholicism…a hearty and emotional change on a few doctrines, but it’s all within the same metaphysical paradigm.

    Until that changes, the “ANTIFA” and those who pull their strings, will always have us beat, at least as far as passion, intensity, and organizational unity goes.

  24. Whites show up in Pikeville for this kind of thing?! You got to be kidding. Don’t you all know Def Leppard is touring in the area this week? Louisville tonight and Nashville tomorrow night.

  25. Easy to get depressed lately.

    I needed a little something to pick me up, so I watched a few of this guitar master’s videos.

    Although, he is German, many consider him to be the best in this particular genre which is more often associated with Gypsy Jazz guitarists.

    His father is playing rhythm guitar.

    “Bossa Dorado’ is the name of the piece played by Joscho Stephan.

    At the 3:17 mark his right hand becomes a blurr.

    If any guitarists on this site can play this frenetic, driving piece of music my hat’s off to you.

  26. Well, this could go down badly as was the case in the “Death to the Klan” rally by Blacks & Communists in Greensboro North Carolina back in the 1970s.

  27. I will not be in Pikeville on Saturday, but I hope and pray that all goes well and that all my WN brothers make it home safe. I will be thinking about those there on that day.

  28. OMG, I can’t believe all this hate being spewed toward Jews…My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was/is a Jew…the apple of God’s eye of whom He declared I will bless those who bless you (speaking of the Jews) and I will curse those who curse you…every nation who has come against the Jews have been desyroyed…check your history books…God is not a man and He is incapable of not living up to His declarations…He cannot lie…curse the Jews at your own peril!

  29. Jack Ryan

    ‘Thank you Sam.
    In these terrible times it’s good for the soul to immerse ourselves in the beautiful music of our people.’

    My wife says I’ve been unusually irritalbe lately. Focusing way too much on politics and those antfa sob’s.

    Gotta chill now and then to recharge drained batteries.

    I mean, most of us have been wired since the election primaries.

  30. @Francis

    Come on now, is this a Stormer troll or something?

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  31. Francis,

    Usually it’s atheist Jews who are so left-wing, not religious Jews.

    That’s what TS Eliot meant with this quote: “What is still more important [than cultural homogeneity] is unity of religious background, and reasons of race and religion combine to make any large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable.”

    So, the people who are a threat are those who reject God, not those who believe in God. Do you see the difference between an atheist and a believer?

    Also, Christians are the Jews today. A Jew who rejects Christ is clearly wrong to do so.

  32. Sam, I’ve wasted far too much time on politics lately, for sure.

    People need to be sure they’re saving up money and otherwise preparing for the worst. We’re looking at an economic depression… at some point. I don’t want to explain again why we’re in trouble. People will believe what they will. Prepare for the worst! South Carolina has a great economy right now.

  33. Francis,

    Read your Bible. God’s blesses those who have the faith of Abraham. Most Jews deny that faith, so God does not bless them. Read what Christ has to say about unbelieving Jews in the Book of Revelation, Chapters 2.9 & 3.9.

  34. If I could go, I would. Unfortunately we have no money and I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant with our fourth child, so we will have even less money now (and we aren’t those “poor people” who eat out, have new cars, fancy phones and cable tv or anything that doesn’t come from our coop or garden or yard sales and the discount grocery store…so real white people style poor because you know the government only takes our money). But if this activism had been around ten or so years ago, I’d be there without a doubt. God help me but I love a fight (must be the Appalachian in me)! The best I can do is raise little fighters and harden them up as much as possible to face the inevitable civil war that is coming.

    I personally am a huge fan of the Fuhrer but I am also a Christian identity believer so that “Jesus was a Jew” nonsense is just that…nonsense. Jesus Himself turned over their tables in the temple and chased them with whips, He called them the “Synagogue of Satan” and said they were of their father the devil. Who is stupid enough to think His father, God, would love the people who brutally murdered His son? I guess the stupid people that believe Christian salvation is available to non whites? Who knows but it is obvious they’ve never cracked open a Bible!

  35. @Francis
    Francis, I doubt that you are still following this thread or are wiling to listen to Bible based reason, but regarding your ridiculously unBiblical comment on the Jews -please go reread the promise to Abraham, the blessing and cursings of Deuteronomy chapter 28, and most importantly Galatians chapter 3. The Jews are not God’s chosen people -the redeemed (aka Christians) are.
    I am guessing that you are not up on race either. If the above Bible reading arouses your interest, also check out my Bible based racial separation argument essay on Neo-Babelism.

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